Something in the Woods is Taking People

Something in the Woods is Taking People SOMETHING IN THE WOODS IS TAKING PEOPLE Something Unknown That We Cannot Define Something That Others Have Had The Misfortune To Encounter People Snatched Soundlessly, Never To Be Seen Again Or Returned Dead A Strange And Highly Unusual Predator Highly Intelligent Very Successful And Able To Overpower Someone In An Instant This Is A Puzzle An Often Deadly One Here Follows Some Very Troubling And Disturbing Accounts Something In The Woods Is Taking People

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[PDF / Epub] ☉ Something in the Woods is Taking People  ❤ Stephen Young –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 116 pages
  • Something in the Woods is Taking People
  • Stephen Young
  • English
  • 16 July 2019

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    Oh man, this book Where do I start People are definitely disappearing in the woods Everywhere, like all over the world And maybe something is taking them, maybe it s a Sasquatch that word does NOT get enough use in the English language IMO , maybe it s Martians, maybe it s redneck cannibals, maybe it s a timey wimey other dimensional thing.or maybe it sorganic alien entities not visible to the human eye that the government knows about but is assisting to kidnap people and take them to the hidden underground tunnels in the woods to experiment on them because the existence of said entities have helped the government develop cloaking technology thereby making them invisible super soldiers, who then use occult ritual to harness ancient demonic power and re program children using mind control techniques And don t get me started on the invisible drones capable of tracking and snatching your sorry arse I m not even kidding Tequila shots for everyone who can poke no less than a THOUSAND holes in that theory So why the 3 stars Because holy invisibility cloak Harry, this book had me about wetting my pants with its bat shitness, I absolutely LOVED it And it counts as NONFICTION So if you re up a little crazy with your non fiction , definitely give this a go You won t be disappointed disclaimer People getting lost in the woods and ending up dead is truly horrifying, and my heart goes out to anyone who s lost a loved one this way

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    Interesting Read Ever since David Paulides came out with his Missing 411 series, others have been attempting to cover similar material This book is a quick and rather casual attempt to bring awareness to the phenomena of strange cases of missing people If one is seriously interested in the topic, I recommend the Paulides book series If one would like to find out if interestedin this topic, this book is a quick and tasty appetizer I enjoyed it.

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    If even one of the many scream worthy possibilities put forth in this book is true and thus an explanation for all these baffling disappearances then I think we humans, as a collective, should dive under our beds and not venture out forwell, forever As in NEVER Holy Hell some of these theories scare the meat right off yer bones I picked this up because I was recently turned onto David Paulides fascinating research about people who vanish in Parks and the bizarre, disturbing commonalities amongst these disappearances and in addition because I am toying with an idea for a piece of fiction I might write concerning the tragically missing population of Canadian women along the Highway of Tears Suffice to say this little volume scared the bejeebers outta me and inspired me thoroughly Thank youI think 4 Chilly if you go out in the woods today Stars

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    While there s a lot of information and a lot of examples of what the author is talking about people just disappearing in wilderness areas , there s hardly any supposition or deduction on the actual causes for the disappearances, just a few sporadic conclusions other people have made Still, it was an interesting read.

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    Started out interesting enough, but then got too much into UFO conspiracy theory Ultimately, it was just a book that briefly told about some strange disappearances and weird happenings to random people.

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    Something in the Woods is Taking People by author Stephen Young was a great thril of a book I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to others who enjoy light thrillers

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    WowI enjoyed the several stories that Steph Young has compiled the beautiful part is that it s left me with a Lot of questions and exposed me to interesting theories

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    Not what I expected but interesting t devolved into conspiracy theories..

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    This was a quick read of strange and terrifying disappearances that featured a likewise grab bag of strange and terrifying possible explanations aliens, ghosts, the government, etc Similar in theme to the Missing 411 series by David Paulides, but not offering nearly as many case examples, it was still a chilling read.

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    Not as much detail as

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