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Geek High At This School, Everyone S A Geek And Miranda Bloom Still Can T Fit In Miranda Is A Math Genius With Divorced Parents, An Evil Stepmother, And No Boyfriend In Sight She Can T Even Fit In With The Other Geeks At The Nottingham Independent School For High IQ Students, Because They Actually Have Useful Talents Miranda, On The Other Hand, Is Known As The Human Calculator, Which Doesn T Amount To Much When People Have, You Know, Their Own Calculators Then Miranda Gets Stuck Planning The School S Snowflake Gala And As She Struggles To Find A Date And Drum Up Some School Spirit At Nottingham Aka Geek High She Finds That Who You Are Means Than Where You Fit In

Growing up, Whitney Gaskell always wanted to become a writer Then for some unkown reason, she went to law school Whitney then decided to write under a pen name,

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  • 25 May 2019
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    3.5 stars Super cute the perfect thing when you want a quick, entertaining read that isn t going to tax your brain too much, but also won t leave you frustrated with its vapidity I really liked how smart and honest and funny Miranda s voice was, and the way she owns her geekery and her differences with popular kids.

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    I don t know how I do it I just do When someone asks, What s 52,652 x 95,737 I just know that the answer is 5,040, 744, 524, the same way some people are musical, or good at languages, or know how to wear a scarf without looking stupid Miranda Bloom is not just your typical nerd who loves studying She s also gifted with an extraordinary math skills But is being a math geek enough to fit in at Geek High Unfortunately not, for Miranda So she quitted math club and planned to try other extracurricular activities But through a series of unfortunate events, she got trapped in planning the boring Snowflake event Now that Miranda is in charge of the event, will it be just the same as the usual boring Snowflake Or will it be a lot different And Snowflake is not the only problem of Miranda Through another series of unfortunate events, Miranda was blackmailed by their school s headmaster to get back to Mu Alpha Theta, aka the math club So, what will she do now School life is not the only messed up things in Miranda s life Another series of unfortunate events put Miranda in the care of her father and Stepmother and stepsister, aka the Devil and her Devil Spawn How will she handle everything With these collection series of unfortunate events, will Miranda be able to find her peace of mind and worth The story is just like your typical teenager novel Though, this one is not heavy and deep on romance, which probably might drive you away However, it still has that sort of secret crushing or obsessing over a really gorgeous guy, who never looks at you the way you want him to And just when he started talking to you and you got really excited and happy, you found out he s not really after you, but your step sister, whom you ve never liked How s that image I like how each chapter of the story went by like a slice of a real life Where things don t always happen the way you planned it or want it cause that s life You re never sure of what will happen next But even though it goes that way, so long as you don t fret much about it, you ll find that things will always turn the way you never see it possible, and it might even be better.Of course, there were cliche parts that make it like the typical teenage romance such as the prom like Snowflake event Wherein, you are expected to bring a date, which may seem a big deal for a nerd like Miranda And also you need to find a pretty dress and a nice hair and make up that will transform you from an ugly duckling to a pretty swan image image Yeah, those parts you always see in typical teenager romantic movies Like always And the ending where the dancing starts that eventually led to the kissing scene Only this time, the kiss happened first before the dance part And Miranda doesn t really have a date How and why Read it Dimage But it was a nice read Light, smooth, and cute NO big dramas And Miranda narrates the story interestingly funny.

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    If you want wholesome reading or some shit.Gross.

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    Miranda Bloom s world has been turned upside down Her mother, a famous romance author, has decided to move to England in order to research her next book, but isn t planning on taking Miranda Instead she has to move into her father s house and live with her step mother, Peyton, and her step sister Hannah neither of which want her around EVER.Miranda attends Notting Hill Independent School for Gifted Children a.k.a Geek High She is the most gifted math student at school and is known as The Human Calculator which she hates because being a Human Calculator is pretty useless since everyone has regular calculators.Miranda isn t popular at Geek High She has two loyal friends, Charlie and Finn Charlie is a very talented artist and Finn is brilliant with computers In fact, to shake things up this year, Finn has created a tell all website at When word gets around about the website and a story is posted about the queen bee of the school the principal accuses Miranda of being the creator of the website She assures the principal she doesn t have anything to do with it, but refuses to reveal the author For punishment she is forced to plan the Snowflake Gala an event that isn t very popular with the students.On top of dealing with living in a house where she is considered a guest and being forced to plan the Snowflake she has to deal with the guy she s been crushing on for two years fall for Hannah Her principal also blackmails her into joining the competitive math team again even though she wants to be on the high school s literary magazine instead.Throughout all the stress of the semester, Miranda manages to learn a lot about herself while at the same time pulling off a wonderful Snowflake Gala Her relationship with her father drastically improves and she and Hannah even form some kind of bond Even though the story is a bit predictable, Miranda is an enjoyable character that you ll want to see win in the end You ll be happy to know that GEEK ABROAD, the sequel will be available May of 2008.

