Anaconda As The Original Writer Of The Hit Movie Anaconda, My Ebook Novel, ANACONDA The Writer S Cut, Is Now Available From , Reviews, Pages Goo UdfBuk It Has Been Said That, Among The Continents, South America Will Teach It To You God And The Devil Are The Same This Last Great Reservoir Of Primordial Wilderness Is At Once Both Garden Of Eden And Green Sweltering Hell An Epic Adventure, Anaconda Tells The Story Of Twenty Something, Middle School Biology Teacher Andie Easter And Six Young Colleagues Who, In The Dead Of A Chicago Winter, Hatch A Plan To Spend Their Summer In Brazil, Hoping To Reverse Their Meager Fortunes By Joining A Modern Day Gold Rush On A Tributary Of The Mighty Disoriented And Increasingly Isolated, The Treasure Hunters Find Themselves Journeying Though The Remote Domains Of Three Colossal Snakes Daughter, Mother, Grandmother One By One, Under Terrifying Circumstances, The Teachers Fall Victim To The Devastating Effects Of Gold Fever And The Relentless Brutality Of The Primeval South American Jungle Andie Easter Must Discover Her Inner As She Struggles To Survive The Mother Of All SnakesIf You Have A Few Moments To Spare, Your Review Will Be Greatly Appreciated

Austrian born Hans Bauer is the co author of Fishtale, the children s adventure novel that reached 4 on s Children s Bestseller List Fishtale received the 2013 Austin Waldorf Children s Choice Award Bauer is also the writer of Anaconda The Writer s Cut, based on his original screenplay He is the editor of In the Beginning Great Opening Lines From Your Favorite Books.As a screenwriter,

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    I highly recommend Anaconda to anyone who loves good storytelling and high adventure.I originally planned on giving this book a rating of 4 for a variety of reasons, all of them having to do with my personal preferences The descriptions of the and the origins of the snake were fascinating and well delivered, but reinforced my horror of heat, humidity and being eaten by snakes or fish Although Bauer gave clues as to when the ill fated summer took place, I wish he would have mentioned the year because I want to know details like that without having to look them up I would have also preferred getting to the story sooner, but my opinion about that should in no way deter anyone from reading this book.I changed the rating to a 5 because Bauer s combined gift of storytelling and ability to paint a picture with words almost caused me to miss the opening episode of The Walking Dead I literally could not stop reading Anyone who can keep me reading about a place I ve vowed to never go and about a species I loathe is quite the writer.The rest of the characters were well developed, but Easter is a character who deserves a place in history alongside Ripley of Alien fame It s a pity the movie didn t do justice to Bauer s original vision although I did enjoy watching Jon Voigt s character get swallowed alive.As an advocate of truth in advertising, I confess I know the author and agreed to read Anaconda even though I had no real interest in doing so I m so glad I did because it transported me back to my misspent youth when I would sit outside in our front yard with my back propped against a tree reading all the Tarzan books.

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    Anaconda The Director s Cut goes along with the movie, which I saw several years ago A story about 7 teachers that head to Brazil to dredge the River in hopes of finding gold They do find gold, but what they also find there is the stuff nightmares are made of Creepy, crawly things are abundant throughout Anaconda the author paints a vivid picture of the life surrounding the , but also does a good job developing the characters and their interactions before coming on the treasure hunt and during their adventure There were parts that were very slow, and others that were action packed, so it was a mix for me as I read it I admit, I started to skim over some of the long, slow background stories, descriptions, and histories of the land and people Overall, I think this books was decent, but not one of my favorites.

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    anyone who knows me can not be surprised that I loved this book giant maneating snakes during a treasure hunting adventure what s not to like

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    Hans Bauer s ability to paint a rich and textured picture with words makes Anaconda The Writer s Cut a great read.

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    Way different from the movieI got this book because I have found that many times the book is better than the movie This was the case with this one The characters were very different from the movie They were all school teachers on summer vacation and looking to get rich One thing that I liked was the way things slowly fell apart for them I won go into too much detail, but will say that greed plays a big part in the story There were some interesting twist in the story As to how it stands up to the movie, all I can say is that the movie and the book are both great stories just different If you liked the movie then give this book a try, I am sure that you will like the book, the writer s cut.

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    WOW Ok, first let me say that I hate snakes I ve spent time overseas in lands where some of the most dangerous snakes make their home I don t like snakes at all I ll kill a garter snake if it doesn t have a photo ID and a letter from the state governor stating it is a valuable natural resource, so for me to watch the movie Anaconda was a facing of my worst fears This book is what the movie should have been.This book gives details, a slightly different plotline, and a interesting take on the three snakes featured in the movie The book goes in depth into the history of the snakes I really had a wonderful time reading it Now I just have to worry about bad dreams for a few nights.

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    This book was well explained by the author as to its existence The premise is a group of teachers on Summer Break decide to hunt for gold in South America The head guy is a total ass but they can t let go of their dreams of fortune so they go along Bad decision I actually liked the Anaconda movies, at least the first two, and this book fell in just as it should have.Good plot, great mental visuals because, when you re lost in the you don t usually run across George of the Jungle.

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    I have always said and truly believed that the book is always better than the movie but in this case I would be wrong in making that statement.Easter and a group of other teachers decide to spend their summer hunting the for gold When greed gets the better of them and snakes start eating them their summer changes from fun to fighting for their lives.The story line is good but the book falls flat I was so bored that I wasTo read rest of review visit

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    I got this as a free book from BookBub and wasn t sure about it when I read the author s note in the beginning, but I m glad it gave it Shot The writing was pretty good, though at times I had trouble visualizing the boats and their details, which is pretty critical to following the intricate fight scenes The plot was quite original and I thoroughly enjoyed the book, which is a departure from my normal picks.

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    As everyone knows, the movie was great, so I decided to read the book and it was great, better than the movie The location was the same and there were big snakes in both the book and the movie but that s pretty much all that s the same besides of course people getting ate by snakes If you liked Anaconda the movie you should love the book but don t expect the same plot line or the same characters This is the only book by Hans Bauer I have read but I will read if there are any.

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