The Tube Riders Trilogy (The Tube Riders, #1-3)

The Tube Riders Trilogy (The Tube Riders, #1-3) Included In The Tube Riders Trilogy Boxed Set The Tube Riders The Tube Riders Trilogy The Tube Riders Exile The Tube Riders Trilogy The Tube Riders Revenge The Tube Riders Trilogy The Tube Riders Short Stories Tube RidersFallen From The TrainGoing UndergroundHow Jessica Met Simonplus An Interview With The AuthorThe Tube RidersBeneath The Dark Streets Of London They Played A Dangerous Game With Trains Now It Is Their Only Chance For SurvivalBritain In Is A Dangerous Place A Man Known Only As The Governor Rules The Country With An Iron Hand, But Within The Towering Perimeter Walls Of London Greater Urban Area Anarchy Spreads Unchecked Through The StreetsIn The Abandoned London Underground Station Of St Cannerwells, A Group Of Misfits Calling Themselves The Tube Riders Seek To Forget The Chaos By Playing A Dangerous Game With Trains Marta Is Their Leader, A Girl Haunted By Her Brother S Disappearance Of The Others, Paul Lives Only To Protect His Little Brother Owen, While Simon Is Trying To Hold On To His Relationship With Jess, Daughter Of A Government Official Guarding Them All Is Switch, A Man With A Flickering Eye And A Faster Knife, Who Cares Only About Preserving The Legacy Of The Tube Riders Together, They Are FamilyEverything Changes The Day They Are Attacked By A Rival Gang While Escaping, They Witness An Event That Could Bring War Down On Mega Britain Suddenly They Are Fleeing For Their Lives, Pursued Not Only By Their Rivals, But By The Brutal Department Of Civil Affairs, Government Killing Machines Known As Huntsmen, And Finally By The Inhuman Governor HimselfThe Tube Riders ExileHaving Narrowly Escaped The Governor S Savage Huntsmen, Marta Banks And The Other Surviving Tube Riders Are On The Run In Northern France Trapped Inside A Government Assigned Quarantine Zone, They Search For A Way Out Of A Bleak Countryside Littered With Abandoned Worker Robots And Haunted By Sinister Monks, While At The Same Time A Far Deadlier Threat Than Any They Have Faced Before Is Searching For A Way InThe Tube Riders RevengeLive Together, Die Together Three Years After The End Of The Tube Riders Exile, The Governor Is Preparing For War With Europe Within Mega Britain S Cities, Pockets Of Rebels Fight And Die In The Name Of Marta Banks, Brave Leader Of The Surviving Tube RidersThe Tube Riders Themselves Though, Have Disappeared With Their Trail Gone Cold, The Governor And His Deadly Huntsmen Have No Way To Find ThemThat Is, Until The Day The Governor Recovers A Long Lost Treasure From His Past, An Ancient Artifact That Could Crush The Rebellion For GoodMarta Banks Is About To Lose Everything

Chris Ward is the author of The Tube Riders series, the Tales of Crow series, and the forthcoming Endinfinium YA fantasy series.Join Chris s reader group to get free stuff, news and offers.

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  • The Tube Riders Trilogy (The Tube Riders, #1-3)
  • Chris Ward
  • English
  • 08 July 2019

10 thoughts on “The Tube Riders Trilogy (The Tube Riders, #1-3)

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    I did rate each of these books separately, but thought it made sense to review the trilogy in its entirely.I wasn t sure what to expect when I started, but I was hooked from the first page Fast moving story, with twists and turns that made perfect sense, answers to questions that in turn led to questions, fantastic characters, excellent action sequences, and wonderful writing.For me, the characters are one of the strengths of these books Obviously, we re rooting for the tube riders themselves, but they are not your simple likable heroes They have their faults, and they make mistakes Stitch comes across as a particularly unsavoury character, and it is never clear if he will help or hinder the others.The villains are also well written, with motives that make a great deal of sense, and you get the feeling that, maybe, they might end up helping the tube riders eventually The Governor the main villain is than he first appears to be, and a part of me expected him to redeem himself at the end but I won t say if he does or not no spoilers here.I think the first book s free, and although each book does stand up on its own there are no major cliffhangers, just questions that have yet to be answered , I d recommend going for the complete trilogy You re going to want to find out how the story ends anyway, and you also get some fun little bonuses as well These include short stories some of which were the genesis of the final story and an author interview.

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    Awesome If I could give it a ten or a twenty I would This was such an incredibly book Once you get started into the world of the underground trains it s like going to their hell and back This book has everything you can imagine Watch out for the Huntsmen there s a nightmare for you.cA Super Read

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    I thought the book started a little strangely The whole tube rider concept seemed a little contrived and hard to relate to But As the book went on, it seemed to fit into the strange world and didn t end up seeming as odd By the end of the book one finds oneself invested in the main characters and wanting to keep up with them If, after the first couple of chapters, you think things are just a little too strange, my advice is to keep reading Things will still be strange but it will start to make sense and ends up being a quite enjoyable read.

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    I do love a good dystopian tale and this trilogy is an excellent one The ideas are wonderful, verging on scary because there are parts of it that you could imagine happening other parts not so much, but still wonderful ideas The characters are well developed and the plot moves at a good pace I would highly recommend this series to anyone interested in dystopian stories.

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    Engaging I read the first volume fo free and liked it so much I bought the trilogy

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    SyFy awesomeness

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