Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol. 1

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol. 1 In , In The Pages Of A Comic Book Slated For Cancellation, Stan Lee And Steve Ditko Gave Birth To One Of The Most Enduring Icons In American Popular Culture The One And Only Amazing Spider Man Turning The Concept Of A Super Hero On Its Head, They Imbued The Young, Guilt Ridden Peter Parker With The Fantastic Powers Of An Arachnid And The Fantastic Pressures Of An Everyday Teenager The Combination Was Pure Magic With This Epic Collecti On You Can Leap Into Spider Man S Web Slinging World From The Very BeginningLLECTING AMAZING FANTASY , AMAZING SPIDERMAN , ANNUAL AMAZING SPIDER MAN EPIC COLLECTION VOL

Stan Lee born Stanley Martin Lieber was an American writer, editor, creator of comic book superheroes, and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics.With several artist co creators, most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, he co created Spider Man, the Fantastic Four, the X Men, Iron Man, the Hulk, Daredevil, the Silver Surfer, Dr Strange, and many other characters, introducing complex

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  • Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol. 1
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  • 14 September 2017
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    Unless you hold the friendly neighborhood wall crawler in the highest possible esteem check or have the pointless and absurd ability to nostalgically pine for simpler days that happened before you were born check , getting through the first 20 issues of The Amazing Spider Man is a slog Sure, Ditko s rendering of Spidey remains iconic and vibrant and Stan s hyperbolic patter is charming from the get go, but the mix of page after page of 9 panel layouts, excessive overwriting, and cringe worthy slang not to mention the fact that high school student Peter Parker both looks and acts like a man 20 years his senior make for some tough sledding Still Still This is where it began, the genesis of a hero who, nearly 60 years after he debuted, still possesses the single greatest origin story in comics no, not the radioactive spider bite, which is how pretty much every hero got his her powers at that point in time I mean the needless death of beloved Uncle Ben, the one that taught Spidey, in the words of the omniscient narrator of Amazing Fantasy 15, that with great power there must also come great responsibility and a huge f you to Voltaire , who wishes he would have been so eloquent as to state it so succinctly It might be a stretch to say that Spider Man transformed pop culture, creating an indelible imprint that continues to influence writers, artists, thinkers, and business leaders today Then again, it might not That s how powerful a creation this was, folks I can throw that contention out there as fodder for discussion and you can t immediately dismiss it.Putting aside its appeal as a historical novelty and its cultural impact, Lee and Ditko sure crushed it right out of the gates when it came to spinning up adversaries for the teenage webhead Doc Ock, Vulture, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Sandman, Kraven, and Electro all show up over the course of the first dozen issues It may not quite rival Batman s, but I m hard pressed to think of a Marvel hero who has a better rogues gallery I m biased because Spider Man is my all time favorite superhero and it s not even close still, if you can steel yourself for the challenge of wading through 1960s hipsterisms and 10,000 words per page, this is well worth the time to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with the building blocks of a mythology that has since spanned thousands of epic, and intimate, tales and resulted in 2018 s best movie, for my money Into the Spider Verse I m kidding I love Voltaire He just wasn t as smart as Stan Lee Okay, fine, he was probably smarter than Stan Lee But he sure had fewer cameos in Marvel movies.

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    This is your typical 60s comic Monster of the week plots, ugly coloring, and enough exposition to choke a donkey These are still worth checking out, though, because they are such cultural artifacts These stories and characters would go on to inspire some of the greatest stories in comic book and movie history In these early Spider Man stories, Lee and company were firing on all cylinders In almost every issue we are introduced to a new villain that would go on to make up one of the greatest villain bullpens in all of comics Vulture, Sandman, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, The Sinister Six, and all pop up here in these first issues We also get to see an oft forgotten Spider Man romance Before Gwen Stacy, before Mary Jane Watson, there was the perpetually crying Betty Brant seriously, she should look into getting on to some anti depression meds And, of course, we can t forget J Jonah Jameson He was actually my favorite part of this whole book While most of the writing is pretty cringe worthy, J.J.J is still good for a genuine laugh.

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    The stories might not be the best, but all the fun of the original Spider Man is here for the taking, featuring battles with some of his most iconic villains, including The Burglar, The Chameleon, The Vulture, The Tinkerer, Doctor Octopus, The Sandman, Doctor Doom, The Lizard and Electro, plus cameo appearances from The Fantastic Four You can t go wrong with this introduction to Marvels greatest solo character Some of the most important characters in Spider Man s rogues gallery are seen in this volume for the first time The Green Goblin, later responsible for the death of Peter Parker s one true love, and Kraven The Hunter who buries Spidey alive and comes so close to killing him Yet these earlier tales are so innocent and kitschy, not yet showing how terrible these cartoonish villains might become Plus there s Mysterio and an annual featuring the earliest incarnation of the Sinister Six.

