Blink The Future Changes In The BLINK Of An Eyeor Does It Seth Borders Isn T Your Average Graduate Student For Starters, He Has One Of The World S Highest IQs Now He S Suddenly Struck By An Incredible Power The Ability To See Multiple Potential FuturesStill Reeling From This Inexplicable Gift, Seth Stumbles Upon A Beautiful Woman Named Miriam Unknown To Seth, Miriam Is A Saudi Arabian Princess Who Has Fled Her Veiled Existence To Escape A Forced Marriage Of Unimaginable Consequences Cultures Collide As They Re Thrown Together And Forced To Run From An Unstoppable Force Determined To Kidnap Or Kill MiriamSeth S Mysterious Ability Helps Them Avoid Capture Once, Then Twice But With No Sleep, A Fugitive Princess By His Side, Hit Men A Heartbeat Away, And A Massive Manhunt Steadily Closing In, Evasion Becomes ImpossibleAn Intoxicating Tale Set Amidst The Shifting Sands Of The Middle East And The Back Roads Of America, Blink Engages Issues As Ancient As The Earth Itselfand As Current As Today S Headlines

Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline laced stories with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil Ted lives in Austin with his wife LeeAnn and their four children.

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  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Blink
  • Ted Dekker
  • English
  • 11 June 2018
  • 9780849945113

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    This book was a bit of a wild ride Whew I enjoyed it s heady, brainy approach and the consequently mysterious and exciting adventure that ensued Though, I must say that overall, I left the book feeling very disappointed IT was one of those stories that you have such high hopes for as you read it, and then when it wraps itself up or fails to do so you walk away disappointed and shaking your head Also, let it be known, I actually read the republishing of this under the title, In the Blink of an Eye LIKES The adventure Like I said.really exciting Once I got past the slow start, I read the last two thirds in one day, mostly because I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on Clive I wanted him to be a good guy so bad and I was really happy that he finally was Spoiler alert Actually, Clive was conceivably my favorite character in the whole book D I was invested in the characters always a sign of good writing The Clairvoyance aspect was quite interesting though I had my issues with that as you will see below I found the view of Muslims and the way they think fascinating If somewhat gruesome I can t attest to whether this was realistic or reflects the thoughts and mindsets of these people in real life or not, but the comparisons from Christianity to Muslim was quite interesting It helped me understand a bit better QUIBBLES Some of these are smaller than others, so I will start with the less significant and work my way to the heavy hitters Seth bounded a lot LOL IT was one of those author quirks, but it totally started to drag me out of the story and in the midst of a serious moment, I would start chuckling at the mental image of Seth bounding everywhere The beginning was slow And there was a terrible back story dump in the first chapter where we find out the entire life story of Seth Personally, I find these annoying and try to avoid them at all costs in my own writing It really bogged down the pace of the plot as well The issues of physical attraction bothered me a bit too Thankfully, Dekker did not go crazy overboard with this, but that is the main reason the MC s were so invested in each other The look of the others IT lacked a spiritual depth in this part of the story and some of the instances or situations made me cringe The feelings and sensations of touching kissing admiring the physicality of the other person was annoying to say the least Again, thankfully, he didn t go crazy in this department, but it was still there and was scattered throughout the entire book Miriam s sudden insertion into American culture felt rater unrealistic The author excused it away with two things, 1 she had spent a summer in Berkley and 2 she was intoxicated with her newfound freedom I can see the point of the second a little bit, but I feel like it contradicted her character She had a very strong moral code and to all of a sudden in a day s time be such an old hand at flirting made no sense She was totally comfortable with flirting, and just being alone with a man in general That felt very unrealistic I understand the circumstances were far from ideal, but she could have shown a bit of restraint uncomfortableness PLOT STORY It was slow at first, but then picked up pace and like I said before, I couldn t put it down But when I finished it, I walked away very confused and felt that there were quite a few loose ends to be tied up Some of the issues made no sense One of my biggest concerns was that the Clairvoyance was never explained It was briefly mentioned in an off handed remark that could have been easily missed Something along the lines of He had the ability because he needed the ability insinuating that God I am assuming because they never said this gave him the gift to save who he needed to save Throughout the whole book, I was excited to see where the author went with this As a Christian, was he going to go the route of Christianity and supernaturalism and explain it using the fact that God had placed that gift in Seth Or was he going to go the scientific method and explain it with the equation that Seth had discovered In my personal opinion, he did neither and left it totally up to the imagination which, quite frankly, annoyed me Which leads me to another point This may be a personal opinion, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt I left the book really feeling like a salvation message of some sort was lacking Ted Dekker totally set himself up to explain Christianity and lead the Main Character, Seth, to Christ He did nothing of the sort which was another feeling I felt quite let down by It wasn t just that he didn t put it in, it was that he primed and readied me the reader to prepare for Seth to come to some realization of God or His existence, or even His love No such thing happened Super disanointing and another reason I left this book totally confused It felt like it all of a sudden wrapped itself up, and left so many strings hanging from the package This book really lacked a point And what point that it had was weak It s one point, that wasn t very clearly portrayed was that Love is a good thing Sounds a bit weak And I had to read the interview with the author in the back of the book to realize what his intent and moral to the book was Was it an exciting ride Sure Did it have any point Not really I was really quite disappointed that the author didn t take it farther and explain why God s love was important This book was entirely void of the salvation message Jesus is talked about with some frequency, but only as a comparison between Muslim and Christianity So, I guess this review comes down to would I recommend this book The overall answer is no, unless under a certain circumstance I know someone who might enjoy the science fiction feel to it But to other people in my age and peer group of Christian girls and young women I would say no I personally wouldn t feel comfortable offering this book to any of my friends or family CONTENT This book contained a good bit of content Most of it stemmed from the few Muslim extremists Again, I will say my disclaimer that I understand that this is real life, however, arranged marriages, polygamy, vague mentions of the relations between a husband and wife and violence such as killings, the mindset of owning a woman etc were prevalent in the Saudi Arabia parts of the book Like I said, I know this is real life, but it was a little creepy for me Contained a view spoiler drowing of a young girl by a father due to religious issues from the perspective of the girls friend who was forced to watch Several people were killed through various means, gunshots mostly Physical attraction, mentions of inappropriate physical closeness Touching, Seth is shirtless on numerous occasions Seth also falls on top of Miriam in an effort to save her while she is in bed and not fully dressed Also insinuations to intimacy and threats of rape etc hide spoiler

