Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1

 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1Huh Sooooo.Not quite asAmazingas one might hope.And, here s the thing, I m an actual fan of Peter Parker I m not just saying this was mildly disappointing because I loved Superior Spider man, but not Regular Spider man Pete s always been on my top 5 list.This This was missing that thing that made me feel good about Peter.My best guess is that there is honestly just too much going on in this volume Black Cat has lost her damn mind, and is riding the evil train now Electro is running amok every time you turn your head Parker is still missing huge chunks of his memory Anna Maria is evidently now going to be Pete s new sidekick Jameson tries to unmask Spider man..again This Parker Industries thing is such a massive ticking time bomb that it hurts to even think about it.And let s top all that off with yet another lost origin story for that fucking radioactive spider Seriously Another Spider chick This whole storyline smells suspiciously like that retarded clone thing.So SilkOn the same day that Parker was bitten by that spider, another girl on the field trip Cindy Moon got chomped on too Like, while Peter looked down to see what happend to his hand, the damn thing crawled on her foot seconds before it died , and gave her Powers Responsibility.But.She s been hidden away in a bunker for ten years Why Her scent attracts SomeFuckingSpiderVillain Morlun, so Ezekiel Sims locked her in some sort of an underground facility when her powers started showing None of this is properly explained, so it didn t make a whole lotta sense to me Especially since I m a little behind on who this Morlun character is was Whoever he is, Spider man has killed him than once cough Moving on.A secondary effect of their spider bite is that Pete and Cindy get all hot and bothered when they are in close proximity to each other So Yeeeeah There s that.Not a horrible volume, and I m hoping that Slott is just getting back into the swing of things now that Peter is wearing the red and blue tights again.I m also hoping that the whole Poor Peter With The Bad Luck shtick goes away soon, because it was annoyingly overused in this one Yes, yes, yeeeees.Spider man does have shit luck, but it s been overplayed Enough Find another dead horse to beat, please.Regardless, I m going to keep reading this title, cause I love me some ParkerPun intended. I haven t read many Spider Man books compared to other superheroes, and reading All New Marvel NOW Amazing Spider Man Vol 1 made me realise why I hate Peter Parker Because I loved the Superior Spider Man series when Doc Ock was running the show but now he s gone and Peter s back It s unbearable So sigh he s back After the hasty demise of Doc Ock and Peter s return to his own body, the first issue came out just in time for the latest and worst Spider Man movie a few months ago which also happened to have Electro as the villain The loose ends of Superior Spider Man are or less dealt with quickly by Dan Slott so the book can focus on Electro and Black Cat teaming up to fight Spider Man because we had to return to the status quo immediately and what better way than a pair of classic Spidey villains going up against him Electro s motivation for hating Spider Man is a mystery he accidentally kills his punk girlfriend because his powers are out of control but other than that, he s just after Spider Man because that s what he does Which, to be fair, was motivation than he got in the movie I think Jamie Foxx was mad because Spidey didn t remember his name or something Has there been a worse motivation in film history Meanwhile, Black Cat s angry because he got her locked up in jail when he was Superior Spider Man, which is fine but be honest does a team up between Electro and Black Cat against Spider Man fill you with excitement Me either, and it s downright dull and laughable on the page too The usual scrapes occur except I was painfully aware that Cat s dialogue was full of cliched puns 13 My lucky number What re the odds This Black Cat s crossing your path If you re a smart eel, you ll slip away I m stealing your thunder Actually pointing to Electro , that d be what my friend here s doing Oh Max, there s nothing you could do that would shock me Getting in here was so easy it was downright criminal Cheesy AND corny her lines are like a packet of Cheetos There s a side story featuring an obscure character called Cindy Moon, who also calls herself Silk She got bitten with the same radioactive spider as Peter did so she s got Spidey powers herself except she s been locked up for decades because of some creep called Morlun who will destroy the world or something if she gets loose Like I said, I don t read much Spider Man so who the hell knows what that s all about But the rest of the book is Slott undoing what he did in Superior with Spidey rejoining the Avengers immediately, Peter deciding to rebuild a new supervillain prison like the Raft, and he gets into some shenanigans because, doh, he s got that old Parker luck It s so totally boring and stale Who s interested in Jonah getting his own talk show And why would an old man get his own TV show anyway A disgraced former mayor no less I guess it s some Fox News deal or something, right So, here you go, fanboys who were outraged at Superior Spider Man your boring old, incompetent, annoying un Amazing Spider Man is back Your dreary state of affairs is safely returned to you intact, as anyone with half a brain already knew would happen anyway All the invention and freshness that defined Superior, at least for the first half of that run, is absent in Amazing Spider Man, Volume 1, replaced with the red meat that traditional Spider Man fans want the same old, same old