Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight Of The West

Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight Of The West Roaming From America To Europe To Australia, Lights Out Is A Trenchant Examination Of The Tensions Between A Resurgent Islam And A Fainthearted West And Of The Implications For Liberty In The Years Ahead In , The Canadian Islamic Congress Brought Three Suits Against Maclean S, Canada S Biggest Selling Newsweekly, For Running An Excerpt From Steyn S Bestselling Book America Alone, Plus Other Flagrantly Islamophobic Columns By The Author A Year Later The CIC Had Lost All Its Cases And Steyn Had Become A Poster Boy For A Worldwide Phenomenon The Collision Between Islam, On The One Hand, And, On The Other, Western Notions Of Free Speech, Liberty And Pluralism In This Book, Steyn Republishes All The Essays The Western World S New Thought Police Attempted To Criminalize, Along With New Material Responding To His Accusers Covering Other Crises From The Danish Cartoons To The Salman Rushdie Fatwa, He Also Takes A Stand Against The Erosion Of Free Speech, And The Advance Of A Creeping Totalitarian Multiculturalism And He Considers The Broader Relationship Between Islam And The West In A Time Of Unprecedented Demographic Transformation

Canadian born American conservative political commentator, and cultural critic.

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  • 14 October 2018

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    Stein is funny Hal edited the swear words for me I liked this Read America Alone first In the case of an enfeebled west at twilight, the fault is wholly in us After Sep 11th 2001, many agonized progressives looked at America and its allies relations with the Muslim world and argued that we need to ask ourselves Why do they hate us As Brian Dunn, a Michigan blogger, put it, a relevant question is Why do we hate us After all, if all our institutions, from grade school to public broadcasting to Hollywood movies to Canadian human rights commissars, operate from the basic assumption that western civilization is the font of racism, imperialism, oppression, exploitation and all the other ills of the world, why be surprised that the rest of humanity takes us at our word

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    Fascinating, entertaining and importantFor those of you who are not aware, Mark Steyn was brought before three courts of Canada s Human Rights Commission for violating the human rights of some Muslim students and the Canadian Islamic Congress You see, in Canada, your right not to be offended is important than your right to speak your mind except in the hypocritical cases Steyn has fun with throughout the book What was Steyn s crime Maclean s magazine printed excerpts from his book America Alone The End of the World As We Know It This was a bestseller in America and Canada but if he was found guilty the books would be pulled from all Canadian bookstores and Maclean s would have to be minded by politically correct nanny censors Steyn is continually amazed that large numbers of Canadians apparently think there s nothing wrong in subjecting the contents of political magazines to the approval of agents of the state p 4 Steyn details the fight against these three cases Along the way he generates lots of memorable quotes such as, I don t want to get off the hook I want to take the hook and stick it up the collective butt of these thought police p 5 So, Steyn includes offending comments from the excerpts that brought him to court He also includesRead at

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    Because Lights Out is mainly a collection of previously published and posted columns, some ideas are repeated enough times to notice But on the whole, a smart, fun book.

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    This is a collection of columns written by Steyn while in his battle with provincial Human Rights Commissions in Canada over Mclean s publication of an excerpt of his book America Alone I always enjoy reading or listening to Steyn because of his sense of humor and clever turns of phrases, but this book is a serious cautionary tale on the dangers of government suppression of expression The powers given to the Human Rights Commissions in the provinces hail back to the Star Chamber and Stationers Company control of the English press in the 1600s His accounts from the the midst of the fray provided some provocative current examples for discussion in the introductory unit of my Media Law class Understanding what happened to the likes of William Prynne and John Lilburne before the Star Chamber seems remarkably relevant when reading about the prosecutions of Steyn and Mclean s in Canada.

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    A collection of essays, mostly originally from the Canadian news magazine Macleans and many of which I had seen before, detailing Steyn s well known struggles with a twisted mutant arm of the Canadian justice systems Distilled down, it would make a good chapter for Nick Cohen s You Can t Read This Book I bought it to help Steyn out with his legal costs in his current stoush with Trofim Whats his name of Pennsylvania State University.Best is the essay in defence of the late Oriana Fallaci, which is incandescent with righteous rage and at the same time a surgically precise evisceration of the idiotic attack made against her.

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    Steyn is brilliant and funny when discussing a the barbarity of Islam as a religion and worldview as reflected by the vast majority of its adherents, not just a radical few, and b the moral cowardice of Europe, North America, and the rest of the civilized world in defending the virtues that made the West far superior to the rest, namely respect for individual rights, free speech, limited government, and separation of church and state power Steyn himself was harassed by the Canadian government for his truth telling to an alarming degree Very scary.

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    Read this book while you still can It will be one of the first that the soon to come US PC Police will pull from the shelves and toss on the pyre In a world where one can be brought to court for the opinions and thoughts of the invented characters in a work of fiction seriously, it happened in Canada and the author LOST this is an important read.We who still read take freedom of expression for granted We like to think that western society is a marketplace of ideas where discourse is open and ideas are examined on their merits But censorship already has a grasp on the throat of freedom Proof There are books NOT being published, movies NOT being made, news stories NOT being written, and positions NOT being examined simply because it is not Politically Correct to do so.Steyn s definition of a nanosecond is telling a nanosecond is the time interval between an Islamic terror attack and a politician s denouncement that the attack was not really Islam In this era of Orwellian Newspeak, a Muslim attacking a Kosher butcher with an ax is the act of a lunatic, not a Muslim , the flying of planes into skyscrapers is referred to as anti Islam activity , and ISIS the Islamic State in Syria is neither Islamic nor a State, says our President.The truth is, it is probably too late to stem the tide of PC The surest way to win an argument is to prevent the opposition from taking part in it.

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    A collection of Steyn s essays published hither and yon, along with comments and notes, on the following subject On August 3rd 1914, on the eve of the Great War, Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary, stood at the window of his office in the summer dusk and observed The lamps are going out all over Europe Today the lamps are going out on liberty all over the western world in a subtle and elusive and profound way The rest of the west doesn t have a US style First Amendment British Commonwealth countries have robust instruments of freedom going back to Magna Carta Continental Europe has a rather erratic inheritance, but they are supposedly supporters of things like the UN s Universal Declaration of Human Rights Unfortunately, a lot of them are far too comfortable with the proposition that in free societies it is right and proper for the state to regulate speech Americans should read this book because, The idea that America can survive as a lonely beacon of light on a dark planet is absurd The United States is part of a global economy, a signatory to global agreements, a member of global agreements, a member of transnational bodies To accept these brutish assaults on free speech in the rest of the west is to make inevitable a world in which one day they will be under assault in the heart of the superpower, too.

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    Enlightenment in the Endarkenment Multiculturalism is a unicultural phenomenon It exists only as a western fetish, and we don t believe in it, not really Even hardcore multiculturalists want to live in a western society For one thing, that s the only place you can make a living as a multiculturalist Steyn is at his best as an uproarious polemicist mercilessly mocking and relentlessly ridiculing his critics This volume has all of his virtues and few,if any, of his liabilities on what is perhaps the most important subject he writes about.

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    This book covers the author s travails with the P C police His description of his attempt to defend his writing against Canada s human rights commission is pretty chilling He relates facts about the muslim world view and their reactions to events around the world such as the 2006 Danish cartoon incident Educational, humorous and frightening.

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