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    First off, Ted Dekker is not qualified to write this novel He is neither an expert in physics nor an expert in Saudi Arabia It was almost insulting that he puts on the front of having deep insight into either Second, the use of seeing the future as a plot device felt like a huge cop out Dekker takes the supposedly smartest man in the world and instead of using his intellect, he uses magic to get out of the random sticky situations he finds himself in Don t get me wrong, there is a place for magic in literature It just belongs in the realm of science fiction and fantasy The main character Seth is certainly no Kwisatz Haderach who can be many places at once On a final note, the religious message of this book feels completely forced The characters practically sit down and take a break to shove Dekker s religious views about Islam and Christianity down our throats Now I don t mind religion in books, but Dekker doesn t even try to blend it into the story as thematic or symbolic elements Sure this book is a fast paced page turner, but that doesn t excuse it s many flaws The story , while unbelievable is somewhat intriguing But eventually I just got tired of checking my brain at the door, and no amount of story was going to make the book worth the time.

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    don t like it full stop i have nothing against Dekker really but i would suggest him to really study the religion before he tries to write about it nothing in the book shows the way a Muslim live.first, Muslims take each of the five pillars seriously not one is less important than the other second, no religious man would have commit violence against woman if he do, that means he is not a religions man simple an uncle kicking his niece until she is being admitted into the hospital for a week, where are her parents anyway third, no Muslim woman a good one will touch a man which she is not married to, unless it is her father, brother or son , yet alone kiss him Miriam had done with her boyfriend and Seth forth, a Muslim is not allowed to and won t drink wine, scotch or any alcoholic drinks period fifth, Muslims won t sentence a punishment on anyone without proof or witness to blindly punish others is just plain ridiculous no one with wits will do that.sixth, everything that is being portrayed in the story is the lifestyle of the Arabs thousands years back it does not show the current Arabs at all.seventh, no Muslim woman would be able to feel comfortable without her veil let alone wearing a fitted dress so in conclusion, miriam does not portray islam at all she acts like a filthy rich teenage american girl whom run away across the globe using the first flight when she disagrees with her parents i admit that Dekker wrote the story with just the right choice of words and suspense he is a good story teller i guess being a Muslim I couldn t help feeling uncomfortable being stereotyped that way worse, the wrong way it ll be nice if he could write the story with less ethnocentrism Seth i like Seth despite his refusal to admit God, i like his wit i was feeling, if he really is a genius, why is it so hard for him to see that God exists it is a simple math we have a smart phone, wouldn t the smart phone creator would be smarter he is a genius why couldn t he figure it out he even had came out with a mathematical equation which supposed to convince him that God exists anyway, i have a complicated feeling about this book it is a mess of frustrating ideas and content but i ll give thumbs up for the pace and diction.

