Irresistible Ink (Inked in the Steel City, #6)

Irresistible Ink (Inked in the Steel City, #6) Unbelievable After Months Of Admiring Arianna During Their Tattoo Sessions, James Is Half In Love And Completely In Lust When He Finally Asks Her Out, Things Move At Lightning Speed, Until He Gets Her Home Where Someone Has Abandoned A Baby On His Doorstep Arianna Should Be Running In The Opposite Direction, So Why Is She The One Who Comes To His Rescue When He Has Nowhere Else To Turn Unlovable Arianna S Past Holds A Secret Sure To Crush James Attraction To Her, Which Is Too Bad Because He S Exactly The Kind Of Guy She D Choose For Herself, If Things Had Been Different She Knows She Should Abandon Their Failed Attempt At A Fling, But She Can T Turn Her Back On Him And His Newborn Niece They Need All The Help They Can Get Being A Part Of His Life While Fighting Her Feelings For Him Is Hard, And Resisting His Feelings For Her Is Even Harder

I write what I know and love adult romance with blue collar heroes and real life flavor Tattoos, handcuffs and men in uniform are a few of my favorite things, and it shows in my thirty published books.I live in the South with my man in uniform, who I married for the entertainment value Just kidding it was the handcuffs, err, true love So far, our happily ever after includes a couple kids,

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    4 I Am Glad It s Not The End Stars.I have to be honest and say that I started reading Irrisistible Ink with a feeling of melancholy, reason being that there was a chance it was the last book in this wonderful series I discovered and fell in love with Ranae Rose s writing when I stumbled across Hot Ink book one whilst randomly browsing one day, and I don t really want to say goodbye to the wonderful characters that she has bought into my life through this series just yet.So, being the nosey madam that I am, I went straight to the source and asked outright if this was the end.Ranae Rose I m planning to write an extra 7th book I don t want to let the series go yet So onto James and AriannaRelationships could be scarred, just like people.This is the first book in the series that actually gives us flashbacks of the characters younger lives, for me this was a pivotal part in the story, especially in James s case as it gives the reader insight into Jed, when he is with Alice view spoiler and how he coped with her death hide spoiler

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    Ever since the first time she walked into Hot Ink James has not been able to get her out of his head It has been a year and he has done each of her three tattoos with each visit she visits his dreams even This time is different, this time James decides to ask Arianna out for dinner Their mutual attraction seems to build and they decide to go back to James apartment, to only discover a baby left abandoned on his doorstep his niece he didn t know he had.James, I can t put into words how much I truly loved James as a character He is my favorite of all the Hot Ink leading men Arianna realizes after becoming involved with James that she lives a very lonely life She is warm and very loving Ultimately they help each other learn that decisions in their past shaped but did not scar their futures and that they are deserving of love.The plot of this book is a little different from the other Hot Ink books because it does have some flashback scenes showing some important moments in James and Arianna s lives We also get to see a glimpse at Jed and Alice s relationship This is a book in a series and can be read as a stand alone but full enjoyment can be found if you read the others first.I received this book from the author for my honest review.My complete review can be found at on release day

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    First I have to say that I loved the cover But after reading this I love it even That is exactly how I picture James James is the last single guy standing at Hot Ink So when he asks out Arianna it is a good thing Finding a baby on his doorstep not such a good thing But they work together to help out the baby and it only fans the attraction between the two Now if they don t let their pasts ruin a chance for happiness in the future the last man standing may fall hard and fast This like the others in this series can be read stand alone but you will get so much out of it if you ve read the others This is a well written fast paced sweet and sexy tale that will leave you with a smile on your face and in your heart.

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    This is a quick, sweet and easy afternoon read No angst no drama.

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    i love the idea of this book and of course after reading i love the book too

