Riding the Odds

Riding the Odds I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.The cover and the mention of a symbiote dragon got my attention to this book and I knew I had to read it Weirdly enough the whole dragon symbyote thing is also the thing I loved most about this book All in all it was a fun and enjoyable book and I am happy I read it, but there were all these little issues I had with the story For example the whole drug plot line seemed a bit redundant to me, it left a bad taste in my mouth and then it didn t add anything to the story Then there was the whole we love each other, but we can t be together thing and they never really talked about it, because while they did have time to have sex, but have no time talk as then suddenly the plot starts moving And there was a scene involving wildlife that only seemed there to further the romance.I did like the story, but when at the end we figure out what was going on and it s just a bit lame I don t know I just hoped for And while the events were fun to read, the main plot just wasn t all that interesting I can t really explain it better, but while it was fun, it just wasn t great.The characters are a fun cast, but Zie, the dragon symbiote was definitely my favourite character Tara and Trace are both nice characters and I admired some things in them, but I never really cared for them They are both very loyal and will do everything for those they love I did think it was a bit weird both their names started with a T, it makes it easier for me to differentiate between characters when they first letters differ The side characters were mostly that side characters, they had some motives and personality, but not enough to make me really care about them Beside Zie ofcourse.I did love the connection Tara and Zie had and it added something very unique to this book It was definitely my favourite part of the story and if only for that it was worth the read They have a very unique bond and are like best friends that do everything together and the whole interplay and how Zie could enhance Tara her abilities was interesting At first I was a bit confused whether Zie was a real dragon, but it becomes obvious soon that she is a sort of tattoo that can move over Tara her skin, it was very cool and almost makes me want to have a rider of my own.While this is a sci fi book I would definitely classify it as a romance first and sci fi second The romance was the focus of this book and it was done well with the sci fi elements in the background While I liked the romance, I didn t really feel it at times And it s a bit of an enemies to lovers trope, which didn t completely work for me The transition was a bit too fast and I just missed the tension between them The world building was pretty well done While the romance is the focus, the sci fi made a great background and while nothing is explicitly mentioned or explained the world building was interwoven in everything and it made for a sci fi world I love to read books in The sci fi elements definitely gave this book a nice touch and the whole jump and rider aspects were a nice and unique addition While I would ve loved to learn about this world, there was the right amount of world building for the story and it just fit well with the story.To conclude This was a fun and enjoyable read, but I had some issues with it as well, some plot liens didn t work for me, but in general I enjoyed reading it My favourite part was the dragon symbiote Zie and her bond with Tara The world building was also done well, very subtly, but it was still enough to give a distinctive flavour to the world and story I would love to read books set in this world as I really liked the setting and the idea of riders. I find that I enjoy space odyssey types of books and after finishing Riding the Odds by Lynda K Scott can say the book thoroughly entertained me There was suspense, good world building, and a steamy love story What can a girl ask for when wanting to escape between the pages of a fun read The main character, Tara, is a ship captain who takes independent contracts to move shipments of goods between planets She works alone, and has only a small number of people she trusts Work is scarce since she has to find work from port to port, and she is barely scraping by financially Her background is sketchy to say the least, and is a main plot point throughout the story Enter Trace, a very handsome and wealthy author who is doing research for his next book and wants to interview Tara to get a real world feel for the main character His offer of big bucks for the interview triggers all of Tara s red flags as too good to be true and she rejects him His motives are not as they seem, and he is definitely hiding a big secret The story progresses from there and weaves a tale of loyalty, family the kind you are born into, and the kind you make when you have no one else , and love One of my absolute favorite parts of this book was the relationship between Tara and her rider Zie The author did an amazing job of creating this abstract notion of a parasitic creature, or a rider , and making it one of the most loveable and amazing characters of the book The interactions between Zie and Tara as well as the details about riders and how they