Superior Saturday

Superior Saturday On The Sixth Day, There Was SorceryArthur Penhaligan Has Wrested Five Of The Keys From Their Immortal Guardians, The Trustees Of The Will But Gaining The Sixth Key Poses A Greater Challenge Than Any He Has Faced Before Superior Saturday Is Not Just One Of The Trustees She Is Also The Oldest Denizen And The Most Powerful And Knowledgeable Sorcerer Within The House She Has Tens Of Thousands Of Sorcerers At Her Command, And She Has Been Preparing Her Forces All Along For The Will S Escape And The Activities Of The Rightful Heir As Saturday S Schemes Become Evident, Arthur Is Beset On All Sides The House Is Being Destroyed, And Only The Power Of The Keys Can Hold Back The Tide Of Destruction Arthur S Home City Is Under Attack His Allies Are Unreliable He Can T Even Get Into The Apparently Impregnable Upper House And Even If He Does, Finding The Sixth Part Of The Will And Gaining The Sixth Key Might Not Be Enough To Counter Saturday S Bid For Ultimate Power The Stakes Are Getting Higher And Higher Can Arthur Survive

Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing Hail the Conquering Hero Comes or possibly Roll Out the Barrel Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra the federal capital and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver Reed typewriter.De

[Ebook] ➯ Superior Saturday ➮ Garth Nix –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Superior Saturday
  • Garth Nix
  • English
  • 14 June 2017
  • 9780439700894

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    Inhalt Von Neid zerfressen trachtet Samstag, Erhabene Zauberin des Hauses, danach, von ihrem Oberen Haus einen Eroberungszug der Unvergleichlichen G rten zu starten Doch dieser Teil wurde Sonntag als Treuh nder zugesprochen und ist schwer bewacht Um zu gewinnen, schreckt Samstag jedoch noch nicht einmal vor der Zerst rung des restlichen Hauses Mittelpunkt des Universums zur ck und zwingt Arthur, den Rechtm igen Erben, und seine Stellvertreterin Dame Primus dazu, all ihre Kr fte gegen die Nichtseinbr che sowie Samstags Angriffe in den Sekund ren Reichen sprich, Arthurs Heimat einzusetzen und die B rger aus den unteren Teilen des Hauses in Sicherheit zu bringen Dabei m sste Arthur eigentlich dringend das Obere Haus aufsuchen, den sechsten Teil des Verm chtnisses finden und dann den Schl ssel von Samstag fordern Meine Meinung Arthur gegen die Zauberer oder Arthur gegen den drohenden Weltuntergang so k nnte man wohl den 6 Band der Fantasyreihe Die Schl ssel zum K nigreich in einem Satz zusammenfassen Stand in den vorherigen B nden schon immer einiges auf dem Spiel Arthurs Leben, Teile des Hauses, Arthurs Familie und Freunde, die Erde, , so geht es dieses Mal buchst blich um alles, denn das Haus steht im Mittelpunkt des Universums Wird es zerst rt, dann folgt der Rest der Welt in den Untergang Und alles nur, weil Samstag verblendet und zerfressen ist vor Neid und Missgunst und denkt, dass ihr als erste B rgerin nach der Architektin und dem Alten der erste Teil des Hauses die Unvergleichlichen G rten zustehen und nicht Sonntag, dem ltesten Sohn der beiden.Ja, damit hat Samstag ganz klar die Rolle der Oberschurkin in dieser Reihe und dabei waren die vorherigen Treuh nder alle schon sehr unsympathisch und Tr ger einer der Tods nden Faulheit, Gefr igkeit, etc Der Turm, den Samstag erbauen l sst und in dem tausende Zauberer Tag und Nacht bei st ndigem Regen in verschiebbaren B rok figen arbeiten, spiegelt den Neid und die Missgunst ihrer Herrin dann auch wieder Hier g nnt niemand irgendjemandem etwas Das muss auch Arthur erfahren, als er den Pfeiferkindern im Oberen Haus begegnet.Neben Arthur, Susi T rkisblau und Dame Primus gibt es auch mit Blatt, den Erhobenen Ratten und ein paar bekannten Gesichtern mehr ein Wiedersehen.Leider jedoch nur ein kurzes und das ist auch mein einziger Kritikpunkt an diesem Buch M chtiger Samstag ist einfach zu kurz noch nicht einmal 300 Seiten dick und endet mit einem gemeinen Cliffhanger Hier h tten es ein paar Seiten mehr sein k nnen, auch wenn Garth Nix die Aufl sung, ob Arthur es schafft, den Sechsten Schl ssel an sich zu bringen und damit Samstag zu besiegen, und was mit dem restlichen Haus ist, dem Alten, seinen Kindern und dem restlichen Haus sowie welches Schicksal Blatt und den anderen in Arthurs Welt bevorsteht, verst ndlicherweise der Dramatik wegen in den letzten Band legen m chte.Daher Schnell weiterlesen

