The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 7: The Book of Ezekiel

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 7: The Book of Ezekiel Peter Delves Further Into The Totemic Origin Of His Powers When The Enigmatic Ezekiel Returns Is He Truly Peter S Mentor And Ally, Or Something Plus In The Aftermath Of An Interdimensional Rift Caused By Spider Man And Doctor Strange S Battle With Dormammu, A Sorceress Of Limitless Power Is Set Free

Joseph Michael Straczynski born July 17, 1954 , known professionally as J Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting He was the creator and showrunne

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 7: The Book of Ezekiel
  • J. Michael Straczynski
  • English
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9780785115250

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    The Ezekiel storyline concludes Three issues only to coincide with Romita Jr s departure but enough to satisfyingly bring the strange relatipnship between Peter and Ezekiel to a close I can t say it comes as a huge surprise but it s decently done and answers questions left hanging as to why Peter was bitten on that fateful day and stuff.Before that 3 rather innocuous issues but and I will repeat it time and again above the lot because of JMS sense of pacing, dialogues and his craft when conveying emotions.The two issues with Loki were fun oriented that scene with our 2 characters sharing a hot dog on a roof speaks for itself while the other one is made of emotions, with MJ trying to star in Hollywood and a bicycle thief in NY.

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    The end of a saga. but I just can t help but feel like something is still missing.

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    Se ve que cuando lo marqu como read hace a o y pico le pifi por la tapa Ahora que lo tengo a mano de la edici n espa ola me doy cuenta de que no lo hab a le do un soto, as que switcheo shelve y edici n.Actualizaci n ya lo le y no est mal Tiene sentido c mo confluyen todos los quilombos m gicos en los que se ve a envuelto Spidey y la vuelta de tuerca de Ezekiel Aunque la pelea final deja bastante que desear y la moralina sobreinterpretada sigue siendo moneda corriente Lindos los dibujos de despedida de JR Jr.

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    Conclusi n un poco apresurada de la saga de Ezequiel y el totem ara a, que sirve para cerrar etapa, ya que al acabar esta saga se despide John Romita Jr de la colecci n.

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    Not always a fan of weird mystical comic stories, but this one oddly worked for me Although, to be fair, the Spidey and MJ dynamic might have been the best parts and who doesn t love Loki.

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    Finally, we get to the end of this Ezekiel storyline but not before some horrible filler that could ve easily brought this down to a 2 star if I wasn t so favourable with the culmination of the arc at the end of it.I think I m going to save a bigger review for the second read through that I ll inevitably have of this run I ll mostly talk about Ezekiel and if he deserved to have a redemption at all Two things I ll mention really quickly on the trade that I found to be a downer one is downer for the whole Romita JMS run and one is a sloppy plot inconsistency that I wasn t expecting to see on a run that s been so tight in its plotting up until this point.First of all, what s with the filler, man I feel like this is a perfect time to highlight this problem im having since this trade contained some of the worst filler yet I don t know if the Spidey Thor I MEAN Loki issues are supposed to be crucial to the plot but it certainly didn t need another mystical beat em up story since we have been overloaded with them in the last 6 trades before this It didn t add anything and was almost tedious to read Loki acting exactly like Thor and trying to draw humour out of it.The double edge of this critique is that the Vibe issue after this Loki story was nice even though it was technically a filler issue too The difference was that in this issue characters were progressed and I was engaged with what was happening I think I ll touch on this issue in another review.My other quick issue is why hasn t JMS cleared up the reason for kids in another issue joining some weird mischievous thing that Ezekiel was running It seemed like a few issues ago he had a cult happening but now there s no mention of it and Ezekiel s storyline is supposed to be wrapped up now So it feels like JMS has forgotten about it.

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    La historia se divide en tres partes y todas me han encantado.Comenzamos por la primera, que b sicamente, trata de Spiderman incluy ndose en este universo que Marvel estaba creando despu s de haber estado bastantes a os por su parte, que no estaba mal A m no me disgusta, la verdad, sobre todo, porque la magia y Spiderman formar an unas magn ficas tramas a partir de esto.La segunda parte se centra en MJ, y no en la relaci n de MJ con Peter, como he le do por aqu Son unos n meros livianos, que tratan sobre el futuro de la actriz Qu ser a de una saga de c mics sin personajes que no son el h roe que se desarrollaran Por eso, no entiendo las quejas hacia estos n meros Qu viene al final El plato fuerte Ezequiel Definitivamente, me encantar a verlo en alguna adaptaci n cinematogr fica en alg n momento de mi vida, porque la trama lo merece Y no entro en spoilers, pero me ha parecido magn fica.Solo me queda dar las gracias a Joe Michael Straczynski por todo lo que le ha dado a Spiderman es el origen de los t tem y a John Romita Jr por el dibujo que acompa a esta magn fica historia Porque Peter no merece menos.

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    4,5 5The only reason this isn t getting a full 5 star rating is because of the 3rd comic in there I just wasn t a fan of the MJ focus I haven t met her yet, I haven t even finished the first Spidey run, so to me it was just can we go back to Peter now please Other than that, I adored the Loki and his daughter storyline, and I hope it will be revisited, as it was left quite open ended, with plenty of room for a follow up The Ezekiel story itself was incredibly interesting I loved reading about why Peter was chosen to be bitten by that spider, though I have to admit the ending did leave me confused I try to just go with it, that it s both science and magic, but honestly, it s one big confusing mess to me It ll probably make sense in a couple days when I m not trying so hard to understand Quick question though if MJ is so concerned with not being the model, not being the beautiful woman in movies, why can t the artists at least draw her like that as well Is it such a crime to wear a shirt that covers your stomach

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    Two great Spider Man stories In one, Spider Man and Loki defeat a chaos goddess who has manifested herself in one of Loki s daughters Spider Man saves the woman and Loki promises Spider Man a favor Under the usual conditions, of course In the other, Spider Man at last fights his mentor who, in the way of such things, is also a right bastard The blood of the prey is the milk of the earth intones our missing narrator, implying an order Spider Man may not quite know where he stands on In the end, it s the blood that wins Suspect that one will be preying on me I haven t read most of Straczynski s run Hope to one day.

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    El libro de Ezequiel supone el cierre del arco argumental contenido dentro de los 5 primeros n meros de Marvel Saga dedicados a Spiderman Cinco n mero donde hemos visto c mo se han trastocado los cimientos del origen de los poderes de Peter, conocido el calentamiento de MJ hacia el trepamuros y comprobado de qu manera pueden afectar los secretos a T a May Una historia que en general arriesga y aporta nueva informaci n relevante sobre un personaje tan conocido por todos.

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