Fire & Rain (Kansas, #2)

Fire & Rain (Kansas, #2) Eric Walker Has Learned Hard Lessons From His Past He S No Longer The Alcoholic Husband Hiding In The Closet He S No Longer The Guy Who Tried To Steal His Brother S Boyfriend He Has Two Items On His Agenda Fix His Relationship With His Brother, Jason, And Find His Own Soul Mate But When It Comes To Relationships, Eric S Track Record Looks Like A Train Wreck He Craves Intimacy Almost As Much As He Fears Reverting To His Old Ways Johnny Osborne Has Watched Eric Mature Over The Last Year And A Half And Has Fallen In Love With Him In The Process He S Tried Being Patient, But It S Gotten Him Nowhere No Matter How Many Disastrous Blind Dates Johnny Sets Eric Up On, Eric Seems Determined To Consider Everyone But The Man Who S Been Right In Front Of Him All Along Eric And Johnny Aren T The Only Ones Struggling With Their Emotions After His Apartment Burns Down, Their Coworker, Travis, Can T Choose Between The Guy He S Been Crushing On For Months And The Guy He S Afraid To Love He Seems Determined To Re Enact Every Blunder Of Eric S Past Will Travis Learn From Eric S Mistakes Before The Man Who Loves Him Walks Away For Good Will Eric Ever See That Best Friends Make The Best Lovers

Carter Quinn was born and raised in a very small Western Kansas town where cattle vastly outnumber humans In the 90s he read enough depressing gay fiction to give up on it He discovered M M in 2010 and started writing again Now he s told Corporate America to kiss his books Carter recently left the Denver area, meaning he is entirely too far from his beloved Colorado Avalanche.

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    Fire Rain is the sequel to The Way Back We first meet Eric in that book and he isn t all that likable He d spent the last several years on a path of self destruction, starting with an affair he had with Riley in college when he knew his brother Jason was in love with Riley Eric was an asshole to Riley and when Eric broke things off, he hurt Riley badly.Fast forward a few years and we see that Eric continued down a self destructive path He s divorced and an alcoholic in recovery When he gets back to their home town and sees that Jason and Riley have started seeing one another, he tries to take Riley away from Jason See an asshole All of that gets dealt with in The Way Back, and by the end of that book we see a very remorseful Eric, and that is the Eric that is we see in Fire Rain.Eric has spent the last couple years trying to get his life together and be a better person He is a bar manager at MO s and the people that work for and with him there are like family They stick together and help each other when needed and are mostly a good bunch of people Johnny is Eric s best friend and he works at the club, too, managing the entertainment.Johnny has had than just friends feelings Eric for ages, but he has some insecurities of his own, stemming from the last serious relationship he had Johnny is a very guarded man and does not trust easily at all So, instead of asking Eric out himself, he sets Eric up on a string of very bad blind dates Eric really is a glutton for punishment Johnny s goal, though, is for Eric to see what is right in front of him Something that Eric is oblivious to until he and Johnny dance one night at a club.I loved watching Eric finally realize what he could have with Johnny It was like watching a sunrise Eric needed to learn to trust himself, in spite of his past, and Johnny needed to learn to trust that not everyone was like his abusive asshole of an ex Carter Quinn has the talent and skill to make emotions come alive on the page and I loved watching it all unfold and I was definitely left smiling.

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    Carter Quinn is a relatively new author for me since i ve only read just another book of his After reading this one i can say for sure that i love his writing and the way he gives life to the characters.I loved this book, first of all becauseDRAG QUEENS PEOPLE I freaking love drag queens and crossdressers Eric is the bad guy from book one.Fast forward a year and a half, he is finally getting his shit together and he is the bar manager in a place with drag shows.Johnny is the entertainment manager and Eric s best friend.He is in love with Eric but is hesitant to tell him because of his own abusive past I really missed his POV, which would have explained why he was so closed off.As the story progresses Eric s feelings evolve from friendship to love as well There is slow burn and when they finally get together it is pretty explosive We get to meet other characters like Travis and Jeremaiah who work in the bar as well and have their own story which i hope we will see in book 3.I also loved, LOVED the reconnection of Eric and Jason, his brother Such an emotional and real scene.I liked the writing a lot, it was witty, sarcastic, evocative and there were some pretty hilarious quotes I am perfectly capable of seperating an actor from his role I know Stephen Amell isn t really the Arrow, but I wouldn t kick him out of bed because he didn t bring his bow you disappeared with the first swinging dick that crooks his little finger Please Carter Quinn, gimme Jeremaiah s book next.He is a ginger and we all know how i feel about them

