Theory Unproven

Theory Unproven Working With Elephants In Their Natural Habitat Has Always Been Eric Phillips Dream Getting What He S Always Desired Introduces Him To Tyaan Bouwer, The Bush Pilot That Flies In His Supplies, And Eric Discovers The Allure Of South Africa Goes Beyond The Wildlife And The SceneryBut In An Area Where Bushveld Prejudices And Hatred Bleed Across The Borders, Realising Their Love Will Be A Hard Fought Battle Keeping Hold Of It Might Just Kill Them An Unexpected Job Offer Finds Zoologist Eric Phillips Transported From The Elephant House At A Zoo Just Outside London To The Wildlife Reserves In The South African Bushveld Being Able To Work With His Own Herd Of Elephants, And Analysing Their Behaviour, Than Makes Up For The Remote Nature Of The Research Station The One Bright Spot On The Horizon, Quite Literally If The Sun Hits It At The Right Angle, Is The Silver Freight Plane That Brings His Supplies And Half An Hour In The Company Of Tyaan, The Gorgeous But Taciturn PilotWith Wide Open Spaces And Clear Skies, Tyaan Bouwer Is Never Be Happier Than When He S Flying Over The Bushveld, The Landscape Beneath Him A Changing Vista Of Colour And Texture It S That View And The Freedom To Be Able To Climb In His Plane And Fly That S Kept Him In The Small Town Where He Was Born And Raised South Africa Might Be A Rainbow Nation But In The Northern Regions Where Neighbouring Countries Are Far From Liberal Minded, Prejudices And Hatred Bleed Across The Borders Tyaan S Not In The Closet, Not Really Get Him To The City And With His Strong, Silent Routine He Can Pull A Guy Without Even Trying He S Fine With That As Long As They Don T Press Him Into Trying To See Them Again It S Not Like He Wants A Relationship And Just Maybe When He Gets Home He S Hovering In The Doorway Of That Closet, But He S Never Met Anyone Worth Taking The Risk ForThe Day He S Sent To Limpopo To Collect Eric That All Changes He Tries To Bury The Feelings Of Want That Eric Conjures In Him, But He Can T Resist The Bonds Of Friendship That Forms Between ThemAs A Zoologist Eric Likes To Think That He S Adept At Anticipating How A Creature Will React In Any Given Situation, And They Don T Come Any Beautiful And Skittish Than Tyaan Despite Tyaan S Jittery Behaviour Eric Has A Theory They Could Be Good Together But When Things Go Catastrophically Wrong It Appears Their Relationship Will Remain A Theory Unproven

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[Ebook] ➧ Theory Unproven  By Lillian Francis –
  • ebook
  • 327 pages
  • Theory Unproven
  • Lillian Francis
  • 26 February 2019

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    4,5 starsThe setting of this book is extraordinary and captured me immediately South Africa, elephants, a hot bush pilot Hell yesssss You can t not fall in love with Eric, an open minded and carefree guy who is starting to work with elephants in their natural habitat in a wildlife preserve somewhere close to the Zimbabwe and Botswana borders He s a free spirit and his cheerfulness is contagious.Tyann, a bush pilot is the typical broody moody alpha always in control male At first he appears hard and gruff but it doesn t take long to see his sadness and the baggage he is troubled by, his life as a gay man in this region of South Africa has taken its toll He has some experiences in his past which has left him cautious about having an open relationship with a man.Both characters are just wonderfully elaborated, and they have this freaking hot chemistry, despite all the things popping up to mess with them Lillian Francis did a wonderful job of conveying the heart and soul of these two guys, and when the heat turns up, it gets damn hot It s either slow and romantic, rough and steamy, or smoking hot and passionate.Lillian s writing is powerful, gripping, emotional and captivating, she creates enticing characters and a sexy, emotionally charged story line I really appreciated that she works with alternating points of views You get both Eric and Tyann s perspective, a writing style I value because it s just perfect to witness the thoughts of both main characters I didn t feel like I was watching from the side line, I lived within the story, I felt the South African heat, smelled the elephants and tasted the dust on my tongue, I laughed, smiled and cursed with the guys How they managed to overcome their challenges to form a deep and everlasting love and build such a strong relationship touched me deeply.Highly recommended for those who want a well done, sweet, funny, suspenseful and delicious romance without too much angst.