work really made this book for me I loved the creativity of it, and how well Linda K Scott really developed the character of Zie She made me want a rider of my own Even though I really did enjoy the book, I need to add that is one aspect of the plot that bothered me a little Tara is a very smart and independent character who has had to be extremely aware of her surroundings and in the know since childhood These skills were critical to her survival They are an ingrained part of her She travels alone from planet to planet, her own keeper per se, and is not a na ve person That being said, everyone and I mean everyone knew who Trace really was from the moment they saw him except for her From the lowest of the lowlife to the highest official, as soon as they saw Trace they knew exactly who he was She is the only person we meet in the book who has no idea who he is This bothered me because it seemed so out of character based on everything else we see from her Her ignorance of his true identity lasts for about 50% of the book.The love story between Trace and Tara is a slow burn I actually loved that the author didn t have them jumping each other two chapters in Their love and affection grows through experience and time together which was so refreshing to read They do not actually have a sexual relationship until around the 65% mark of the book In truth, Tara is very put off by his behavior for most of the first half I really enjoyed their banter, and how she made him work for her affection This was a good book The plot is well developed and fast paced The story is juicy, and the book is a very nice length I would love to read stories from Lynda K Scott in this colorful and unique universe she created An advance reading copy of Riding the Odds by Lynda K Scott was kindly provided to me by Entangled Select Otherworld Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 stars for this one Look at the cover I am such a sucker for covers, honestly, that s what made me want to pick up this book Riding the Odds was such an interesting combination of romance and sci fi, I quite liked the contrast, to be honest Let s start off with part of the description Spaceship captain Tara Rowan has her secrets One is her Rider, Zie Zie is an organic symbiote like a living tattoo that enhances Tara s physical abilities, including superhuman strength and reflexes The other is the past she s tried so hard to leave behind her But it s not until oh so sexy Trace Munroe decides to blackmail Tara that she realizes her secrets aren t so secret after allI LOVED the idea of a living tattoo, and throughout the book it s honestly quite fascinating Right away I was intrigued because it reminded me a bit of Harry Potter though off the top of my head, I can t remember whether moving tattoos was canon or fanon Mix that with a little intrigue and a little romance and that s the way to get me interested in a story I loved the character of Tara She s got a mixed past and vulnerability, but she s also brave, smart and caring, too The relationship that she has with Zie, her Rider, was a pleasure to read although Zie has an almost childlike quality, it s obvious that she is very intelligent and cares about Tara quite a bit She s strong and the two of them are mutually dependent and make for quite the fearsome duo, which I loved Especially when it comes to romance, which so often just focuses on the guy being brave and strong and rescuing the woman and less on having her be amazing in her own right Now Trace Trace I was iffy on To be quite honest, it could just be the mood I was in while reading this book, but I was just really irritated by the whole guy behaves like an asshole but it s because of reasons which make him a good guy, honestly trope that was on display in this romance The reason I say that it might just be the mood I was in while reading this book is that, well, this trope is incredibly common in romance, and normally it doesn t really bother me I guess perhaps Trace just wasn t well constructed enough for me to be completely taken in Now this brings me to my next two points, which were regarding the plot and the romance First of all, I found the story pretty interesting Trace is searching for his missing sister and that happens to bring up a lot of things that Tara thought she had left behind a long time ago Along the way we learn about a fascinating world that Lynda K Scott has built, the Riders, and the story twining it all together I think my biggest complaint is simply that it took too long I just didn t feel that this book needed to be 350 pages, there were bits along the way that could have been cut or trimmed and the story still would have maintained its integrity As for the romance, while I enjoyed bits of it, to be honest in some ways it was the weakest part of the book Trace and Tara s attraction was overemphasised and made me roll my eyes than once, and sometimes the descriptions were just too much Heart shaped rear Eyes sparkling with jade and amber and chocolate Yeah They both repeatedly tell the reader how very attracted they are to the other, and the descriptions really just went on for too long, and it s something that detracted a bit from my enjoyment of the book Overall, though, I did enjoy this