More Than Comics (Chasing The Dream, #2)

More Than Comics (Chasing The Dream, #2) They Re Friends Online But Can They Be In Real Life Writer Tara McFadden Has Been Friends With Artist And Drummer Hector Fernandez For Years, Long Before His Band Became Famous On Reality TV Yet They Ve Never Met In Person They Finally Have A Chance To Connect Offline When They Re Both Sent To Comic Con To Promote The Graphic Novel They Collaborated On Hector S Secretly Been In Love With Tara For As Long As He Can Remember, And Once They Meet, She Sees Him In A New Light All The Years Of Longing Lead To An Incredible Night Of Passion After One Of His Concerts, But Neither Is Sure If Their Online Relationship Can Translate Into A Real Life Romance Or If This Will Ruin Their Friendship Forever Over Four Crazy Days At Comic Con, Hector And Tara Must Decide If They Want A Future Together But When Their Story Seems To Be Over, It S Up To Hector S Entire Band To Make Sure He And Tara Get Their Happy Ending Oh my goodness Where to start I have been super curious about Hector s story since I started this series He s always been the strong silent type and never really offered much in terms of conversation about himself or what s going on in his life Basically he s a mystery A mysterious HOT drummer And he s an artist Let the swooning commence The general feel of this book differs from the ones before it It takes on a slightly darker feel in the sense that there s drama, angst and sex None of which I am complaining about Paired with Ms Briggs flawless writing and story telling it all works together perfectly So A from me While this could potentially be read as a standalone I wouldn t recommend it You would be doing yourself a HUGE disservice to skip the first two books So with that being said, if you haven t read the prequel and book one but want to stop reading this review now Don t say I didn t warn you More Than Comics picks up right where More Than Music left off Unfortunately, Villain Complex did not win The Sound due to some shady backstage business conducted by the show s producers They were clearly a crowd favorite though, and gained a much larger following from it, so it wasn t all for nothing Plus they re about to go on tour with the other contestants and do what they love most perform Before they can take off there s one little matter to attend to COMIC CON I ve never been but I ve always been interested in what went on at one of these gatherings so getting to live vicariously through the characters was just awesome Hector and his long time internet buddy Tara will be attending to host a panel on a project they ve been working on together Tara does the writing, and Hector does all the artwork It works out perfectly What neither expected was the instant attraction and connection they would feel when they finally met face to face Their online friendship has grown so strong, but can they move out of the friend zone together and be Read and find out One thing I ve come to really love and appreciate in this series is the diversity The characters are unique and refreshing, they feel like real people and for me that s an important factor when you re trying to connect with them and become a part of the story As I ve mentioned in my other reviews for this series, Ms Briggs writing is a breath of fresh air She incorporates everything you could possibly want in a New Adult novel into her work and doesn t rely on sex or over the top antics as filler You can always expect good QUALITY writing from her, and for that I HIGHLY recommend all the books in this series 4Te quierostars for Tara and Hector Wow I really like this series I just can t stop reading it And now that i finished and the second book, i really liked the way that Elizabeth Briggs bound the characters between them or with some of the characters that they will follow on the next booksWhile i was reading the first book i was wondering how the author will continue the story, since all the band members have already told their stories, but she continued and she took some other events and friends that they are not having anything to do with the band, but they were there in every book Also i like very much that we took glimpses from the heroes on the third and fourth book and i m so intrigue that i can t wait to read them And finally i like very much that every book is taking place in a big eventThe battle of the bands, the music TV show The Sound , in this book we were having Comic Con a big event for comics fans, and in the next book we will have another one eventHow awesome is that I loved it Well, we already know Hector He was the drummer of the Villains Complex and he had a big talent not only to drums but to drawing too.In his spare time, he is drawing and with his drawings, he is giving life to a book written from a good online friend of him, Tara.Tara and Hector have spent a lot of time together but always through the screen of their computers, but they have bound in a unique way.In this book, we are one week after the end of the previous book and our location is the Comic con eventAn event that for the first time, Hector and Tara will meet each other in person Their first book has been releashed and they have to promote