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    3,75 stars It was the unusual scenario that caught my attention here.South Africa.A bush pilot.An elephant researcher.What captivated me great very slow burn the eye opener about the situation of gay people in South Africa the realism the authenticity about life in the bush I genuinely liked Eric and Tyaan. Their relationship developed organically and felt totally real.What niggled me Tyaan only comes out to Eric as gay at 24% some descriptions of Eric s work, nature, daily routine are super detailed when imo it s not necessary Tyaan struggles with being out for very good reasons, and he is extremely hesitant about going for it with Eric that s putting it mildly After all his worries and anguish, his change of mind towards the end was almost a surprise I would have liked to have his POV here to make me understand better why that happened.A nice and thoughtful book But be sure you like elephants before you embark on this journey.

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    True rating 4.5 stars WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL book 33333 Absolutely unputdownable Highly HIGHLY recommended Lots of thoughts to come In the meantime, my updates tell a tale all their own there s a crap ton of them D It did feel like the ending was a bit rushed and I would have appreciated much story where their HEA was concerned naturally I wanted of them, but I feel like the story would have benefited GREATLY had the ending been longer, or if we had an Epilogue I was very tempted to leave the rating as is but deduct a physical star GR s rating and leave it at 4 stars BUT, the book in its entirety won out and I felt it was very deserving of the rating it got, which is why I am leaving it as is On the flip side to that, the semi rushed ending don t worry, we get a glorious HEA regardless is what kept me from giving this book a solid 5 stars as well, so I m wavering between 4.5 and up, so the roundup is most definitely justified Either way, I DO hope we get of these glorious men and elephants Jack Ianto By the way, did I miss the naming of the baby they adopted It s little things like these that impact the rating unfortunately, but yeah, if we get , I ll probably up my initial rating I want I want Benedict Mr Cowdrey s story and I want Andrew s story and I want of Ianto Jack 333333333 Note This author is definitely an author to watch waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too under acknowledged as far as I m concerned

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    5 Hearts Reviewed by PrimeReview written for MM Good Book Reviews Click the link for giveaway, ends 5th March 2015 The setting of this book really makes the story and is a massive hook, particularly for me, to keep on reading Though let s face it, my knowledge of South Africa is limited to the World Cup and what I ve picked up from my friend who grew up in Johannesburg.Eric got a job on a wildlife preserve where he cares and studies for the herd of elephants He s signed on for a five year contract and so he s completely picked up his life from England to South Africa Life with his new job is fairly secluded except for a handful of people, including the local pilot contracted by the preserve to bring Eric his supplies The pilot is Tyaan, on the outside he is a carefree man who enjoys his job flying his plane, Gilda, albeit he comes off rather surly But there is to Tyaan than meets the eye He isn t exactly closeted but away from the city being gay in South Africa can be fatal, especially near to the border of neighbouring countries where it is still illegal He has some experiences in his past which has left his cautious about having a relationship outside of the city, though even when he went to the city that was just a quick trip to relieve his itch.The story is simple enough, though the ideas involved are complex probably due to cultural differences involved, though these were only briefly touched upon The passion between Eric and Tyaan is both sweet and explosive Eric is a warm and welcoming person and his biggest job in the story is to get Tyaan to open up For a book this length there needs to be some sort of drama that is somewhere beyond simple hissy fits There is this drama and I think it was tastefully done and not to the point of me internally yelling at the screen I call bullshit The characters develop really nicely, particularly Tyaan who has growing up to do than Eric Additionally, I also like the fact that Tyaan s reluctance to get into a real relationship or be obvious with Eric is not too over the top dramatic It s just there, a natural part of his character That being said, the first half of the book is rather light hearted and relaxed before really going into the action.I really got into this story from the start There is a lot of sweetness to be had set in an amazing landscape with some pretty damn intelligent animals In fact, a couple of the elephants, named Jack and Ianto by Eric, are minor characters in their own right and thoroughly enjoyable though their involvement is rarely scientific at all A third of the way through when I came across the Torchwood i.e Jack and Ianto reference followed by a Nirvana reference amongst other pop culture references, the deal was sealed for me Seriously, when the drama was happening and there was the briefest mention of Firefly, I was grinning.After reading Tyaan and Eric s story, I have to admit I m suddenly very curious about Benedict, the PA to Eric s mysterious boss, Mr Cowdrey, and the odd relationship going on there

