Pitschi On Lisette S Farm There Are Many Animals Lisette Loves Her Animals And They Are All Very Happy Except Pitschi, The Smallest Kitten Pitschi Wants To Be Something Different It Takes A Terrifying Night In A Strange Place And A Warm Homecoming For Pitschi To Discover That What She Really Wants Is To Be A Kitten After All Full Color

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pitschi book, this is one of the most wanted Hans Fischer author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Pitschi
  • Hans Fischer
  • English
  • 03 October 2018
  • 9781558586444

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    Totally picked this up because of the cover a cat AND a moon This utterly adorable picture book, first published in 1947, has been re released by North South Books, who always seems to print the coolest books from across the ocean Pitschi is a kitten who always wanted to be something else, and I think this could make a fun puppet show or storytelling with some tweaking.Hans Fischer has a great way with line, much like Jules Feiffer some of his kittens seem to be made only of coily springs of line, yet they look so alive Imagine my surprise to read that the illustrations were done with stone lithography, not pens From the back flap While another artist might arduously belabor the details of a painting in an attempt to impersonate life, wrote Anita Silvey in her book Children s Books and Their Creators, in just a swift stroke of a pencil Hans Fischer could capture a living breathing character on the page The scene of tiny Pitschi resting up in a HUGE bed is one of my favorites Or maybe it s the cat table.

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    Originally published in Switzerland in 1947 and then first published in the US in 1953, this book is a classic that I had never read before Old Lisette has two cats, five kittens, and a dog who are near her playing as she knits outside That is all of the kittens are playing except for one who is sitting still and dreaming Pitschi is much interested in exploring and dreaming than playing with her siblings So off she heads into the farmyard There she finds a rooster who struts proudly Pitschi decides that she wants to be a rooster and gives her best strut and crow But when their crowing draws another rooster in and they fight, Pitschi decides she doesn t want to be a rooster any One after another Pitschi discovers an animal, thinks it would be grand to be that, and then learns about the drawbacks Goats are milked Ducks swim And rabbits live in danger from foxes and owls Luckily the old dog and Old Lisette are there to rescue a lost kitten after dark and remind her how grand it is to be a kitten after all.There is a wonderful pluckiness about this little kitten She is often unafraid, bold and always curious Her willingness to reinvent herself is very endearing and makes for a book that is a great foil for books where the character is seeking to find those who are like themselves Here Pitschi relishes the differences and the new character traits she finds Fischer s art is free form and simple Often colored with washes of only a few colors, his use of line is done with great skill and ease The simple curlicues of a tree branches, the squiggles that form a rabbit s tail, and the swirls of a basket The illustrations come to life because of this simplicity.Highly recommended If you missed this treasure from the 40s and 50s, you are in luck because North South is re releasing it this year Share it with cat lovers or in story times about cats or farms It is a real Swiss treat.

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    3.5 stars.I love Hans Fischer s illustrations And this book was no exception I enjoyed looking at its lively, fun, cute illustration I also appreciated a touch of warmth that was felt from the caring the baby kitten was received by many wicked owl Bad animals I did not appreciate such descriptions I don t think there really are Bad animals Instead, these are just hungry animals Should they starve then This way of thinking is too simplistic and can even lead the readers to stereotype certain animals, enabling them to justify animal cruelty in real life and avoid thinking of protecting these types of animals that dwell in the wild, when they are an important part of ecosystem, too.Such an old, destructive way of thinking Well, it s an old book, so no wonder Also, there are too many names and I had a hard time following it Therefore, 3.5 stars.

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    I recently ordered this book in soft cover from a sale book catalog In my childhood, the hard cover book was the one I remember reading and loving As an adult, I have a new admiration for the illustrations in this book they are wonderful and outstanding For the holidays, I gave the book as a gift to an artist friend cat lover who appreciated the book from those two perspectives.

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    Little Pitschi goes through an epic adventure It s a story about being happy with your self beautifully illustrated.

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    I bought this hard bound copy at the 2011 ALA Midwinter Conference, and I plan to give it to a friend s child soon The pictures capture many characteristics of a cat that only someone who is a cat lover can convey Pitschi, the little scrawny black cat with a tuxedo coat of color , endures an epic journey in which she ponders what it would be like to be many other animals, survives an illness with bravery and Madeleine esque vulnerability, and discovers how many, many farm animals have become her friends The writer, Hans fis, Fischer, was a highly influential children s book illustrator with an inspiring career, briefly described on the last page of this book Pitschi is a must for collectors of children s books about cats and will be enjoyed by parents and children at all ages.

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    Becky s right the kitten tucked into the huge bed is definitely the best illustration, as it is completely adorable I do wonder about creating a list of picture books with animals dealing with identity crises There seem to be a lot of them Favorite Quote Sleeping on a bench next to her were the cats Mauli and Ruli Their five kittens had just turned six weeks old Two of them, Grigri and Groggi, were wrestling Patschi was playing with a ball of wool, and Negri was trying to climb to broom But the last one, the smallest and daintiest of them all, wasn t playing like the others She just sat in the basket, dreaming Her name was Pitschi.

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    Da war ein grosser Zeichner am Werk Entsprechend eing ngig sind die Bilder, die man sein Leben lang nicht mehr vergessen wird.Die Geschichte erz hlt vom kleinen Pitschi, das nicht mit seinen Geschwistern spielen will, sondern ein anderes Tier sein m chte Ein Hahn Eine Ziege Eine Ente Ein Hase Oh, Pitschi ger t in grosse Not und die Kinder m ssen um es zittern Aber nat rlich geht alles gut aus

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    This is a story of a kitten that wants to be anything but a kitten He tries to be so many other things but as he tries each one he learns he doesn t want to be that after all Great story to read when students are trying to be something their not or are not happy with themselves.

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    I m trying to cut back on the number of children s books I buy they re slowly taking over my house , but I couldn t resist this lovely book about a kitten who wants to be something else The illustrations are lovely, and Pitschi, the main character, is spirited.

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