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Because the NightSex, Blood And Rock N Roll Immortal Dilemma Is The Hottest Band In The Las Vegas Vampire Rock Scene They Draw Insatiable Fans From Around The Globe, Thanks To A Supernatural Attraction Called Bloodlust Tristan Craved Such An Opportunity To Fill His Empty Mortal Life, And Now He Has Eternity To Earn His Place Along The Legends Of Rock N Roll Debauchery Callie Always Feared That Tristan S Excesses Would Get Him Into Trouble, But She Never Thought They D Lead Him To Immortality To Reconnect With Him, She Must Weave Her Way Through A World Not Only She Had No Idea Existed, But Does Not Welcome Her Blade Turned Down A Spot In Immortal Dilemma After Learning What He Must Sacrifice For That Lifestyle He Finds Callie A Refreshing Change From The Girls In The Vampire Rock Scene When Callie Drags Blade Back Into The World Of Immortal Dilemma, His Resistance Drives Her Into The Waiting Arms Of Tristan, Who Shows Her The True Meaning Of Bloodlust But The Very Things That Callie Fights So Hard To Save Are The Very Things That Fight To Destroy Her


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  • 22 March 2018

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    I was the first person to see this book come to life, but that doesn t make me biased If I hadn t thought it was a solid idea with legs, I would have told Kristen to move on to some other project This book deserves to have been written It deserves to be a book A lover of vampire novels, I always enjoy a new twist on the mythology or the circumstances, and Because The Night gives me that with a band of undead rock stars that rule Vegas in ways than one I love Callie, an 18 year old girl who makes 18 year old mistakes THIS IS CRUCIAL TO ME She s REAL, makes bad choices, does bad things, while not being bad herself She s a regular girl, who I love but one that makes choices I hate sometimes The paranormal world needs this girl But it isn t Callie that makes me love this book It s Tristan Tristan is a junkie, an egotist,a spoiled brat with something to prove He s the personification of sex wrapped up in a bad boy vampire body You want to make him a good boy, but not really I love his sarcasm, his ability to be good, but his choices to be dirty He s unique, unapologetic, and a guilty pleasure like none other Kristen Strassel gives us a blend of Queen of the Damned and the Motley Crue biography with this novel, and it could not be satisfying Pick this up for a book that doesn t pull punches.

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    Hmmm Sex, drugs and rock n roll Need Ok, throw in some vampires How about some mystery Murder Cliffhangers Lust Adrenaline Obsession Well, there you go It s all there.Ever wonder what would happen if vampires were free to roam So free in fact that they became rock stars in Vegas, groupies and all I have to say I would never have though to put those three things together vampires, rock n roll and Las Vegas but it gives an interesting and mesmerizing twist to a popular genre.You feel for the main character as you want her to make the right choices, but at the same time you want her to make the wrong ones just to see what happens The introduction of 2 love interests complicates matters, not that it wasn t already complicated coming to Vegas for vacation at 18 and not leaving to go home All I have to say is she gets what she deserves but will you agree I don t want to give anything away, so you ll just have to read it Ready Go.

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    Unsurprisingly, I was sucked in by this book s awesome cover and blurb And, unsurprisingly, this book did not live up to its potential What s cooler than a rock n roll vampire You would think NOTHING could possibly be cooler than combining rock n roll and vampires In this case, however, you would be quite wrong.This book did have promise But there was no depth to it, no character development The story moved along quickly and shallowly, and despite some heavy subject matter, it ended up feeling rather juvenile Many scenes were forced.This book is supposed to be centered around a vampire music scene, yet the music played was in no way described Was it goth Heavy metal Some weird fusion thing No idea The only reaction anyone ever had to it was to be turned on.Although the vampire love interest came with a particular kind of self loathing I could actually like, he and all the other vampires ended up being lame, ineffectual whiners who didn t seem to have any reason at all to hate themselves.The MC, Callie, was no better Awesome I d had unprotected sex with the world s most irresponsible vampire Did my stupidity know no bounds Apparently not Speaking of the MC, I just want to quickly mention how inaccurate the cover image is Callie is half Jamaican and half Irish, with skin the color of cafe au lait and curly blond hair facepalm I could have liked her as a character if she didn t make the dumbest choices ever and keep lying to herself about everything She basically did whatever she wanted while trying to convince herself and everyone else she was helping someone.To make matters worse, the interaction between the women in this book were horrible While Callie had a couple friends, every other woman in the book saw her as competition and therefore hated her Bitch, slut, and whore were thrown around in this book like there was no tomorrow Every woman other than Callie and one main friend was portrayed as desperate and attention seeking.There was a cool twist at the end, literally the VERY end, but nothing was wrapped up and the ending was much too abrupt Everyone gets caught up in the romantic side of living forever, but no one thinks about what it really means

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    If you re looking for steam, sex, black glitter and stage lights, Because The Night is right up your alley and then some The title itself epitomises the book the characters revolve around the night, and all it entails from the lust that lives in the shadows of the night, to the pounding beats and resounding guitar riffs that form the rhythm of midnight on the Las Vegas strip Callie is innocence dipped in a sexy coating, and when she seeks out Tristan, a friend from the past who s gotten himself in deeper than she could have imagined, Callie finds herself moving in the shadows that live behind the flashing lights Tristan is tall, dark and dangerously handsome, but Blade is the fallen angel with his blonde hair and edgy disposition Trapped between what seems like heaven and what looks like hell, Callie finds herself with some difficult choices to make choices that may mean life or death.

