Some Call It Trypophobia

Some Call It Trypophobia Everyday Life Is Terrifying And Bizarre Than Vampires Or Zombies A Potent Narcotic Called Routine Numbs You From Its Primordial Strangeness The Essay And Stories In This Collection Peel Away The Thick Callus Of Familiarity, Revealing The World In All Its Raw Horror Clusters Of Small Holes Present No Obvious Danger, Yet They Induce A Primal Fear Reserved For Snakes And Death A Recent Study Only Augments The Mystery, Raising Questions Than It Answers The First Essay Examines Historic Precedents And Alternative Explanations Trypophobia Is A Misnomer For Existential Dread, An Encounter With Terrible Wisdom, The First Step On A Convoluted Path To Some Dark Enlightenment It S A Discovery, Not An Irrational Aversion Found So Often In Nature, Object Of Apprehension And Meditation Throughout The Ages, This Pattern Is A Symbolic Code Some Call It Trypophobia Deciphers It And Reckons With The Message Other Stories Include Join The Sentinels Of The Chandelier The Idea That Enlightenment Requires A Seated Posture Of Meditation Is Wishful Thinking Accessing The Chandelier Of Consciousness, The Transcendent Mind Of Which Each Sentient Being Is A Crystal, Demands Great Exertion And Danger The First Amendment Protects Freedom Of Religion But Not Felonies Based On An Undercover Expos Why Does A Man Climb A Mountain To Taste The Distilled Essence Of Life, To Glimpse The Clandestine Maneuvers Of His Soul, And To Learn The Illusory Nature Of Personal Identity From A Prehistoric Ground Sloth Inspired By A Disastrous Attempt On Denali Defilers Of Burrows, Scourges Of The Underworld, Are Dachshunds Not Magnificent Yet It Comes As A Surprise That The Purpose Of Creation Is Them, Not Us When You Meet A Wandering Sage And His Wiener Dog, Worse News Follows Apparently Schr Dinger Did Not Have A Cat This Story Has Been Expanded To Convenient Novel Size Letting Your Girlfriend Drag You To Burning Man, What Were You Thinking Her Brainless Ideas Foolish In Theory, Disastrous In Practice, Subjected To The Analytic Rigor Of A Child At Chuck E Cheese S Why Don T You Act As The Brake Of Sanity This Is Worse Than Meeting Her Parents Inspired By Events That Would Have Made Sophocles Groan

Preserving thoughts for the enjoyment and edification of strangers, renouncing revelry, friendship, and love for the unlikely esteem of men unknown, is this not madness incarnate, or the closest one can come to rule over day and night, divide them, and see that it is good Petronius Jablonski studied Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics, Philology, Classics, and Physics at UW Parkside Some Call It

❴Ebook❵ ➩ Some Call It Trypophobia  Author Petronius Jablonski –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 57 pages
  • Some Call It Trypophobia
  • Petronius Jablonski
  • English
  • 13 September 2018

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    An existential romp serving as a fantastic precursor to the epic Annals by the same gentleman, this collection stands out from a sea of slag in recent modern literature If you are not running immediately to your nearest home and garden store to demand lotus seeds after reading this, you weren t paying attention.

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