We Have Always Fought

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Kameron Hurley is the author of The Light Brigade, The Stars are Legion and the essay collection The Geek Feminist Revolution, as well as the award winning God s War Trilogy and The Worldbreaker Saga Hurley has won the Hugo Award, Locus Award, Kitschy Award, and Sydney J Bounds Award for Best Newcomer She was also a finalist for the Arthur C Clarke Award, the Nebula Award, and the Gemmell Morn

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  • 09 January 2017

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    Somewhat intimidating to be leaving the first written review on something People other than me might actually read it But I like to leave future me notes on why I gave a rating, so here goesPowerful Hurley has a knack for eloquently speaking truths So often I read these essays and said Yes, This This needed to be said The highlight of this collection is the fabulous, Hugo nominated, We have Always Fought , a piece that should be universal required reading for anyone who consumes or produces media entertainment of any sort But it s not just that essay everyone needs to read, it s In Defense of Unlikeable Women , it s Die Hard, Hataera, and Problematic Pin Ups A Rant , and much So much good stuff here.Many of these esays are about the craft of writing, but that doesn t mean they are only for writers these essays speak to anyone pursuing their passion Substitute Scientist for Writer and the themes of some of these essays are about my life Certainly the details are different, but the spirit is the same persisting at something you love is fraught with rejection, self doubt and pain You reach a once sought goal, and it doesn t put you where you thought you d be substitute tenure track job for first publishing contract , you learn the long slog has really only just begun, the rejections on your lovingly crafted funding proposals story submissions still flow in, the self doubt can still paralyze, so what do you do Persist When you collapse in a puddle of imposter syndrome so many of us do at various points If you want it, suck it up and work harder Yup That s the way we survive and succeed, those of us who have waded through all the crap interesting to learn that writing has as much crap as science does to get to some modicrum level of success but, even knowing that already, its still nice to read it and reinforce it from another POV Sometimes I m not sure my students believe me when I tell them persistence is one of their most powerful tool towards success I think I ll point to some of these essays in the future.I haven t read any of Hurley s novels yet but they are all now near the top of my to read list.

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    Review of the first blog post We Have Always Fought , which I read for free online here Kameron Hurley is what my life needs Imagine your heart growing three sizes and your face leaking like the Grinch and you don t know what thing has taken hold of your body but you re astonished at it s raw power and it s rightness That s my review.

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    This is a great collection of essays, and on the strength of it, Kameron Hurley s getting my Hugo vote for sure In fact, brb, I m going to do that bit of my vote now.There So yeah, reading this, I was wondering how I missed some of these Some, like We Have Always Fought Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative and Hurley s post on the Hugos, got shared a lot so I did see them, but I d have been interested in a lot of these posts, from the personal ones to the general I won t do that whole she s so inspiring thing about this, but she writes frankly and clearly about chronic illness and how close she came to death She writes her truth hard and clear, and speaks up for herself and others in a way that s frankly admirable She can recognise and break that inertia people get, bystander effect, and yet her saying so doesn t come across as bragging I feel like if I asked her one of the questions most important to me for judging people, she d give me a straight answer do you think you could say no to authority And I don t think she d shame anyone else for not being able to say yes, yes I could, right away, even if she could She knows life s tough and people are people.This is also great for picking up recs for other books media Orphan Black might be a thing I look into, and I think her analysis might encourage some people towards True Detective, though it doesn t sound like my thing Must look up Tim Akers I ve always sort of meant to read his stuff and then the first book hasn t been in the library or whatever.I really enjoyed reading these essays, and now is as good a time as any to mention that you can as of the time of writing, at least get them free Here And don t say I never give you anything Uh Well.

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    A great collection of essays by an author who is not afraid to be provocative and intense, both when it comes to the subject of writing and living as an author, and on general themes like racism, sexism, inequality and representation.Closing the book is the Hugo winning essay that gives the name to the collection and let me tell you, it s a well deserved award We Have Always Fought explores the dangers of the fake narrative that keeps erasing women and other cultural minorities from history, and how it reshapes the world around us.Minor niggles, which is why this is a 4 star rating rather than a 5 most of these are originally blog posts, and as such usually come shorter than your average essay adding to this that many themes and expressions are recurrent, often in subsequent posts, it can become a bit overwhelming when reading it all in a row.

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    A thought provoking and well written read.Especially good for me, being a male, well employed, healthy, middle aged science fiction fan It never hurts to at least try to understand points of view other than that of your ownI am disappointed, though not that surprised, by the apparent sexism of some parts of science fiction community The same applies to gamers, it seems.Please, continue the fight

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    It s good Kameron s an excellent writer, and even though it s a blogpost collection, it holds up Was pleased amused to see that her prediction about Ancillary Justice and the Hugos was wrong Still, worth a read.

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    Not a fan of KH mainly due to the political preaching in her fiction This book s research is also a bit questionable, as well Not for me.

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    This is an important book and I m very, very glad that the title essay won a Hugo It s not only well deserved, it also signals better days to come for science fiction and fantasy and its readers.I expected to love this book, as it s intensely feminist, sharply analytical and says things that need to be said I did agree with almost all Hurley s points However, I had, surprisingly, some issues with the writing A book based on blog posts is likely to be somewhat repetitive and I didn t mind the overlap between different essays that much But reading the same arguments several times in the same essay started to annoy me in the end Hurley is a writer who takes the issue of writing well very seriously, so this technique was surely deliberate It just didn t work on me.Anyway, don t let me put you off, go and read it It s a book you should have an opinion on and it shouldn t be mine, obvs.

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    This is a wonderful, often angry, series of essays mostly originally published as blog posts I read it because of the title, award winning, essay, which I had previously read, and found deeply moving It reminded me of the need to continue to fight injustice, not that I really needed reminding, but as Hurley writes, this takes energy This book is also a strong reminder of how history get rewritten, and Hurley is arguing for truth and not revisionism A very impressive book to read.

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    For me, Hurley is at her strongest when writing about social justice I love the title chapter, I love the discussion of True Detective, and I love the chapter about rage not existing in a vacuum She loses me when she talks about craft at all I have a hard time agreeing about craft with a person who dismisses Pratchett as just a guy who writes funny stuff, not anything with meaning This book does make me excited to pick up Mirror Empire.

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