Princess of the Light

Princess of the Light This was an action packed, spiritual, paranormal book Mary Miller has been chosen to spread the Light and restore the soul of a homeless man known as, Walking Man She is under the guidance of Gabirel, the Archangel who is God s messenger As Mary follows Gabriel s directions, she discovers powers within herself to fight the Prince of Darkness The spiritual battles between the Prince of Darkness and Mary are amazing and suspenseful.Mary s task of spreading Light is difficult As a further complication, Mary becomes involved romantically with Joe Deacons Joe falls in love at the first sight of Mary and instantly sets about sweeping her off her feet The two become inseparable and Joe helps Mary with her mission The suspense builds as the battles between the Prince of Darkness and Mary become intense Mary and Joe are at risk of losing everything including their lives.I enjoyed reading this book The message of light vs dark was powerful I usually don t read paranormal books, but found the spiritual component in this one very interesting Anyone who loves stories about angels and God s messages will love this book Part of the proceeds of Princess of the Light will go to food banks..Rating 4Heat Rating MildReviewed by Molly WatersCourtesy of My Book Addiction and More This Edition No Longer Available There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ISBNMary Miller Receives A Startling Visitation From Gabriel, The Messenger Of God The Archangel Reveals An Astounding Truth Mary Is The Princess Of The Light And Even Amazing, Her Destiny Is To Battle Lucifer S Army Of Demons And Restore The Balance Of Good And Evil On Earth It S Getting Harder To Fulfill Her New Role And Keep Her Identity Secret While Juggling Her Personal Life, And When Than, Lucifer S Second In Command, Amps Up The Attacks On Her, She Knows She Needs HelpJoe Deacons Is Everything She S Ever Wanted In A Man And As Providence Would Have It, In A Moment Of Great Need, He S The Warrior Of Light The One Who Can Help Her Defeat The Forces Of DarknessNot So Simple When They Confront Lisbeth, A Demon Hell Bent On Usurping Than And Lucifer Himself When Lisbeth Wages War And Several Innocent People Die, Mary Must Form An Alliance With Her Enemy In Order To Destroy Her But Will This Be A Grave Error Or The Choice That Saves Their World % Of The Proceeds Go Directly To Food Banks In USA And Canada During a visitation by the Angel Gabriel, Mary Miller learns she has been chosen by God to spread the Light and banish darkness and evil, to which end she is given special powers Her first task is to restore the soul of Andr , a homeless man, known as the Walking Man The darkness inside and surrounding Andr is the demon Than and his sidekick, Lisbeth.Mary meets Joseph Deacons, who is told by Gabriel he is also one of the chosen and has an undertaking to fulfil They fall immediately in love and declare themselves soul mates I wasn t convinced by Joe too much blushing and unrealistic dialogue for a man , or the relationship between him and Mary, if I m honest There was no discernible depth to them I felt the characters in general, were one dimensional and needed a lot realism and development I couldn t get invested in them at all Andr was the only one with any back story, showing how he came to be in his present situation, but the solving of his problems was too quick and glossed over If I had to pick a particular character it would be Than He was the most realistic and interesting I didn t foresee the twist at the end.The light versus dark, angels versus demons theme had promise and so much potential The basic elements were all there but the plot was lacking There s not an awful lot happening until the last quarter of the book, apart from a couple of standoffs with Than and Lisbeth that were over too quickly and easily.The plot is confusing at times in relation to times and events and I do feel good editing and or a proof reader would have improved this book immeasurably. Rating 2.5 starsPrincess of the Light has a pretty good premise A woman is imbued with powers from God to help her defeat demons and all things evil Sounds good, right That s what I thought, but it failed to deliver on my expectations Before I get to the plot, let s talk book errors This book could have been so much better if someone would have proof read it I found 12 errors, and those were just the ones I marked The biggest problem would be in the POV consistency I found it distracting so distracting that I had to put the book down several times But I can forgive a lot if the plot is fantastic But there wasn t much of a plot beyond the premise There was an obvious inspirational overtone to the book, which might have been the greater focus over the plot You have Mary, who is deemed to be the Princess of the Light , by the archangel Gabriel Shortly after that she meets Joe Yes, it s Joseph and Mary They are given a mission to help a homeless man from the darkness and deal with some local demons All set to the monotonous details of a pedestrian only district So you can see how this book just flew by for me I also felt the character develpoment wasn t the strongest Mary and Joe s relationship seemed incredibly one noted Their relationship had no passion, with Mary s submissive sighing and blushing And Joe saying gems like,If she does it to catch your eye, she ll do it to catch everyone else s eye laterAnd this is after he looks down Mary s co worker s shirt Yes, yes, it s her fault Andre s character is given a good backstory, but the resolution to his problems is too easy after the buildup And then there are the demons Than and Lisbeth who are not really that scary The one redeeming thing about this book would have to be Than view spoiler He went from being the bad guy to being an ally, and even saving Mary at the end And finding out that he was in love with Mary was a great twist I would have liked to have seen interaction between them hide spoiler Surprisingly, spiritually uplifting Granted I am not a usual reader of this type of book But if anything has the word paranormal attached to it, I obsessively give it the once over And in this case, I m glad I did I was attracted to the cover of this book when it first popped up in my People who brought this book also brought this list I was actually on the lookout for something new and different to read, so I took a chance and ordered a copy Admittedly, it took a little bit to get into it, as I am not a big romance reader, but when the action starts, and it doesn t take too long for that to happen, hold on to your hat, or in this case, your Halo Good versus evil, fallen angels, vengeful demons and devils causing mayhem and death here on earth and then fighting humans transformed into angelic warriors, Mary, AKA, the Princess of the Light and her love interest, Joe Plus, the, or