Naughty Little Angel

Naughty Little AngelWomanizer, Antoine Moore Believed That Women Were Only Good For One Thinglying On Their Backs However, The Professional Bachelor S Wild Exotic Journeys Are Brought To A Halt, When One Of His Former Flings, Leaves Their Daughter, Angel On His Door Step Forced To Raise Her, He Struggles To Balance Fatherhood And His Passion For Women As Angel Develops Into A Sexy Young Woman And Begins To Display Antonie S Destructive Behavior, She Heads To The Streets Using The Only Thing She Canher Body Will His Decision To Finally Transform From A Boy To A Man Save His Number One Girl When A Devastating Secret From The Past Is Revealed To me, this book was just okay really.It had some good parts and just some unrealistic parts In a nutshell this teen girl runs away from her father s home because she doesn t feel loved by her parents so she seeks it in older men She gets herself caught up in prostituting with her own female pimp I think the author was trying to make this one of those deep urban stories that have a lesson at the end but it didn t quite make it there for me This same exact story has been told a million times.Unfortunately, there may be a sequel and I guess I ll borrow it from somewhere just to see where it goes. It s been years since I ve read anything by J Tremble but this story quickly pulled me in Antoine didn t take into consideration how his actions would impact Angel until it was too late Natasha knew what it was before anything started and became one bitter chick I couldn t believe Mariah thought the way she did when it came to Angel She had no reason to feel any type of way when she decided her life meant than being a mother to get first born Once the secrets unfolded it truly made me wonder if Mariah feared than her husband finding out the truth when Antoine felt the need to take matters into his own hand Angel had to learn the hard way about the saying a hard head makes a soft ass She had everything with Antoine and instead of realizing he wanted better for her she felt she wanted to be grown without following any rules I didn t like Freddie from the beginning even if she was supposed to seem like she had Angel s best interest at heart Sandi had it rough and that incident should ve been enough for Angel to realize she needed to leave before getting too deep Cutty was crazy with his antics but the situation proved Freddie clearly only cared about herself and her money I was disappointed in Lady B and was truly hoping nothing would get in the way of what she and Antoine shared Remy came through but I wish she d made the call ahead of time That was some kind of get back from Terrell This read just goes to show you have to be careful what you expose your children to There s always the possiblity of them finding love elsewhere, whether through people that should be off limits or things When they re not shown the right amount of love and care they re bound to turn to other things to fill the void Definitely a great read KNL Overall this book kept me reading on and on Antoine a single father raising his daughter Angel that is some what like him but, he didn t know it Antoine a womanizer sleep with women after women without having any connection with a woman That causes his daughter Angel to not have a father because he busy having sex with women.Angel father finds out some thiings about her and puts her on a punishment that set her to run away.Her mother Mariah that she dont know dropped her off with her father when she was little and married another man and had kids and didn t to much care about Angel She just wanted another life with her new family Antoine decide to get back at Mariah with child support that pushes Mariah over the edge to do some things so she would be able to keep her husband.Angel find herself meeting different people like Freddie that has plans for Angel by even giving her a new name Starr.A new friend Remy sets off to find a way to help Angel.Antoine finds out secrets he never thought was true.Overall book good Liked it. This book taught me to respect myself as a young lady Letting people take advantage or taking advantage of people was never okay Self respect and pride is the most important thing you could obtain as a person. this book was good i love the beginning and the end angel was wild, i guess the apple does fall off the tree it was sad that her own mother didnt want nothing to do with her because she had two other kids and was married to a football player what type of mother would do some shit like that towards the end it was sad the lady b played his ass but found out that angel was not his child and he was taking care of his so called bestfriend terrell child mariah and terrell and lady b was a cutthroat fo real the at the end he was going to get his child back and kill them two well freddie gay ass too lol but the book was banging i give it 5 stars i think this book was a really good book espacially the middle, when she had to work at the strip club and if she didint work there she would have no where to stay it was really good at the end when her dad finally found her goooooooooood WOWMan What a great read Poor Angel couldn t get a break This book felt so real I was crying and mad as heck through out the entire book By far one of my top ten this year REALLL INTEREESTUNG

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  • Naughty Little Angel
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  • English
  • 22 January 2019
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