Amazing Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff

Amazing Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolffDespite being a Spider Man fan since the mid 70s, I was unfamiliar with this storyline I learned of it when the artist Rich Buckled passed away last month, and I read of his work.This takes place shortly before Peter s marriage to Mary Jane He is wearing the black costume before we know it is a symbiotic creature Police captain Jean Dewolff is brutally murdered in her home Dewolff was a popular character and her death was surprising Soon Daredevil and Spider Man are on the case They butt heads over their methods, and beliefs.This is a gritty story I was not crazy about the art.I didn t recognize Aunt May at first In this volume the follow up story is also included.Peter is newly married and dealing with the repercussions of his actions in the previous story.Electro shows up here, but with a different outlook He doesn t wear the costume at first and he approaches his crimes differently as well.And in his first battle with Spider Man he actually defeats the web head.Overall this is a good story arch. Jean DeWollf s murder at the hands of the psychotic Sin Eater causes Spider Man to self reflect. A classic Spider Man story that s been recommended to me for ages, I finally sat down and plowed through this It s quite old older than me and it shows sometimes It s harder to like older comics that try to be serious when they re using the ol thought balloons That and the heavy exposition are my two biggest complaints, and the predictability doesn t help much either But if you can power through those things, there is definitely a good story here It starts off with an emotional gut punch that drives the story From there the story heads into familiar ground for many comics now How far is too far to punish criminals The way this plays out between Spider Man and Daredevil is certainly interesting, and it feels genuine David does a great job of portraying all the characters here, and this character work has certainly set the ground for many of the stories that came after I can see why this is required reading for anyone interested in good Spider Man stories, but I wish I d had my expectations tempered a bit. Spider Man s street level crime stories have always been among my favorites This story is along those lines If you like Spidey against villains like the Kingpin and the original Hobgoblin, check this one out. Reprints Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider Man 107 110 and Spectacular Spider Man 1 134 136 October 1985 March 1988 A vigilante is stalking the streets of New York City He calls himself the Sin Eater and no one is safe from his own style of justice Armed with a shotgun, his first victim is Spider Man s sometime ally Detective Jean DeWolff Now Spider Man must hunt down the killer and he has help from Daredevil Once Spider Man realizes the Sin Eater s identity, a battle to keep him behinds bars ensues as the Sin Eater s sanity is questioned.Written by Peter David, Spider Man The Death of Jean DeWolff was praised for its then revolutionary presentation of a vigilante pushed over the edge and a much adult Spider Man Original collections contained just the original story presented in Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider Man 107 110, but a recent release also holds the three part conclusion to the story in Spectacular Spider Man 1 134 136.The first story The Death of Jean DeWolff is a very good Spider Man story It has a lot of what makes Spider Man a great character with his morals and the internal conflict that drives him to be a hero Spider Man is met with a character that has his own set of morals, but the morals are corrupted by insanity The battle for Stan Carter s freedom introduces Daredevil to the mix and forces Spider Man to realize the importance of the legal system corrupt or not.The second story Sin Eater Released is not as good It becomes a story of Spider Man s self consciousness due to his attack on Sin Eater and the Sin Eater plot gets sidelined with Spider Man s battle with Electro The Sin Eater was an interesting character, and he seems a bit underwritten in this collection with a short three issue run I like what David attempted to do in this story, but it just didn t reach the level of The Death of Jean DeWolff.One interesting outcome of the whole storyline is the relationship between Daredevil and Spider Man In this story, Daredevil learns Peter Parker is Spider Man and then reveals to Spider Man that he is Matt Murdock This becomes an important friendship that has lasting effects It is a adult friendship than Peter s friendship with Johnny StormSpider Man The Death of Jean DeWolff is a must for Spider Man fans It is a strong story from the 80s when comics had a bit of dark grittiness It is hard for Spider Man to be gritty but this is a nice attempt If you can only find the The Death of Jean DeWolff collection, it is worth picking it up since that is the stronger of the two stories. One of my favorite Spider Man arcs. Popular Ebook, Amazing Spider Man The Death Of Jean DeWolff Author Peter David This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Amazing Spider Man The Death Of Jean DeWolff, Essay By Peter David Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is one story that has stuck to my mind from my teen years and I chose to relive the memory and re read it now, several decades later Jean DeWolff was a police officer who appeared in Spider Man and who was usually quite aloof, but still friendly towards our webbed hero In order to start Peter David s spin writing the comic with a bang, it was decided that she must go.The shocking thing about the story is that it begins with Jean already dead She s found murdered in her apartment and the rest of the comic is about the effects of her death the hunt for the serial killer and Spider Man s and Daredevil s different methods when it comes to solving such cases.Even after all these years, the story was still effective, although I must say that there were some lines and throw away lines that might have needed editing to make the story run smoother Also, the story does not work very effectively as a stand alone album where the reader has not had a chance to get to know Jean DeWolff through her earlier meetings with Spider Man. It is interesting to read the practical beginning of Peter David s career in comics None of David s signature humor is in this story I feel like David was attempting to imitate the stylings of Miller s Daredevil work which from an occupational standpoint makes sense in its moral gray, and seemingly pulled it off in that this book actually tore me up In the rough craft of a green writer, David still channels his good sense of character and dramatic dilemma And to draw out its full effect, my copy of this piece also includes David s later return to the villain, The Sin Eater and continued to pulling my strings and twist me along with the Wallcrawler.It is far from a perfect work, and so very different in some senses, from what he will come to consistently put out in the industry Yet, his concept of dramatic character moments is still there His dialogue is awkward, far from Davidic Yet, it is great to see where a favorite writer starts out. Rese a de Daniel Gavil n para Zona Negativa a b sica de Peter David 4 La Muerte de Jean DeWolffDe los numerosos trabajos firmados por David en compa a del trepamuros, pocos hay probablemente tan emblem ticos como esta saga de expl cito t tulo en la que el guionista usaba a un secundario regular de las aventuras de Spider Man para narrarnos una tr gica historia en cuatro actos con la ola de asesinatos del Come Pecados como motivo central Un cl sico tanto del personaje que supuso adem s la primera toma de contacto de Peter David con sus aventuras y con Marvel y el c mic en general , sirviendo de punto de acceso perfecto para conocer la relaci n entre ambos Rese a completa en

David PetersPeter Allen David often abbreviated PAD is an American writer, best known for his work in comic books and Star Trek novels David often jokingly describes his occupation as Writer of Stuff David is noted for his prolific writing, characterized by its mingling of real world issues with humor and references to popular culture He also uses metafiction frequently, usually to humorous effect, as in his work on the comic book Young Justice.

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