All In (In Plain Sight, #2)

All In (In Plain Sight, #2) This is the story of Jay and Parker, both characters introduced in the first book of this series This can be easily read as a stand alone novel, though of course in a series a big part of the fun is that the secondary characters in each are well known from other books Jay is an actor, and Parker is a translator as a career Jay is very in the public eye as an actor, and Parker works from her home and seems to have some issues with being among people, introduced but not fully covered in the novel They each have heard of the other one as their best friends are a couple, but had not met prior to this book As Jay is famous, Parker of course knows him on sight This is important because they meet accidentally as Jay is running from fans Parker realizes who he is, but Jay does not I thought the intro meeting was cute and different he dashes into her house thinking it is a business on main street , but felt the hook to get him to stay there was very odd and too abrupt out of character They do have insta love lust going on, but that is normal for a romance, plus at least they had friends who were together so had heard stories about the other What Jay does during the story is not right, but it has been used in romances before of course not telling any no spoilers here I do believe this is the author s second novel I m going to give this 3 stars, but it has so much potential and I ll still continue to read this author It is just a little stilted still, not as fleshed out I think the ending is a little too abrupt, and the stalker danger is not fleshed out much but rather tossed into there to give some outside edge The relationship with Parker and the brothers is wonderful, as are the friendships It is so true that family is not just who we are born to but bond to by choice There is some light humor and banter that makes this fun to read Every character is likable It s problems seem due to new author challenges than lack of writing ability, which means her books will only continue to get better She already has so much going for her stories I hope to hear about the other secondary characters in further books in this series I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. Parker lives a some what reclusive life Oh she has friends in her small town, a best friend she adores and three stand in brothers that are her BFF s brothers She prefers her quiet life at home where she spends most of her time Until him Jay Jay is bored of the Hollywood life he once loved Sick and tired of that world he decides to take time off from shooting movies and head to his best friend, Tony, and stay a few weeks clear his head Only the reporters have other ideas They track him to the airport and in a mad dash to hide before they confirm his whereabouts in his friends town he hides the first place he can Which just happens to be the most beautiful woman he s ever seen home Parker knows exactly who just invited him self into her home and she doesn t know whether to be p d or amused This sex on legs movie star not only is known world over but just happens to be the best friend of her best friends other half He doesn t know she knows though so whats the harm of living a little and taking advantage of the situation that has been presented Her best friend is always telling her to live a little and let go so why not now With Jay After spending 2 very energetic days together it seems things are going a little beyond sex and when the truth of how they are linked is revealed, Jay knows he can t let Parker walk away from him and is determined to make her his But just how far is Jay willing to push in order to convince Parker she belongs with him Or will he push too far and risk losing her for good This is such a sweet short story that I will definitely read again Parker isn t my favorite female lead but I don t dislike her either Jay for me was brilliant although when he makes a stupid decision I honestly could have smacked him upside the head for what he done to Parker and completely understood her reaction no cheating though which I liked This is a simple boy meets girl, they fall in love, girl struggles to see a future and commit, man goes way over board to ensure she is his for the rest of time, LOL Brilliantly written though and the story flows well The stand in brothers Parker have are brilliant and I would like to request a book for Gabe please I loved Gabe and hope one day his story will be told All I can say is an honestly sweet, well written short book that I loved and enjoyed.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Jay Markham, A Wildly Popular Actor And A Chronic Womanizer, Has Become Bored With His Life Jay Decides To Take A Break And Goes To Visit His Life Long Best Friend And Famous Romance Novelist, Anthony Tate But Just Because Jay Decides To Take A Break Doesn T Mean His Fans Will Let Him The Fans And The Paparazzi Follow Him To The Small Washington Town And, In An Effort To Escape A Particularly Dogged Fan, Jay Ducks Into The First Open Door He Can Find Parker Hardisson Is A Fairly Normal, If Self Contained, Woman In Her, Ahem, Early Thirties Relatively Happy With Her Life As A Freelance Translator, She Gets To Work Out Of Her Own Home And Enjoy Her Life As Quiet And Drama Free As Possible So What If She S A Teensy Bit Lonely So What If There S Some Part Of Her That Wants To Explore The World Things Are Working Out Just Fine So, When A Mega Movie Star Comes Slamming Into Her House, She Wonders If She S Finally Cracked Parker Seizes The Opportunity To Make The Deal Of A Lifetime No Strings, No Questions The Problem Is, Jay Is Playing This Game By His Own Rules All In In Plain Sight Autum StarkI was gifted this story in exchange for an honest review.Jay Markham was a popular and hot actor So much so that he was followed constantly by the paparazzi, his fans and of course his crazy stalker Jay lucks out as he walks down a street full of businesses and quickly ducks into a quaint house Unbeknowst to him this is not a business but the home of Parker Hardisson.She is a quiet sole, she prefers her own company and only