To Alaska, With Love

To Alaska, With Love A Touch Of SilkManhattan Columnist Kay Freemont Has Made A Career Out Of Writing About Sex And Relationships, Yet Spends Her Nights Alone So When Sexy Alaskan Bachelor Quinn Scofield Places An Ad In Her Magazine To Find A Wife, Kay Can T Resist The Opportunity To Finally See What All The Hype Is About Though City Girl Kay Was Only Looking For A Red Hot Fling, She S Beginning To Feel Right At Home, Both In The Small Town Of Bear Creek And In Quinn S Loving Arms A Thrill To RememberMeggie Scofield Is Ready To Rejoin The Dating Scene After Her Divorce, And The Town S Masquerade Party Seems Like The Perfect Place To Start Delighted When A Gorgeous Masked Man Catches Her Eye, Meggie Is Later Stunned To Find Out The Sexy Stranger Is Actually Caleb Greenleaf, Her Former Brother In Law Their Chemistry Is Undeniable, But Will One Thrilling Night Turn Into The Love They Ve Both Been Looking For

Lori Wilde can t remember a time when she didn t want to write She even went to nursing school so she could have a schedule flexible enough to allow her to write on the side She nursed for 20 years, working in a variety of settings from the newborn nursery to the recovery room, to dialysis But she never lost her desire to write.She sold her first book in 1994 to Silhouette Romance but later dis

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    I purchased this novel at a local book store about three weeks ago thinking hoping that it would be a good read because Alaska is one of my favorite settings for novels and it is rare for any novel to be centered around the last frontier I wasn t the least bit thrilled with this book by the time that I had finished reading it and I had to really push myself just into finishing it.This book features not one but two stories with both containing very similar plots that I am still having a hard time trying to decide the reasoning behind doing this The first story of the book was far better than the second but still contained just as a many flaws and many unanswered questions The endings did not finish either of the stories and I felt like I was still waiting to finish the novel when I had already done so.One of the things that stands out to me the most as I write this review is the how pushy the heroes were with the heroines Normally I like strong, alpha hero males but Wyatt and Caleb were just overly done and I really didn t want to spend the time that I did in their company in my reading As for the heroines I liked both Kay and Meggie but thought that in their own nature they could have been much stronger characters, perhaps then stories would have been realistic.My biggest flaw with this novel is how rushed it is It is just as if the author is scrambling about writing to just fill the pages and not as equally caring about how the plot or the characters are lining up within those pages I think I am really disappointed because I have reviewed other books by Wilde and I know how great she had write and how well a story can be penned so I think this book is just a miss.As for continuing to read future novels from Wilde I think I will be a little bit selective in doing so and I think I will be doing my homework ahead of a time before I purchase another one of her novels to make that is suitable to what I am use to from the author herself.

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    A Touch of SilkManhattan columnist Kay Freemont has made a career out of writing about sex and relationships, yet spends her nights alone So when sexy Alaskan bachelor Quinn Scofield places an ad in her magazine to find a wife, Kay can t resist the opportunity to finally see what all the hype is about Though city girl Kay was only looking for a red hot fling, she s beginning to feel right at home, both in the small town of Bear Creek and in Quinn s loving arms.A Thrill to RememberMeggie Scofield is ready to rejoin the dating scene after her divorce, and the town s masquerade party seems like the perfect place to start Delighted when a gorgeous masked man catches her eye, Meggie is later stunned to find out the sexy stranger is actually Caleb Greenleaf, her former brother in law Their chemistry is undeniable, but will one thrilling night turn into the love they ve both been looking for Details to the scenery, and ambiance of Alaska was so beautifully written i wanted to go there myself Then you add to it the sexy, love story that never quite went the way you immagined it would, and you have a solid 5 star hit.

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    Two sweet love stories by Lori Wilde I loved every minute of this book and was sad when it ended.

