Glitch Blue Eyes And His Illegal Slip Of Paper Are About To Shatter Abby S Perfect World When A Mysterious Guy From The Forbidden Zone Sneaks A Note To A Beautiful Young Girl From Brighton, She Must Decide If She Should Turn Him In Or Follow What The Note Says Eighteen Year Old Abby Has No Trouble Following Brighton S Rules For One, She S OCD About Checking Her Date Of Death Clock Latched To Her Wrist, Making Sure Her Decisions Never Shorten Her Lifetime, And Two, She Enjoys The Peace Brighton Has To Offer But When Her Best Friend Returns From Her Advice Meeting A Glimpse Into The Future Shell Shocked And Won T Tell Abby What S Happened, She S Worried What Awaits Her Meeting In A Few Days The Stranger With Blue Eyes Warned Her Not To Go, But Does Abby Dare Enter The Forbidden Zone To Get Answers Or Is She Doomed To Live The Life Her Glimpse Is About To Show Her Find Out In This Suspenseful YA Romance brendapandos

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  • Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • Glitch
  • Brenda Pandos
  • 12 July 2019
  • 9780984983575

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    I received this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review It took me some time to get and remain in the story, and I have to admit that in the end, well, I didn t like it There were good ideas, and it started off as promising however, after a while, everything became so disjointed that I wasn t sure any what I was reading, and the abrupt ending cliffhanger just left me wait, whut.The first thing I couldn t wrap my mind around was the world itself It contains lots of elements, and seems quite rich in terms of background to exploit, but the way it was introduced didn t make much sense to me We have zombies who may or may not exist Sasquatches half human, half animal whose origin is definitely unclear and what I m going to call a pocket universe , a.k.a Brighton, without any information about the rest of the world I admit I wouldn t have been bothered so much if I had read this book some 3 years ago, but after so many dystopian stories revolving about the same theme, I can t help now but always wonder Is this community the only one What about others Don t they communicate Do people really believe all that, and never question anything, even privately, in their own thoughts The Oracle part was also problematic she s introduced around the 25% mark, as something everybody seems to know at least, the way Abby mentions her , but I can t remember her existence being mentioned sooner, and this felt weird Also, this The EA wanted to purge blue eyes from future generations, saying they had a proclivity to disease and illness Why This begged for an explanation, and we never got it This looks like a really important element, so important that the EA goes to such lengths as to, well, spay people who might give birth to children with blue eyes Why Are blue eyes linked to some special power Is some blue eyed person born in the future, so they re trying to prevent his her birth by removing blue eyes from the gene pool altogether As it is, it just didn t make sense.Some pacing problems, too The beginning was interesting The middle lacked in excitement discover people outside, travel to camp, life at camp The third part contained many time jumps, and those were terribly confusing I d like to chalk said confusion to my being tired, but I m really not sure about that I get there are different timelines, and that there s a key moment in the past from which various futures are determined or was the key moment sometime in the future, with a cure being found for something that happened in the present, yet it had to be brought to the past for the present to be normal again The way things happened in that regard were, again, very confusing, and that part of the plot kept contradicting itself I still have no idea how the person able to jump in time did it claiming I have no control , yet always conveniently arriving at the exact moment they aimed for , nor how her powers suddenly came out, nor how she managed to sort through all those timelines She seemed to learn that in a snap of fingers, when it s probably something anyone would need at least days of training to master if only in their mind.I didn t really like any of the characters Abby has every male character pining after her, and of course she can t decide it s insta love but it isn t, no, wait, it is whiny, needy, then turning badass out of nowhere Kaden stop being the broody loner and TALK, because I tell you, this clears up misunderstandings in record time Memphis any person calling another Sugar from the beginning or babe , baby , or whatever other cutesy name makes me cringe and the testosterone contest regarding who gets the girl gets tiring, pretty fast I felt like smacking him every time he made moves such as sliding his arm around Abby s waist in a possessive gesture The community girls are at the camp, doing laundry and cooking and washing the dishes, because everyone knows they can t have any useful skills like hunting or patrolling, nor can any guy cook a meal Decisions everybody seems to act on a whim, sometimes out of character, and a lot of problems could have been avoided if they had just initiated basic communication, instead of puffing chests and trying to prove how manly they were Reader not impressed here.On the writing side a couple of proofing problems Complement Compliment , that got corrected after a while, but were still annoying Maybe they re not in the printed copy any, though.Although the next book is bound to hold answers, after such a cliffhanger, I m not interested enough to pick it.

