The Straight Line

The Straight Line There Are Reasons That Some Things Are Considered Taboo Courtney Montgomery Had A Highly Structured And Orderly Career, Home And Marriage He Was Certain That Everything Would Work Out In A Successful Way When It Was Meant To Even The Sometimes Sticky Subject Of His Wife, Claire, Having A Baby Was Nothing To Fret Over It Would Work Out And Then, Claire Upended Everything By Introducing Sebastian Into Their Home And Their Sex Lives She So Seldom Asked For Anything Out Of The Ordinary That Courtney Felt Obliged To Agree What Was Wrong With A Little Fantasy Fulfillment He And This Young Stud Of A Doctor From Her Work Would Service Her And She D Be Happy And Content And Willing To Leave Courtney To Focus On The Biggest Court Case Of His Career Sebastian Had Other Ideas He Had No Interest In Claire Sebastian Wanted To Breakthrough Courtney S Cool And Proper Facade And Find The Scalding Heat He Knew Was Beneath The Surface None Of Them Knew What They Were Igniting Between These Very Different Men Courtney Soon Found He Had No Control Over Any Aspect Of His Life The Most Terrifying Thing Was Courtney Didn T Care All That Mattered To Him Was Sebastian Could Something That Hot And Out Of Control Ever Last

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    Where I ramble my thoughts on the enter taintment of The Straight Line and why I needed itSo this book has the honor or horror depends on who you ask being read pre and post election Don t worry this won t get political The Straight Line was supposed to be introductory peek into EAB s writing, because his other book Black Snow sounded all kinds of yum But this book s blurb was a SRAL order du jour on the author s short menu cheating, an uptight guy losing his mind over the third from he and his wife s supposed to be one time threesomeand look at the drawn cover Yaoi haze descended on me.I saw the drama filled lights blaring loud and clear.And the peek was only supposed to be brief my review pile is so long, it probably has its own zip code at this point To be honest, I was going to DNF after the first 10% The book s start was rough as fuck And I was getting weird sort of FSOG vibes with not naming the genitals that is a pet peeve of mine if you re old enough to use the fuck parts, call them by their name The husband and wife were your run of the mill couple I guess The hubby was WAY uptight The wife thought bringing her resident from her job would be a good idea to spice it up And the thirdhe s one interesting character There s something intriguing about him It could be fantasy that he represents Or that he fucked like a champ Or maybe that he dismantled the hell out of the husband, Courtney, piece by piece.Thankfully, the author got into the groove as the story progressed This is a self published book and reads as such yes there is a need for editing But I can overlook it especially if I m hooked which I was.So I m trekking along as the story continues to unfurl deeper with messy antics I ll get to that And then the election Cut to post election And mourning What s a girl who loves to read to do Get back to the fucking book and visiting GR for books to add the massive TBR because book therapy is definitely going to be needed This bookohI feel like I should buy EAB a drink Because damn it I was entertained It wasn t the best book in the world Trust Biggest concern Editing It s self pubbed so if you don t mind things like age discrepancies, or changing hair colors, the story entertains But the editing issues are glaring that even I noticed.I m waffling on where it rates, somewhere in the 3.5 to not quite 4 stars range.This story is yaoi ish, drama filled with Courtney uke and Sebastian seme Sebastian s age varies editing issues but I believe he s 10 years younger than Courtney, the married suburban lawyer husband who was secretly closeted It takes the invited third to rattle Courtney s world Our book s seme is fantasy quality tall, dark and handsome Add the chemistry and charisma he oozed and it was just delicious.But it wasn t just hot seduction for 300 pages.Courtney is an asshole supreme His self hatred and the way he views and treats others including Sebastian and Claire, Courtney s wife, can be vile Courtney is so paranoid and deep in the closet, he can t seem to realize his effect in the first half of the book.And Sebastian isn t a saint either In fact, he s about maybe a level 6 on my scale of cray squints He actually touched level 7 those threats widen eyes Sotriggers non con drugging physical abuse emotional abuse cheatingIf this was a RL couple, I d be calling the cops Messy x infinityI even questioned why once or twicebut their chemistry It s undeniable I don t think either one could function without the other Viciouscrazytrain cycle.And if they weren t fighting, they were sexing The yaoi sex sound effects it could grate on a nerve after a while And these two went at ithard.There s a HEA I was a little worried there around 83% and it all worked out in the end Maybe a little too easily after trekking through the soap opera that was Courtney and Sebastian s love life The novel could benefit from an edit it needs to be shaved down maybe 15 20% And some areas could benefit being expanded on But for what I got now Especially nowEnjoyable introduction into EAB s writing for me despite my gripes I don t recommend The Straight Line for everyone More for readers who don t mind the triggers and liars aka readers like me on the hunt for books

