American Savages (Ruthless People, #3)

American Savages (Ruthless People, #3) Villains By ChoiceBetrayed Melody Is Nowhere To Be Found, Liam Is In Jail, And The Callahan Family Is Cracking, Just As Avian Doers, The FBI Director And Puppet Master Behind Their Downfall, PlannedBut Just Because They Re Down Doesn T Mean They Re Out To Fight Back, Liam And Melody Will Have To Put Everything On The Line The Kid Gloves Are Coming Off, And No One Is Getting Out Alive Nothing Will Compare To The Reign Of Terror That Is About To Envelope The Entire Country First They Were Ruthless, Now They Are Pure Savages The End Is Here, And No One Is Safe Adults Only For Violence And Sex Re Read 12 2018 I love that in this book Mel and Liam go savage, like really savage It does not matter who stands in their way, innocent or not people are dying left and right Which is the part that I like about this book I m weird, I know view spoiler Olivia deserved so much worse hide spoiler 5 DYNAMITE STARSWhat a Grand Finale for the Callahan empire this was a truly brilliant series Ms McAvoy, take a bow This one was a real roller coaster of emotions for me much like I found the first book to be I had tremendous highs and devastating lows It begins right where the second one ended with Liam trapped and Melody in the wind Let s get this clusterfuck on the road, And the story that unfolds is madness, mayhem, murder and martial bliss Melody and Liam at their finest I LOVED this ruthless couple before but in this one, having them grow as individuals and as a couple was just MELODY NICCI GIOVANNI CALLAHAN is all woman and also a lethal weapon You kill for family You die for family because you can t trust anyone else LIAM ALEC CALLAHAN is all man and your worst nightmare We are Callahans, if anyone ever disrespects us, don t just end them, end everything they have ever cared about both past and present Make them the example as to what happens when you fuck with the wrong family And together, they are as HOT as ever That really is the secret to making it having someone at your side willing to fight for you, die for you, kill for you I really enjoyed the whole cast of characters, even the ones I loved to hate But I will say that Declan and Coraline snuck up on me in this one and I just adore them JJ obviously knew what she was doing because I am over the moon that there s a novella about these two Declan CoralineIf you want something truly original, fantastically memorable MCs and you don t shy away from the reality of greed, malice and tyranny, YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 7 I don t want to believe this series is done stars J.J.McAvoyYou truly do deserve a standing ovation..because seriously its been MONTHS since a novel has left me this Mind blown Liam and Melody are finally backstronger than ever and Dead thirsty for revengeRemember my fucking face.Remember as you sit with their rotting bodies that you did this.You unleashed this and there is no going back.Death by a thousand cuts.Consider this the first twoMY Thoughts When it comes to this book..I have so much to say.And if I m being honest all 100% of them are praises.Because this book deserves just that American Savages was honestly that amazing.From its FIRST page to its END..I DID NOT SEE A SINGLE THING COMING.The plot remainedun predictable through and through and the writing just utterly flawless Bravo I always win gentlemenEven if it looks like I m losing,I m winningI can t say much because I don t want to give a single thing about the plot away..But to all my fellow GR readers just waiting to get their hands on the final bookI promise you guys American Savages will NOT DISAPPOINT Liam and Melody will forever remain as one of the best and the most ruthless couple to ever walk on my frictional worldWhile theRuthless people serieswill always be remembered as one of the best novels that had ever graced my favorite shelves.So,Thank you J.J.McAvoy.This journey has truly been fantastic. 5 bow down stars This is my life Our life And I wouldn t have traded it for the goddamn world. Damn What a RUSH, it didn t just end with a bang, the whole damn thing was a bang, like the ultimate fireworks display Captivating, Addicting, Dangerous, Sexy and so completely over the top.I loved every second of it I can t say too much, so I ll try and give you what I can, because this is one of those you just have to live through yourself American Savages is a family affair, sure it revolves around Mel and Liam, but everyone has a part with the same goal Protect the Family and the Legacy. When you stand against us, you will be removed When you betray us and endanger our lives, you die. Liam and Mel continue on their dysfunctional marriage, with the same issues as before Mel not knowing how to let anyone in or how to ask for help I needed her to need me as much as I needed her. This is what she was born to do, what she has prepared her whole life for She is a fighter, a lioness who protects and does anything for her family and to stand strong next to Liam It s the fight of their life, while rebuilding the downfall of Mel s disappearance and Liam s incarceration, they have to deal with threats from all sides Revenge, Vengeance and reeking havoc across the land Payback is a bitch and the man responsible will get everything he deserves andClothes covered in red, Eyelids sore and blue, Never forget the ruthless Because they won t ever forget you J.J McAvoy What an EPIC ending to an EPIC series It was non stop action from the very first page There was playful banter, feisty comebacks, angst, drama, suspense, chills and lots and lots of thrills angry sex and graphic torture This isn t a series for everyone, these people are ruthless, they are savages, wolves in sheep s clothing, so be warned I lived each moment with them, this multiple POV game me all I needed from all angles, but never once making it confusing It helps because they have so many balls up in the air, they all have to make sure that nothing drops I learned to expect the unexpected and I have to say with everything that has happened, I still managed to be surprised Bow down to Ms McAvoy because she has managed to produce such a tale that will forever stay with me This is definitely a series worth recommending and sharing with like minded friends ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review. Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication. 2 Stars Don t cross the mob and you get to live How many mafia movies does Robert De Niro have to be in before people get thatWARNING Unpopular opinion alert Let me preface my review by saying that clearly I m in the VAST minority with my opinion Most of my friends absolutely loved this book So please take what I say with a grain of salt and keep in mind that it s just my opinion While it may not have worked for me, it may just work for you.I realize that I m reading fiction and I m reading for enjoyment However, I m also an extremely analytical reader that finds it next near to impossible to shut my brain off and I tend to be picky If you can take this book for what it is, you ll most likely enjoy it As for me I felt that it took me completely out of the realm of reality It was way too OTT for my tastes Additionally there were quite a few plot issues that clearly had not been properly researched Having knowledge of these particular things, made them stand out to me like a freaking neon sign I m of a mind that if you re going to be writing about a particular culture, government agency, etc, you need to know what you re writing Getting even the most minute detail wrong can take something great and shoot it into something not so great in the span of a second Now here s the thing, I loved the first book Like five starred loved it While book 2 wasn t quite as good for me, I was really anticipating this conclusion to this epic story I couldn t wait to dive back into the ruthless world of Mel and Liam, especially after that cliff hanger in The Untouchables.I m a romance reader at heart, and there s nothing better for me than a dark and gritty one BUT and this is a big but, the romance has to be the predominant part of the story I have to be able to like the characters I m reading about and sadly I fell completely out of love with Mel and Liam in this book Clearly these characters are not heroes, or even anti heroes They re the villains, and they re cutthroat But just because I know that they re not the good guys and obviously are not going to do good things, doesn t mean that I want front row seat to the show I don t want to read in detail about the torture and death of innocent victims at their hands view spoiler Scooter s wife and mistress, FBI agents hide spoiler After the ending in Untouchables I was dying for this one I wasn t sure how things would pick up and what direction JJ would take us on for this epic conclusionWe can t all be the phoenix, some of us have to be the ashes The story begins with Liam As you know he is in prison awaiting trail on charges of killing Melody This was such a difficult thing to read, my heart was breaking for Liam My frustration with Melody was growing with every page and that really bothered me The biggest thing about this series has been how much I have loved these characters They are insane and obviously ruthless, but I love their craziness and I have always loved Melody s strength I hate to say it but I was losing faith and that just shows my weakness, because I should never doubt JJ Things came together perfectly and we started in on this final journey There are so many things that need to be resolved Liam and Melody learned they had a mole in their midst in Untouchables While they may have cleaned house, there is still too much at risk and they need to secure things There is also a lot of catching up and forgiving that needs to be done where they were both away for 5 months My favorite thing about JJ s writing is she takes you on this journey and it s insane and unpredictable I love how she can keep me on the edge of my seat dying for and despite how closely I am paying attention she still surprises me I love how these characters have become family to me Being able to see their POV s allows you to get to know themThere are no pants in Mel s and my relationship, we both prefer to be nakedMelody and Liam stole my heart back in Ruthless People the are unique They are ruthless and don t apologize for their actions, they don t even see the error in their ways Then to have these two crazy strong characters become completely weak when it comes to each other Their connection is real, hot and unbelievable They are a perfect match I loved this story and then to get this awesome epilogue, it was just the cherry on top Honestly, it just made me want I highly recommend this series It is unpredictable, crazy, and leave you wantingNever forget the ruthlessBecause they won t ever forget youARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 5 Perfectly Ending Stars Melody and Liam Callahan are a couple that I LOVE This series will be in my All Time Favorites The author managed to write a story that gripped me completely Twists and turns, smiles and tears, love and hate, life and death, it had it all and then, it had an epilogue that was brilliant This book is the ending to a trilogy I can tell you about the story but if you haven t read the first two books then I feel telling you things will spoil your ride.But what I want to tell you is to READ THIS SERIES It s about the Mafia, it s about killing, it s about revenge BUT it s also about family, it s about love and it s also very sexy JJ didn t hold back in this book We see all the repercussions of Mel being away for months and Liam being in jail Revenge is the motive in this book and it s a wild ride Did I mind what happened to Olivia absolutely not view spoiler But I did mind what happened to someone else it brought tears I didn t want it to be true but being in the Mafia has its consequences But the letter after the event was heartfelt and beautiful One of my favorite parts in the book hide spoiler March 15th 2015 Review now posted 5 I don t want to let go STARSRule 06 Sometimes in order to win you have to loseOnce with feeling Suspend your disbelieve, buy those interfering morals a one way ticked to Aruba and get the booze ready Mel and Liam are back, and they are here to wrack havoc, seek revenge and basically take over the world.All the marks for a wonderfully wrong read.I have to confess, I m completely biased when it comes to this series I m fully committed to their questionable acts and every time they get away with another murder I just cheer them on a little Yes, I am aware that this is crazy on my partsue me Honest to god, the Callahans