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    Man oh man, what can I say Writing about time travel requires a very special talent, a talent that this author does not have Don t get me wrong, I think Ms.Pandos has a lot of potential as a writer, but the time travel aspect of this book was extremely disjointed.Everything started out okay but quickly became convoluted and odd Sasquatches, zombies and glitches oh my There was no back story for anything I m not saying that there needed to be a massive info dump, but this novel demands blind faith and I just couldn t do it.Unfortunately this was a bit painful to read At this point in time I am not sure if I feel confident enough in this story to read the sequel 2.5 5, would not recommend Note I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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    I was under the impression that this book dealt solely with zombies and it would just be another zombie apocolypse story Boy was I wrong IT WAS SO MUCH MORE I really enjoyed the storyline and thought it was unique and creative Ms Pandos has outdone herself with this book and I really cannot wait to see where this story is headed The main character of Abby is considered a good girl She follows all rules and has never broken a law in her life But when the mysterious blue eyed boy leaves her a note, she has to find out what it says So she sneaks off after curfew and goes by the wall to retrieve it The message has her a little baffled considering the mystery man obviously is from outside the wall What could he possibly know about her life Now no book would be complete without a few swoony boys and this one has a gaggle of them We get a sense of whom Abby feels a connection with but there are a couple of others that she had affections for also and it leads me to believe that there may be quite boy trouble on the horizon.There were actually some zombies, but the book is not focused on this fact and the story has to do with the survival of the people and Abby being a major component My favorite part was the fact that each person upon their eighteenth birthday gets to meet their future self and ask them questions This is so that they can possibly learn from their future mistakes Can you imagine a world where this actually happens One would think that this would make our world a perfect place but, this really causes alot of problems with these characters.I kinow this is the first book in the series and we were left on a bit of a cliffhanger I am hoping to have the next book in my hands soon Thank you to Brenda for the review copy and allowing me to be on this tour Head over to the blog to read the first 2 chapters of this book

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    I just want to say OMG this book is amazing I underestimated it a little when I thought it was about zombies and that s not really my cup of tea Seriously it s so much don t let the thought of zombies put you off.Abby lives behind the confines of a wall in Brighton and she is obsessed with her D.O.D date of death watch and always keeps an eye on it to see the minutes ticking by Everyone thinks their safe in Brighton with everything running smoothly and their all scared of the zombies over the wall.Abby only has one day until she turns 16 and meets her compliment which is her 35 year old self and she has questions to ask But during a baseball match in where she slips into a ditch she meets a blue eyed boy who hands her a slip of paper which is forbidden that reads don t go to your meeting.Her meeting doesn t go to plan and she has her suspicions about her 35 year old self So with the help of her best friend Elle she tries to find out and also about that blue eyed boy.One night though Abby s life changes forever and takes a drastic turn in which secrets, lies and truth all come to the front.This book keeps you on a journey that leaves you surprised and open mouthed It s definitely a page turner It fastly became one of my favourite books of all time and I can t wait for Switch.

