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Seven For A Secret It S The Year , And Twenty Four Year Old Kate Moves Into A New Apartment To Find A New State Of Independence In A New Millennium Almost Immediately, She Starts Crushing On A Hot Guy Who Lives In Her Building Deciding To Take A Break From Her Boyfriend Dexter, Kate Believes The Only Thing Now Separating Her From The Fresh Object Of Her Sexual Fantasies Is The Thin Wall Between Their Neighboring ApartmentsA Former S Hotel, Camden Court Has Housed Many Lonely Lives Over The Decades And Is Where A Number Of Them Have Come To Die They Re Not All Resting In Peace, However, Including Ninety Year Old Olive, Who Dropped Dead In Kate S Apartment And Continues To Make Her Presence KnownFor Olive Has A Secret She S Dying To Tell One Linking Her To The Sex, Scandal, And Sacrifice Of A Young Dreamer Named Lon As The Past Haunts The Present, Kate S Romantic Notion That The Thrill Of The Chase Beats The Reality After The Catch Unexpectedly Entwines Her Modern Day Love Life With Lon S Jazz Age TragedyWith A Little Supernatural And A Lotta Razzle Dazzle, Seven For A Secret Is Where Historical Fiction Meets Contemporary Rom Com From The Roaring Twenties When The New Woman Was Born, To The Modern Noughties When She Really Came Of Age

Rumer Haven is probably the most social recluse you could ever meet When she s not babbling her fool head off among friends and family, she s pacified with a good story that she s reading, writing, or revising or binge watching Buffy Hailing from Chicago, she presently lives in London with her husband and probably a ghost or two Rumer has always had a penchant for the past and paranormal, which

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    Secret Lives, Secret Deaths There s souls not at rest here It s a troubled place, this A historical romance set in Chicago, one of my favorite cities Sign me up The classy cover also drew me in.In the year 2000, 25 year old Kate moves into an apartment complex that used to be a 1920 s hotel She meets a cast of quirky elderly neighbors who report they didn t find the former tenant Olive in the apartment until three days after her death shudders Then Kate gets locked in her bathroom, and it feels like she s not alone Eek Kate works at a museum with her boyfriend Dexter While Dexter is sweet, he s no Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles The 80s and 90s references make me happy Kate also feels intrigued by her hottie neighbor and wants to take a break from her relationship with Dex Anyone who knows the Ross Rachel saga from Friends worries this won t turn out well As Kate gets to know spunky Vera and kind hearted Leo from the geriatric crowd, they tell her about the ghostly Olive and her older sister Eva from the well to do 1920 s Hughes family The story then travels back through time to the scene of a decadent house party, full of flappers and moonshine Bachelor Lon meanders through the crowd with cynical distaste, until he comes upon an exquisite nymph of a woman, Eva.Lon first notices Eva s eyes They burned with a jade green he d once seen in a great bonfire, the hottest of flames devouring all they came into contact with.A bit of foreshadowing, perhaps Sadly, Eva is betrothed to a man from another of Chicago s socially elite families But Lon won t give up easily.The historical romances in the 20s and 00s gradually pulled me in deeper to the point that it felt like I lived in Camden Court myself The descriptive writing style authentically captures the proper debauchery and impending sense of doom from the twenties This is a long novel, which allows both stories to unfold at their own pace unlike my dissatisfaction with jamming two stories into one in Ugly Love.One story has a happy ending and the other ends on a tragic note, but a common thread woven throughout is the search for love with the right partner, no matter how tangled the threads or bonds of life become Kate s friend Blair tells it so well Kate, trust me When a guy s genuinely into you, the rules don t apply Real love isn t a game, and that s how you ll know it when you see it You ll recognize The One when you aren t overanalyzing him You ll just be, and it ll play out organically And Kate responds Why do I always feel like Enya should be playing in the background of your advice I can almost smell herbal incense spraying out of my phone Hehe.