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    Artist Steve Ditko is on my list of favorite authors of all time for reasons on display in this volume.There is a joy in the early Spider Man stories evident in the drawings, expressions, figures, all in the art of Ditko That buoyant artistic line is a liberating tone tied to the soap opera of the quintessential superhero with problems, and lifts this series beyond the setting, the specific plots, and the early 1960s void from diverse populations It s a coming of age story fueled not so much by a radioactive spider bite as the fused sensibilities of Lee and Ditko I have a favorite among these seventeen issues and an Annual, the first team up of Spider Man and Daredevil still in his original yellow acrobat suit against the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime, a really silly bunch In one scene, the Human Cannonball threatens to head butt Spider Man, and the Ditko visuals are fine cartooning Spider Man s characteristic tics by Ditko are great visuals his twists on anatomy and expression are super I can recall my first reading of this story in a paperback edition at my buddy s house Later, I read appreciatively the early 1980s reprints in Marvel Tales, even though they anachronistically updated the 1960s cultural references Because I had those for a time, I skipped later reprint editions, the Marvel Masterworks or Essential volumes.This edition, like those earlier books, does away with the anachronisms in text, leaving the stories to charm in crisp line and color I think there are credits for new attention to the art reproduction and color There is great back of the book matter, reprinting the art of the first story, from the original pages, with brief notes by Ditko biographer Blake Bell.Read this, in any edition But this Epic Collection edition is great.Highest recommendation.

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    Pretending I know nothing about Spider Man or the cultural impact it s had and judging it solely on its merits Meh The dialogue has Spider Man and his current foe describing in great detail exactly what they are doing or plan to do next to one another mid battle leading you to wonder if one loses their inner monologue as soon as they re hit with a radiation blast With great power comes great verbal diarrhea, it seems It reminded me of the worst kind of anime I gave it an extra star because from time to time there are flashes of humor or deep thought, like when Peter wonders to himself just why he doesn t take the easy way out and become a villain which of course, in those dark days of the Comics Code Authority, obviously could never happen, but nevertheless provided a refreshingly believable moment of doubt and self reflection Dialogue 2 5The expository text is often superfluous vis a vis the obvious depictions of what s happening, though if we pause pretending not to know anything about Spider Man for a moment, that s a common complaint about Stan Lee s writing Exposition 1 5I ll say upfront, I ve never liked Ditko s style That being said, the pencilling is competent and won t make you feel like he s just recycling panels or phoning it in There were times when nothing really interesting was happening and there was no reason to expect than a couple of frames of filler just to establish setting and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort that had obviously gone into holding my interest I m not just referring to the technical effort in drawing, but also the angles and dramatic use of foreshortening Penciling 4 5The colors are very vibrant The paper quality is also excellent Both were much better than the dull colored rag paper these comics were surely printed on originally The kind of stuff that seemed to turn yellow and get brown water stains while you were still holding it in your hands There are also some interesting extras in the back, like photos of the staff back then, and some of the raw drawings with notes from Stan Lee or the editor Presentation 5 5Despite its many editorial promises of amazement and suspense and that I was about to read the greatest tales ever told, almost all of the stories were interchangeable and bland The closest I actually came to being in suspense was for about 3 pages somewhere in the middle when it seemed like J Jonah Jameson was The Big Man leading The Enforcers I knew, of course, that he wasn t, but it was written well enough to make me doubtful The writing wasn t terrible, mind you, it just wasn t anything special either It wasexactly what you d expect in a magazine that cost 12 cents and was marketed to children You ll see a lot of first appearances of villains here which is exactly what I wanted to get out of this collection , but you might be disappointed with just how they first appeared Green Goblin, one of the most important villains Spider Man has, goes to Hollywood and convinces a studio mogul to film a battle with Spider Man just to lure him into the desert, where Spider Man believes they re rehearsing lines so that he and the now leaderless Enforcers can beat the webs out of him What Even in a universe where we suspend disbelief and accept that someone is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes a superhero, that plot is ridiculous and nonsensical On the other hand, as with the dialogue there are some hidden depths here as well The Lizard, at first a mindless monster of the month, turns out to be an amputee war veteran with a loving family Flash Thompson is both Peter Parker s arch nemesis and the only person who still believes in Spider Man when Mysterio, disguised as the former, has turned the entire city against him Story 3 5Some of the early issues are full of typos and or errors from the letterer In one issue, Spider Man s alter ego is referred to several times as Peter Palmer Perhaps this was an early hint at the Clone Sagas 10 and 30 years later Lettering Editing 3 5I m glad these issues existed They made a lasting impression on print media, film, and television I don t regret reading them in order to gain a better historical perspective on Spider Man and the Silver Age in general But if I m being honestI didn t enjoy them Historical Importance Context 5 5Overall 3 5 stars