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    This was so much fun It was liked Matched, but with zombies and focused less on romance and on the world.In this world it is far in the future, everything we have now is old and outdated The world is a dystopian disguised as a utopian where everyone is watched and carefully monitored Everyone wears a wristband that tells them everything about their life It tells them their death date and allows them to hook up to their computer systems to know many other things about themselves, like who will be their ideal match and what career they ll have On their birthday, they get to meet their future selves and they guide them on the right path to get that future.Abby is a girl very paranoid with her wristband, constantly looking at it and carefully picking her decisions as every one can shorten or lengthen ones lifespan In fact, the opening scene is of Abby looking at her watch during a baseball game and her lifespan is quickly reaching zero it goes years, months, days, minutes, seconds because she s not paying attention and a baseball is about to hit her Abby s life is about to change drastically when a man with blue eyes tells her not to go to the meeting with her future self did I mention that everything is regulate about their lives, down to their genetics If someone has a recessive gene for anything they consider abnormal, like blue eyes, they make it so that the person with the gene can t pass on the blue eyes gene to their children.Abby goes, and things are weird from the start because it doesn t go how is should It s technically not her birthday, but she was told to go that day anyway After the trouble she has to go through to have the meeting, she notices something is fishy immediately Her future self is being very vague, she s not acting like Abby normally does She s telling her not a whole lot about her future, just that she should drop Elanor , her friend, which she never addresses like that because she knows Elli doesn t like it Her future self sounds very fake and doesn t give any definitive answers.Abby gets told some world changing news by the blue eyed guy and his brother, later revealed to be named Kaden and Memphis respectively She also gets told that their overseers, the EA, have lied about a whole lot, like about the zombies that are supposedly outside the barriers surrounding their colony There were small parts that I didn t like, but I don t know whether it s from just being confused over it, or because one thing was said, but another happened It was confusing.Like, Abby was taken to the rebel s colony by Kaden and Memphis It was let known to her that people wouldn t be accepting of her being there, especially their father Abby gets the choice of whether she wanted to leave or to go, and she chose to go She begins to leave but her future self shouts at her, Don t you dare go home , and it seems like she gets tazered and falls unconscious And the next chapter has Abby saying that she willingly choose to stay.Also, there s one part where the author put Compliment, instead of Complement And awkward sentence structure, like, She zinged her eyes at me and captured me I think there could ve been a better way to say that lana looked at Abby and Abby paid particular attention to her eye color In the end, it seems like Abby moved from Brighton and from under EA s watchful eye to another constrictive colony where everyone watch carefully monitored and didn t leave and obeyed the rules It seems very redundant and not much of a rebellion rather than people choosing to live somewhere where they got to do the things they wants, like not be forcefully sterilized Which I understand, but it seems like the rebellion colony is just as restricted as Brighton Also, it doesn t seem likke Abby knew just what she was getting into She was told a bunch of negetive things about the EA but it never seems like it amounted to this great evil to top all evils She keeps switching from wanting to stay, then wanting to leave and blame her staying on others that aren t her It doesn t seem like she understands herself and needed to think harder and longer on the decision to stay than she did.I didn t really care for the romance in the book, it didn t seem like it belonged there, as Abby is easily swayed by all these blue eyed cute guys being introduced to her, like Van He introduces himself to her, and she s instantly swayed by his behavior towards her, how she thinks he s a gentlemen while Memphis and Kaden are unruly Abby instantly has a harem of guys fawning over her because girls are scarce I also didn t like that certain things were considered a woman s job, a girlie thing Really I don t understand why certain chores, like cooking, cleaning, baking, hobbies like knitting are labeled as a female thing, and a frou frou girlie thing as well.Over all I really enjoyed this, it was a nice refresher from a lot of the insta love dystopians that I ve read.