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    What do you get when you take sex, drugs, rock roll, and Las Vegas and combine it with some smexy as sin Vampires A tale that will keep you hooked and leave you dying for pun intended While Strassel s vampires are definitely recognizable as just that, vampires, they are definitely very unique I really appreciated the twists that she threw in and how well it was developed throughout the story Although some of the situations in the novel were far removed from reality Strassel developed them in such a manner that you could easily see the possibilities and how it could easily happen The love scenes were definitely unique but fit perfectly in the storyline The story itself never lagged, nor did it jump forwards at any point in time It was a solidly developed storyline, leading you further into the series that kept me wholly captivated throughout Having met the main characters in the prequel to the series it s very easy to see why they interact with each other the way that they do The prequel gave a unique inside look at their relationship That said, you also get to know the characters quite well in this instalment all on its own I felt for the male lead You could see how he ended up in the situation he was in It was also easy to see how the female lead got herself in the predicaments that she caused for herself based on her background Some of the secondary characters were absolutely brilliant I loved them Others were completely aggravating Strassel definitely created a well balanced cast with this one I don t think that there was a single character that I didn t have feelings about, one way or the other Strassel went the extra mile with her characters, showing the differences and similarities between the humans and vampires in the novel I am quite impressed with this author at this point I can t wait to continue on with the series would definitely read other works by this author My final thoughts on this one and a warning for those who have an issue with this type of thing Holy cliffhanger batman Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Twihards 50Shaders will probably have difficulty relating to Callie, the heroine of this delightfully addictive vampiric spin on sexdrugsrocknroll, and that s a very GOOD thing Callie is young, but not entirely naive, and in addition to carrying a torch from the ultimate summer romance of days gone by, she s also under the influence of a supernatural pull called bloodlust the worst, most obsessive infatuation ever, a la drug addiction but, you know, with sex In other words, she s set up to fall, while taking a few people down with her And thinking of myself at that age and inserting myself into the narrative ohmy , I realize I d probably make the exact same mistakes she does, so despite wanting to at times slap the girl silly, I soooo get it Thank God for a vamp romance protagonist who doesn t make me want to puke or fall asleep or both So before you go ah hell naw, not vampires again, fear not this is grit, not glitter You ll love to love and hate the characters in equal doses And you ll pardon the expression suck it dry in no time.

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    Vampires Vegas What could go wrong Or should I say WHO can go wrong For we all know that in Las Vegas during the festive nightlife, anything can happen And showing up to a sold out Immortal Dilemma concert is just one of those things For most girls it is a chance to drool over the insatiable gorgeous boys in the band but for 18 year old Callie Calliope it is to stare at one man Her friend and love interest she grew up with Tristan the guitar player in the band.And the man who seems to be the heart throb of Immortal Dilemma.Callie is a woman that I loved and hated throughout the book Loved her because she was completely real, someone I would expect to make the decisions she made Callie has this heart of gold who only wants what s best for everyone, even at the expense of her own wants and needs She s a very loving and forgiving person A person you want as a friend And she has real fears and regrets but is not afraid to say what s in her heart Which brings me to my next point I hated her because of some those decisions she made Throughout reading the book I kept screaming at what she was doing because I ve been there and tried to fix the bad boy Probably why I could relate to her.Through it all, however, the mistakes she made and the choices she stands for our the choices I think we all have made or will make someday.On the flip side, the bad boy she s trying to fix is Tristan Let s face it, he was her first crush and when he left, she never got over him There is real damage inside about his decision Going to Las Vegas shows what has become of him What I love about Tristan is that I see a real vampire inside Unrepentant to almost a fault, narcissistic and even greedy He pulls no punches and only shows mercy after the deed is done As a human he was a rich, spoiled, drug junky who wanted in his life He has never gotten over Callie because of this sensitivity Yet he has embraced his wild urges and new vampire life.And when the two worlds collide, there is no holding back The streets, and vampiric empire, are never the same.It only took me three days to read and that was because I had full time work so I could only read it between car rides home Between the Night is well worth the read It has mythology, intrigue, romance, mystery and even the occasional juicy murder Trust me, you won t regret picking this book up Get ready to sink your teeth into the Las Vegas band known as Immortal Dilemma and all that goes with it

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    I don t normally read romantic books but I thought I d give this one a try I m really glad I did because I really enjoyed it I can t wait til the next one comes out, I m dying to know what happens next Entertaining and sexy.