And it couldn t be a tedious comic Welcome back, I guess, Pete I m off to not read any of your comics I guess I just loved Superior Spider Man too much, without being a big fan of regular Spider Man to begin with, to get too into this book I mean, it s not badly written or anything It s just that I m finding Peter to be even oblivious and self absorbed than Otto had been in his body Which is kind of weird, don t you think Shouldn t the good guy have at least a dim awareness that, as a business owner, he has a responsibility see what I did there to his employees But not Peter He doesn t seem to feel any responsible to keep his company afloat than he would as an employee of a company that he doesn t like very much I would be even frustrated by this, if he weren t surrounded by people who are pointing out that he s kind of acting like an ass, so I m assuming this will eventually become an actual issue for him, and not just the people who have to put up with him.Remember when I said that wasn t badly written It s only most not badly written See, the villains Electro and Black Cat are What s the word I m looking for here They re not convincing They don t feel truly threatening, and they don t feel truly convincing Their motivations are almost nonexistent, and they mostly don t seem to be doing anything that would make them really scary I guess that s what happens when you sideline two of Spider Man s best foes.Also, I thought it was kind of strange how quickly and easily Anna Maria came to terms with the whole I am not the man you loved also I m Spider Man thing that Peter throws at her She is really, really not phased And shouldn t she be Maybe this would have been a bigger hit for me if I were a bit Spider Man fan, if I hadn t been sad when Otto left the scene But I m not, and I was. Hell hath no fury like a woman Black Cat scorned punched in the face, webbed up for the cops and thrown in the slammer by the Superior Spider Man This one s all about the real Peter Parker Spider Man suffering the consequences for what Dr Octopus did while inhabiting his body To say it s going to be pretty awkward for Peter Parker for a while is a gross understatement.Yep, lots and lots of awkward moments.This part of the volume works pretty well and there s plenty of for Spider Man to be embarrassed about The Black Cat side of the equation is pretty much done to death no matter how many times Spider Man apologizes or comes up with the whole Dr Octopus inhabited my body excuse That excuse doesn t work very well at home either, fellas While Black Cat is piling it on, lets retcon Spider Man s origin and pretend that someone else got bitten by a spider and this young woman has been kept hidden until now Okay Are you buying into this She, her name is Silk, and Spider Man do have a Spidey connection Woo Hoo Spider senses off the charts It wasn t Googling.Who among us isn t tired of Bruce Wayne having dozens of friends who become irate villains or Superman dealing with another Kryptonian cousin or stretching a hero s origin story like a piece of Silly Putty with a picture on it Eventually you re going to stretch that picture out until it s unrecognizable Right, kids Nope, not Googlingsigh Bottom line The Superior Spider Man saga is over and please get someone else to do the art work on this title Is there a card that says sorry one of my worst enemies took over my body for the last few monthsIf there is, Peter Parker could really use itespecially as Spider Man Pete s returned to deal with the fallout of having Doc Ock being Spider Man and learning what his personal life became under Otto.I was really excited for Parker Luck, I thought it would be awesome to see Peter have his life back Unfortunately that s not the case I m not quite sure why, but I couldn t really get into the story I m starting to think Peter is a little too goofy for me and I may have outgrown him I know that might sound odd coming from an adult who reads comic books, but that s just how I m feeling Perhaps that thought is premature, I ll certainly check out the next volume.Parker Luck could ve been titled The Apology Tour Peter and Spider Man have a ton of apologies to hand out Peter stepping into Doctor Octopus s footsteps will certainly find even reasons to apologize. After all the anticipation about how badly mangled Spidey would be, after the wreckage that was left from Octavius wreaking havoc across Parker s personal life, it s refreshing to see it spool out slowly, like it s not a total train wreck.Which it is most deservedly should be.Waking up after someone s been in his body like a joyride in your car For like six months A woman he s never technically met, living in his apartment One of his exes on a homicidal mission His business partner ready to hang him out to dry And even his old boss determined to shred his alter ego I don t know what it is about the way Slott boils down his characters to the core, but they re at the same time super simple and entirely compelling I m actually excited to read his dialogue, even if it probably resembles the high art of soap opera I m guessing the patterns are there, even though I don t really feel like I m reading an episode of WWE. Peter Parker finally returns and it s kinda justaverage He has a lot to deal with Black Cat hates him, Electro appeared in a movie this year so needs a push in a story, there s a new character who looks set to play and important role going forward, and he has to explain the whole mind swap thing to Anna Marconi Along with just generally proving to everyone that spider man peter Parker are back to being the regular characters we know and love.Slott has a pretty dense style of storytelling at times His pages will often have 6 panels and be filled with a lot of word balloons When he s got a