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    Thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for providing me with this copy in exchange of an honest review.Glitch A Summary1 Stay tuned to find out how you kill one of the most important men of the citywithout a plan Or guns Or anything really.2 Wtf, strong feelings How can you fall in love with someone you ve seen like two times Remember that you had an argument those two times Oh, and he kidnapped you.2.1 Yes, you want to decide things for yourself You re a wild thing and can t be tamedbut I say in the future we re married so you instantly agree and start feeling things.3 Wait what This is so confusing, I don t understand.4 Cliffhanger Not a good one.This book started out really well I was enjoying myself and thinking that maybe I would be able to rate it highlybut then came the love triangle and, with it, a seriously boring middle In the end, I was just dragging it and hoping I could read faster I was so happy when I found out it wasn t 289 pages long as I initially thought.I liked the concept of the city behind walls, the EA, the watch that told you your time of death and even the meeting with the Complement It was an interesting taking on time traveling Beyond that, there s not much to praise.First off, this book has numerous demonstrations of sexism and I m definitely not ok with that So, apparently, men can t cook or do the laundry or whatever because those are girlie things And don t forget, this is set in the future I was expecting a different set of mind.Also, slut shaming for Abby wanting to flirt with the guys She was a single girl, I don t see what the problem was.She was treated as property the whole book and that was extremely uncomfortable for me to read.And why the hell is there only men in this colony Oh, I get it, that way all guys can be terrible fascinated for a girl who has very little to fascinate about.I was expecting a strong lead I wanted to see her dilemmas about the future, not about who gets to marry her For some reason, love was important then the rest.I was beginning to worry about how many pages I would have to endure this nonsensical love triangle How can a woman be kidnapped by the freaking Yeti and a man she doesn t know, but the first thing she notices is how attractive the man is I mean, if there s an hairy monster carrying me across a forest supposedly full of zombies, I don t think I have time to think of my libido.Oh, but let me just tell you about Abby She s an active citizen of Brighton, always doing sports and other healthy stuff, being rational and functional but then she shows no spine at all.Wait She knows things Like, she can ride horses, even though she only did it when she was a child and it wasn t a horse but a pony She s a warrior And now she magically knows how to control her power Lanton Who s Lanton I kept begging her to decide herself already but, obviously, fictional characters are not used to listen to the reader I could understand if she fell in love with Memphis because, honestly, he was a sweetheart about the oak poisoning He was a sweetheart most of the time And they did spent some time together.But did Memphis like her Was he only trying to prove himself What on earth was that scene where he tried to force a kiss Ew, gross That totally killed anything good that I still felt for him.I know this isn t my most coherent review, but this wasn t the most coherent book I ve read I ll keep jumping topic to topic like I m traveling through timelines.Because, you see, after the most serious case of insta love I ve ever seen I was feeling excited again with the end However, the time jumping thing was just messed up and everything became excruciatingly confusing.Honestly, I can t recommend it.

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    I was seriously looking forward to this book once I heard it had zombies in it, but imagine my surprise when I start reading it and there were minimal zombies in it I was kinda disappointed lol I was expecting a zombie apocalypse or something lol So in fairness, the plot of this book was very different to what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it This book was about time travel, which I normally don t like in books, romance and a little bit of zombies added into the mix Yes, the zombies came into it near the end lol The plot was pretty fast paced and really interesting It was also very unique I don t think I ve read anything quite like it before, which made me enjoy it that little bit There were also plenty of twist and turns to keep me wanting to read on and find out what was going to happen next I do have to say that the plot did kind of confuse me during the big scene at the end I felt there was a lot in it and I found myself having to read every word to understand it all This could just have been me though lol I loved the plot though and I loved how unique it was The characters were amazing Abby was the main character and she was kinda kick ass in this book Well, from about 70% onwards At the beginning of this book, Abby thought she was safe and living in a secure environment, but it was all false She was the person in the most danger and it only took one guy to show her just how much danger she was in Abbey always sort of knew that something wasn t quite right where she was living, but she didn t know just how messed up it was I really enjoyed Abby s character I thought she handled all the information that was thrown at her really well and she threw herself into the firing line to protect the people she loved and cared for, which is something I really admired about her Kaden was the love interest of Abbey and he was so freaking cute I just adored him I loved how protective he was of Abby and I could see that he had strong feelings for her Kaden revealed some secrets about his relationship with Abbey in this book and I can say that I didn t see them coming I definitely think it strengthened his relationship with Abbey though Kaden was such a sweet guy and he showed this again and again in this book I also loved that he risked his life and exposing his people to warn Abbey of the danger she was in That was so hot There was also a bit of a love triangle in this book between Abby, Kaden and Kaden s brother, Memphis, but it didn t last the full book, which I loved It added a lot to the plot though and I was Team Kaden all the way through this book I thought Memphis was an okay character until he showed his true colours I m excited to read the next book in this series I know that this book wasn t what I expected, but I can t wait to see what s going to happen next and how things are going to develop Plus, the ending of this book was a pretty big cliff hanger The cover for this book is absolutely stunning It s actually what first attracted me to it The colouring and the whole cover suits the book perfectly Big thank you to Brenda for a copy of Glitch and also for having me on her Blog Tour

