Lug, Dawn of the Ice Age

Lug, Dawn of the Ice Age Lug, Dawn of the Ice Age is a middle grade novel by David Zeltser Lug is a caveboy who would rather paint than hit other people or animals with rocks When Lug and another caveboy are banished for failing to catch a jungle llama, he thinks he is alone Soon Lug finds others who believe in him his clanmate Stony and a new friend, Echo, a girl from a rival clan who can talk to animals and just may be prehistory s first vegetarian animal rights activist Together they face even bigger challenges Lug discovers the Ice Age is coming and he has to bring the warring clans together to save them not only from the freeze but also from a particularly unpleasant migrating pride of saber toothed tigers.Lug, Dawn of the Ice Age is a wild ride, with social commentary on the side In a world where hitting someone in the head with a rock is the height of social discourse Everyone needs to follow the rules of the Big Man who leads their tribe or risk death or banishment Lug had to hide his love of art, since brute force is the only thing that gained acceptance, he is bullied and an outsider even before being banished Failing to capture a jungle llama for a competition against another clan was the trigger to get him banished, but even before that he really did not fit in Lug is a thinker, dealing with bullies and being different In his journey with Stony after being banished he discovers that his differences are not necessarily bad His observations and art are what make him special, just like the odd things about his new friends are in truth their strengths So while readers are entertained by kids fighting for survival and humor winding its way through the tale, they also get encouragement to be themselves and follow their own convictions Lug, Dawn of the Ice Age is a great survival tale, full of adventure and humor There is also a great deal about coming of age and being treat yourself I think readers with a variety of interests will greatly appreciate the book, and come away from it both excited and feeling ready to face their own challenges. Lug, Dawn of the Ice Age presents the story of a young cave boy who isn t interested in hunting or playing Headstone the rough and tumble, bash other players heads in game that the rest of the clan is into to He would rather paint on the walls of his secret art cave Unfortunately, he fails to catch a jungle llama to use in the big game and is banished He also seems to be the only one who has noticed the rapidly changing climate which threatens their entire way of life With the help of Stony, another boy who is banished, and Echo, a girl from a rival tribe, can Lug save not only himself but his clan despite the opposition of the clan leader and his bully of a son The modern language spoken by the characters is a bit off putting in terms of historical believability, but the target audience isn t going to care The characters are appealing and funny, the plot moves quickly with the characters facing numerous challenges, and the setting is well defined I truly enjoyed reading about Lug and his friends The themes of friendship, being yourself, and observing the world around you are all well integrated into the story Lug is winner from beginning until end. I knew from the minute I began reading this book that I was gong to love it The book starts out like this If you are looking at my cave paintings, I have succeeded If not, we humans are probably extinct You see, the world began to get colder much colder And my clan initially reacted by doing this That s right, a whole lot of NOTHING The middle of that first page is literally blank I kept giggling over it The story is about a boy who is not like many of the others in his clan He is a dreamer, he is artistic and he dares to challenge their belief system Whe he is vanished along with another boy, he sees it as somewhat of an advantage He learns a lot about himself and about true courage The story, set in stoneage time is still very appropriate to kids of today Themes and issues of friendship, bullies, fitting in with your peers and your own family are things every kid today can relate to I can t wait to put this on my shelf I also can t wait for the second book in the series to come out next year It is such a quick and easy read It is so fun that kids won t realize there are lessons to learn within the pages I don t think there are enough stars to give this one, but it definitely goes to the top of my middle grade favorites of the year.I received a copy to facilitate my review The opinons expressed here are my own. This was a fun book to read I like how the cavemen and cavewomen speak not stereotypical caveman example I blogger You blog readers , but not perfect English either although, I think that Lug is the closest The idea of the story is pure genius the Ice Age approaches, saber toothed tigers are invading, and Lug gets banished