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The Uplift War David Brin S Uplift Novels Are Among The Most Thrilling And Extraordinary Science Fiction Ever Written Sundiver, Startide Rising,and The Uplift War A New York Times Bestseller Together Make Up One Of The Most Beloved Sagas Of All Time Brin S Tales Are Set In A Future Universe In Which No Species Can Reach Sentience Without Being Uplifted By A Patron Race But The Greatest Mystery Of All Remains Unsolved Who Uplifted Humankind As Galactic Armadas Clash In Quest Of The Ancient Fleet Of The Progenitors, A Brutal Alien Race Seizes The Dying Planet Of Garth The Various Uplifted Inhabitants Of Garth Must Battle Their Overlords Or Face Ultimate Extinction At Stake Is The Existence Of Terran Society And Earth, And The Fate Of The Entire Five Galaxies Sweeping, Brilliantly Crafted, Inventive And Dramatic, The Uplift War Is An Unforgettable Story Of Adventure And Wonder From One Of Today S Science Fiction Greats

David Brin is a scientist, speaker, and world known author His novels have been New York Times Bestsellers, winning multiple Hugo, Nebula and other awards At least a dozen have been translated into than twenty languages Existence, his latest novel, offers an unusual scenario for first contact His ecological thriller, Earth, foreshadowed global warming, cyberwarfare and near fu

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    Let s get one thing straight The Uplift War is not military science fiction There is a war, yes, and there are some appropriately war like moments, but the emphasis is, once again, on the Uplift and not on the War Arguably, one the greatest strengths of The Uplift War and its predecessors, is the alien element Brin certainly went the whole hog when he was designing and imagining his Galactics This is where these books shine Each alien race has its own culture and corresponding cultural oddities, and some of them are quite bizarre That being said, I had a difficult time of it imagining the Gubru as an intimidating warlike race, despite all their hardware They always seemed to remind me of oversized chicks, or broilers, or canaries Tweety with a laser rifle and an attitude So, yes, the Gooksyu Gubru have it in for earthclan They really want to know what the Streaker spaceship found out in the star lanes see Startide Rising , so they set off for Garth a planet leased by Earth in an attempt to undo ecological harm that has transpired there on an official crusade The galactic politics are interesting and at least come up with some plausible explanations why the aliens don t just roast earth, which is obviously the grand prize if you think Humans are not worthy of their patron status, and be done with it The War is mostly concerned with the guerrilla efforts of the neo chimpanzees on Garth to undermine their new, and unwelcome, rulers Mostly But this novel isn t just about the war It s also about a lot of other things, most notably a Tymbrimi practical joke that goes WAY beyond the average April Fool s day.There is a lot of science in here Biological science, ecological science, chemical science, linguistics, you name it By the time Brin was writing this, he was apparently feeling comfortable enough with his writing skills and the success of the first two Uplift novels to utilise the kitchen sink approach Some of the characters are truly delightful, such as the Neo Chimp Fiben Bolger and Uthacalthing, the Tymbrimi ambassador to Garth The novel teeters on a fine edge, yet somehow manages not to topple into the realm of being overly complicated Well, barring perhaps the Galactic code of conduct and all that All in all, it comes together nicely Expect some great twists But you already knew that, didn t you, having already read Sundiver and Startide Rising Oh, and of course, this novel has neo gorillas

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    Galactic civilization is balanced on a knife s edge Power is gained by becoming patrons, gaining client races, uplifting them to sentience and starfaring, and having them as or less indentured servants over hundreds of thousands of years But then humans came on the scenes, wolflings, who apparently bootstrapped themselves up into sentience, a feat thought to be impossible Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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    Christmas 2010 I realised that I had got stuck in a rut I was re reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works Something had to be done.On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci Fi award That s 35 books, 6 of which I d previously read, leaving 29 titles by 14 authors who were new to me.While working through this reading list I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and became a father As such these stories became imprinted on my memory as the soundtrack to the happiest period in my life so far The Uplift War is book 3 in Brin s Uplift Saga and the second from the series to win both Locus Sci Fi and Hugo awards in 1987, following Startide Rising s success in 1984.Brin s work in the Uplift universe continues with another trilogy, The Uplift Storm, but this marks the end of the original trio and it s a pretty mixed bunch Book One, Sundiver , is a rather forgettable affair, altogether too simplistic in its outlook Book Two, Startide Rising is a much better offering, with haiku spitting space dolphins in an intergalactic chase and prison break scenario an adventure to get your teeth into Which brings us to Book Three, The Uplift War from the title I was expecting a full on Earth and allies vs Nasty Aliens, but that s not quite what we get Garth is an out of the way planet, settled primarily by Earth s client race chimpanzees Yes folks, this is a bona fide planet of the apes complete with original monkey culture and politics Following the events of Startide Rising , the galactics are pissed with Earth Clan but there are a lot of galactic races and not enough Earth butt to kick so one particular race of aggressive avian aliens Evil Space Chickens decides to conquer Garth and hold it hostage to try and make Earth Clan play ball So the chimps are massively outgunned by the Evil Space Chickens and must resort to gorilla punny warfare And to add a last bit spice to the mix, the naughty chimps have been view spoiler covertly conducting Uplift work of their own trying to help Gorillas reach full sentience which is a big crime without galactic approval hide spoiler