rather THE Angel Gabriel is also a central character in the story He acts as both mentor and spiritual guide to the couple who are chosen to battle Satan s dark forces through the power of prayer and sword and sorcery type weapons There are also plenty of twists and turns in the story to keep you guessing, including an unlikely alliance that only adds intrigue leading up to the final sword swinging, axe wielding, purple flame, demon burning battle And I m not going to reveal the surprise ending, but it adds a nice touch.There are some minor flaws in the continuity here and there, but nothing that interferes with the narrative Overall, I felt very good after reading The Princess of the Light Sort of the same feeling one gets from watching a Hallmark Channel Movie Besides being a Paranormal Romance, I would also consider it to be a fine example of modern Christian literature as well Out of curiosity, I visited the Author s website to find out about them and was pleased to learn that they donate a portion of all their sales to their local food bank through an endowment Yet another good reason to feel good about this book.Enjoy The Princess of the Light Gabriel, the Archangel and Messenger of God yeah that Gabriel, visited Mary Miller He told her, as the key she is destined to spread the Light and vanquish the Darkness Her first assignment is to restore the soul of the Walking Man Sounds simple enough until she s thrown in the face of evil, and then Joe Deacons enters her heart This battle just got a lot complicated She must complete her mission without losing all she loves.Princess of the Light had some good potential Although the execution of the story was less than well done, it still had some interesting components Characters The main characters irritated me Mary and Joe were soul mates , which apparently means that they can be as passionate as they want Ok, but what about getting married If you re soul mates, why aren t you even discussing marriage They seemed flat, too Not a whole lot of development there The supporting characters were interesting to me, probably because we saw less of them I especially liked Than I never thought I could like a demon Plot At the beginning, and in various places through the book, the plot jumped, causing slight confusion The characters had just met, and then they were suddenly madly in love, and had been dating for a while The POV switched back and forth frequently as well, and, although it was clearly labeled, I still found it confusing The premise to the story was quite interesting, but unfortunately, it did not deliver The action lagged, and there were scenes that seemed completely pointless and unrelated And while interesting, the demon fighting was mostly told, not shown The demon banishing incantation seemed a bit off, as well I mean, we re using fairytale spells to destroy demons That doesn t seem right to me Overall thoughts I thought the idea behind the story was great, and had a lot of potential Some massive editing would have greatly improved this book The characters needed work, and the action could have been cleaned up a bit, in addition to the minor tense and grammatical issues Would I recommend it NoWould I let my kids read it Probably not Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. This book stretched and blew my mind away Amazing job on the structure of the book form the cover, background story, and content Nicely done The read was easy, smooth and attention grabbing Your story packed with action, angels vs demons, light vs darkness Battles of the unseen realm I loved the changing point of views, which helped to follow the characters through their thoughts, emotions, and actions, bringing me closer to them.This book can be a stepping stone or the stumbling block Powerful message the Light winning over the Darkness.A little bit about the story Mary had her life transferred after being appointed by Gabriel for the mission that will bring darkness into her life Her visions of darkness were getting stronger, and when she met with Joe, she knew she had a perfect match, a warrior in shiny armors Will their love help beat the darkness or will it be extinguished by the evil, causing them to lose their lives Find out in the epic battle between Princess of the Light vs Prince of the Darkness.Buckle up your seatbelts, because this journey will bring you to another level of spiritual battles.Great satisfying story. Princess Of The Light is an urban fantasy romance with spiritual themes The idea for this novel came when the author saw a homeless man She decided to help him and by writing this book hopes to raise money for homeless people The inspiration for the character The Walking Man comes from this original homeless man.So what is the book about The book has strong biblical lines Mary Miller is visited by the Angel Gabriel and told that she has been chosen to be The Princess of The Light and fight the dark side She must specifically help a man called Andr Mary can see and hear Gabriel because she has always has psychic abilities.We also meet Joseph Joe Deacons an urban planner for the town of Golden Lake He meets Mary one morning at her book store and falls instantly in love with her, they can both feel that they have met their soul mate Joe has also been chosen by God to help Mary and he will be her warrior.Mary realises that Andr is The Walking homeless man of Golden Lake and through Gabriel she gets insights into his past life and the reasons he is now homeless and full of darkness We meet Than and Lisbeth demons who have been spreading the darkness and who battle with Mary over Andr.Mary is given special powers to help defeat the darkness and with Joe by her side and the Angels for support light will overcome the dark.This story is a light read, there is very little depth to it, we read of Andr s background, and we get a small insight into Joe s past It would have been good to read about Mary and find out about her The story does have some huge jumps in it s timeline in some places and in others I felt we needed time to make it seem realistic Mary and Joe s romantic relationship needed some hiccups and hesitations to make it believable.I would have liked Mary s role as Light bearer to have been drawn out with training and explanations, teaching or her special powers and definitely hours of hard training in readiness to fight demons, these were glossed over and I missed making any connection to the main characters The final battle had many characters and for me didn t quite fit the rest of the book This is an extremely difficult book to review because of the good intentions of the author to use proceeds of sales to help others, however for the book to sell the hundreds of copies needed, it must deliver in storyline and content to encourage others to pick it up.


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