ventures out for the necessities, Oreo cookies and frozen spagetti Her job can be done from home and she likes her life She also recognizes Jay despite his disguise of blue jeans, flannel shirt and ball cap She knows that he is the best friend of her friend Abby s husband Jay.He pleads with her to let him hide out for a bit She agrees I ll let you stay as long as you need if you agree to let me have complete control of you until you leave Whoa, our quiet Parker seems to have a kinky side Control he asks Sex I want you to let me do whatever I want with you He agrees.Now unfortunately or fortunately depending how you look at things Jay is not one to let a woman take control Sure he pretends for a bit but then he demands control He gives her exactly what she needs Lots and lots of sex On the floor in the living room, against the door, in the bed, in the shower and even the kitchen counter They are so hot for one another and the sex is off the charts yummy But, alas, real life must seep in eventually He is, don t forget the hottest actor around with a demanding job, she is almost a recluse, they live far away from one another and oh yeah, almost forgot THE STALKER.Jay has decided that he wants some strings on this relationship, he is falling hard, but Parker does not believe he is sincere Time will tell.I think the author did a great job with this story I really appreciated the way there was a short recap involving the characters from the first story It was great to refresh my memory I liked how we were always guessing whether or not they could actually have a future together and how it would even be possible There are a few twists and turns that will surprise and some heavy protectiveness from Abby s brothers that come into play Lots of testosterone on display for sure I think that this story moved well and it was very easy to read I enjoyed reading about Abby s family from the first story and hope there will be stories to come 5 5 for sure ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The second in the In Plain Sight Series, this one is better that the first but my issues with the characters have crossed over Though Parker isn t as bad as her friend Abby, she kinda suffers from the same kind of doormat mentality WHY do these women attract strong alphas when they are so wimpy The one night she decided to take the reigns in proposing a no strings just sex encounter with a movie star and it really doesn t end up as her being in charge rather the one being taken charge of This book was sex, sex and sex the kind that apparently addles the brain enough that the thought of protection doesn t even penetrate huh, pun unintended but definitely appropriate the lust fog Parker eventually gets a backbone halfway through Yay Jay was written very two dimensional that I could not really get into himhe was a movie star with a sense of entitlementgo figure Good for a quick romp through the pagesguilty beach read type. All In, In Plain Sight Series, Book 2, Autumn StarkReview from jeannie zelos book reviewsthough this is the second in the series it didn t matter that I d not read book one as its one of those where each novel is complete and the characters from the series connected I love those sorts, no damn cliff hangers.So, Jay, on the run from fans and press, ducks into Parkers home thinking its a shop Parker knows who is is, not just from his acting fame but because he s friends with the partner of her best friend with me so far Parker is a real recluse type, happy to remain in her home most of the while, working from there as a translator She sees Jay as an opportunity and makes him a proposal.sanctuary for a few hours in return for some hot sex So, I had a hard time believing Jay would just accept like thathe was attracted to Parker but that much That soon He has no idea who she is, she could be some total nutter for all he knows, or rabid fan or anything Anyway things heat up, they have a couple of weeks of hot and sexy fun while he s away from filming and then he has to goThere were scenes with Parkers best friend and her brothers, who d treated her as one of them and were very protective, and some drama that I saw coming.what Jay did was just plain wrong, he knew it, they knew it and Parker finds it hard to forgive Understandably so, it was a really difficult position to be put in I can sort of see why Jay did it, but it doesn t really fit with me I m uncomfortable at liking someone who could do that, and then again as a top film star would he be that under confident in himself Or take the risk that she could just be out for his money I don t know but it didn t feel real to me and that s a problem as I need to engage with the characters and the story There s a nice bit of drama towards the end that provides a catalyst for a change in Parkers feelings So, overall I liked the characters butdidn t feel the storyline was realistic enough for me Stars Three its a decent story, well written, good characters but that storyline just didn t feel comfortable with me.ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers Received an ARC for reviewGreat book Really enjoyed Jay and Parker s chemistry Loved all the secondary characaters Look forward to whoever is next I m guessing Connor I almost forgot about the stalker, but he sure didn t let anyone forget about him. I REALLY liked it I was first introduced to Parker and Jay in book one of the In Plain Sight series entitled Break Me Consequently, Parker Hardisson and Jay Markham are the respective best friends of Anthony Tate and Abigail Stevens, whose first time meeting was anything but conventional for several reasons One, Jay had no idea who Parker was and two, because Parker knew exactly who he was, what she wanted from him, and set out to get it However, she wasn t even fully prepared for what exactly she was going to be getting from Mr Could Hurt a Woman if He s Not Careful.What I liked the most about this story was that not only was Parker was surprised by what developed between her and Jay he was as equally surprised Jay didn t even recognize his own actions All he knew was that he had something that he wanted to keep