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    80 s dudebro SF Seriously The male human hero transforms into Tarzan Good for what it is, but not to my taste I don t want to nitpick something that just isn t for me, but it felt a little ridiculous and contrived in places, and rather naive or superficial about the problematic issues raised But on the whole just OK.I would like to forget about the chimpanzee striptease scene though.

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    I ve heard many good things about this trilogy author, but I found Sundiver awful the couple of times I tried it I never finished the brick or even penetrated too far, but it s been a long time since I last tried In review, one of my GR friends wrote that the books writing got better Someone else wrote this one stood alone well, so I m planning on only reading book 3 of a trilogy I think this was a good choice The author relates enough about the world first books I guess that I don t feel as if I m floundering He s also repetitive enough about events motivations in this one that I didn t get lost That was not completely a point in the book s favor, though It s too long redundant He often makes the exact same points several times using the same words.There was quite a bit of detail about various alien customs differences that was quite imaginative The political situation surrounding uplift , bring a species from pre sentience through various phases of full sentience, had quite a bit going on, but when boiled down, it really wasn t that complex.The characters were well done There weren t too many they were all memorable The planet its ecosystem was also interesting Not too much too far out, so it didn t detract from the story Well narrated, too.All in all, I m not sorry I read it, but I certainly don t feel like going back to read either of the prior books.

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    David Brin s Uplift Trilogy has not been the easiest series for me to read I enjoyed Sundiver as a mystery set within a much larger universe Brin left me hungry for , but Startide Rising left me bitter and disappointed What had started with so much potential seemed encumbered by flawed storylines and a myriad of unwanted characters Hence, I was doubtful of The Uplift War s ability to mollify me.While certainly superior to Startide Rising, The Uplift War lacks the central protagonist that made Sundiver so compelling If the first book was a murder mystery and the second a siege story, this one is about living under occupation by the enemy As such, the span of the story is somewhat larger than Startide Rising s, which at least gives the much inflated cast something to do for six hundred pages.Maybe my expectations are just skewed here, but I m in this series for the answer to one question who, if anyone, Uplifted humanity After such tantalizing promises in Startide Rising, Brin shelves that question once again Instead, we get another look at the sociological implications of Uplift and the stringent codes of Galactic warfare.I don t mean to make The Uplift War sound boring For the most part, it s interesting to watch the resistance crystallize in the mountains outside Port Helenia It s fun to wonder who among the three Gubru Suzerains will achieve the dominance required to become the triumvirate s queen As usual, Brin s depiction of a truly alien species and its leadership structure is second to none.Even a species closely related to humanity, the neo chimpanzees, can seem alien at times Brin raises the question of whether neo chimps have sentience or are merely aping their human patrons Although it seems obvious that chims like Fiben and Gailet are sentient beings, the behaviour of those like Irongrip makes one wonder It s scary to think that other creatures, the Gubru and the various Uplift examiners, are watching, judging whether another species is sapient Imagine what would happen if humanity were declared the clients of another species We walk a thin line between being animals and thinking beings Brin s obsession with comparing Richard Oneagle to Tarzan makes that clear That being said, I m not sure how much of that subplot was Brin s enthusiasm for the rugged wilderness adventurer and how much was a conscious statement about how environment shapes us It s this exploration of what divides us from animals, thinking beings from non thinking beings, at which the Uplift Trilogy excels And of the three books in the trilogy, The Uplift War emphasizes this best.So I ve got a lot of complaints about The Uplift War It just didn t satisfy me in the way I had hoped Try as I might, however, I can t dismiss the book as bad or even poor Brin s execution is not flawless, but it s enough to convey a powerful theme about humanity and our role at large in the universe I can t condemn the Uplift Trilogy but I can t go so far as to celebrate it You ll have to make up your own mind.My Reviews of the Uplift series Startide Rising Brightness Reef