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    This is Eric s story and starts after he left under a cloud in the last book The Way Back and picks up before the epilogue in the previous book We learn the events that led him to come back and desperately smooth everything out between him and his brother Jason I found this to be a great segue between the two books and rounds off the previous book perfectly We get Eric s side of the story and just like in real life where every story has two sides here we are presented with a completely different Eric We get to understand him and the background of what his intentions were from the first book In the first book we see him as primarily Riley s but also Jason s relationship nemesis but here we learn how he is really trying to make amends for all his mistakes in the past and why he is now a much better person for it He is not the old Eric any that Riley and Jason once knew.He is now working at a Night Club called MO s as the bar manager and loves his job I thought this was a little funny as Eric being a recovering alcoholic working as a bar manager must have really been putting temptation in the way But I guess if nothing else it will only steel your wool to make sure you don t get back on the wagon His best friend, Johnny, is an ex drag queen and the entertainments manager who is constantly fixing Eric up on blind dates that always go disastrously wrong I loved Johnny as a character, great sense of sassy humour, upbeat and always positive, but underneath a very caring and understanding person Loved him The disastrous dating antics of Eric also become a huge source of fun among the staff he manages, but all meant in good humour.I must admit if I had Eric as a boss I would be delighted He really cares and takes care of his staff and their needs Although he came across for me at times as a bit of a father figure for the younger members but Eric is only very early thirties and his staff early twenties so from where I m sitting early thirties is also young, believe me Eric has had enough with shagging around and one night stands and is determined to find someone for a long lasting and meaningful relationship but this is proving to be a little difficult than he thought However, this time he is determined to wait until he finds The One I could so understand this longing, one night stands are probably easy enough to come by but not satisfying in the long run I feel everyone is looking for that one person to share their lives with and not just leave after breakfast the following morning However, I got the feeling with Eric when you re trying too hard then it s never the way either These things just happen and trying to hard meant that the attentions of another certain someone wasn t being picked up on I just wanted to tell him to relax and stop trying to be so desperate in trying to find someone.He is out one night and while he is partying with his colleagues disaster strikes where it is feared that one of his staff may have lost his life This is what tips him over the edge with grief and makes him revalue his relationship with his brother Jason Hence he visits Jason and Riley prologue from the first book as I said a brilliant joining of both books I just loved the fact that he has now mended his bridges with Jason and Riley which in some way lets him now move on and look forward to the future.He is still looking for The One though however the answer is really staring him in the face all the time In any relationship you have to be friends and lovers so if you already have a good friend then in this case the writing is on the wall really However, the question is do you cross that line or not Do you risk losing that friendship by it turning into I could so feel for all Eric and all the second guessing that goes on, but if there is second guessing going on on his behalf then it must be happening for Johnny too I also found Eric s doubts about himself being able to be in a long last relationship due to his horrendous track record of relationships in the past He needs someone like Johnny to except that he is a different person now than to what he was and sees him for who is today I was willing him on all the way just to get over this, put the past behind him and look forward to the future Well, with Johnny who couldn t feel secure The man is just adorable This book was quite a cathartic read for me after the first one It purged me of all my prejudices I had for Riley in the first book and made me like him and appreciate him Books where you see characters, grow, mature, moving on from horrible pasts even if of their own making get me wanting to support and encourage them too By the end of the book I was so delighted to see Eric get the HEA that he has been looking for for so long It was wonderful A thoroughly entertaining read and one which for me is most definitely a character driven story I really got invested into wanting Eric to achieve his ultimate goal of finding happiness.3.5 Stars