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    My first introduction to Ranae Rose was during Lora Leigh s Readers Appreciation Weekend 2013 I sat in on one of her panels, What Goes Bump In The Dark and was charmed by just her very presence and her book cover s are eye candy at its best I had every intention of picking up one of her books at the convention but as we all know money never stretches as far as we want it to at a book event convention so I walked away with none of Ms Rose s books However I was re introduced to Ms Rose s work following Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona this year when her name came up when we were discussing books and I m supremely pleased that I have the pleasure of sharing Ms Rose s work with you.Let me first say that Irresistible Ink can, without a doubt, be read as a stand alone I haven t had the opportunity to read any of the rest of the series but for anyone worried about jumping in so far into a series I say, Get on the diving board and jump right in The water is great This book concerns James who is one of the tattoo artists and his client, Arianna James has lusted after Arianna ever since she first came in for a tattoo but has finally worked up the courage to ask her out One of the things I truly enjoyed about this book was being in James head To truly grasp how much he longed and was waiting for the right time to make a move on Arianna worked for me.Arianna is an interesting woman with a back story that really made my heart long for her happily ever after and thankfully she receives than even she could imagine When we are given the opportunity to hear and see thing through her eyes all you can do is hang in for the ride This woman s story is like many others and filled with heartache but her strength and determination make her a strong and resilient woman even in the face of a huge challenge.The chemistry from these two from chapter one is explosive and yet there is a desire to allow things to sit and go with the punches from both sides of this romance and for that Ms Rose has accomplish great things The need and desire of both these characters is weighed to the ounce by their history and back story and this makes the final result a true delight to read.The addition of James niece appearing on his doorstep following their long anticipated date puts a spanner in their plans for the evening However, the way that James handles this event really gives you a true insight into his personality and makes his character even charming and desirable Arianna s reaction to this event allows her to grow as a character and made her even of a woman that I was cheering for on the sidelines She just rolls with the entire event and decides to make lemonade rather than being the lemon after a stellar date.Final thoughts I will be trying to include the rest of this series into my read time somehow If you haven t picked up any of Ms Rose s work than I highly recommend you do She has made it to my must read author s list after one book.A gifted copy was provided by author publisher for an honest review.

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    First I want to state that this is a great series each book is a pretty fast read, and Ranae Rose has a way of intertwining heartache and happiness that leaves the reader satified and happy with each book they read Now on to the review.James has not had the easiest of lives and some how he is still caring and thoughtful not to mention sexy When he finally gets to go on a date with the woman he has been tattooing and admiring for a while things don t quiet work out as he plans Baby on the front steps in never a good way to end a date or start a relationship, some how it works and James finds himself needing Arianna s help with his niece When the frustration and anger that James has at his sister sends Arianna the wrong message Will Arianna be able to trust that James is a good guy and will accept her secret When resisting a want and need is no longer viable these two will heat up the pages I really enjoyed Jame s and Arianna s story, including their back stories which when I read this book never felt like they were just thrown in there to add a little extra.Overall I think this is a nice ending to this series I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review

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    This is probably my favorite book of this series First is the cover can we say Holy hot tattoo artist, Batman Wow definitely my favorite book cover so far As for the story it is also great what starts out as a simple date turns into a whole mess of other things for James and Arianna You can tell right off James has some issues from the past and you know there is something g up with Arianna but exactly what stays a mystery for a bit One thing I love about this series is that it can be read out of order if necessary and that each book can stand on its own, which is great considering I had to skip the 3rd one Each book has its own unique story with its own unique set of characters that you can fall in love with separately or together as whole when you read the entire series There are little snippets of the other characters in each book but no big thing that if you miss a book and have to move on that to me makes a huge impact on the next story I can t wait to see what s next from Ranae Rose and the Hot Ink crew

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    James can be such a tease when he wants to be, you can t see all my tattoos, either, but you don t think these are the only ones I have, do you he raised his arms Where Arianna is concerned the boy is not patient I ll see you tonight, Arianna said Yeah, you will His di twitched against his jeans He couldn t effing wait.I thought it was cute that James was embarrassed to be naked when the baby was around, don t let her see me like this, he said, uncomfortably aware that the only thing he was wearing was the steel ring above his di It s it s creepy as hell He grabbed a fistful of sheet and held it balled in front of his groin as he stood He also can be a gentleman, haven t given it much thought It s just that it took all my willpower not to follow you back there to your bedroom If we don t leave now His gaze sank to the deep V of her cleavage her top exposed before he met her eyes I love my Hot Ink men but I think I love James the most.

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    A copy was provided by the author for an honest review.Work up nerve to ask hot chick you have been tattooing for months out, check.Take said girl out on date that goes so well you take her back to your apartment, check.Finish off the date with a bang, check if you count the explosion in your head when you find a baby at your front door.It takes a special man to take responsibility for a baby left at his door I loved the willingness of James and Arianna to give so much of themselves to each other and the surprise bundle they found Their story is very touching This couple go through trials that test their compatibility is a short stretch of time that most couples take years to work through.The flash backs to Jed and Alice and the beginning of Hot Ink are huge bonus I have really enjoyed the Inked in the Steele City series and Irresistible Ink was one of my faves Irresistible ink was a great way to couple off the final single man Hot Ink Side note Tattooed men holding, caring for and loving babies are beyond hot

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