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    I loved this book An adventure, romance and a man and a woman s search for the Truth It was incredibly well written, fast paced, easy to read and easy to understand, plus a hilarious, frightening and edge of your seat plot.An atheist student Seth Border at a small college with an IQ of 196 Einstein s was 160 something who has discovered a strange ability he has to see multiple futures in the blink of an eye, runs into a Saudi Arabian Princess on the run from her family and her nation, who are attempting to trap her into an unwanted horrifying marriage to an older man who already has numerous wives as it is They meet up miraculously and then continue on a desperate run from the people who will stop at nothing to kill her.As they run, Seth questions the existence of God And how could a God exist if he can see multiple futures Very thought provoking and wonderful despited some theological differences I love this book

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    Amazing writing It is obvious Ted is a Christian but he never preaches at you He just lets the character cope with the situation in their lives and watches God deliver.This particular book appealed to the linear side of my brain His progression was so logical and made such sense I loved how he blended the fact based person with the faith based person to bring about change in both of their lives.I thoroughly enjoyed this book I ll keep it and read it again.

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    I won t waste electrons by repeating the plot of the book there s a sketch above but I will give my uncensored opinion This book is an indictment on Anglo bibliophiles In other words, we re a bunch of tarnal fools, and Ted Dekker knows it Here s the method Take an attention getting subject like islamic extremism never mind where you buy it, whether it s the genuine article, or whether you even know what it is Take some cool surfing stuff from California Add in some royalty to spice up the first and some genius to justify the second that is just to show up on the ingredients list, because it really won t affect the taste of the final product at all Add three tablespoons of your broadest and blandest Christianity, don t mix it in too well, so it will leave startling pockets in the batter oh, and DON T put it on the ingredients list, unless serving at CBD and half a teaspoon of tolerance for world religions Grease your eyes Bake at 150 F for two minutes Voila, and congratulations on your bestseller Enjoy after 8 ounces of absinthe Serves Rambo lovers.

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    ETA Oh man The ending of this book turned this overall mediocre, yet still page turning story into a true stinker What I wrote earlier is still relevant for the first 3 quarters of the book, but by the end, the story takes a turn into the preposterous.What went wrong I hate to do it, but it is the final, climactic scene where Seth, our resident genius turned savior of princesses, gives up on trying to see the future and puts faith in God to swoop in and save the day.Quite literally a Deus ex machina To make things worse, the execution involved ham fisted, unsubtle conversions of two nonChristians, an incredibly amateurish intimidation scene that SOMEHOW works, and an easy future assisted take down against a supposedly seasoned killer.I could almost see people sing Kum Ba Yah when the Moment of Truth came BLeeahurgh So goes another contemporary Christian novel into the pile of poo You re better off rereading anything by C.S Lewis Original On going Review So the story is about a young American genius who somehow gains the ability to see the future and becomes mixed up with an Arabic princess who is fleeing for her life virtue freedom It is a fast, somewhat exciting read, but it fails to be truly heart pounding due to under realized, black white characterizations.On the side of Good 1 Our protagonist, Seth, is a young American genius who excels in math and science He happens to be ruggedly handsome and muscular Okay, no problems there I know plenty of people who fit that description His IQ is 190, above Albert Einstein s Also ok That is the conceit of the story Not only is Seth brilliant, he s remarkably well adjusted In fact, he s so well adjusted that he has no emotional scars from being regularly beaten by his drunk father for most years of his childhood Now my flags go up If you look at the history of geniuses in all fields, you ll find that a disturbingly large number of them ended up neurotic, self destructive, psychotic, and depressive even as they churned out great works Drugs, visions, isolation, cutting off your ear and mailing it to your girlfriend, etc At minimum, if you re going to be smarter than Einstein, then at least be as eccentric Being so brilliant in a certain area often means being stunted in other areas, such as, oh, social skills At halfway through the book, Seth displays no OCD traits whatsoever at most, he shows a little teenage rebellion against authority Then a bigger problem comes up Let s say I could accept the idea that Seth is an all rounded genius with no debilitating flaws He goes on the run with a Saudi princess and is basically living minute by minute trying to elude 3 groups of pursuers using his newfound precognition He relies completely on his precognition even though he s only had it for half a day He is pure reaction, and does not even try to think ahead He advertises to his pursuers that he has precognition, so everyone now knows his abilities and can therefore work out his limits Are these the actions of a genius Sure, it s not like he s naturally a criminal and knows how to disappear, but for someone portrayed the way he is, you d think he d be able to adapt The princess also is described as being intelligent, one of the first reasons why her bodyguard fell in love with her But again, I don t see much intelligence she also just reacts blindly to situations, or rather, she sticks to Seth and becomes the romantic interest non entity.The NSA agent that s chasing them also not smart enough His verbal sparring with the Saudis is intellectually unstimulating Seth s verbal sparring is unwitty The Saudis are hur hur Evil, with a capital E.The author tries too hard to tie God and Christianity into precognition I had no problems with theology being discussed between the characters, but it stretches disbelief that not only Seth but the NSA agent would reference the same Biblical elements as proof that precognition existed Within a couple chapters of each other If Seth had telepathy instead, would the author find a Bible passage to support that too Bleh Well, it could be worse At least the pacing is pretty good, so I can keep reading even as I continue to grouse.