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    Review can be read at It s About The Book In the first book in this series, The Way Back, I loved Jason from the very beginning I learned to love Riley, but it took a while One of my least favorite characters in well, forever was Jason s brother, Eric He was the a hole from hell He lied, he cheated and was just an a hole He married Carly knowing he preferred men, then cheated on her He seduced Riley, knowing that Jason was in love with him There was no way that Eric and I were going to have a friendly relationship No way But Eric was harder on himself than I was He suffered for his bad behavior and was a good guy to his new friends at Mo s, the gay bar he was managing He was a mentor and friend to all the bar employees, especially the younger boys Knowing how much he had hurt the people in his life, he thought he could never trust himself again to be in any kind of meaningful relationship, but one night stands certainly didn t appeal to him He wanted He wanted the kind of loving and committed relationship that Jason and Riley had But he doesn t have much hope, especially after all the dates his friend, Johnny, set him up with.Johnny is a happy gay man Mostly He supervises the girls in the bar s drag show He performed for years as Zara, but stopped a few years earlier He s very classy always dressed beautifully I adored him He is the nicest guy It was obvious from very early in the story that Johnny is crazy about Eric obvious to everyone but Eric And Johnny is a little reluctant to reveal too much of his feeling to Eric He s been hurt in the past, both emotionally and physically.This is a truly wonderful book, full of emotion and forgiveness Eric must learn to forgive himself for his past mistakes while teaching Johnny to trust again The secondary characters are richly drawn, making the story resonate with life, love and passion And there is passion and sex But the most important part of the story occurred with just one kiss Exquisitely simple And very powerful.

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    A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsSo I totally loved Quinn s The Way Back and have been eagerly anticipating Eric s story Eric is not really a bad guy in the first book, but he definitely makes bad choices and is just at a really confusing place in his life Here we see that he has finally gotten his life together and is happy and settled He just really still longs for a romantic connection with somebody to make it all complete So I really enjoyed seeing him find his way to Johnny and finally pull it all together.I really enjoy a good friends to lovers story and Quinn does a nice job here of finding the balance between building the intensity as Eric realizes his feelings for Johnny, without dragging things out too long We can see how suddenly one kiss just awakens Eric to seeing Johnny in a romantic way At the same time, I could totally understand how the nature of their relationship as coworkers and Johnny being a former client of Eric s could have prevented Eric from ever thinking of him romantically before that.Read Jay s review in its entirety here.

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    3.5 stars

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    3.2 stars It was nice to read Eric s story The plot started out very well, but I think that featuring two couples was a bit too ambitious Eric certainly had a taste of his own medicine, yet I felt that neither the mature nor the younger couple had a solid development of their relationship from friends to lovers.

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    Eric Walker didn t make the greatest impression on readers in the first book in this series, The Way Back, as the man that would steal his brother s boyfriend all in an effort to find himself I didn t start this book having the highest expectations for the character, and straight away you learn that his love interest at the end of that story, Mitch, has left him I was like, well score one for Karma But then Eric had to go and make himself relatable, loveable and attainable, he had to go and redeem himself.Eric is now managing the gay bar Mo s and has become a father figure of sorts to some of the younger employees there Friend, co worker and star of the show, Queen Johnny, keeps setting Eric up on the most hysterically disasterous blind dates And Eric is clueless, he just keeps putting up a minimal fight, then caving and going on the dates Until the night he shows up and it s Johnny on the other side of the booth Suddenly Eric sees Johnny in a new light, he realizes that it s been Johnny all along.But if it s Johnny then Eric has finally found happiness and the minute Eric lets himself be happy, lets his guard down and assumes his emotions, his heart is safe, he gets hurt So he damn near breaks the foundation of the relationship before it s even solidified in an effort to get ahead of being hurt If Eric admits how he feels about Johnny, then he has to admit to the failures of his past, and that might be than our new found hero is capable of.Eric is like a flame, he burns hot and fast and his emotions are explosive Johnny is like Rain, a steady flowing current that grounds Eric and shows him he deserves to be loved The two sort of balance each other out I am always amazed when an author can take a character that is hated or loathed entirely and make them do a complete 180, make them someone you are now rooting for That is exactly what Quinn has done with Eric One of my favorite parts of this story was the conversation Eric had with his brother Jason when he finally swallowed his pride and approached Jason, asking for that forgiveness Oh but the firey passion that Eric and Johnny share was a strong element to this story as well Eric has to let go of this notion he has of a the perfect soul mate, he has to get over Riley and Mitch and his ex wife and the feeling that he has been wronged in some way before he can finally see Johnny through the eyes Johnny deserves to be loved through And Johnny s ever present strength, even in the face of Eric s denial and while always impeccable dressed and sporting 5 inch heels, well it was impressive Detailed, descriptive and precise with three dimensional, flawed characters and strong secondary characters to add depth to the story Fire and Rain is a must read if you are a fan of hard fought happy ever afters And if you, like me, absolutely loathed Eric after reading The Way Back, then you have to at least give him a chance at redemption by reading this follow up novel I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