lot to do in so many issues, there s not really another way he can do it It s a little boring at times It s too dialogue heavy You kind of want to to zip along to something interesting happening.I did like the use of Black Cat, though I m not that keen on her slightly redesigned costume Black Cat and Spider man have a long and interesting history, often switching between love and hate She s used as a villain here, which is something that s not been done for a while There s less of the flirting and making Peters current girlfriend jealous She just hates him because of what happened in Superior The new character is Silk She s around the same age as Peter, since her origin happened at the same science exhibit where Peter got his powers She s also being as his latest love interest A girl with spider powers Hmmm, I dunno Seems pretty forced She s not as annoying as Alpha, though.I also tend to really like Humberto Ramos art, but he s better at the spider man stuff than the Peter soap opera stuff, and this arc feels like there s the latter in it. Collects Amazing Spider Man The Greatest Super Hero Of All Time Returns The World May Have Changed Since Spidey S Been Gone, But So Has Peter Parker This Is A Man With A Second Chance At Life, And He S Not Wasting A Moment Of It But His Old Foes Are Back As Well Re Energized, Out Of Control And Madder Than Ever Electro And The Black Cat Demand Revenge And As If Dealing With Them Isn T Enough, A New Revelation Rocks Spider Man S World To Its Core The Radioactive Spider That Gave Peter Parker His Powers Bit Someone Else, Too Who Is Silk, And Where Has She Been All These Years Find Out As Peter Parker Retakes His Life, Putting The Friendly Back In The Neighborhood, The Hero Back In Super Hero And The Amazing Back In Spider Man Welcome back Mista Pah ker OK so it s a mixed bag There s good humour is still there thankfully , bad ridiculous stuff with Electro and Black Cat and many points in between.Apparently getting punched in the face my Doc Spidey made Black Cat lose her shit, and decide she s going to be the new Kingpin or somethingand Electro is the way to do that I know he got experimented on by Doc Spidey, but stillElectro shows humanity than she does.There s Silk, the new character, who s very good potential, and ties up with an older storyline from ASM I liked the follow through on it, and I like where it leads to.Spidey having to deal with the webbing now being different and affecting his wardrobe was funny Explaining it to Cap, priceless There s some nice moments between Peter and Johnny Storm, who can relate to being dead for a while.Anna Maria took the news WAY too well, and I wonder what s going to happen down the road, but it looks like Parker Industries is going to breed bad than good.It s interesting, but there s no way it s up there with Superior That being said, it s the natural ebb and flow of storylines, I m sure it will pick up again They can t all be 5 star books. Peter Parker returns from the dead or at least exile inside his own body that was taken over by a dying Doc Ock in the latest comic book continuity reboot.In case you missed it, a couple of years ago Marvel killed off Peter Parker by having Doc Ock take over his body For a little over thirty issues, Ock was in control of Peter s life and his powers, helping Peter earn his doctorate, start his own company and begin a romantic relationship with Anna Maria He also earned Peter s alter ego Spider Man a new reputation for ruthlessness and efficiency as he went up against some of Spidey s old foes.But Peter wasn t dead just lurking inside of Ock s brain waiting for the right moment to reassert himself and take control back That moment just happened to tie in with the release of last year s Amazing Spider Man 2 because you wouldn t want movie audiences coming to the comic books to find Doc Ock in control and not Peter Parker It also gives you the marketing tie in opportunity of launching or in this case re launching your flag ship title with a first issue and lots and lots of variant covers.All of this brings us to the first collection of the newly rebooted Amazing Spider Man with Peter once again firmly in control of his body, but trying to pick up the pieces of his life that Ock left behind Peter has no idea that Ock and Anna Maria are close even living together or how to complete the various projects that Ock has put into play at his new company He s also had to publicly distance his company from Spider Man due to the concluding events of The Superior Spider Man And somehow the excuses he uses to run off and go into Spidey mode are wearing thin with colleagues who have tied their future and earning potentials to his company Reading this collection of six issues, I couldn t help but wonder where all the fun of reading Spider Man comics has gone Re reading some of the early days of the character, there was always the real world angst to Peter Parker, but there was also a sense of fun to balance that out With this latest reboot, it feels like Dan Slott and company have forgotten that comic books can and should be fun and not feel like they re pushing some corporate agenda this isn t helped by the fact that the main foe for this series is Electro, tying in to last summer s movie Slott did some interesting things early on with Ock taking over as Spider Man, but that fizzled out quickly, ending with a thud as Marvel hit the reset button yet again.This new series stumbles out of the gate, failing to recapture the magic that made me love Spider Man so much when I first discovered him years ago Maybe I m getting too old and too cynical to enjoy the book these days, but I hope that s not the case.

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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