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    I listened to this audiobook while driving from Salt Lake City Utah, to Las Vegas and then down through L.A. It was a great time waster.Here we have a Saudi Arabia modern Princess who flees to America because she s forced to marry some political butthead who s trying to take over the thrown Yawn The fun part is she meets up with a Berkeley student Genius who has a Supernatural gift to choose the future The run from bad guys and FBI agents hilarity ensues.Ted Dekker is a Christian author who inserts very little Christianity into his fictional tales Yet Christian bookstores are overflowing with his literal dribble Oh well There s worse things people could read I generally enjoy them This is a fun and annoying love story The Princess and the surfer dude I can t picture them ending up happily ever after They barely have anything in common other than lust and attraction, and quirky conversation But that s better than some folks I know.AS I was truckdriving through the L.A area in California the characters in the story were having a car chase through L.A. AS if that wasn t fun the characters then turned onto the 210 freeway in the Pasadena area, AND I WAS ON THE 210 in Pasadena How s that for making a book come to life The characters were heading to Las Vegas to win some gambling money and fly to Paris I just came from Las Vegas with no intention of winning or flying But it was a fun moment.The book had a creative angle The main character SETH student genius at Berkeley University could see the future possibilities in front of him He knew what possibilities were about to happen He could then choose his next actions based on knowing what the police or badguys were likely to do His gift strengthens throughout the book The characters philosophize over this slightly By the end of the story his gift fades God only loaned it to him for a short mission It was the humor that made this story amazing Probably the funniest think Ted Dekker has ever written His insights and Islamic abuses will most likely have every Muslim raging against him as if he drew a cartoon character of Muhammad and put it in the Sunday Times But Islam is what it is Which led to some very interesting religious discussion amongst the Surfer and the Princess This would make a fun movie But Hollywood would most likely seriously screw it up Or worse have Tom Cruise play the surfer dude.

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    Seth Borders, a genius student in the graduate program at Berkley, thinks he s seeing things Not hallucinations, exactly Definitely not visions the term has too many religious connotations More like the future The future is just math, after all calculating possibilities Seth has always been brilliant at math though the future thing is starting to freak him out a littleBlink Miriam is on the run Her father is trying to force her into a political marriage to a man she knows to be abusive Her adoptive father would kill her before he allowed it Knowing that her only hope for freedom lies in escape, she flees Saudi Arabia for America, hoping to enlist the aid of an old school friend at BerkleyBlink Seth sees her before he meets her and Arabic woman, a hand holding a gun pointed at her face He interrupts before the real scenario can occur, spiriting her off campus and out of harm s way at least for the moment Then, of course he has to explain how he knew that she was in trouble.Blink Their are already groups from both families trying to find Miriam in America Seth has his hands full trying to keep out of their reach He is seeing longer and clearly, multiple futures options As their enemies converge, however, he finds a weakness in the gift he can only see while he s awake And the Saudi s are near enough that they could catch up with them in the blink of an eye.

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    Another good book by Ted Dekker All though not his best book, but still the plot and characters make it a book that can stand on its own The two main characters are certainly very different than each other, one a princess and the other a genius American college student Both end up falling love, some thing you could see coming from the very beginning I believe both characters, especially Seth, needed depth Seth s genius mind really did seem that noticeable through most of the book The other surrounding characters fell on the cliche side of most Dekker novels But the idea of someone seeing many different futures at once is a very good concept and should have been used in creative ways Dekker does a good job at exploring the world of the Middle East and expanding on the struggle woman face in that society But being a Christian book, many Christians would have a problem with Seth and Miriam getting married when the characters didn t share a Christian faith, or were not like minded when it came to religion But maybe this really wasn t the focus of the book, and author did give a witness to Jesus several times, a reader could assume both characters became saved later on If your looking for a fast read and pager turner this is a good book.

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