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    I really enjoyed this book by Lori Wilde I don t know why it took me a week to read this book but it did The book features two stories in the one book The first story is A Touch Of Silk and the second one is A Thrill To Remember.Both stories are related The book is about a single man who comes to Manhattan, New York to place an ad in a local women s magazine about finding single ladies to marry Quinn Scofield of Bear Creek, Alaska and three of his friends are taking out an Ad in the Metropolitan magazine The ad is a full color page ad stating Wild Women Wanted, Do you have what it takes to be a wilderness wife Quinn is a guide, volunteer fireman, DJ of his parents radio station, Caleb Greenleaf is a Naturalist for the state of Alaska, Jake Gerard runs the local bed and breakfast, and Mack McCaulley is the bush pilot.On the plane ride to New York, Quinn spots this beautiful blonde He has it bad for him She s riding in first class and he s sitting in Coach right behind and can see everything about her He s practically drooling over her but she pretty much snubs him However, he meets up with her again at the magazine office Kay Freemont is a Charlize Therron look alike, sophisticated and from a very wealthy family She was raised to never show emotion and never let people see the real you, and you carry yourself properly no matter what the situation is You marry for a good match, it doesn t matter if you love the other person or not.Quinn is so down to earth and he always speaks his mind Everyone that meets him just loves him because he s just real The sparks fly between Quinn and Kay It s very interesting how these two interact with each other.The second story is about Caleb Greenleaf In his book everyone has found a wife except for him Caleb invested in a project and turned around and sold it and became a millionaire Caleb is becoming discouraged because all the women he s meeting is only interested in his money not him Than one evening at a Masquerade Ball he see s a mysterious woman dressed as Klondike Kate a local legend of Alaska and he falls head of heels Who is the mystery woman Let s just say it s a woman who he has had a secret crush on since he was in his teens This mystery woman thinks Caleb is hot but she doesn t know who he is because he s dressed as Don Juan Have I peaked your interest Well get the book and read about these handsome men from Alaska.

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    1st story was A Touch of Silk and it was pretty good I like the whole setup and storyline from beginning to end and enjoyed the romance that Quinn wanted for Kay to experience in order to prime her for her sexual release It was good to take the city girl out of her element and experience a part of life she hadn t seen before It was a good romance and I liked how it ended.2nd story was A Thrill to Remember 2 stars This is the 4th story in the series and I wondered why it wasn t 2 hmmm It had a whole different feel but same set up Woman needs to reinvent herself after her husband boyfriend leaves her because she isn t good in bed Dull Now she wants to experiment and be courageous what better way than at a masked ball this is where it jumped the shark how could she not know or him I can t believe that over time she didn t figure it out I finished it to see how it ended but still didn t feel it I love LW and her writing so it missed the mark but it won t stop me from reading from this author.

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    Interim rating given I have read the first four chapter excerpts at the library I have it on hold so I can read the rest of it It is so good I am trying to get use to reading ebooks on my laptop don t enjoy I have been tempted to go over the pick up the paperback book from Chapters or Shoppers Drug Mart right now I want to read the rest of this book now so far high rating on it Lori sure isn t disappointing so far Well went out to the book store. and purchased the book and glad I did Enjoyed both stories of the book Would have loved to hear about the Alaska weather and struggles living up there that could affect folks staying leaving or the love the Alaska to keep them there too to feel like they definitely in Alaska but I did really enjoy the story and the characters of this story Aside from that I still enjoyed the book and would recommend these two romantic stories by Lori Wilde.

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    Normally I love books by Lori Wilder and this one about 2 rugged Alaskan men and their quest to get married was enough incentive to get this book from the new books section of the library But when I got the book, I started out confused is it really a new book or just a retelling of some older stories about Quinn Scofield of Bear Creek, Alaska who falls for a city girl in publishing and Caleb Greenleaf, who falls for Klondike Kate at a masquerade ball Good premise in both stories, but just not up to this author s usual standard Missed the witty and tight dialogue from previous novels that was just not in these And while the remote settings are believable and add to the novel, the characters and plots did not live up to the majestic locale

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    I liked this book okay, but the authors use of well worn euphemisms about sex, and, especially the descriptions of the male anatomy, kept getting in the way In reality, I would give it 2 1 2 stars I liked the characters enough not to hurl the book across the room every time I came across these laughable descriptions, but it was a struggle each and every time So, bear that in mind if you do pick it up to read.

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    I picked up this book because I love Alaska, but it was really just a backdrop for a reissue of two stories from 2002 Inexplicably, these were books 1 and 4 in a series about mail order wives coming to Alaska Debbie macomber did this idea so much better in her midnight sons series Each story had some decent moments, but both were similar ideas and not that interesting.

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    This was my introduction to this author, and I must admit that it left a really good first impression, so much so, I purchased the book that follows it Her writing style is easy to fall into and just enjoy It was a engaging, yet pleasurable read Highly recommend

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