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    After the wait between Lady Friday and the publication of Superior Saturday, it took a little while to first remember what had happened previously and to get into the mindset of all things Keys to the Kingdom I have to marvel at Garth Nix s scale of imagination far surpasses my own, and so I struggled with picturing Staurday s tower of iron cubes and chains It was engaging, and Arthur s own changes and attitude were interesting to read about but it all sort of smacks of a sandwich with no butter something missing Whether it was a lack of any loose ends being tied up we stil have Arthur s mother, Arthur s transformation, Arthur s future, nuclear bombs, unfinished business with Saturday, and Lord Sunday to be dealt with or possibly just Saturday not living up to expectations, I m not sure The concept of the Will s position is exciting and appears a large challenge at first, as is the prospect of defeating Saturday, and yet both just seem a bit too easy Superior Saturday herself, the best sorceror apparently, doesn t seem to live up to her name in fact, Dame Primus seems to have presence when wielding the Keys and Mister Monday, suffering from sloth, put up of a fight An enjoyable read and some small snippets of essential information are revealed, but as to whether the book was worth the wait, I can t really say, as it almost appeared as though they forgot to publish the ending Cliffhangers are a great tool, but possibly ill timed considering the wait for Saturday and there just isn t enough suspense created Sorry Garth, it just felt a bit empty Here s hoping not too many people agree with me.

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    Book six and it only now finally occurred to me that, for a light kid s fantasy series focusing on a boy coming of age that is pretty paint by numbers by this point , Nix is actually doing a rather good job with the female characters So far, half of the trustees have been female, including two of the three highest ranking ones and the one to actually be helpful instead of a pain The Will is female, the Architect is female, and both of Arthur s friends confidants are female Not a single swooning flower amongst them Although I do wonder if he could have picked different sins than Gluttony, Lust, and Envy for the women while the men get Sloth, Avarice, Wrath, and Pride Still overall I am pleased that it is only now that I stopped to think about it, but when I did it was better than expected.As for the book itself, it was a nice change of pace that Arthur wasn t binding his own hands with resistance to using the power of the keys and I really liked the idea of this other personality that is trying to come through with him It was enough of a shakeup to feel less lazy on Nix s part and I am genuinely curious now to see what will become of him in the end because I don t know any.However, the cliffhanger at the end was cheap and unnecessary I promise you, Garth Nix, if we ve read through all six books we are going to pick up the seventh when it comes out.

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    As Arthur becomes enmeshed into the plots of the Will Trustees, he becomes denizen like and in this case darker He s not the same boy who accidentally came into the house in Mister Monday No he s slowly changing into something else and it may not be a good thing Throughout this book he really struggles with temper issues and the prejudices Greater denizens have We finally get a glimpse of what Superior Saturday s goals are and the extreme lengths she s willing to go to achieve them view spoiler I don t know how Arthur is going to take her down, because even without the key she seems incredibly powerful hide spoiler

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    I loved the description of the Upper House, with the umbrellas and the cubicles and the impossibly high tower and the rain and the black Matrix suits I wish we could have seen a bit of it, or seen the setting put to better use I loved the portrayal of sorcery as an almost banal office grind type activity I also loved Saturday herself I wish we could have seen of her I was waiting for the epic showdown between her and Arthur In that way, the book felt too short, like it was just a lead in for Lord Sunday.