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    Cheating Yes, please I don t condone it in RL, but in fiction, and when there s hell to pay and lots of angst Yes.But the rough writing, the sloppy syntax, the missing words, all the other grammatical issues the godawful lack of editing has made me throw in the towel at 20 percent I couldn t take it any Life is too short, and this thing is way too long There are too many better books out there Even the mysterious lure of Sebastian couldn t withstand the endless writing issues Get an editor Or at the very least a very good beta reader My Freaking God I hate starting a new year with a DNF, but I m pretty sure this doesn t get any better And, yeah, one star for wasting my time.

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    This book isvery much like reading online fiction It s wordy, rambling, and needs an editor The only reason I did not DNF this 340 page monster was Sebastian He s hot, Italian, a doctor, and most importantly he is a decent person Well, aside from the fact that he carries on an affair with the husband of the woman who is basically his mentor He deserved better than Courtney.Ah yes Courtney Courtney is a bastard In recent times I cannot actually recall a character that I hated First, he cheats on his wife through the whole damned book Instead of being a man and coming clean in the many opportunities he has to do so, he continues to lie and drag her along while his treatment of her deteriorates But believe it or not, Courtney being a cheating, lying, hypocrite is not the primary reason I disliked him Nope The way he treated Sebastian is the reason I wanted him to get hit by a bus.He s snooty Highhanded He talks down to Sebastian I suppose you venever been taught how to eat either How Sebastianlaughed I m not sure what you mean Your table mannersare sorely lacking Sebastian constrictedhis brow Manners Like which fork to use Like sitting upstraight at the table Courtney walked behind him He lifted Sebastian scurled back giving him about five inches of added height Then, he removed hiselbows from the table and placed his hands in his lap When he was sittingstraight up, it was easy to recognize how perfect his body really was. Through the story Courtney treats Sebastian badly much often than not He s attracted to Sebastian but he hates himself for it, instead of self reflection he ridicules Sebastian for it He alternates between calling Sebastian a mongrel and The Stallion He also compares Sebastian to a puppy When taking into account the need for proofreading and editing, along with the despicable treatment of the people in his life made this a book that I cannot recommend.

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    AMAZING This was one of the first m m romance novels I ever read a couple years ago I read it again because I realized I wasn t on Goodreads when I read it the first time and I wanted to share my thoughts on it This book is spectacular It is about the most type A man I have ever heard about, Courtney Everything in his life is highly structured, his job, marriage, home, basically everything about his existence He doesn t like anything out of place or out of what he would consider his comfort zone Everything is seemingly fine in his super ordered life until his lovely wife who never asks for anything asks for a threesome He decides to say yes under the assumption that if he and her choice of third just get the job done and service her she will be happy and leave him alone to focus on a huge case he has going on He s a lawyer The introduction of Sebastian the third literally changes everything in Courtney s life throwing all that structure and order completely on it s head Feelings he thought he had gotten over and buried deep resurface and thus begins the most realistic love affair I have ever read about Courtney and Sebastian are hot together and yes it s sexy but that is not what sells this story The passion, confusion, and turmoil of the affair begins to ripple and touch every aspect of both characters lives This is not a rom com affair this book is an accurate description of how affairs really work As the reader you are there for the journey from start to finish These two men reach a level of frustration and hurt that will have you literally screaming at the pages.I m going to tell you that there is a HEA but that is not the point It s the journey that you are going to want to be apart of It s how they get there and it sure as hell does not happen over night like some books tend to do I HIGHLY recommend this one.

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    I usually don t have a problem with cheating but this book just pushed all my buttons Courtney was the worst, he was an absolute douche Not only does he cheat on his wife the entire span of the book, he also treats Sebastian like trash I almost hated him, he had such a complex, nothing was ever good for him He kept lying to his wife without remorse as he screwed Sebastian who she mentored I couldn t even feel pity for Sebastian about the way he was treated since he felt content to screw the husband of his mentor None of the characters were likeable and there was nothing to love in this book.