it How they will both react to that meeting Will they feel the same as always or will it be a little bit awkard Well, Hector was always in love with her, even though that he hadn t see her in person Tara is the one for him but also is a fantasy that it will never get true.Tara is about to move in New York and he is living in L.A It will never work out for themAnd after all, Tara doesn t interesting in Hector as a lover, but only just friends RightI didn t want to be single I didn t want girls fighting over me I wanted to be hersTara is about to walk on a new chapter in her life She is about to work in her dreamy job and she will have to move in N.Y She is very exciting, but also she is scared She is about to move in somewhere that she doesn t know anyone elseAnd to become her dream true, she broke up with her boyfriend and she feels a little bit lonely.When she finally meets Hector in flesh and bones, she doesn t know what she is feeling any Everything is changing Her feelings, her life, her own existenceI couldn t deny it any longer Meeting Hector in person had awakened something in me I d always found him hot, of course And sure, I d fantasized about him a few times, but I d never seriously thought of him as anything than a friend He d always been too far away, too off limits, too impossible to even consider But now he was than a daydream I tried desperatelly to ignore he was very tempting reality.Once we d come face to face a flick had been switched, and i felt somethingAnd when they can t resist to the temptation, what will follow Could they work it out, even though that they will live so far away from each other Is what they have real of just a flig And when the opportunity will rise, they will take it or they will let it slip away from their handsWhat did she want from me A declaration of love I couldn t do it Not when I didn t know what would happen beyond tomorrow Our future together was a black hole and I couldn t see what it held for us and that terrified meI really liked that story, but i have to admit that i got a little bit frustratedWhy that happened Because both Hector and Tara were making assumptions for the other and they were acting wrongThey will letting each other to slip away from them and that fact made me furious.Why was so hard to speak open and to embrace the truth that was lying between them But except that fact i liked the story very much Not as much as the first one because i love Jared and Maddie very much, but i liked Hector and Tara tooI also liked that we saw all our favorites characters for once againAnd now, i m so curious about Julie and her Englishman The sure thing is that all those guys are chasing their dreams and they are succeeding itARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review Here s a tiny bit about More Than Comics It s told from both Tara AND Hector s point of view It s set a week after More Than Music ends It takes place over four days at Comic Con Yes, there will be cosplay You probably have some idea of what Maddie and Jared will dress up as if you ve read More Than Music It features the entire band, plus Maddie s roommates and Kyle s girlfriend, Alexis It wraps up the band part of the Chasing The Dream series and sets up Behind The Seams, which is Julie s book I originally planned it as a short novella like More Than Exes, but it ended up longer It s almost as long as More Than Music now so I ve officially made it book 2 in the series instead of 1.5 Here are some teasers 2.5 stars It s possible that if I d read the first book in the series I might have given it stars If I read it I might have been intrigued about Hector and maybe I d want to know his story..Hector and Tara have been friends for years, but they ve never seen each other in person They created a comic book together Tara wrote the story and Hector did the art He isn t only an artist He s also a drummer in a band that participated in some reality show.He s been in love with her for a long time A looong time Tara has just broken up with her boyfriend that she dated for a year, but she s not sad and instantly attracted to Hector And they hook up couple of hours after they ve met in real life.This one was so damn rushed and too damn flat It was so predictable and several things almost made me scream in frustration.What bothered me view spoiler 1 Tara just broke up with someone and instantly she sleeps with someone else.2 She considers moving or having a long distance relationship with Hector after sleeping with him once.3 Even in past she jumped from one relationship to another and now she wanted to do the same thing I m really annoyed by these types of person Someone who just isn t capable of being alone 4 Guess what In the end she realized that she s been in love with Hector THE WHOLE TIME No way How surprising I ve never read this line before sarcasm5 Her ex proposed They broke up and he proposes 5.1 The ex actually told his plan to Hector and he pushed Tara away so that she could marry someone else Are you for real 6 Obviously Tara said no And he s okay with that and even goes to a party with her where he finds some girl and almost sleeps with her on the floor hide spoiler

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