book There s chemistry between the two main characters, an interesting story to be told, and a fascinating world that they re living in I m definitely glad that I picked this up Disclosure I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in return for an honest review Within reading the first few pages of this book of this book I immediately fell in love with Zie Zie is a Wild Rider bonded to Tara, both physically, mentally and emotionally Zie gives Tara strength and better fighting skills Zie has a childlike nature about her, she brings a sense of innocence to this book, thus demonstrating a child parent dynamic between Tara and Zie Zie brought some much needed lightness in an angst ridden book there s not a lot of angst, but there is a some.The book begins with Tara winning a game of cards in a tavern in a Space Station After taking her winnings she s about to leave the tavern, when she first spots Trace Munroe in a booth in the shadows across the way Zie, noticing Trace too, comments on how pretty Trace is and how she wants to mate with him When Tara is first intoduced to Trace he tells her that he is a writer wanting to interview her about Trading for his new book that he is writing on He promises to pay her for her time Although needing the money, Tara declines his offer and leaves the Space Station on a job Trace is actually the adopted son of The King, and is investigating the disappearance of his sister Katerina Trace believes that Jack Brown, a guy from Tara s past, has kidnapped Katerina, and thinking Tara may be involved or could lead him to his sister, stows away on her ship The relationship between Tara and Trace was both messy and sweet Both have their secrets they want to keep hidden, yet neither can deny the attraction between the two of them Trace is a Holy Knight, so knows Tara s real identity that she wishes to keep hidden Trace uses this information, and his ownership of Tara s ship and control over her freedom, to blackmail her into helping to find his sister Trace is unable to get past Tara s childhood for 42 days her and a group of children were the only remaining survivors left of their planet Eridani due to the plague Trace, and the rest of space, believe that Tara and her friends ate the younger children to survive no one really knows the truth Trace uses this as an excuse to keep his distance from Tara, intending to keep his focus on finding his sister Helping out on Tara s ship, Tara sees a side of Trace she can admire, not knowing he is a HK, who she despises However, Trace has a problem with his memory he takes String, which is a drug, to help him remember and make sense of things However, Tara cannot have a druggie on her ship She hates them During this time Trace gets his own Rider, Bran Zie recognises Bran as her bond mate, thus Trace and Tara are destined to belong together, regardless of circumstance After saving his sister, Trace loses all his memories and returns to his Kingdom The book ends with Tara playing cards in the Space Station tavern with her friends Trace opts in to play the game not recognising anyone due to lack of memory Zie and Bran are ecstatic to see each other, due to being bond mates When Tara and Trace touch, Zie and Bran connect and Trace gets his memories of Tara back.This book was a short, sweet love story between a narrow minded Knight, and an independent, strong Trader.This book was given by Entangled Publishing and the Author for an honest review ARC Find my review at Desperate to find a missing princess, Trace will do whatever it takes including using Tara s secret past to blackmail her but something about the feisty ship captain stirs his desire even if she is a wanted criminal in this tantalizing sci fi fantasy romance.The characters grab the reader s attention from the very beginning, Tara as the feisty spitfire heroine with a past that she desperately needs to keep hidden and Trace is the strictly by the book Holy Knight who breaks all of his rules to find the missing princess The reader can t help but get caught up in their romance as they both learn some hard truths and trust while trying to stay alive and with the explosive chemistry between them makes for some very entertaining clashes While their attraction may burn hot their relationship will takes lots of give and take to even have a hope of achieving an HEA which provides quite a few chuckles for readers along the way in this steady to fast paced and smooth flowing adventure of a romance.Lots of excitement ensures that there is never a dull moment whether it is because of the romance, finding the princess, Zie s charming insistence, their fiery clashes or trying to stay alive and lots of twists and turns keeps readers wondering what will happen next The well written scenes and detail paint vivid images that capture the imagination and bring the story to life and the fascinating new world draws the readers and ensures that they can t put the book down until they have read every last word.This story had me completely enthralled from the very beginning with its interesting and different elements and I loved all the intriguing characters and fascinating creatures, especially Zie and including the lion ant even if it did try to eat Tara and Trace I don t