Sundays at Tiffany's

Sundays at Tiffany'sHonestly speaking, I m in two minds about this book.I started this book expecting to be a sweet, heart warming holiday ish read with a bit of a fantastical element Granted, it indeed is a delightful, fantastical read to some extent, and I actually enjoyed reading this, but I cannot deny I was left feeling underwhelmed when I closed the book.The premise is intriguing and the plot flows nicely I would say this is such a page turner with a strong first half Yes, the first half is really strong as far as I m concerned, with Jane bumping into her old imaginary friend, Michael, after 23 years and Michael s bewilderment about the encounter is such a sight to behold Jane was supposed to have forgotten about Michael at an instant when he left Jane on her 9th birthday But surprisingly, she does remember Michael, she has never erased Michael from her memory and SHE RECOGNIZES HIM even after 23 years.Michael is such an adorable character The way he gets all flustered by the encounter with Jane which was what he least expected is such a delight to read, it had me giggling so many times and my anticipation was just on the rise as I kept turning pages.That Michael himself hasn t grasped what he really is whether he is an Angel or not is quite an added intrigue, giving some depth to the story and I think it is one of the stand out element of this book The development from old friends to love interests is also captivating, such a fun to follow.Nonetheless, while I immensely enjoyed Jane s self development and her drastic transformation from a meek, Mommy s girl to a strong woman both mentally and physically as well as the changes Michael goes through the interactions with Jane, the latter half especially from 70% of the book I guess felt lackluster compared to the first half.Despite the interesting, promising start, the plot started taking a paint by numbers approach and turned into a typical romance.Once again, I did quite enjoy their friends to lovers relationship development and I found the writing strong There were lots of compelling scenes that drove me up the walls and made my heart squeeze with sadness.But at the same time, I felt there were a lot of clich s in both the character arcs I m particularly talking about Hugh Oh, Classic son of a bitch type of bastard, Hugh , and the story line As much as I find Micheal s hazy identity intriguing, I was unsure about him the whole time One part of me was telling me to take it in as is, but another part of me was trying in vain to put two and two together and figure out what he really is ON top of all this, I found the twist in the end which happens in the last 20 pages a bit over the top Yes, this book could be pigeonholed into contemporary fantasy, but it just didn t sit well with me I wasn t particularly invested in the story as much as I had expected.Micheal s reasoning for his being in NYC, and for his encounter with Jane also fell flat for me As he said so himself in the story, his rationale is just a stab in the dark, nothing is concrete nor clearly explained In fact, I m still feeling confused with some unanswered questions going through my mind, it s kind of akin to indigestion and I don t really appreciate this feeling Loose ends do work often times, but this type of loose end just didn t work for me and made me feel a bit underwhelmed.To put it in a nutshell, just like my scatterbrained looking review, I don t know what to think of this book I honestly don t know I don t dislike this book, but I wouldn t shout my love for this book from the rooftops either.I would have loved this book if the plot had stayed as strong as the first half, but alas, it didn t.I wouldn t go so far as to say I was disappointed because it did hook me and I did enjoy reading this This is a cute, heart warming read with a solid writing, it s just that I might be too jaded for this kind of books But I wouldn t say this is my favorite James Patterson I think 3 stars will be a fair rating, for me, that is. Let me start by saying I love romances with a supernatural twist, usually Having had imaginary friends as a child I thought this book was right up my alley I was sooooooooo mistaken It was a little creepy It was so syrupy sweet that I thought I was going to go into sugar shock It was probably one of the silliest stories I have ever read And the ending all neatly tied up in the last twenty pages Boring The only good thing about it is that it only took me a few hours to finish. As A Little Girl, Jane Has No One Her Mother, The Powerful Head Of A Broadway Theater Company, Has No Time For Her She Does Have One Friend A Handsome, Comforting, Funny Man Named Michael But Only She Can See Him Years Later, Jane Is In Her Thirties And Just As Alone As Ever Then She Meets Michael Again As Handsome, Smart And Perfect As She Remembers Him To Be But Not Even Michael Knows The Reason They Ve Really Been ReunitedNDAYS AT TIFFANY S Is A Love Story With An Irresistible