Mother Fucking Flowers

Mother Fucking Flowers The First Story Of The Power Continuum Series Belle Bruisewort, Who Prefers To Be Called Daisy, Is Expecting Just Another Day At The Office When Her Boss, The Legendary Miyamoto Musashi, Gives Her An Unusual Task Daisy Must Travel The Multiverse In This Fantastical, Time Bending, Dimension Shifting, Space Consuming, Quantum Happening Adventure To Carry Out Her Mission To Kill Hitler

Tammy Witzens is a fresh science fiction novelist She is skilled in witchcraft art, I mean, she is skilled in art She grew up in the middle of the desert by a small town in southern Arizona, with no electricity for some years, and raised by a pack of German Shepherds Aside from working on her next book, Tammy is currently working on a degree in astronautical engineeringbecause rocket scien

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  • Mother Fucking Flowers
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  • 15 July 2019

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    Taking a look at her author profile, I found that Tammy Witzens is also an artist which didn t surprise me much because Mother Fucking Flowers, her debut novella, is in a lot of ways like a painting The imagery is very visual and vivid, the writing itself done in bold brushstrokes and loud, almost garish, colours surrealist maybe, or expressionist.I ll admit, I wasn t exactly bowled over at first the impression was of being machine gunned or I suppose, action painted by lots and lots of quirky ideas This is pretty typical, I was thinking, of a new author just throw enough stuff at the canvas and some of it will stick The setting is a version of the multiverse, an infinite and ever branching array of universes built from spacetime and governed on the grand scale by relativity theory in which, according to many physicists, we may actually live Daisy, our heroine, is an expert at travelling this infinity her profession is bounty hunter and her mission, here in MFF, to go to one of the uncharted universes and assassinate its version of Adolf Hitler.I did, though, also realise pretty quickly that there s here than meets the eye lots of quirky ideas up close, yes, but seen from halfway across the roomsquinting a bit something else And then I reached the surprise ending.As with a painting, different readers will probably see different things in this too, or appreciate it in quite different ways but for what it s worth, here s what I made of it What follows is a horrendous spoiler don t even think of peeping view spoiler The whole thing apart from the ending is the dream of a daisy in a field Bellis perennis is the common daisy Bellis Belle and perennis perennial, indestructible Bruisewort wort meaning root is an old country name for the same plant This daisy is dreaming about itself, but on a vast scale a single daisy as the entire cosmos The way this cosmic daisy works is relativity theory relativity, you could almost say, is its character, its spirit and from its field yep, field equations we get t for time, M for mass and c for the speed of light which is at the very heart of Einstein s theory and is also Daisy s middle name There s , but I think that s enough to be going on withexcept for this daisies aren t actually single flowers each one is a multitude of tiny flowers combined to form a flowerhead we call a daisy daisies are composite, not one but manylike our multiverse The idea of the cosmos as a flower is an ancient one the lotus blossom for example but seeing our modern physicist s composite cosmos in a composite flower is an idea I ve not come across before The multiverse as a flowerhead opening and blooming continuously it s a stunning image hide spoiler

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    I received this book as part of a goodreads giveaway I really enjoy reading sci fi novels I m not a fan of novellas I find that they re too short and unless they re in between the main books of a series, there s never enough meat in them I found the same with this book I didn t realize how short of a novel it was until I received it The plot was definitely interesting but again, I feel like it could have been developed The basic concept of the book was intriguing of parallel universes The main character seemed very brusque and the dialogue seemed choppy The chapters seemed choppy, as well, with interruptions in the storyline to give background on a small mentioned topic in the preceding chapter These could have easily done as a footnote or maybe an appendix of sorts And I didn t understand the ending I completely missed the point of the last chapter and felt incredibly confused However, because of this, I ll most likely try to re read the last few chapters to see if I can gain a better understanding of what that entire last chapter was about All in all, an ok book I would definitely read it again if it was developed into a proper novel with meat as I like to say.

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    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.Tammy has a knack for storytelling I d really like to know Musashi s story, or the psychologists perspective of Daisy Belle I love the saturation of science throughout the story I m terribly disappointed that coffee does not shift well And man Daisy I may have snorted a bit after reading that I also really liked the ending it tied up neatly My only issue is the amount of passive voice I m not one who advocates active voice all the time, but I think the potential is there for stronger sentences that have of an impact That said, I enjoyed reading Mother Fucking Flowers, as well as typing the title I love the title and I look forward to seeing from this particular author.