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    A rollercoaster of feelings, this storyis really hot, sexy and totally awesome

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    Contains SpoilersThis should be a novel I hate Normally I can t stand cheating I strongly empathise with all my characters There are a few reasons it didn t bother me as much as it normally would 1 First Off our MC is the cheater Thus we can see his perspective about the WHY, also we don t see the fallout and how it affects his wive 2 Secondly she opened up their relationship albeit temporarily.3 Some of you may disagree, but I felt his wife was aware that he was gay First was his lack of interest in sex, then why introduce an extra partner of the same sex That would put a straight man of sex Even before he confessed she asked about his relationship with Sebastian.4 Finally, I wanted them to break up It was never going to work, and she deserved better NB Cheating is still wrong, he should have divorced her prior to cheating Though we wouldn t have much of a novel then What I liked about the story was the realistic aspect Even with Hetrosexual affairs we have the hidding and the fear of confession Where the outside partner Seb pressures them to drop their spouse I liked his anxiety about revealing the truth, and his fear of losing Seb Being perceived as the the ultimate guy and hiding who you truly are.I like jealousy, not the overbearing controlling type Just the evil look, the being affectionate type We experienced this with 2 different guys Perhaps the 2nd guy was unnecessary since it didn t contribute to the story.What was wrong was Court s constant bickering about manners Like table manners and swearing But it also worked as part o the fake image he portrays.Seb was a likable character, except that he initiated the affair He certainly kept Court on his toes But at some stages he was childish Treating his sister like a child and ignoring Court when he has had enough without telling Court it is over like when he moved Despite that I loved him, the sexy Greek stallion That has a heart of gold, throughout the novel I was rooting for him Loved the fact that Court got his family, it is not alway possible for Gay couples It is always heartwarming to see it happen.At the end we get a 3 year time jump, I would have loved to see what happened with Court s law firm Also we saw Seb s ex s get together okay the was was only a fling , how did that happens so quickly The both had other people in their life Perhaps it is a buildup to another novel.

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    First off, Sebastian you sexy mofo Secondly, I love the story of this book because there s some realness feel to it if you get what I mean The story development is good It brought me through varies of emotions Sure, the mc is a cheater But hey, it s already stated in the summary. the word affair should be obvious so the readers should just accept the fact that this is about a cheater and enjoy the sex like damn my sex drive increased tremendously as I read through this story Anyway, at first, like any other righteous person, I abhored Courtney but as the story pulled me in deeper, I started to understand this Courtney as the person he is I think he was a man who pretended he was happy until he found real happiness through heartaches I don t want to spoil much in this review but I just want to say that this story brought me on a journey to another world Courtney s world watching it crumble down and the struggle is real I ve been through so many emotions happy, angry, sad sad and horny. flowery from the sweet moments. horny moments And so forth Certain scenes made my heart pound and my heart feels for both Courtney s and Sebastian s important moments I definitely hated Adai too for cheating on his wife but in the end, I slowly liked him just a little maybe I pitied Claire who tried to be the good wife but a marriage wouldn t last with pretense anyway Characters are well developed There is no nonsense in the story development I m glad there s no. I HATE YOU SO MUCH I AM GIVING YOU BLOWJOBS moment It s real This is a book that I cannot easily put down and pause on the reading Overall, this is a good story HOWEVER, the EDITING needs work Otherwise, it s a great story.

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    Good contemporary, realistic gay erotica A quick but overall fun book with some very original characters Picked it up at yaoi con without much information, and it is a fun, sultry read The relationship has a lot of ups and downs and so much drama it makes you want to slap em The uke is darling, so professional and repressed you want to hug him and promise him it will all be ok Watching Courtney confront his feelings, his past, his own prejudice, that was one of the best things in this book He is a complex and darling character But I could never get too interested in Sebby The name didn t help In my mind, there can only be one Sebastian However, the story and relationship is developed fully enough that there aren t any side relationships used to fill up the pages The focus is always on our main boys, which is refreshing and appreciated Hated the time jump in the end Left way too much unsaid But overall a good book, if it were hetero mainstream romance, it would get a RITA But it s gay romance, so it just gets my picky review.

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    I was torn over this book On the one hand it is well written, on the other I had a hard time staying interested in the story I think part of it is the way the two men start their relationship It lends itself to so much awkwardness that I found myself not engaging as much as I wanted to At the same time the writing is very strong and concise.

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