Twist, A Novel About The Child Inside All Of Us And The Boundary Crossing Power Of Love Picture this, you are an eight year old child and you have an adult imaginary friend of the opposite sex When it is your ninth year birthday your imaginary friend tells you it s time for him her to go and that you won t remember them tomorrow Yet, you never forget your friend One day you see him her in your city when you re an adult and the imaginary friend hasn t changed one bit Well this is what James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet Sundays at Tiffany s is all about.Jane is now an adult working not only in the company her mother started, but also for an overbearing mother Jane has successfully created a Broadway show called Thank Heaven which is based on her imaginary friend Michael whom she has never forgotten Michael has found himself in New York City waiting on his next assignment Most of the children he has forgotten and there are some he never forgets There s only one he s really loved and that s Jane As he strolls through the city he wonders if she is still here and what she is doing He begins to seek her out and one day sees her strolling through the park The next morning he returns to see where Jane works When she gets to the company, Jane is met by her boyfriend Hugh Michael then decides he has to let Jane go One day Jane is enjoying a coffee ice cream sundae at the Astor Court of the St Regis Hotel She glances up and thinks she see s Michael her imaginary friend As she walks over she is astonished that it is Michael and that he s talking to another girl Michael is real and not imaginary any James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet take the reader on a magnificent ride as Jane and Michael becomeacquainted with each other and discovering why Michael is in human flesh and there in New York Sundays at Tiffany s clearly blows James Patterson previous two books Sam s Letters to Jennifer and Suzanne s Diary for Nicholas out of the water. Love love love this book Love the main characters, the romance, the feels The plot is a unique one Girl has an imaginary friend Imaginary friend leaves her Girl grows up Imaginary friend shows up And here s the twist everybody else can see him That s a love story to tell the grandkids I cannot say too much about this book without spoiling it, but I can say that the story really delivers and that epilogue WOW A perfect end to a perfect romance A movie was made based on this book, and although it was a fun film to watch, readers of the book will be disappointed since they took away many crucial points from the book that is the heart of the story.But I do recommend this book to fans of Patterson and hopeless romantics like me. I read this book for a book club that I recently joined and it just really wasn t my style I have to admit that I was less than excited when I noticed the book was written by James Patterson Whether accurate or not, I have always viewed him asof a money making book factory than a real storyteller As far as this particular book is concerned, I didn t care for the main character at all She played the victim from beginning to end Mommy didn t love me, Daddy is too busy for me, my imaginary friend left me seriously , my boyfriend is a total jerketc, etc, etc I m not a huge fan of love stories that I find to be TOO unrealistic So, the thought of a love story between a woman and her childhood imaginary friend was certainly not for me Also, was no one else creeped out by the fact that Michael, the imaginary friendwatched this little girl grow up and was her best friend when she was little and then sleeps with her when she is an adult Creepy uncle style.I was also unsure as to what demographic this book was supposed to be targeted The language was pretty elementary and the plot of falling in love with your imaginary friend also seems to skew to a young audience for mebut due to the nature of the one sex scene in it, I think this book was probably marketed to middle aged lonely women and that bothers me. This was a fairly short and predictable read I finished it in a matter of hours but that s just the way I go about reading any book I start Unless I must put the book down, I d rather try my best to keep reading keep the movie reel spinning.I enjoyed the book for the idea behind it but I felt it lacked a lot of development and the style of writing felt very I don t know, junior high ish I don t find that to be a big factor in my thoughts of the story however I do find that not enough descriptions and attention to details were present There were too many chapters because most of the chapters were about two pages long I understand that usually it signifies a change of setting, etc., however, combined with the large print, that just makes the book so muchshorter than it could have been.As this being my personal review, I felt the author s could have done muchjustice to the story than what had been done Unlike some authors and or readers