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    4.5 StarsCarter Quinn took this reader on a fantastic journey of the heart in this excellent sequel to the unforgettable, The Way Back I was looking forward to experiencing the redemption of Eric Walker yes, it happens and was very impressed with how it all played out Humanizing, and gaining a cheering section for a character that has behaved badly is no easy feat, but it s deftly handled on these pages.I love how Eric s frame of mind was presented I knew exactly how he was processing his past behaviors, how he realized how spectacularly he had failed himself and those he was closest to I felt in my gut how sincerely he had changed his ways, and was striving always to be a better person, for himself and for his new family at MO s nightlclub All of this also made the blinders Eric had on regarding Johnny s role in his life easy to believe Johnny was an amazing, multi faceted character So calm and steady, yet also a kindred spirit in the guarding my heart club.The slow building friends to lovers was beautifully written While the romance between Eric and Johnny is central to the story, it was constructed in a gradual, steady manner, interwoven with other key plots in the book Secondary characters such as Travis and Jeremiah had a huge role in the storyand in Eric s life They had Eric running the gamut of emotions, some good, some not so good I particularly liked that the depth of this story Eric dealing with his past, building a present, hoping for a future all while still burdened by his estrangement with his brothers As if that isn t enough, fairly early in the story, Eric and the crew at Mo s find themselves reeling from the aftermath of a tragic event The author kept me guessing about many things while I read, this event first and foremost I was white knuckling my Kindle and thinking to myself no, no he is NOT going to do that No way, NO way You ll have to trust the author, and me and read the book to find out what I mean This event proved a catalyst for Eric, a very plausible kick in the butt for him to go the extra mile in making the first move toward restoring a relationship with his brother Jason and his fiance, Riley When Eric and Johnny finally get together, there is no denying it is rightbut they have to work for it Again, the gradual building romance arc here was awesome The guys were adult and forthright about their feelings a great way to illustrate how far Eric had matured, how much he had learned about relationships OK, I ll mention the heat factor between them. Wow Carter Quinn has a suberb, unique writing style Witty and humerous, yet poignant, direct and gripping There was never a doubt in my mind about the voices of any of his characters they all shine bright and clear And Mo s as a setting Spectacularly vivid I really want to go there

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    5 StarsBook Fire and RainSeries Kansas Volume 2Author Carter QuinnPublisher Carter QuinnGenre RomanceRated Mature M MThe summer is nearing its end and so was my to be read pile This is the time of the year while waiting for holiday releases, I search out authors I have read recently and would like to checkout their other books Carter Quinn was a new to me author this year and his Vanished Trilogy Series was so excellent I researched what others I would like to read Just finished Kansas 1 and was so happy the next was available as well I was pleasantly surprised that this book would be about Eric We actually heard and saw most of the worst of him in the first story in The Way Back and I really needed to see what this boy to man was about Being the straight brother in college, to actually find you might not be the straight brother must have been a shocker, to be attracted to Riley and take him away from your brother was cold in the readers eyes, but colder yet was to hurt Riley and leave him for a woman, we hated you Now we need to hear your side of the story Thank you Carter for giving us this book.Eric has come a long way, he is divorced, sober, and gay out and proud He has worked hard at trying to make himself a better man, he wants to make peace with the ties he broke and we read how he internalizes his past and his present He has worked hard at a Club called Mo s and has made friends with the crew that he manages Also he is a loner, trying to find a connection, with someone to complete him.His friend and co worker and friend Johnny Osborne has been trying to help Eric by hooking him up with blind dates that are going no where..and we begin to see why.Everyone in the club see the attraction Johnny has for Eric, but Eric We actually understand why Johnny is in the FRIEND category and Eric doesn t want to cross that line like he had done in the past with Riley Losing a friend again is a nono So Johnny works slowly to ley Eric see you have to be friends before you become lovers is a good thing Will it work out when you are just as serious about not getting your heart hurt This story couldn t have been any better The author gives us a beautiful package of a young man redeeming himself in his own eyes knowing he can have it all The scenes with he and his brother Jason are heartwarming, the acknowledgement that Johnny sees him and loves him made me melt The fact that Riley and Jason are now there for him says it all Eric got the gold ring Great story Review by Gloria LakritzSr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance G

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