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    I had picked this book up on a whim based on the saying on the front cover, You say nerd like its a bad thing To me that saying was funny and held promise of a book full of humor So I bought the book, and was not dissapointed Following Miranda Bloom through a semester at Geek High as she plans the The flow was very well written. the story was pretty good I only meant to just START reading the book the day I bought it. I ended up finishing it that night Miranda Bloom s life consists of a laid back mother, an absentee father who just married a demon on that later with a demon spwan her daughter , two pretty sane friends, a dog who loves her dearly, and no boyfriend which she hopes will changein the near future She isn t the prettiest, or the ugliest, and she doesn t have a major talent She can do an equation before you can say calculator, but that isn t really a talent since she can easily be replaced by a calculator.I really like the guy Dex, but Miranda seems a bit over dramatic and stero typical at times Such as, the geek trying to get the guy girl But I still enjoyed it You can even pick up on the connection between Finn and Charlie.

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    If it d been up to me, I would not have picked this book Not ever I mean, the About the Author page only said something like this Piper Banks lives inwith her husband, daughter, and smelly pug dog You can visit her website atAnd that s all So you can tell she sucks It s not that I always go for the most popular books, but this one is clearly unpopular for a reason The concept is too cliche , too predictable, too boring, nothing special It made me feel like I was reading Wuthering High all over again but I LIKED that one, even if it does tend to use an unnecisary ammount of swearing usage just to sound high schoolish I mean, okay, evil stepmother, evil stepsister, does not feel comfortable at school, I get it As soon as they brough Dex in the picture I knew immediately that in the end he and she would be together TOO PREDICTABLE And, yeah, they try to make it funny but the way I see it, if you re into reading and writing, you don t enjoy everyday life Ergo, you don t particularily enjoy realistic fiction books I sure didn t.

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    A light bubbly book, the kind of book you read on a boring sunday to brighten up your day, but nothing that you haven t read before 3.5 stars because i finished it in one day.

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    On e of my favorite characters in the Geek High is the main character Miranda Bloom, having to live with her father, stepmother and stepsister unwillingly she still kept her head high If I were to recommend this book to some I would recommend it to someone who was having a hard time in high school While reading this book a character that I stumbled upon that was my least favorite was Hannah Hannah is Miranda s step sister who tortures her Hannah makes Miranda feel like she is nothing and that she is a nerd that goes to Geek High and she isn t important to her What kept me reading this book was every time I closed it I wanted to know what was going to happen next Something always happened that makes you not want to stop reading I wasn t able t predict the ending, but it depends on what you think is going to happen and from there you will know The emotions I felt when reading Geek High was some points happy and some mad I felt mad when Miranda s stepmother, father, and stepsister say rude comments to make her feel like she is wanted.I think the author s intention was to show you that you don t need to change for others The portion of that book that captured my attention was in the begging when Miranda was called to the office for the situation with her and felicity While this was going it captured my attention, because even though Miranda had nothing to do with it If I were to make this book in to a movie I would use some of the cast from Degrassi, these character resemble the characters in Geek High One of my favorite lines from the book is Oh no no no no no no no But, I realized, my stomach sinking, there wasn t a chance that Emmett would ever look at Hannah and me standing side by side and chose me Well, Okay, one discussion, but still Surely no one had ever told Hannah she needed plastic surgery I like me this line, because it makes it seems like Emmett is a jerk for liking Hannah when Hannah seems like a very stuck up person.

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    I really enjoyed this one, but it surprised me I thought this was going to be really heavy on the romance I was excited for one of those nerdy girl wins the popular guy stories It was that, sort of But the main character only had like 3 scenes with the main love interest in the whole book Not near enough to satisfy me or make me really understand why they like each other I mean I could see it, and they had great chemistry, but I felt they had zero time for anything to develop because the never saw each other Aside from that, which with my totally cheesy sappy over the top romance taste should have been a fatal flaw I still really enjoyed this book I loved the main character and I loved her relationship with her family The secondary characters in this were a lot developed than the main love interest In fact, I felt like I knew almost everyone in the book better than him I guess what I m saying is that there was much to this plot than just nerd girl gets the popular boy It worked for me.

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    2 stars KIND OF a retelling of Cinderella s story, I mean it has some loosely elements like the mean and shallow stepmother and stepsister, the big house palace and the handsome guy prince, and at the beginning makes you believe at least I know I did this might be a retelling of the fairy tale, but don t, just stop your hopes right there, cause it isn t This book turn out to be very predictable making emphasis in very, and I know what I was into when I start reading this Look at the cover, and read the synopsis , but I was hoping to find out some real good twists trough the book, but again I was wrong.And finally the cliches OMG the cliches specially at the end.IDK I guess this book was too peace and love for me.The 2 stars were bcs of the humor I found some fun moments trough the book, with Miranda s sarcasm and some of the fights between her friends that turn out to be hilarious but that s it.I won t be reading next book in a near future.

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