out there, I d rather there be too much details than not enough details The relationships could have been developed better as well I could not find myself feeling anything for Jane or Micheal or Vivienne or even Hugh I did not feel any strong emotions for the relationship between Jane and Micheal in their relationship as imaginary friends or as adults.So to sum it up it s an okay story with not enough pages to get the readers to feel anything for any of the characters. How can I begin Sundays at Tiffany s was delightful It embodied everything I enjoy about reading James Patterson His stories have such an incredible beat and flow to them It is like reading a song You get so caught up in the story that before you even realize it, you are three quarters of the way through For me, this is when the anxiety hits This is when I realize that I am almost to the point where I have to wait for another James Patterson story to take me away.I immediately fell in love with young Jane Such a sweet child so lost in the world of her glamorous mother Jane has the fortunate gift of a wonderful friend, Michael Michael is the utmost in imaginary friends He is handsome, a great listener, and he is entirely devoted to his Jane Michael s and Jane s friendship is completely charming and wonderful, and I found myself thinking I should have thought larger when I had my own imaginary friend.Jane as an adult is equally loveable You find her likeable from the get go and you desperately want to see this woman happy I do not want to go into anything that could remotely give the story away, but I will say that this goes above and beyond in good story telling with an ending that is not predictable Sundays at Tiffany s is a truly remarkable story, and I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to read it. OK, I finished I didn t know I could roll my eyes that hard I m pretty sure a dude was watching me on the Metro as I closed the book multiple times, tried to refrain from making noises of disgust, and rolled my eyes at every paragraph Seriously, they took a tolerable if sort of creepy book and then KILLED IT in the last 50 pages Oh god.Yeah Well, hey James Patterson and person whose name will be tiny on the cover but probably wrote most of the book, I gave 1 star to JD Salinger too, so at least you re in good company I guess DAY 1 of reading The advanced reader s copy came in at work today After reading the back, it was sort of like I was compelled to read it, because surely, it could not be a book about a woman falling in love with her childhood imaginary best friend It is.And while it has its flaws, it is sort of oddly entertaining, in that sort of if I turn my brain off this book is maybe ok, as long as I pretend it isn t a creepy knock off of the Time Traveler s Wife with a minor plot change I ve got maybe another 60 75 pages to go, which I will probably read over my morning latte at work, so I ll let you know how that goes. I thought Sundays at Tiffany s was a very sweet romance The story itself is very simple and uncomplicated I can easily see this book being made into a movie 8 year old Jane Margaux feels like she doesn t live up to her extravagant mother s expectations Vivienne, her successful broadway producer mother pays little attention to Jane, except for their weekly trip to Tiffany s every Sunday Jane spends most of her time with the only person she can really depend on in her life, her imaginary friend, Michael Michael always knows the right thing to say to cheer her up and build up her self esteem He s always there for her when she needs him no matter what But unfortunately, imaginary friends don t last forever and Jane loses the one person she counts on the most Twenty three years later, Jane is still under her mother s rule and is in a miserable relationship with a man who caresabout her Broadway connections than about her Jane and Michael find themselves miraculously crossing paths again, and are faced with many new choices and questions about themselves and each other The story and writing style are simplistic but the story itself is so sweet, it doesn t really need filler to make the story longer This is a fantasy story in a way, but Michael s job as an imaginary friend is explained well and wasn t hard for me to believe I found it a little odd that Jane s chapters were told in 1st person and Michael s were told in 3rd person, but I got used to it quickly It wasn t hard to understand, but I did wonder why the author wrote the book this way.Michael was pretty much flawless, so he really wasn t realistic at all But I was viewing this novel as a fantasy anyway, so it didn t bother me that he was too good to be true Jane was very much a pushover but still likeable It was fun to see her become stronger as she built her self esteem with Michael s help I thought this book was very innocent and refreshing and I will probably readin this genre by Patterson Reviewed for

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