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    This series just keeps getting better and better Superior Saturday is the second to last book in this series, so things are TENSE There s no room for exposition or setting things up, or even reviewing what happened in previous books, it s just all action and adventure all the time.Arthur is no longer fighting the battle between staying human and becoming a Denizen he has accepted the fact that he s going to need magic to win this war and keep his family safe on Earth, which helps keep the action going While he still has some inner conflict with keeping his humanity rather than being an arrogant Denizen, the fact that he s no longer afraid to use magic really helps the plot move along and keeps things interesting I like that most of the action stays in the house this time It mostly focuses on Arthur s quest to get the will back together, and we mainly focus on his adventures with Suze The focus goes on Earth for a little while, just to keep us informed of what s going on, but it s mainly action and fun with Arthur going through Saturday s domain to find the next part of the will and retrieve the keys from her We learn a bit about what Saturday s aim is and how the Upper House works, which is fun.It does leave off on a cliffhanger, which, if I were reading this while it were being published, would have probably knocked this down a star However, since I can get started on the sequel right away, I ll forgive it this once p I usually appreciate it when at least the action is somewhat resolved before we dive into the next book With that said, though, it looks like the last book is going to be a doozy with how this book ended Can t wait to read it Also posted on Purple People Readers.

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    It s now Saturday on Earth and Arthur continues along in his journey to save his family, his friends, his town, his world, and the rest of the universe He finally shruggs off his reluctantance and constant fear of becoming immortal and starts using of the power he s gained as the situation becomes exponentially desparate and Nothing closes in Saturday follows the similar pattern of the other books find the next part of the Will and get the next Day s Key, except that this time the day s story dosen t wrap up and we re left with much of a cliff hanger than usual.I always love Garth Nix s writing The Keys to the Kingdom isn t my favorite of his series It s another take on heaven and hell and just who s in charge, which can be a fun topic to play with Overall it is an enjoyable read The story moved along and kept me glued to the book, but I wasn t enjoying Saturday as much as I normally do the others It may be that it s been a while since the last book came out and I m no longer as involved in the story, or I m annoyed that with the cliff hanger I ll have to wait for the next one, or it may be something else entirely, but for some reason I m a little disappointed with it I think this is a series I ll have to reread completey through once they are all written and I ll then have a better impression of it.I do like that Nix doesn t try to re explain the back story He pretty much dives right in to the current events It makes for a little confusion at the beginning, but I d prefer it read like one long book when it s finished I would give it 3 1 2 stars, if I could.

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    My god Perhaps the greatest one so far And there was me being all scared because the last one was crap Nix, you do not disappoint again So Our dear author has decided to dash the successful formulaic system that was one of the signatures of The Keys to the Kingdom The Sixth Key was not claimed, Saturday was not defeated The book ends on a real cliffhanger this time, not just leading onto the next book I wonder at this point about Sunday s intentions He could be like Wednesday willing Saturday could still be The BigBad Curse you Saturday How could you destroy The Lower House The Far Reaches What the Hell Dame Quarto Septum have their work cut out for them I did love how balanced Part Six seemed to be, shame It probably won t join with It s counterparts for most of the next book Oddly this volume was only 320 pages While most spread on another eighty or so I wonder why Nix decided to play it this wayTo leave a cliffhanger will the next book hold the missing eighty Because he had nothing else to write Just how long will Lord Sunday be How can everything be wrapped up in time I love it when a character becomes corrupted, it makes for such interesting reading, how will Arthur cope And what is he turning into A brief tantalizing mention of Prauvil upping the seriousness of Leaf s situation, what with having to deal with such a crafty denizen.Don t make me eat my words Nix Let Lord Sunday shine bright.

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    Finally nearing the end I liked authur s change into a denizen is than just in appearance, I liked the struggle he had to hold on to what little humanity he has left I do think defeating saturday was a bit to easy, especially considering everything they went through in the earlier books I m ready for the final book and to see how it all ends.

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    I never knew I wanted or needed a bureaucracy themed fantasy series, but I m telling you, it works Kids reading the books might not get it so much, but for adults, the pedantic Will Dame Primus, the towering offices, promotions, the this is how it s always been done mindset along with the washing between the ears , as well as the fact that some of the scariest beings are Internal Auditors as a government employee it does give me life Garth Nix gets it.

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