Spider-Verse I was really hoping that Marvel would put something like this together for Spider Verse, a massive crossover event in the Spider books from last year I had considered trying to find all of the issues individually, something I ve only done one other time in the past in the early 90s with the original Crisis on Infinite Earths by DC That hunt took almost two years to find all of the issues and tie ins, and it was a lot of fun, but not something I relish doing again.The best thing I liked about this epic compilation is how they kept the story in order, taking pages out of individual books and placing them in the proper place in Spider Verse continuity Marvel really hit a home run with this decision, and it s something that all comic publishers should look at with their crossover event compilations It really makes for much better storytelling.As for the story itself, it was pretty good, even if it was the typical overcoming against impossible odds seen in almost every Spiderman story I really enjoyed seeing the hundreds of different Spider men women creatures robots, and especially enjoyed the interaction between them Like the original Amazing Spider Man, it is a personality driven story, and the writers were able to manage the humor and great power great responsibility of all of them.If you want a good, exciting story, and a well told and well compiled compilation, this is the one to read You don t have to be a huge fan to Spiderman to be able to follow along it s all pretty clear in this one another homerun for the writers. While certainly boring at times and arguably too long, I thoroughly enjoyed Spider Verse on the whole It achieved just about everything I ask of an event comic 1 Tie ins that actually add value Check 2 Mystery and intrigue Yes.3 An epic conflict worthy of an event Absolutely.4 Good character development in spite of a large cast Absofreakinglutely5 Balance of humor, terror, sadness and triumph Yep.6 A meaningful resolution of conflict Si.7 Lasting impact Sure looks that way.There were absolutely weaknesses here and if you are looking for Eisner Award level stuff, you d best swing over to a different title But if you want some fun and some straight up addicting reading, you d be hard pressed not to find that with Dan Slott s brain child Spider Verse. Wow I picked up the Spider Verse hardcover on sale for almost no money at all, not expecting much and just out of curiosity after all, I wasn t a huge fan of Dan Slott s Superior Spider Man or the first volume of Marvel NOW Amazing Spider Man Little did I know that Spider Verse would end up one of my favorite Marvel global events Now, let s get this straight my standard for event books like this is lower than for normal comics These things are plotted, structured, written and drawn by a huge team of people across multiple series, so it s almost impossible to tell a well structured cohesive story with a lot of weight And that s why Spider Verse is great it doesn t try to be that at all Dan Slott knew exactly what Spider Verse would be, which is just a fun romp with a very simple story, but with lots of spectacle, banter and, of course, dozens upon dozens of Spider creatures from all across the Marvel multiverse.I had an absolute blast reading Spider Verse There was never a dull moment in the entire almost 700 page book, I was never bored by it, never felt like it was too long and drawn out in fact, after finishing the book, now I want to go and see what happened next to most of the characters, like Spider Man 2099, or Billy Braddock and Anya Corazon, or even to the man himself, Peter Parker from the main 616 universe I already know what s next for Jessica Drew, Spider Gwen or Silk because I ve read their comics, but if I didn t, I would definitely go and read about them, as well.I also just loved seeing and learning about so many different Spider People from so many parallel worlds Most of them are gimmicks for sure, but they re fun gimmicks at that, and most have cool costumes and concepts I can just see how much fun the creators were having writing and drawing all of these guys.The artwork is great throughout There were a few poorly drawn panels here and there, but out of than a dozen artists I can t say anybody did a bad job Not even Greg Land Of course, the star of the show is Olivier Coipel, who was the main artist on Amazing Spider Man throughout the event, and his pencils are always a treat, especially in an oversized hardcover But I also enjoyed all the weird, quirky experimental mini stories drawn by various lesser known artists.Overall, Spider Verse was a lot of fun Probably the most fun I ever had with a global event like this And I normally don t even read a lot of Spidey comics This event managed to show me how awesome Spider Man can be, so I will definitely go and get me some SM comics after that Any recommendations are appreciated, by the way I am currently eyeing parts of the rest of Slott s huge run, and maybe the original Ultimate run by Bendis. I did it I read the whole thing in monthlies as it came out From the prelude spider verse tie ins introducing Spider Gwen to the team up books I don t usually go all in for Marvel events I sometimes read them when they go out on Unlimited or if they re released in one omnibus Going all in for events is expensive, but chose to do it for Spider Verse because the premise intrigued me Every Spider man from the multiverse must come together in order to stop the evil inheritors Slott uses it as a good excuse to fit in a lot of obscure spider man, including the Japanese one and even the spider man from the Capcom fighting games all for one page Cool, fun premise But how did it turn out I liked it for the most part Slott is good with his ideas and he knows what he wants, but sometimes his execution doesn t always come together like in Ends of the Earth He also has that rarely seen now Marvel writing style of really filling panels with words It reminded me a lot of Spider Island in parts with everything going on and actually tying into the tie ins The story itself is quite simple, and I think the use of the different spider men is the real hook for readers here Coipel is on art for a few issues of the main book Amazing Spider man but then Giuseppe Camuncoli takes over who is still good but no Coipel And with it essentially becoming a big team up book, some characters aren t going to have enough to do Miles and Peter could have had scenes together, Otto could have been even of a dick, Spider Gwen could have been even cool But that stuff happens As a whole, it s a good book. 3.5 Reads a lot like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Blackest Night World The art is solid, there are a lot of different artists in this event and that is expected but most of the art is solid, it fits the tone of the series and the subtle and not so subtle changes in the illustration style for each Spidey is a beautiful touch I will say though the Spidey 2099 issues were by far the most unappealing of the lot, especially the way Drew was drawnI don t need all these porn poses The world building here is solid if a