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    A happy new year indeed I FINALLY got off my duff and read this gem by Rumer Haven, even though it s been sitting patiently waiting for me in my queue since it came out The holidays is a good time to read it, though, because right now it s on SALE for 99c and part of the big action in the book happens on NYE.You can read the blurb to get a sense of the premise, but I have to say that one thing I really liked about it was that it defied genres It was spooky, it was romantic, but it struck me most as a mystery to be unraveled.Kate, the main character living in the year 2000, is strong and smart and trying to navigate a romantic relationship she s not sure is destined to be For me, though, the most fun was her investigative skills as she moves into a 1920 s era building and begins to discover its secrets I really enjoyed her neighbors, Leo and Vera, and the friendship she develops with them.The spooky paranormal element of the book is really well written When Kate gets locked in her old bathroom than once I braced myself for seriously terrifying stuff and I think the locked bathroom set up was a bit of a missed opportunity for extreme terror, but that s just me.That s another thing I really enjoyed about Seven for a Secret, though It didn t take me down any of the paths I expected The development of the plot was fresh, and I really didn t know what was coming In a mystery that is a definite plus And I haven t even mentioned the parallel plot of lovers Eva and Lon in the 20s I really, really loved the setting, and the buildings and atmosphere of Chicago were so vividly described I was transported I ve not spent much time there, and I would love to hit some of the real life places that tie the book s two settings together.But I also really loved the characters of Eva and Lon I felt that they were real and well developed The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favorite books, and Seven for a Secret definitely evokes TGG in its flashback scenes.I don t want to speak to too many specifics of the novel in fear that I will give too much away Suffice it to say that this book is a fabulous, rip roaring and spooky trip to the 2000s and the 1920s that I highly recommend P.S I ve no idea if this is purposeful, but I enjoyed that the characters Lon, Ollie, Vera and Eva put together spell LOVE ignore me, but I thought I was pretty brilliant when I figured that out at 1 in the morning last night.

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    This book was a joy to read Rumer has a lyrical writing style that keeps the reader intrigued Kind of a Gatsby meets Bridget Jones murder mystery The 1920 s is such an interesting time there was a New Woman but the rich especially were still mired in society s s Tragic, funny, sexy, and sweet.

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    Truthfully speaking, Seven For A Secret is not just one love story, but two Although both are told simultaneously and are set in the same city of Chicago, they take place 75 years apart from one another One story takes place during the Roaring 20 s and is centered around Lon and Eva Lon is a man who is attempting to discover his own place in the world, away from the societal expectations of his upbringing Staring down at the floor as he strode deeper down the corridor, Lon lost his focus in observation of the intricate design, step after colorfully tiled step until his wingtips stubbed against a marble lip rising about an inch from the floor He looked up to meet the life sized stone likeness of a courtier wooing a fair maiden above a fountain The couple was white as purity and forever frozen mere inches from embrace The thrill of the chase, Lon murmured The only thrill there is Lon isn t looking for love, but finds it anyhow when he attends a party and meets Eva, a young and intelligent woman who immediately captures his eye There was no doubt about it she was exquisite Lon knew this not to be a matter of his opinion, but a fact.This beauty had nothing to do with which eye beheld it It was there, filling all eyes in the same way, no , no less She is for everyone In stark contrast is the story of Kate and Dexter, set in the year 2000 By all accounts, Kate has found a good man in her work colleague, Dexter But as their relationship deepens and the pressure mounts for Kate to make a long term commitment she becomes insistent on setting boundaries by moving out of his condo and into her own studio apartment The music next door had stopped, perhaps already had some time ago while she and Dex had been what Making love Just passing the time What was it that she d really wanted when she d walked out of that Lake Shore condo Suddenly, she couldn t breathe as the responsibility for Dexter s heart crushed down on her own Absence was only making things foggier so far Kate s desire to establish some personal distance from Dexter provides some potential complication when she notices a good looking stranger in her new building a man she soon begins to speculate is her next door neighbor Suddenly shy and anxious about what might happen next, she turned to press her palm against the wall behind her It felt warm, a soothing contrast to her room that had just turned so cold She imagined Hot Neighbor sitting there with his hand against the wall, too, directly opposite her What if he d noticed her before and wanted to get her attention Maybe seen her around sometime, even if just out his window, and then followed the sound of her footsteps and door slams to trace her to this unit Kind of stalkerish, but awfully flattering, Kate thought After all, she was doing the same thing with him The historical love story is dramatic and dark, while the modern contemporary tale is lighter and humorous At first glance it might be tempting to think there is too much story within one novel, but Rumer Haven balances it all so well Both love stories are compelling, intelligent and heart warming Haven s narrative is both poetic and endearing and I quickly found myself admiring the effort and devotion that went into writing this story There were moments in Seven For A Secret when I laughed out loud, shed a few tears and held my breath while I read.This novel hit all the right spots emotionally for me, and I highly recommend it Typically, I m stingy in doling out 5 star ratings I only do when I know that a book has made a lasting impression on me and when I know that others will feel the same way once they ve given the story their time and attention.Seven For A Secret receives an enthusiastic 5 star rating from me