can do no wrong in my opinion I m here for the boundary pushing ride If I wanted a look at human decency and reasonable behaviour I would read another book.For me the Ruthless People series is like the love child of Scandal, The Sopranos and House of Cards Scandal for the soap opera like entanglements Sopranos for obvious Mafia related reasons and House of Cards for the single minded, cold blooded and merciless characters Good times all aroundYou know why they invented superheroes Why billions cling to fictional characters in movies and books He shook his head Because they know that here in real life, the villains run the world Why else do the good die youngIf you haven t read The Untouchables it is probably best not to read onSo, where are we at Liam is in prison for allegedly killing his wife and Melody is.well, let s call it somewhere else Because for a good portion of the first half we have literally no clue where she is or what she is doing and it s really hard to stomach for Liam.In comparison to The Untouchables, American Savages starts out a lot focused and easier to follow For starters, we are not assaulted with a truck load of people we don t really remember, primarily thanks to a shorter time period between books And the second part that worked really well for me is the main focus on Liam in prison and later on far less POV changesAll I needed was three days in any jail The first two days I burned it down, and the third, I built it how I saw fitSpeaking about Liam, I always loved this character but in this last book I became obsessed He is a lot stronger, if that s even possible and determined He is a man with a plan and nothing will bring him down Also, a prison experience with a Callahan is something else entirely, let me tell you.Melody, once she steps into the picture is the epitome of working mother She actually does really well with little Ethan, and manages to kick some major ass in the Mafia world at the same time As far as female characters go, this lady is on top of the list No, scratch thatshe is in a league all on her own No competition You hear that OliviaNever have I seen a pair so matched, so loved, and so insaneBoth Liam and Mel have lost some of their erratic traits and as a result appear to make mature decision As far as that is possible given their nature and business Their relationship is elevated to whole different level they struggle, they fight, they love and they are essentially very realRule 50 We are Callahans, if anyone ever disrespects us, don t just end them, end everything they have ever cared about both past and present Make them the example as to what happens when you fuck with the wrong familyNow, I really like to be surprised sometimes and being in the characters heads, but still not knowing what they re up to is really f ckng awesome from time to time.I can tell you one thing REVENGE is on the menu Yes, that is revenge in capital letters People who think they can mess with a Callahan are sorely mistaken and should bugle up for a bumpy ride One enemy is already known, but could there be someone hiding in plain sightI always win gentlemen Even if it looks like I m losing, I m winningAmerican Savages was a powerful and emotional read for me First and foremost I didn t want it to end, because saying goodbye to your favourite characters is always a hard thing But that s only a small part, this books was also a roller coaster ride of emotions for the Callahan family Everyone had to check their priorities, allegiance and face some harsh realities I was so enthralled by all the things going on that I had a hard time putting my kindle down.I really liked how every member of the family got their time to shine and step up Especially Declan and Coraline are up for the MVP side character award this time aroundRule 14 Be ruthless people to outsiders who know who we truly are Be generous to those who don t And be the hart, soul and mind to the familyFor me, Ms McAvoy managed the right balance between ruthless shenanigans, absolute mayhem and utter heartbreak There was this one moment where a big road with no return sign was blinking up above my head.I swear it took my breath away Make sure you are prepared and willing to go along with everything that happens I promise when you come out on the other side it will be immensely rewarding and a whole lot of bitter sweet Enjoy I know I did DOh, and before I forget itthere is to enjoy If you haven t heard about it by nowI don t know what you re doing, living under a rock or something But there is a novella out as well Declan Caroline Next up for me Once I can find some time Thank you Ms McAvoyARC very kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.posted before I started reading OMG, OMG, OMG It s happeningI just got my ARC Alrighteverything on holdfuck UniClasses are cancelled for tomorrow I m going to read this right nowuntil I drop 5 Savage Stars WOW I cannot express how much I absolutely loved this series From start to finish, Liam Callahan and Melody Giovanni Callahan have been epic They may have started out as an arrangement, but it did not take long to realize that they were PERFECT together Smart, Sexy, Powerful, and Ruthless They shed blood without a single thought and they thrive not on preserving the greater goodno they have one need above all elseFAMILY American Savages opens with the perceived destruction of Liam and Melody Liam is in jailMelody is gonethe family on holdbetrayal abound Just as Liam Callahan kept faith and bid his time, so did I The return of Melody and the reunion was EPIC Never has LOVE been so present than when a man and a woman reunite in anger, fear, and pure need Now is the time to rule the world, right the wrongsto AVENGE themselves HOLD ON TIGHT Melody and Liam are amazing They are a force to be reckoned with Their thirst for revenge at the highest peak Their love and need for one another is consuming Their pain and loss and anger just fuel their fight to the end No matter what, they stay true to their foundation They both grow individually and together as a couple For the love a child, for the chance at forever together they will fight to the very end and they will live by the rules of the FAMILY LONG LIVE THE CALLAHAN S Thank you J.J McAvoy for telling this tale and keeping it so badonly to be so damned good


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