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    At first, I read about one quarter of the book and thought, This book is too smart for me It is in many ways science than science fiction But I stepped away, read a few fluffier books and came back to this I picked up again, backtracked a bit to make sure I wasn t missing anything, and read it straight through, realizing that despite the hard science aspect, I had to know about Daisy and exactly how her mission would play out In the end, I m glad I did While I am no closer to explaining why time doesn t exist or the mechanics of trans dimensional travel, I get it What do I get Well, that would spoil the surprise, wouldn t it

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    Let me begin by saying that I enjoyed this book I won it as part of Goodreads FirstReads program The title looked insane and so did the description the subject of many an Internet joke and comic strip if you could go back in time, should you kill Hitler The Aeon Flux looking woman on the cover was interesting as well Unfortunately, I was delayed by a couple weeks in getting the package because I had a business trip When I did get the book, I was amazed at how thin the package is Other than, perhaps, The God Engines, this is shortest book I ve read in a long time.Perhaps that s why I was getting worried as the plot seemed to be accelerating towards a climax, not resolving itself within the last 10 pages There s a reason for this Sometimes people like to read the last page of a novel before they dive in I used to do that when I was younger Don t do that with this one, it ll or less ruin the point of the book A few points before I get into spoiler territory The book is written in an almost stream of consciousness almost Douglas Adams styles that sometimes works beautifully and sometimes derails the book for me It shows how smart Adams was to deploy the narrative device of the Hitchhiker s Guide within the eponymous book Because we aren t in Daisy s head We do have an omniscient narrator who knows what she s thinking, but the interruptions without the frame of someone telling a story or the guide is a little jarring at times As a bit of proof that nothing in life is ever as simple as it seems with an Internet campaign or slogan, although this book is written by a woman, there appears to be mention of male gaze things like breasts than female gaze things Or maybe breasts are both I don t know It struck me a bit as odd, but I ve really only started to truly learn about these things in the past few years.OK, spoiler time view spoiler Ms Witzens says in the author bio that she d like to do SF stories in this universe Who am I to tell anyone what to create, but it feels a bit problematic This story was filled with ever bizarre occurrences and hand waves to the science that what was at first a bit endearing time universe dimension travel is messy so let s lampshade that from the beginning began to be maddening What rules DID this universe have SF doesn t have to be hard SF, but the reader should have some sense of what s allowable and what isn t In the end it all worked out perfectly as a novella because it turned out to be the dream of a Daisy the flower It explains why everyone was Daisy male or female and why sex with another Daisy was neither masturbation nor incest and produced a seed It explains why the science kept getting weirder and why the circus scene didn t make sense It also explains the heroine s lackadaisical attitude probably at least partially a pun and the wonky physics When you look at it all as a combination of a dream and a life lesson which is the title name drop , it is beautiful as well as being one of those the journey s the important bit books But this as the basis of a whole universe I don t think I can quite suspend my disbelief like this for another book Then again, maybe Ms Witzens has some way that ll come out of left field and make it work hide spoiler

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.This is a story about a bounty hunter, Daisy, who is sent to Universe Beta Phi 34 144 13 Theta Her mission is to kill Hitler and she goes through a lot to accomplish her goal.I must admit that when I first started reading this, it took me a minute to get into it I felt a little overwhelmed with all the scientific background The I read, though, the I got into it.My favorite part was the ending because I was surprised by it The I thought about it after I set the book down, the I realized that the author hinted about it throughout the book Very clever, Tammy Witzens For someone who normally doesn t read much sci fi I would recommend this book and hope to see from this author.

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    This book is awesome The cover is awesome, the characters are awesome, the subtle references to various scientific fields are awesome Actually that might be my favorite part there are many secret references throughout the book that only people with certain backgrounds will get and it s going to make those people super happy BUT even without getting the aforementioned references, it s a solid story with interesting characters in a lively and plausible world I dug it when I was reading it and I dig it now a month later.

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    This book was so very captivating The story is new and refreshing There are so many times you are left frozen in your seat, heart pounding in your chest, and all you can do is turn the page I have never read another book like this befor in my life and I am very much looking forward to additional books in this series or at least additional stories in this multiverse setting.

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    Enjoyed throughlyI liked it from the first page, because it had a voice different from what I ve been reading lately, there were some odd twists, but it made sense to me anyway at the end I can t wait to read another refreshing tale from Tammy.

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    Tammy Witzen s mother fucking flowers is a charming, fantastical tale that hops universes and dimensions with twists and turns that I doubt anyone would expect Her voice for the narration is amazing, and I d suggest anyone interested in sci fi or fantasy to read this.

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