Careers Commendable guidebook for middle and high school age teens interested in researching possible career paths Graphics on every page add to its appeal as does the concise information regarding each profession Every job includes a description of the career, estimated salary range, a skills guide, related careers, and paths to get there The book begins with how to narrow down interests to a potential field of study and ends with a glossary.Good resource to have on hand in both classroom and school libraries This is one students should be able to use for independent research. I thought that this book was very insightful This is a very excellent book for those who need an idea of what direction to go in for a career The book also explains what education and steps to take to achieve the desired job and also gives other careers related to one that may interest you Overall, the book is well organized and easy to follow and find what you are looking for in a career. It S Never Too Early For Your Teen Or Tween To Start Thinking About A Career, And Careers Is The Perfect Way To Do It Inspiring And Imaginative As Well As Practical, Careers Has Charts And Tables That Help Young People Gauge Interest About Possible Careers It S Like Having A Personal Career Advisor By Your Side Whenever You Need It Speech Pathologist Check Zookeeper Check Jewelry Designer CheckNurse Architect Chef Check, Check, And CheckCovering Than Jobs, Careers Is Organized In An Easy To Navigate, Clear Structure That Helps Guide Teen And Tween Readers Check At A Glance Summary Panels For Chosen Careers To Learn About Salary, Working Hours, Training, And Career Paths Cross Referenced Job Matrix Tables Offer Another Way To Learn About All The Options Tweens And Teens With No Idea Of What Kind Of Job To Look For Can Start With Their Favorite School Subjects Or Hobbies And Find Relevant Careers From There It May Not Be Time For Your Teen Or Tween To Prepare A Resume And Find A Job, But The Advice In Careers Can Help Young People Start Thinking About The Future Reviews This Is The Prettiest, Most Well Organized, Useful And Up To Date Guide To Careers That I Have Ever Seen It Is A Wonder, And It Is A Treasure I Haven T Said This About Any Book, In The Last Twenty Years Dick Bolles, Author, What Color Is Your Parachute More reviews and no fluff on the blog DK Published has managed a nearly impossible feat here they ve created a book that is packed full of information but also inviting and friendly A perfect synthesis of hard and soft presentation to create a very useful and incredible usable guidebook suitable for teens and tweens The book is color coded by job type and includes many disciplines health and medicine sports, leisure, and tourism security and emergency services construction transportation arts, crafts, design performing arts, media, and journalism sales, marketing, and advertising administration and business management finance, law, politics information technology and computing science and research animals, farming, and the environment engineering and manufacturing Each of the above disciplines give information on several job types E.g., Animals, Farming, and the Environment has job descriptions for veterinarian, animal care worker, zookeeper, farm manager, horticultural worker, landscape architect, ecologist This allows the child to see the different aspects of working in that field and gravitate toward one that appeal most are for which they are best suited.Each job has a career path journey graphically laid out with important aspects including personality needs, parent or role model influence, type of eduction received, internship, grades, after school jobs, future financial goals, where the tween lives, etc It s a good reminder that no career is gifted it takes work and dedication as well as many other factors to secure a desired job.There is also an understanding yourself checklist to help readers find careers of interest This includes call out boxes on personal qualities, circumstances, skills, interests, subjects, motivators, etc It s great for tweens teens who haven t gravitated to a career goal yet.There is also a section on taking action while in school to find out about careers of interest This includes setting goals, seeking advice, research, volunteering, and What it entails when actually going out and getting the job is also presented again very graphically and intelligently.Each section of careers job disciplines are color coded for easy reference There is a description, salary caps, industry profile, related careers, checklist call out box to see if it would be suitable for the reader, career paths, and skills guide All beautifully laid out and easy to follow.This could easily have been pretty to look at but not very useful But in checking out the section on my particular career area professional photographer , I was highly impressed with the relevance and accuracy of the job descriptions, salary expectations, and career paths There were many places the editors could have got it very wrong if they had not looked into the careers in depth But they got it all right from the need for self promotion and management skills to the usefulness of internships It was all right on the money for my husband s career as well.This is the type of book that is so well presented, it really should be at every junior high school in America But it is also very useful and practical as a place to begin discussions of career choices in middle and high school It s a book presented for the reader but without pandering or oversimplification The graphics do than pretty up the text they categorize, order, and clarify the information presented.This is one book I highly recommend one of the most intelligently presented, relevant, and accurate non fiction children s books I ve read in a long time Reviewed from an advance readers copy supplied by the publisher. I won this book off Goodreads and waiting to receive it in the mail. This is one of the best career books I ve seen Easy to read and up to date with the latest tech jobs, I highly recommend to students and adults Watch for at, including an upcoming give away. Originally Reviewed for Young Adult Books Central guide is a laudable, wholly comprehensive resource for any young person considering the direction of their education and future employmentThinking about your future career is exciting, but it can also be daunting You need to pick which subjects to focus on in high school, make choices about college, and think about the interests and talents you have and which you would like to pursue It is best to approach choosing a career as a process rather than a single decisionAnd with that advice, the book proceeds to offer a color coded and simplistically illustrated springboard for that process The introduction uses introspective questions to ease you into the selection mindset At first the base imagery may seem busy, but with a bit of browsing the structure proves a consistent layout on a two page spread dedicated to each career option Complete with concise description, entry qualifications, skills guide, salary scales for both entry level and senior positions along with a list of closely related professions readers are given the most critical and to the point information in an approachable, easily digested manner The 400 jobs listed range the entire spectrum in terms of educational requirements While this reviewer could only personally vet a handful of careers in this book, I did take the time to present it to a number of different people all of whom agreed the section dedicated to their particular specialty was accurate and properly informative Though it s by no means exhaustive, this handbook could prove tremendously useful to young adults seeking to narrow down their most fitting, practical, and potentially stable job options The pay scale indicator was perhaps overly vague, but that should only encourage further personal research I sincerely wish I d had a guide like this to flip through back when I felt the confounding pressure of settling on a major.If there s a teen in your life who seems lost in the vocational selection maze, this book could be just the kind of map they need. There always seems to be a demand for career books for teens, and this is a really nice, one volume comprehensive guide Although nicely designed with lots of white space and graphics, each career s two page spread has a lot of useful info, including what skills interests would lead to this career, related careers and their page numbers in the book , and my favorite and something I ve never seen in a career book, The Realities For instance, the photographer realities are, Many hours are spent editing photos rather than shooting Networking and building a reputation are key to having a successful career. An excellent browsing introduction to the world after school Divided into 15 categories of employment, each job has a two page spread providing very basic but intriguing information For example, the pages identify your interests, skills required, entry qualifications, lifestyle, location, and the stone cold realities of the job For the Animal Care Worker there are career paths including an animal training, animal therapist, and pet groomer If these don t interest your child there are three related careers provided Although these are brief introductions the material provided is concise and interesting.Reviewed by Kelsey Cole Burns, Youth Services, Vernon Area Public Library Ecstatic that I happened to win a copy on goodreads This book has almost every career in it with up to date info I am a volunteer for a local teen organization and I plan on using this book as a way to help them out with their life decisions Thank you

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Careers book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Pawlewski author readers around the world.

➭ [Ebook] ➨ Careers  By Sarah Pawlewski ➹ –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Careers
  • Sarah Pawlewski
  • English
  • 23 February 2019
  • 9781465429735

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