at all costs neglecting all consequences of his actions.Just like book one in this series, book two entitled All In, was well written and each character was equally entertaining And just like the first book, Abby s brothers intervened and defended Parker using a VERY hands on approach Although they walked away unscathed, Jay was not as fortunate and had to miss a few days away from the set of his latest movie I digress I must say that usually I do not like books that dive right into the kink freakiness However, there was enough substance in the first two to three chapters that made the progression from hey how you doing to bom chicka wah wah easy and authentic You saw and felt the attraction and chemistry between both Jay and Parker It was not too much that would cause me to clutch my pearls like some novels I have read and or not finished Like the first book in this series, I really liked this book and would recommend you to run and read All In by Autumn Stark and although its a series, there is no cliff hanger and it can be read as a stand alone It is both steamy and swoon worthy all at the same time However, I do hope there is another book in this series maybe we will get a chance to stare into the love lives of Abby s brothers A complimentary copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.For this review and other please visit my blog at Follow me on twitter runandreadthat. A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This review does contain spoilers and unfortunately, I do get a bit rant y in it.So this book started well Movie star Jay is visiting friends when he s cornered by the paparazzi and his stalker In desperation, he ducks into what he thinks is an open business, and instead stumbles into Parker s house Parker sees an opportunity for a wild fling and to her surprise, Jay is happy to play along.And that s pretty much where I stopped enjoying this story Far from letting Parker have control of their fling as agreed, Jay pretty much decides from the start that he s in control, and then spends the rest of the story ignoring Parker when she s uncomfortable with the physical side of their relationship, riding roughshod over all her protestations and generally being a bit of an asshole He s really not an attractive hero at all, despite the fact that as a reader I m constantly told that Jay s one of the 100 sexiest men in the world Apparently that s now meant to be enough to have me swooning The most disgusting part of the story comes when Parker decides she doesn t want to be in a relationship where her partner is always being stalked, hounded and receiving unwanted attention Jay decides at that point that he s in love with her, and that seeing as she s forgotten birth control, he s just not going to remind her and deliberately try and impregnate her so she ll have to stay with him It s awful His point of view and ability to manipulate the situation is awful This whole story by this point is awful How are you suppose to root for someone who when finding out his girlfriend is pregnant, screams at her I put that in there I could scream I did scream several times I would ve thrown the story across the room if it hadn t been on my Kindle.I was also really confused halfway through when we re told that Jay s a famous actor, yet apparently he s won a bunch of Grammy awards My American knowledge isn t always up to scratch, but aren t Grammys meant to be for music It was a small inconsistency in the story, but by this point of reading I was already annoyed, so it just heightened by irritation with Jay and this book.The other problem I had with this story was Parker You can be a shy, quiet person and yet not be such a pushover It was somewhat a relief when Parker finally grew a backbone in the last third of the story when she decided that maybe a life in the limelight wasn t for her I respected her as a character for that part of the story The happily ever after reunion kind of ruined that for me, especially considering how much she was manipulated and how easily she gave in once there was a bit of danger.This could have been a really good sexy read and it certainly started that way, but instead I just found this horrible and somewhat sickening to read I finished it because the publisher was kind enough to give me a review copy, otherwise I would ve flounced it before I got halfway through I hate reading about abusive and manipulative relationships no matter how prettily dressed up with movie stars and paparazzi, and Jay is one of the worst heroes I ve read in a while.I won t be recommending this one 1 star. 3 all in stars ARC provided by Netgalley and author for an honest review I m hoping I can read this as a stand alone because I failed to notice it s book two update So far reading it as a stand alone is perfectly okay I am loving this book Jay practically runs into Parker female as he is fleeing the paparazzi and Parker decides she will protect him from the paparazzi if she gets a hot one night stand What happens next is a delicious sex fest Can you fall in love over mind blowing sex Jay This was not just sex This was life changing, earth shattering sex It was the kind that took a piece of your soul with it and never gave it back Parker This was sex with a a man shed slowiy fallin in love with through years of professional admiration and personal appreciation Some people were just not built for one night stands I am not even 25% in and they have gone ALL IN at least 4 times so there s a bit to the story than a sex festkind of Jay gets Parker pregnant on purpose eww not okay yet some how proves his loyalty and his heart to Parker after her incident with Jay s stalker and then suddenly it s hea and a future wedding plannedthere s so much of this story that just didn t sit right for me but the sex scenes were hot

Autumn Stark writes Erotic Romance with a sense of humor and a whole lotta steamy fun Doesn t mean there aren t a few whips every now and then, but she s a sucker for a happy ending Autumn has been writing in one capacity or another her entire life, but Break Me is her debut novel.

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