The Fugitive (Theodore Boone, #5)

The Fugitive (Theodore Boone, #5) Theodore Boone is in eighth grade now and as he goes on a field trip to Washington D.C, who does he spot Pete Duffy the one who jumped bail and was never seen again Theo s quick thinking and a little help from Ike, Pete is apprehended and brought to trial But the only person who can testify is an illegal immigrant who has already been threatened against it It is up to Theo to convince Bobby to testify while shielding his identity Theo s own life is in danger as Pete now knows his identity.Theodore Boone is a prodigy when it comes to the law He has proved himself time and again and he is back with this fifth instalment The set of characters are great and entertaining There are mostly repeat characters who have a role to play in Theo s life constantly Some of them have already grown on me including Theo And then there are a couple of new characters who range from funny to interesting John Grisham is a master of legal thrillers and it has been long since I have stopped questioning the procedures he writes in his books The narration is as crisp as ever some ordinary sentences and instances are elevated to the level of extraordinary with his style.While towards the beginning, I was amazed at Theodore s characterization a young boy with a high aptitude for the law it is getting old and fast His know it all attitude is wearing me down now I wish for once he would act his age and need some help with the cases It wouldn t take away from is characters but make him real He is a kid end of the day and no matter his IQ level, all kids need guidance from time to time Like in this book, there are instances where as a reader we realize that Theo is learning something new from the trial and it actually makes it easier for us to feel him and where he stands Anyway, the cliffhanger in the end ensures that even the choosiest of the readers will pick up the next instalment. While on a school field trip to D.C Theo spots Pete Duffy, after contacting his Uncle Ike the FBI is brought in and Duffy is apprehended With the testimony of illegal immigrant Bobby Escobar Duffy is sure to be convicted Duffy s lawyer s hired goons try to scare Bobby off, but at the last minute Bobby shows up for the trial After the jury hears Bobby s testimony, Duffy pleads guilty to life in prison Ike, Theo and Bobby share the reward for Duffy s arrest and conviction. Very good book interesting exciting I loved it I have to remind myself at times that Theodore is not an adult Sometimes I find myself yelling at him In The Fugitive, Theo sees something a bit unexpected Remember Pete Duffy, accused criminal With Theo s quick thinking, Duffy is soon facing another trial This book was very good and had a great story. In The Fugitive by John Grisham, I think that he was trying to tell us to face our difficulties or else it can lead to trouble The genre is realistic fiction and it takes place in Strattenburg, New Jersey and Washington DC In the first book in the series, a man named Pete Duffy runs away from his second trial because of a key witness The case was that he murdered his wife while out on a golf course Now Theo Boone and his class is on a field trip in Washington DC While on the subway one day, Theo spots a man who looks a lot like Pete He follows him and sees the man staring at him like he knows him Theo even says that he remembers his walk He is sure it is Pete so he contacts his Uncle Ike who knows about the case and is very involved Ike calls up some detectives and they get down to DC on a plane the next day Theo points out this man and they follow him around in disguise They follow him at an airport before he is getting on a plane to go somewhere far They take the man into a room and ask him a lot of questions and he finally confesses that he is Pete Duffy I have not yet finished the book so I don t know how the book ends So far it is really good I think that this book does a great job of doing in depth description and referring back to the previous books in the series I don t have examples of this because I m listening to the audiobook but I remember Theo flashing back to the court room in book one when Pete Duffy walked in and he remembered vividly everything about Pete from his face to his walk I would recommend this to any middle schooler because the action, adventure, and law aspects are fantastic and you can t miss out from me Theo Thought The Danger Had Passed, But He S About To Face Off Against An Old Adversary Accused Mur Derer And Fugitive Pete DuffyOn A Field Trip To Washington, DC, Theo Spots A Familiar Face On The Metro Duffy, Who Jumped Bail And Was Never Seen Again Theo S Quick Thinking Helps Bring Duffy Back To Strattenburg To Stand Trial But Now That Duffy Knows Who He Is, Theo Is In Greater Danger Than He S Ever Been In Before Even When Every Thing Is On The Line, Theodore Boone Will Stop At Nothing To Make Sure A Killer Is Brought To Justice Grisham returns with another Theodore Boone novel that will have adults and youths alike talking and speculating On his eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C., Theo Boone spots a local criminal on the lam, a large reward tied to his recapture Pete Duffy is wanted for murder back in Strattenburg, having fled during his retrial During a brief reconnaissance mission, Theo is able to assist the FBI with Duffy s recapture, using a disguise to protect his identity If only that were the end of the story, Theo could rest easily Back in custody, Duffy may formally face retrial for the murder, with a witness whose testimony will likely seal Duffy s fate Theo must convince Bobby Escobar, an undocumented worker, to testify while ensuring his identity remains shielded, as well as his own while Duffy s goons seek revenge As Theo watches the legal process in action, he learns a great deal about the rights of the accused and limits set forth in the Constitution After receiving mysterious pressure to flee, Bobby Escobar does just that, leaving Theo to try coaxing him back without pressuring the State s witness Theo does all in his power to ensure Duffy does not get a second mistrial, a guaranteed dismissal of the murder charges But, does this thirteen year old legal beagle have what it takes to keep justice from flying off the rails With a great narrative and some highly humourous moments, including a trip to Animal Court, Grisham presents a stellar tale of Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer, and a cliffhanger that will leave readers screaming until next spring.Having recently finished another author s series dabbling into the world of young adult fiction, the difference is staggering Grisham has a firm handle on the legal world and how to relay it to younger audiences without making it seem watered down or completely silly Theo Boone is your typical or as close to it middle school kid with his own interests and dislikes The reader can relate to the situations presented and the legal matters are realistic, presented in such a way as to excite rather than bore the audience Grisham s annual foray into the Boone world is one I enjoy and cannot say I want to end anytime soon With active dialogue, great narration, and a cast of interesting characters, Grisham has a series on his hands that could go on for years to come, without becoming stale As he finds new ways to entertain his adult audiences, surely there are a myriad of cases that younger readers could find themselves fixated to as well.Kudos, Mr Grisham for another successful Theo Boone novel Don t stop the momentum.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at In the latest installment to John Grisham s YA mystery series Theodore Boone has his hands full from finding a fugitive to convincing an illegal immigrant to testify after that immigrant s been threatened This book was a fast paced good read I really liked Theo in the first four books in this series, but in this book he came off as a know it all He simply wasn t my favorite character in this book Also, he missed so much school in this book it was pitiful His parents, however, and his uncle, Ike, were extremely likeable and entertaining characters.The mystery in this book really started in the first book in this series and was an underlying theme in the other books in this series It was sort of resolved in this book, but at the same time the book ended with a cliffhanger that promised another addition to this series later.Overall not a bad book, but by far not the best in the series. John Grisham is an amazing author, and these books for younger readers are great I really enjoyed this series of Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer This is book number five, and I m so glad that they finally brought Pete Duffy back into the picture I really enjoyed reading Pete Duffy s trial, and I feel like Theo bringing him down is quite fitting I also enjoyed reading the scenes when Theo is in Washington, D.C Think this is a great book, and anyone who like judicial books should read it.

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of

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