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    Seven for a Secret is an engrossing novel that expertly straddles dual time periods dropping enticing crumbs along the way to keep me ravenously turning the pages I didn t realize how quickly the story had my mind whirring to fit all the pieces together until I d find out that I was totally wrong I think the only thing I was right about was whoops, no spoilers The 1920s romance is one that had me aching for those two to be together it won t take long to figure out who those two are , even though the relationship appears to be impossible There s a persistent foreboding in that part of the story that is nicely offset by the lighter hearted 21st century segments that alternate and intertwine with it In the modern portion of the tale, I was surprised to find myself most taken with Kate s growing friendship with the older set that haunts her apartment building One of the funniest scenes, however, occurs in the historical setting of the Drake hotel s tea room with the mothers in law battling it out via word emphasis you ll understand this when you read the book and trust me, you ll be laughing.This story has excellent character development all around It s also not afraid to keep from fading to black, and I thought the author did an excellent job on the intimate scenes The writing itself is gorgeous I particularly enjoy the way music is woven into the narrative and also the attention to detail with vivid and original descriptions There are several quotes throughout that beg to be reread and reflected upon, drawing me even deeper into the emotion of the story One of my favorites flecks of golden dust hung suspended in the rays, ashes returning to ashes in a purgatory he now felt trapped inside I love that even with all the tragedy that ensues, the story ends on a beautiful and hopeful note I highly recommend Seven for a Secret to readers of romance, mystery, historical fiction, and literary fiction I found this cool teaser at the author s blog

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    I loved this book The trend these days is to throw the action in your face on the first page This book is like Christmas morning where you ve anticipated the big present and slowly unwrap it wanting to savor the moment That s not to say this is a slow moving book Far from it The descriptions in this book pull you in to both eras, the roaring 1920 s and the modern 2000 I m jealous of the author s ability to describe a scene without overdoing it This book gave me the feeling of Alfred Hitchcock s movie, Rear Window You get a glimpse of the different lives and it isn t until the end where it all comes together The suspense is perfect and kept me turning the pages when I should ve been doing mundane things like cook and clean I m afraid my housework suffered greatly this weekend Don t miss this book It will haunt me forever and has left me with a huge book hangover It will definitely be re read.

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    PSYCHOCAT READS REVIEW OF SEVEN FOR A SECRET BY RUMER HAVEN I WAS GIVEN A FREE COPY OF THIS BOOK IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Before I jump into the review, let me warn you that it might sound a bit vague and generic The lack of specifics has nothing to do with me not adoring the book, and everything to do with not wanting to spoil things for readers This book wasn t quite what I expected, but is easily one of the most unique and intriguing books I ve read So here s what I can tell you The Characters From a character perspective, you basically get a 2 for 1 deal Kate and the rest of the characters that are alive and kicking in 2000 are fantastic I found myself both cheering for Kate and wanting to knock some sense in to her depending on the moment Leo and Vera are both fantastic I love them both so much Then there s the bunch from the 1920s, especially Lon Their story completely sucked me in and wouldn t let go Like I said though, I can t say without giving things away Speaking of Lon, in my mind and apparently some others , this is Lon One note, even though the book is telling stories set in two different times with two different sets of characters, I never had an issue keeping them straight and staying grounded in the correct time for a given scene Rumer really handled the setup brilliantly.The Relationships There s so much I loved here, and so much I can t say without giving things away I will say, I really liked the relationships that developed between Kate and Vera and Kate and Leo Too Perfect or Perfectly Flawed Absolute perfection in an amazing and flawed story of life and love across two different time periods An Extra Note Even if you aren t a fan of the paranormal and don t believe in ghosts, this book is well worth the read Yes, they play a role in Kate s piece of the story, but the truly engaging and emotionally compelling elements of the story will capture you even if you prefer to ignore the ghosts.Jen s Final Review 5 STARS One of the most unique books I ve read The characters and stories were engaging, and Rumer manages to keep surprising me to the very end I ll definitely be watching for from this author.Psychocat s Final Review 5 CLAWS The psychotic feline finds the idea of sticking around in the after life quite appealing Hopefully she doesn t succeed because it would render our house uninhabitable On a different note, if you missed out on the SEVEN FOR A SECRET release day festivities on Twitter and the Facebook party, you missed a ton of fun

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    Exceptional This books is unlike any book I ve ever read and therefore I will remember it It is far than just an enjoyable read It is brilliantly laid out with a cast of characters that are expertly woven together until it all makes perfect sense at the end The writing is detailed and almost lyrical It took me a few chapters to really get into it but once I did it completely and totally caught my attention and imagination I was torn which storyline I loved the 2000 one or the 1920 s Lon and Eva are dark and tragic yet the entire book I just wanted them to have a chance I loved those two I thought Kate s lighter contemporary story offset the dark one The humor was also unexpected and helped lighten the serious tone The ending I did not have it all figured out so I read and read because I had to know How it s all woven together is some seriouse talent Highly recommend this.

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    I bought this book on a Thursday and finished it on a Saturday I bought this book on a Thursday and finished it on a Saturday it was so great that my eyes did not want to leave the pages A must read that intertwines stories from two different eras that are relatable, entertaining, full of humor, action, and adventure Usually I save my reading for before bed but I found myself picking up this book while I commuted to work and waited for appointments It was a pleasure to read from start to finish and I will look forward to reading what Rumer Haven has for her readers next

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    The plot seems very original which drew me in right away I love the concept of having the old together with the new I m excited to read this

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