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    I loved it, the references to the Who verse, the elephants, the characters.I I want a sequel, maybe different MCs, but in the same settings, and with Eric and Tyaan there too of course.Reread, I STILL WANT THAT SEQUEL

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    This is kind of a long, slower moving book than I m used to reading, but I enjoyed it quite a bit Eric is pretty great, and he s wonderful with the elephants I almost wish there was elephant interaction, but it was already pretty long somaybe not Tyaan bugged me with his stoic avoidance, but as soon as I understood his background, I quit calling him a douche canoe in my head I ll be looking up by this author, especially if she s written about Benedict and the boss

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    3.5I loved the setting and the love story I would have appreciated less ruminating from the two MCs.

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    Now re released under my own label, Finally Love Press.

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    4.5 stars I loved so much about this book by Lillian Francis First and foremost the setting Set in South Africa on a wildlife preserve, Theory Unproven is a unique and utterly fascinating story Eric is a zoologist who just signed a contract to take care of the elephants on the reserve, as well as study them as he wishes While mainly a romance, this book also had an underlying focus on Eric s work with the elephants I enjoyed reading about his work and absolutely adored two of the elephants, Jack and Ianto I don t know much about South Africa and I also loved learning about the culture and people as well as elephants while reading.I loved Eric from the start He is unapologetically authentic and proud of who he is He is also chatty, playful, adorably awkward at times, and highly intelligent He is a character I could identify with in a lot of ways and made the story quite enjoyable Tyaan is the seemingly aloof and grumpy bush pilot who delivers supplies to the reserve, but there is so much underneath the mask he shows the world He is sweet oh, the cookies and sexy and caring The dynamic between Eric and Tyaan is entertaining from the start It was amusing to see how Eric kept trying to get Tyaan to open up with each visit Of course, there is an underlying reason for Ty s standoffish attitude that is heartbreaking and sobering once it is revealed The back and forth, hot and cold from Tyaan did get tiring after a while even as a reader, but it was understandable yet also completely frustrating Despite that, Eric and Tyaan are sweet together and there is quite a bit of heat between them Things are not easy for the couple, though There is some drama and angst on their road to their HEA, but when they do get there, it s everything I hoped for for them I loved Eric and Tyaan so much by the end that I was so sad it was over I am REALLY hoping we will be getting a story about Benedict and the confounding Mr Cowdrey Can we have it, pretty please

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    A wonderfully delightful read with a stunning setting South Africa, in the bushveld Evocative writing that took me in the heart of the homestead where Eric is a zoologist studying elephants Tyaan is a bush pilot who delivers supplies Great description of the country and the issues faced living in gay friendly South Africa but living in a town that borders on Zimbabwe and Botswana, where being gay is frowned upon Very distinct voices in Tyaan and Eric who are great together Strong writing, very engaging The book hooked me immediately Loved the focus on food, particularly the way the author weaves in the culture and customs Got a little confused with the late entry of Benedict and his odd relationship to his employer and his um flirting with Eric but still really enjoyed this author s voice Though, as many Goodreaders are guilty of, I ve had this book on my tbr forever, it never rose to the top Will definitely unearth her other reads which are, of course, also on my tbr

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