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    On her eighteenth birthday, Abby decides to meet her future self in a once in a lifetime meeting despite the warning from a curious rebel who snuck inside city walls to warn her against it Guess she should ve listened Before now, her leap year birthday kept her off their radar, which was advantageous since she was destined to be someone the government would love to sink their claws into Turns out Abby is an oracle just like her future self, but they gain their prophetic sights by literally jumping through time Her future self did a good job hiding her younger self, but now that Abby s on the radar again, that mysterious guy has to step in and sneak her out of the city before it s too late Glitch actually surprised me It seemed a mix of Delirium and the movie In Time with a splash of zombies for good effect A fish out of water story, a good chunk of this novel dealt with Abby learning how to deal with rebel life without the luxuries she was used to and trying to figure out what was truth and what was fiction, because at times, even the rebels seemed a little dishonest I enjoyed watching her fall for a pair of brothers but I have to admit I was rooting for a particular one to win her heart This novel had a little bit of everything romance, danger, corrupt government, even time travel and a zombie infection fighting to spread and take over again Enjoyable read, and I m looking forward to the follow up Switch Kind of makes me think of that movie In Time with Justin Timberlake, merged with Delirium I m so in.

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    Review 2 out of 5 starsGlitch is the first book in the Lost in Time series and started off promising, I was intrigued by the unique concept but unfortunately it failed to wow me in the end.Eighteen year old Abigail lives in Brighton, behind a wall where the threat of the undead lives she was to meet her Complement her future self but received a strange note from a stranger warning her not to attend, the mystery had me curious from the onset but the moment Abby left Brighton and was taken to the forbidden zone everything went downhill, the biggest reason a severe case of insta love, she literally fell for Kaden, her kidnapper from the get go.Abby prior to Kaden was obsessive about checking her date of death watch, she was flirtatious with her best friends brother and she lived by the rules but it all went out the door the moment she fell for Kaden, despite also having feelings initially for his brother Memphis who I did find quite appealing She was one of those girls who attracted all the boys attention and acted before she thought things through, it was too much.I think this book could have been amazing but the execution was a let down the time travel aspect was jumpy and the lack of details when it came to the complex world Brenda Pandos was trying to build was missing, I was completely baffled by how Abby who was special was jumping from one time sequence to the next as well as the background on the sasquatches, glitches and zombies, it didn t come together smoothly for me at all and I think the Oracle aspect needed further explanation.This book just wasn t for me unfortunately, from characters who I didn t like to a disjointed plot and confusing world building, it is a series I won t be continuing with.Overall, it pains me to rate this book 2 stars as it has received a number of 5 star Goodreads reviews, I think I m getting a little fussy with dystopians these days after reading so many amazing series.Thank you to Obsidian Mountain Publishing via Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review Glitch by Brenda Pandos.

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    I underestimated this book I thought URGH zombies But no No no No This book was so much It dealt with time travel and future selves and much I haven t read any books dealing with time so this was so new and intriguing for me Brenda Pandos is a brilliant author and I love her writing style and technique It had it s share of swoon worthy boys and awesome other characters I loved Landon as a character and thought he was really unique I thought the plot was awesome I did not expect 95% of what happens in this book I loved the direction this book was taking from the start But, of course, no book is perfect This book did have a few patches where I thought not much was happening or too much was happening and it was hard to take in Overall, I recommend this book to all YA readers and think they will enjoy this read immensely.

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