bit wonky The idea of the totems has been around a while and it was one of the new aspects of Spidey that I really enjoyed and having an event that is based on this idea is great for me I m also a DC reader so multiverse stories are always appealing to me The variety of Spiders and the little bit of history and depth we get is a nice touch and the world is solid There is a bit of a stretch with the magic powers and the prophecy thing but that s the only minor wonky thing I felt about this world.Story I will say this first, I read this in trade and this trade is organized so poorly that it takes all the dramatic tension out of the tie ins and also makes the main story a bit choppy to read, Marvel you are idiots That aside, I enjoyed the arc, as I said it felt like reading Crisis on Infinite Earths and the tie ins felt very much like Johns Blackest Night tie ins where there was a formula and each tie in was pretty much that but the world building made it okay The pacing is okay, the teams splitting up is good and the finale is very Spidey It was a solid arc that did somewhat have some consequence to the world, but not really but that s a problem a lot of event books have anyways, the real lack of consequence Characters This is an event book so there is not a lot of depth here and only enough for the story There are a lot of characters and the art really does help carry the load to separate them and they did a great job The little intros to the characters was also good and some of the new characters getting issues and little pages was a nice touch, there are some gems here I won t go into much here as I felt that this was possibly the best part of the event and it gave readers something to find amusing and enjoy I liked this event, it was well planned out and the tie ins made sense, the end was a bit meh and I felt the prophecy thing was a bit wonky but yeah, it was fun.Onward to the next book This started off well, but quickly delved into inanity by the time I finished it, I was past ready for it to be over I ll stick with single universe Peter Parker from now on. This event was much interested in toying around with lots of different Spider Men than it was with having an interesting plot or three dimensional villains It was also way too long I was ready for this to be over by about the half way point Still, all of the different Spider Men were neat and this event gave us Spider Gwen whose comics I enjoy quite a bit so it wasn t completely skippable Also, the movie which, oddly enough, has nothing to do with this event at all plot wise was much, much better in every regard. Check out the main book s review for the summary, here for the colour commentary.I had so much fun with the main book that it was a pleasure chasing all the crossovers and spin off miniseries Even the stuff that Marvel pasted together into this, the obligatory grab bag of issues and stories i.e the stuff that no reader in their right mind would buy on its own When was the last time you could say this about a modern day comics event Not I Every big and small side story felt like it added to the family reunion of all the red and colour garbed heroes It s possible this only works if you re a big Spidey fan to begin with, but if you are and have already read the Superior Spider Man event, then this is definitely for you Spider Verse team up Man, this has to be the first time that one off stories attached to an event actually belong, and don t just feel like a cash grab Still a cash grab, but not the kind that usually accompanies a bloated Event These tales add weight to the numbers of Spider men getting killed off, and makes the main storyline a little tense because as quickly as these C listers are getting chomped, that makes it even easier to take out the B listers we actually give half a shit about And keep the other half a shit on hand in case we need to smear ourselves to keep the villains from smelling usor is that the latest twist in Volume 33 of The Walking Dead Spider verse super short stories Again, this works as a recruiting reel getting the band back together for the first time and all that I m in love with Steampunk Lady Spider Kick ass, genre bending, female empowerment as it should be.Scarlet Spiders Solid writing here A collection of clones of Peter Parker have their own suicide squad quality to them, being infinitely expendable than the real Parkers And yet Costa doesn t play it like that that s just the subtext in reading in, on top of the taut stealth then action play The biggest problem I have with the Scarlet Spiders story is with the art specifically, the bodily proportions The legs are all spindles and blobs, like this dude doesn t get natural shapes and then he puts a couple of DD s on Ultimate Black Widow, along with the manliest, squarest butt I ve yet seen on a woman What gives Are we expected to believe that as a member of Ultimate Shield, Ultimate Jess has the time or the inclination to go get a boob job to make her lithe body look like she walked out of a Portland peeler joint Any complaints I have are picking the tiniest, Micro versiest nits for an event of this calibre There s no way we should ve had this much fun, with something that felt this well orchestrated or loosened off where it needed to be, so that the side stories had just enough room to breathe , from the House of M I am as much a fanboi of Marvel as anyone but their events in recent years have felt increasingly cold, calculated, stuffy and yet thin It s a sad thing to have to admit just how much better this felt, and perhaps it s just simply a reflection of how many years Dan Slott ruminated on this story Reminds me of the way that John Carpenter s The Thing evolved from a low budget horror to one of the most intricately plotted sci fi movies of all time Can we please have this Dan Slott stay on with Spidey for another five years That would be grand I have increasingly enjoyed his Spidey tales, as he s gotten increasingly deep into this branch of the Marvel universe, and I would feel very sad if this much fun in comics was suddenly snuffed out.MOST FUN EVENT EVER.Shallow Comics Reader Approved Someone Is Working Their Way Through The Multiverse, Leaving A Trail Of Dead Spiders In Their Wake As The Superior Spider Man Faces This Foe In The Future, MC S Spider Girl Finds Herself Under Attack From To The Era Of Noir, From A Spider Powered Gwen Stacy To The World Famous Spider Ham, Spider Themed Heroes Everywhere, In Every World, Begin To Falter And Fall How Can Our Spider Man Possibly Hope To Survive Against This Unstoppable Interdimensional Onslaught Guest Starring Every Spider Man Everand Then Some Spider UK, Sp Dr, Scarlet Spiders, Spider Woman, Spider Man Can Any Of Them Survive The Arrival Of Morlun COLLECTING Amazing Spider Man , Superior Spider Man , Free Comic Book Day Guardians Of The Galaxy Page Spider Man Story , Spider Verse , Spider Verse Team Up , Scarlet Spiders , Spider Woman , Spider Man Good fun, but nothing Just spiderman candy at the end of the day.

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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