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    I was asked to read this book and I agreed because I mean it is about vampires and I have a thing for them BUT I am very, very picky about my vampire books because lets face it, nothing and no one can top Twilight for me SO I don t want people to try at ALL Give me something different, give me original, and for fuck sake DO NOT make them shimmer like glitter So I was a teensy bit hesitant about reading this.But I am glad I didn t let my hesitance hinder my curiosity I really enjoyed this book I almost loved it but there were a few issues that had me holding back This book is about a girl named Callie who takes an adventure to Vegas in order to find herself and her best friend from childhood who up and disappeared from her life Tristan was now in a vampire rock band and starring in his own reality t.v show What Callie thought was all an act blood, bloodlust, and vampires may not have been as fake as she once considered While searching for Tristan she meets a guy named Blake and some other secondary characters that aid Callie in this unknown parallel that she finds herself in While Blake was trying to pull her away from the life she was so curious about, Tristan kept pulling her back and making her want Callie is young and naive throughout this entire book Although I love my heroines to be strong, independent, and snarky, Callie was ok She wasn t my favorite person but I think that has to do with her age and lack of experience in life I didn t relate to her much and she was always so back and forth it drove me a little crazy The writing was a little off at some points where I felt it needed to be edited better but that could have been because I was reading an ARC so it might be different with the final version And I am an information junkie, I want the back story first and then take me on the journey or weave the back info into the story as it progresses I don t think I got a good sense of who these characters were because of this But what I did LOVE was this book was sooooo DIFFERENT and UNIQUE with the different covens factions of rock bands and who ruled which, WOMAN vampires being powerful because I mean woman are the shit The whole concept was freaking amazing The sex was OMG HOT and a little gross but it was so hot that I didn t care.Tristan was hard to read but once I realized he loved Callie the only way he knew how, I fell in deep like with him He wasn t all flowers, hearts, and chocolates but he did show his affections in his own ways I LOVED Blake and I was so pissed at how Callie treated him I wanted to bitch slap her back to reality but I also loved Tristan so I was torn just as she was This book was left on a cliffy but instead of it being annoying, it was like a to be continued and leave you salivating for I was left wanting instead of being like meh I can do without this I want to see where this series is going to go Especially since Callie finds herself in a little situation that she causes herself I give this book a 4 5 and if you love Vampire paranormal or Hell even a good mystery with different shit thrown at you, then I would pick up this book and read it, live it, enjoy it

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    If it s a guilty pleasure you want, then this novel is it.Vampires have become a sort of stalemate for me now Yes, I will admit, during my earlier teen days I was part of the mass hysteria that was Twilight though I will be quick to point out I did fall in love with the book in 2005 when it was published Then, in recent years, as I grew up, I kinda realized that vampires weren t all that And I haven t really read any vampire related novels since, with the odd exception.Then Because The Night happened.Because The Night is addictive It s alluring It s fantastical It s sexy I was captivated right from the start, and I never wanted to finish.Callie goes on vacation to Las Vegas with an ulterior motive to find her old friend Tristan and reconnect with the boy who has found immortality in the band Immortal Dilemma, a vampire rock band Pulled deeper into the scene that threatens to change Callie forever, she meets local Blade, who grounds her in a city of sin But Callie can t quite let Tristan go, especially when she discovers why everyone craves the bloodlust so much.Callie was an interesting character She s definitely an innocent one, but she doesn t let it hold her back like most do On one hand, she s extremely stubborn, but she s also persistent She cares deeply for people otherwise why would she be in Vegas She was an incredibly real character, and she s definitely a character that you ll either love or hate because of the decisions she makes And she makes a lot of wrong choices, and those come back to bite her later on.For once as well, I was completely digging the love triangle Tristan is the boy she never got over, and the one she wants to save Callie doesn t quite realize when she first goes to Vegas exactly how deep over her head she is or really, Tristan is, with the vampires and being a part of Immortal Dilemma He s the epitome of the perfect bad boy stereotype, but despite how harsh he is on Callie, she can see his true heart, and eventually you do see the cracks starting to appear in the cold facade he s built up.On the other hand, you have Blade, who shows strong contempt towards the vampire rock scene He s drawn back into the scene again when he meets Callie, and I really loved seeing their relationship grow Blade s sweet, he s kind and he s caring, and he wants what is best for Callie But the he pushes her to give up on Tristan, the it drives a wedge between them.All the secondary characters were also well fleshed out This novel didn t just centre on the love triangle that was playing out it dealt with the emotions and the turmoil of being part of the vampire rock scene and the consequences that came with that Which was great It portrayed a different side to what you see in most vampire novels.I personally cannot wait to read the next book in the series This first novel was exactly what I needed at the time, and was so refreshing to read as well This is definitely one read to put on your radar if you re looking for something old spiced up with a twist welcome to the darker, grittier world of Immortal Dilemma

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