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    Collecting the first couple of years of Spider Man comics this remains one of the most important character debuts in the history of comics Peter Parker is unlike anything before him Following on from the Fantastic Four which had come out the previous year, Lee again mixes the personal lives of characters into their heroic adventures However, if the FF were playing at a cosmic scale, Spider Man was very much a street level hero with all the problems of a teenager highschool, family, love life and finances while dealing with a rogue s gallery which gets pretty well defined in these first issues You get the first appearance of such iconic villains as Doctor Octopus, The Green Goblin, Electro, Mysterio, the Lizard and the Sandman The whole issue culminates in the first Annual which brings all the villains together in a team up against Spider Man.These comics feel, so than any others of the time with the possible exception of FF to be planned in advance for long running plots See for example the foreshadowing of the Green Goblin s identity which takes years to be resolved, or Mary Jane Watson, who appears several times in name here but never in person This is really the birth of what made Marvel so special at this time, a fun, complex set of tales which are also just about punch ups in New York.

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    So I ve never read superhero comics before, mostly because they just kind of confuse me with how they are published and how the series works and they reboot the characters all the time and I didn t really know where to start So I picked up this collection, which is a collection of the very first time Spider Man ever appeared in print While it s cool to see the covers of the magazines and how they marketed each issue and each issue apparently cost only 12 cents , I got bored pretty quickly It s like reading Saturday morning cartoons I know they are doing some really great and progressive things in superhero comics right now, and that s what I want to read Nowif I can only figure out where to start

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    An amazing collection of classics, see spidey s origins and his early adventures against some of his big name foes.Amazing Fantasy 15 is the classic introduction to this beloved superhero His origin story that everyone knows today was first tole during this issue.Issue 1 introduces us to the villain The Chameleon in a multiple part story which also introduces us to some spidey mainstays such as J.J.J.Issue 2 introduces us to the villain The Tinkerer This issue is alright but to me nothing special.The other story in this issue however introduces us to The Vulture and this story is a fun read.Issue 3 gives us the origin of Doctor Octopus in what up to this point is the best issue yet One of my personal favorite spidey villains.Issue 4 shows us Sandman in a fun and different story I really like this one for that Issue 5 pits Spider Man up against Doctor Doom This does a great job of showing us Flash s character as well as being a nice crossover story on its own.Issue 6 introduces us to The Lizard in another unique story in which spidey travels to Florida I really like this one.Issue 7 gives us the return of The Vulture and does a good job of making the returning villain seem menacing again.Issue 8 isnt that great but it isnt really that bad either It s easily forgettable and not that important.Issue 9 introduces Electro and is a good story but not an amazing one The villain himself is done well but something about this issue makes it feel a step beneath some of the others.Issue 10 gives us The Enforcers, who are some of my LEAST favorite spidey villains ever.Issue 11 gives us a nice personal story with Peter where he sees how living the double life can be difficultIssue 12 is another great Doc Ock story and a good continuation off of last issue.Issue 13 introduces us to my favorite spidey villain, Mysterio This issue is a classic and is one of my all time favorites Issue 14 introduces us to The Green Goblin in a very unexciting way I dont really care too much for this issue as a whole, and I still dont like The Enforcers.Issue 15 gives us one of the different spidey foes in Kraven the Hunter in an enjoyable story.Annual 1 shows us our first iteration of The Sinister Six and how Spider Man handles the threat.Issue 16 is relatively unimportant but is a crossover done right with another favorite of mine, Daredevil.Issue 17 is another good personal story issue done right and is a nice conclusion to this collection.

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    Yet another thing boomers have over the rest of us they got the timeless Spidey Stan Lee wrote the dialogue, Steve Ditko did the art, and the result was a masterpiece of a comics run I wasn t sure if these older comics were for me The stories themselves seemed to hold up, but the artwork and dialogueI was unsure I m glad I took the chance These comics do something lost on modern comics runs they re written to be individual, episodic with recurring themes stories Modern comics tell multi part stories meant to be bound as graphic novels, so the average kid picking up, say, Ghost Spider is gonna be lost in medias res One imagines picking up a Spidey issue off the stands back in the 60 s and having a good time with the standalone format The dialogue is so corny and over the top that even things like Liz Allan and Betty Brant s woefully pre feminist portrayal come off as stylistic choices While it would be revisionist history, one could easily shuffle some nationalities into the all white cast, and you d have something truly wonderful Onto epic collection 2 Because, with Great Power vol 1 , there must also come Great Responsibility vol 2

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