know if Lynda K Scott intends on writing books in this tantalizing world but I certainly hope so because I would love to go on adventures with these characters and their charming riders. If you are in the mood for a sweet sci fi romance with a little adventure than this new to me author might just deliver Here we have a strong ,noble hero with an agenda of his own that most certainly does not include falling for a criminal The criminal though is Tara a feisty independent woman and her past means that she is reviled by many and yes that happens to include our hero Trace Two very different backgrounds and there s a whole lot of secrets between them Tara has an unusual companion that she relies on and Trace is about to learn that if he wants to succeed in his quest than it s time to put prejudice aside and embrace all kinds of possibilities Well this had all sorts of ways it could go and although I guess the ending might have been a little predictable I thought the author gave an interesting read with a very unique adventure I really liked Tara but have to confess it s her symbiotic friend Zie that really kept me turning the pages Zie is very funny and not at all what I imagined her to be and let s face it many would consider Zie to be a parasite Then we have the hard headed and very narrow minded Trace, now this guy is prepared to go to any lengths to rescue the princess and if that involves drugs, coercion and down right lying then he is prepared to do it What he doesn t expect is how he feels for Tara and here is where if honest I stumble a little Tara is no slouch when it comes to looking after herself and I thought of her as quite a canny sort but she just didn t see through Trace It felt to this reader that nearly everyone they encountered had a fair idea just who Trace really was and yet Tara remained in the dark for most of the book.If you are in the mood for a romance with lots of misunderstandings that finally end with a very sweet happy ever after than this story just might fit the bill It s not a cliff hanger although we do meet characters who could easily expand this world the author has created Lots of ideas from memory stealing drugs to space pirates and of course the amazing Riders Yes there s romance and saucy scenes here but it s not just an excuse for sex scenes This was an adventure in space but for me the star was most definitely Zie I was gifted a copy by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review I received a free ebook copy of this book by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I should be reading fantasy books and here I am reading sci fi after glorious sci fi I didn t regret picking up Riding the Odds though, hell, not for a minute Frankly, I didn t expect it to be as engaging as it was I found myself lost in between the pages right after I started reading it.The reason why I requested this book on NetGalley was because I loved the concept A female spaceship captain and a space knight how cool is that go searching for a missing princess I read the synopsis and I just couldn t ignore the existence of this book any Thank God.The descriptions of the space stations and planets where the story was set were very vivid The characters were extremely well written and I loved how detailed their backstories were Knowing about their previous ordeals, it was easier to understand their ambitions and their reactions to certain events The chemistry between Tara and Trace was very strong but thankfully they didn t jump into bed with each other too early like it happens in many romance novels Their relationship developed nicely as they crossed the universe and experienced hardships together.I loved how gender stereotypes were busted in this book Tara is a very feminine woman, but at the same time she knows how to fight and her favourite free time activity is playing poker with a bunch of men at a smoky bar at some distant point of the galaxy Trace whom I call space Jamie Fraser, because physically he resembles Jamie a lot and he used the words aye, lass and lad often don t mind me , though otherwise a very manly man, is afraid of the sight of his own blood The part where it turned out was hilarious He is very tender and all in all a good man and an enjoyable character.I cannot fail to mention Zie here, because she s basically the third protagonist of Riding the Odds Zie is Tara s rider, a tattoo like creature that lives on Tara s skin She was totally adorable I wouldn t mind having a rider myself, because it means you re never alone, there s always someone there for you Tara had a very close relationship with Zie, which was heartwarming to read about.My favourite secondary character was Drummer, who was like a brother to Tara I enjoyed the dynamics between him and Trace, I liked to see how their opinion changed of each other as the story developed.Before you pick Riding the Odds up, acknowledge the fact that it is a sci fi romance novel with erotic bits in it The book is not overstuffed with sex scenes though, which was another pleasant surprise for me it s getting harder and harder to find an erotic novel that has an A plot and doesn t solely focus on certain physical activities.I recommend Riding the Odds to those who loved the tv show Firefly