from his tribe because he won t bash heads with stones Yup Nothing wrong there Not at all There are pretty cool cave art style pictures scattered throughout the book Mr Zeltser has a great writing style that is chock full of humor and the story teaches a good lesson without being preachy Most of all, I love the off the wall sometimes corny humor of the book for example, at one point in the book, Lug is talking with a banished caveman inventor, who says that he has invented some pretty useful things, like the feather fluffer and the rock holder , but he also has some useless things, like this round rock slab with a hole in the middle Completely useless He called it a wheel The environmental message in the book is an important one and one that gets across to the reader Kids who like Wimpy Kid humor will love Lug This is an awesome book I couldn t put it down NOTE I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review A Hilarious Middle Grade Novel About A Misunderstood Caveboy Perfect For Fans Of Ice Age, Happy Feet, The Time Warp Trio, And Platypus Police Squad Lug Is A Caveboy Who Would Rather Paint Than Club Other Caveboys The Clan Even Mocks Him, Calling Him Little Slug Like All The Other Caveboys, Lug Must Enter The Contest To Become The Clan S Next Big Man And Attempt To Catch The Biggest Beast Even Though He Would Much Rather Spend His Days Painting In His Secret Art Cave When Lug Is Banished For Failing To Catch A Jungle Llama, He Thinks He Is Alone In The World But Finds Others Who Believe In Him His Clanmate Stony And A New Friend, Echo, A Girl From A Rival Clan Who Can Talk To Animals And Just May Be Prehistory S First Vegetarian Animal Rights Activist Together They Face Even Bigger Challenges Lug Discovers The Ice Age Is Coming And He Has To Bring The Warring Clans Together To Save Them Not Only From The Freeze But Also From A Particularly Unpleasant Migrating Pride Of Saber Toothed Tigers It S No Help That The Elders Are Cavemen Who Can T Seem To Get The Concept Of Climate Change Through Their Thick Skulls With Both Funny, Anachronistic Humor, Charming Characters, And Strong Themes, Lug, Dawn Of The Ice Age Is Sure To Be A Hit With Many ReadersIllustrated With Black And White Line Art ThroughoutA Great Combination Of Humor And Powerful InsightAl Gore Lug Makes The Ice Age Sizzle Gordon Korman Fred Flintstone Would Feel Right At Home Kirkus Reviews Suspenseful And Smartly Humorous ForeWord Reviews Written in a way that makes the reader immediately empathize with the main character who hasn t felt excluded and inadequate at some point , the book takes you on a journey from outcast to leader It pushes the lesson that is there is value in our differences Whether those differences are in how we think, how we communicate or which prehistoric animal we ride at break neck speed whilst hurtling rocks Easy to read and full of off hand comments to keep an older reader interested, it is entirely appropriate and entertaining for the pre teen set Now excuse me while I go climb Mount Big Big Big. Lug is a neanderthal boy who is misunderstood by his family and his clan He is banished for lacking the athletic skills to catch a wild macrauchenia And, to boot, his friends and family fail to appreciate Lug s real skills he is a cave artist and a keen observer of his environment He and his unibrow endowed friend Woolly bring to life an under represented era in children s historical fiction This action packed comic adventure has loads of kid appeal, with its neanderthal riffs on sports, bullying and climate change Loved it A really fun read, that manages to keep the focus firmly on the story despite the significance of the message Warning, though You will want your own woolly mammoth Get the full spotlight plus the cat s two cents on my A fun humorous story about a boy banished by his clan for being a little different He loves to draw but cannot seem to catch and ride a macrauchenia, something considered very important in his clan I enjoyed the names of the characters Lug, Hamhock, Echo, Bonehead, and others This would make a great read aloud and generate great discussions on bullying, community, and working together. I won this book on goodreads I gave it to my grandson who found it comical and entertaining I would love to see giveaways for books written for older kids in the 13 to 16 age groups Maybe Mr Zeltser would write one.

David Zeltser is the author of Lug Dawn of the Ice Age and its sequel, Lug Blast from the North The novels satirize mankind s response to climate change and have been praised by Kirkus Reviews, School Library Journal and Al Gore, who called the first book a great combination of humor and powerful insight David s first picture book, Ninja Baby, was the Magnolia State Book Award runner up,

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  • Lug, Dawn of the Ice Age
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