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    of Brin s novels of the future universe where humanity has become part of a galactic culture of species Uplifting each other from pre sapience to civilisation, homo sapiens being unique in that we achieved that status without external intervention.The book is fun in a lot of ways smart humans and chimps, and their allies, manage to overcome the prejudices and wishful thinking of the nasty aliens The most sympathetic male characters get to have sex or less with the most sympathetic female characters There is a lovely plot twist involving gorillas.But I have to say the book is not one I can recommend Partly it is that the humans and their allies rarely lose a battle or an argument we are rather compelled to cheer for our boys But seriously, I think the novel s take on race issues is na ve and complacent The intelligent chimpanzee characters are not allowed to rebel from the human agenda, yet disply no resentment of the control exerted over them, including their reproductive rights Those who do make common cause with humanity s enemies get their come uppance The only Bad Human who displays racial and gender prejudice is explicitly South Asian I think I would have been happier if the book had explored colonialism and race a little profoundly.

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    Maybe 4.25 stars Not exactly as good as Startide Rising, but close There was a lot to love about this book but also a little to be annoyed about.Plot was fun, although sloooow at times Fiben s adventures were the best part, for me Fiben was an absolutely fantastic character I think Brin has said that he s his favourite character from all his books The chims overall were great, although I think I still prefer the fins from Startide Rising The exploration of neo chimpanzee culture was fascinating, especially aspects like their sexual and social organisation They were just a barrel of fun altogether The gorillas were fun too, but underutilised Garth itself the planet this book is set on was a great character , well developed, with a sense about it of a living, breathing world.The aliens were mostly pretty good More interesting sexual politics in the Gubru and Kault the Thennanin was another favourite character for me The aliens I liked the least were the Tymbrimi They had good personalities and interesting biology, but psychic aliens are just such a shitty trope The glyphs and all that other psychic stuff was my least favourite aspect of the book, especially as the biology behind it was so tenuous or indeed, not explained at all Some things seemed utterly pointless to me, like Athaclena psychically borrowing her father s what, life essence For no real reason, it seemed.All the aliens had good ideas behind them but Brin doesn t really focus on the biology of the alien species He writes much about their cultures and behaviour While that s interesting in of itself, I would kill to read an Uplift novel written by Julie E Czerneda She does some of the best alien biology, and she d really harden up the SF of the Uplift universe.This book makes a great companion to Startide Rising, and the two books putting aside Sundiver, which is good too but relatively unrelated to the other books forms a really good duology about, yes, aliens and galactic culture and all that, but mostly about uplifted animal species and their cultures Fins and chims Brilliant.

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    David Brin writes entertaining aliens The Gooksyu Gubru clan made me see space chickens in my mind and I just loved them They remain neuter and white until they are allowed to form a triad and run a project , at the end of which they gain both gender colour Then the bird at the top of the pecking order becomes a queen and the other two become her princes So, a lot is riding on the outcome of their crusade against Earthling humans and neo chimpanzees.The galactic manoeuvring in this series remind me very much of complex Byzantine politics there are patron races and client races Earth is unique in that humans uplifted themselves to a space travelling race, seemingly without the intercession of a patron race although there is debate about whether an unknown race uplifted them then disappeared, the Von Daniken hypothesis And then humans had the temerity to uplift both dolphins and chimpanzees before they made contact with the Eatees, putting some of the elder patron races noses out of joint Hence the desire of the Gooksyu Gubru to prove that the Neo Chims are not really uplifted and that the Earthings are mismanaging the planet Garth that they have been assigned to rehabilitate.The pleasure is in the details for me the details of Neo Chim society in this book The dance clubs which replicate the rain dance experience of wild chimps on Earth, their oaths By Goodall , their tremendous senses of humour, and the ability to undertake guerilla gorilla warfare In this universe, species that possess an appreciation of humour have to stick together Very enjoyable This was book 228 of my Science Fiction and Fantasy reading project.

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    4.0 stars The continuation of the Uplift Saga began in the superb Startide Rising Amazing world building rather universe building , a superb plot and peopled by fascinating characters and races HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Winner Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1988 Winner Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1988 Nominee Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1988 Nominee Prometheus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1988

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