and generally to anyone who likes sci fi and doesn t mind if their reading material is spiced up with a bit of romance.This review was originally posted on Paradise Found Traisdan Munroe Trace is the adopted son of of the King of Empyrea, who adopted him when Trace s father, his best friend died in a plague Formerly a Holy Knight something like Templar Knights They enforce the law are deadly, trained fighters he resigns when his adopted sister, Princess Katerina is kidnapped In desperation to find leads to locate her Trace has resorted to taking an illegal drug, String, which enhances the ability to correlate disparate facts into a comprehensive whole but the side effects are total memory loss whenever he sleeps and has to restors his memory each time using his P.A.With the help of String, Trace narrows his investigation to Pirates and straight to Tara Rowan, a beautiful Independent Trader and poses as a writer researching the life of a trader to get her to take him on her next flight When Tara refuses, he stowaways on her ship.This book was amazing A thrilling plot with 2 amazing, strong, protagonists with pretty explosive chemistry Witty, entertaining dialogue and just the right amount of sexual tension Yes, there s sex but it was a nice compliment to the story and never just gratuitous.Tara has secrets, in protecting them she doesn t dare let herself get too close to Trace no matter how attracted she becomes She s quite a kick ass heroine but with a vulnerable side that makes her all the likable I loved her relationship with Zie, her rider Zie has amazing capabilities yet is very child like and innocent It s so amusing that they all seem very moral swearing is frowned upon as is lying chastise their hosts accordingly As the story progresses, the author tantalizes with little bits of Tara s history background There s so much going on suspense, mystery who kidnapped the princess why , action never forgetting the totally swoon worthy burgeoning relationship between Tara Trace.The ending is beautiful poignant I cried with the depth of love between Tara Trace.This is the 1st I ve read of this author I can t wait to read I hope she writes a series Love the Riders their hosts.Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review An Act Of Desperation And The Beginning Of Seduction Spaceship Captain Tara Rowan Has Her Secrets One Is Her Rider, Zie Zie Is An Organic Symbiote Like A Living Tattoo That Enhances Tara S Physical Abilities, Including Superhuman Strength And Reflexes The Other Is The Past She S Tried So Hard To Leave Behind Her But It S Not Until Oh So Sexy Trace Munroe Decides To Blackmail Tara That She Realizes Her Secrets Aren T So Secret After AllTrace Is A Holy Knight Who Does Everything By The Book Desperate To Find A Missing Princess, He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Rescue Her And Bring Her Kidnappers To Justice Including Blackmail Yet Something About The Feisty Ship Captain Draws Trace In And Stirs His Desire Even If She Is A Wanted Criminal Because The Last Thing He Needs Is Any Complicationsespecially When He Has His Own Secrets To Hide This is my first time reading this author who has given me such a fascinating treat In order any for me to read this genre that ventures into space it really has to pick my curiosity I tend to any shy away from otherworld novels unless it is the paranormal kind The characters in this novel right away pull me in Tara is different but good at hiding why You also get a instant liking to her rider Zie Being pestered by Trace to take him along on her next cargo delivery is not getting him anywhere so he stows away Up until this point the author gives you excellent descriptions of things,people and the place they are at that by now my curiosity is now immersed into the story Trace himself is quite the character The things he has to do in order to stay on track in his mission to find his sister is interesting to say the least In all of this neither are looking for love even though they are both starving for it Once they are on their way the author then gives you quite the adventure because it will not be quite the easy task to find and follow the path where the sister might of been taken Trace will also see first hand that Zie is not the woman he thought she was either The chemistry between them builds and the a relationship forms that trust will be the biggest obstacle neither have it but both need it Success will also be in can they both work together to come out of this alive Jam packed with lots of elements you could desire and want in a romance novel of this sort These two will get the best thing out of all of this lasting love the kind that can overcome many a odd So needless to say I was very satisfied with this ride into the different received a arc for a honest review.

Lynda K Scott isn t really an alien or from another planet If she was, she and her alien kitten, Wookie, would be headed to Alpha Centuri or Deneb to play tourist and write about what they find Lynda is actually a ridge runner from Kentucky, who likes to tell tales that entertain and amaze Wookie, however, is an alien aka Queen of the Universe At least, that s what she tells everyone.

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