The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 6

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 6 Oh crap, do we really have to say goodbye Guess that means the only thing left to do is pull out the old Ugly Cry gif I m not going to spoil the plot for those of you who haven t read it, but I m assuming that everyone knows that this is the last volume where Doc Ock plays the role of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider man.So With that in mind, you also must realize that this is where Peter takes his body back.Right Ok.Well, he takes it back with a little help from Otto, who has finally found something someone that he cares about than himself.Our Superior Spider Man has been beaten down, and is feeling the weight of his actions, along with the knowledge that he has been outplayed by the Green Goblin Everything and everyone that he holds dear is facing ruin and death.In order to save what he loves, he ll have to sacrifice himselfcue dramatic music And here s my biggest complaint The whole there s nothing else to be done thing was such a fucking cop out It felt lame and tacked on It just wasn t an ending worthy of such an incredible character.I m still kinda pissed about it, to be honest.But All good things must come to an end, and all that that And there were a few standout moments for Peter upon his return.A little part of me cheered for the return of one of my all time favorite heroes, even while a bigger part of me mourned the loss of one of what will almost certainly go down as one of the best runs of a Spider Man title ever.Doctor Octopusyou were the Superior Spider Manlonely tear falls Superior Spider Man has been one of the best and most consistently high quality titles of the Marvel NOW relaunch The controversial body swap idea of Otto s mind inhabiting Peter s body while Peter s mind was lost in the ether and Otto s Spider Man becoming a different kind of hero could ve gone either way but Dan Slott managed to make it work really well and proved all the naysayers wrong Superior Spider Man was a success, critically and commercially But it was never going to be the status quo though that didn t stop some gormless cretins from sending Slott death threats for getting rid of their beloved Peter Parker , and so with Volume 6 Goblin Nation we see the end of Superior Spider Man, the series and the character, and the return of Peter Parker once again as Spider Man in the forthcoming All New Amazing Spider Man title this last point is not a spoiler Peter Parker s return has been publicised heavily these last few months and with Superior ending, what else was going to happen to the character So is Goblin Nation a fitting finale for this great title For me, not entirely What made Superior stand out when it first started was how fresh and exciting it was Otto did things differently and, despite having read Spider Man before, you could never quite guess what he was going to do next He even lived up to the name and really WAS the Superior Spider Man, setting up the ultimate crime fighting network, toppling Shadowland in no time, even shocking readers by executing some criminals he was a controversial hero but he wasn t boring and was enormously pro active in reducing crime Goblin Nation, on the other hand, is nothing if not predictable I won t go into specifically how things play out but suffice it to say that what you expect to happen, happens The Green Goblin, here calling himself the Goblin King, has launched all out war on New York City and has managed to evade Spider Man after hacking his spider bots so they failed to detect anyone with a goblin mask or logo As the Goblin army descends on New York City, the spirit of Peter Parker ascends, making his way through Otto s Mindscape to return triumphantly I liked how in this final volume Dan Slott did a round robin of everything that had happened in the series by including characters as minor as Don Lamaze to Spider Man 2099 It was like reading a greatest hits of Superior Spider Man before the classic final close out between Spidey and Green Goblin and in that respect was a good way to end the series But I don t think Otto got the great exit he deserved Slott gave him a great final speech as he prepared to hand over the reins to Peter and you do see that he s really grown as a character, though I thought his exit was a bit anti climactic and rushed I was also hoping he wouldn t say the line he ended up saying twice which was YOU are the Superior Spider Man groan I would ve preferred if his final words were about Anna Maria instead Superior Spider Man 30 was really the final issue as that s Otto s last appearance while 31 is Peter s triumphant return though its a bit tedious to read Peter cleans up all the loose Superior story threads in that issue, ready for a whole new storyline in All New Amazing Spider Man, and the way he does this is both efficient and unimaginative There was no excitement with his fight with the Green Goblin and no question that the Goblin Nation would fall the only surprise was the Goblin s identity reveal but even that was of a mild oh ho hum than a shocking revelation Superior Spider Man has been a high watermark in Spider Man comics and one of the most enjoyable and original storylines the character s ever had The first few trade paperbacks are superb and are Dan Slott at his finest The last couple trades though You can feel things were being hurried along so All New Amazing Spider Man 1 could coincide with the latest and lamest Amazing Spider Man movie, so the comics suffered in declining quality as Slott was rushed and Christos Gage was brought in to co write the issues to fit the demanding release schedule Goblin Nation is a decent last bow for Superior Spider Man but definitely not amazing.3.5 stars. It s a Gobin a rama Goblins 24 7 A Goblin apolooza What s for dinner Goblins Who s on first What s on second Goblins.What s the frequency, Kenneth Goblins are on all the cable channels, Mr Rather.If you haven t figured it out Someone is flying the crazy Goblin flag This is how the Superior Spider Man run winds down Otto Octavius, still in control of Spider Man Peter Parker, is watching everything he s worked hard to create, start to crumble Why Because one thing Octavius was always good at was self promotion Sure, he had a crummy child hood, but that doesn t forgive treating everyone else like dirt and being unwilling to take that one final extra step to being a full fledged superhero and noble guy putting yourself before others.So, now it s the less than superior Otto vs Norman Osborn and Bottom line A decent wind up to what s one of the best Spider Man story lines in decades My lone quibble is how Parker went from zero to hero in order to regain control of himself It was hard to buy into the process Otherwise, well done, Mr Slott 27 The Goblin Nation is running roughshod all over New York and Otto realizes what is happening and that it s also too late Spidey goes looking for the Green Goblin even as an assault is prepared on Spider Island The end time is clearly here All the pieces Slott put on the board up until this point are finally coming into play Let s see if the destination was worth the journey 28 The Goblin Nation attacks Spider Island and devastates it Meanwhile, Peter is lost in Otto s memories.The manure continues to hit the windmill Otto is off his game, Mary Jane s got web shooters, and everyone is looking for Spidey And the Goblins have Anna Maria 29 The Goblin is bent on destroying everything Otto Octavius holds dear Meanwhile, JJJ decides to release his new army of Spider Slayer robots Don Lamaze dies in a touching act of self sacrifice and Spider Man 2099 shows himself again The way things ended makes me think the chaos is just beginning.Annual 2 Ben Urich deals with his nephew being the Goblin Knight and the Wraith breaks into Parker Industries and runs into Carlie, aka Monster.This was mostly filler, although the Ben Urich story had some touching moments.30 Otto leaves Spider Man 2099 high and dry against the Spider Slayers to save Anna Maria Meanwhile, Peter relives Otto s memories.Well, what I ve been waiting for is coming soon It s about time, too, since there isn t much of New York left to save.31 Spidey and the Green Goblin finally have it out Peter Parker is back and dukes it out with the Green Goblin and his minions Afterwords, Peter begins the cleanup on what s left of his life after Otto was done mucking around with it While I liked that Peter is back in control, it was kind of anti climactic For as much buildup as there was, the end was a little bit of a letdown Still, it was an enjoyable read.Closing Thoughts When I started the Superior Spider Man, I was not prepared for the roller coaster ahead of me Doctor Octopus had good intentions at first and was frightfully effective until things started going off the rails While I enjoyed the journey, I thought Peter s return was a little too easy Still, Dan Slott turned what easily could have been a bullshit sales booster into some of the most compelling Spider Man stories in years, exploring what it means to be a hero Four out of five stars. Huh I guess, like the finale of most of my favorite stories, the ending to The Superior Spider Man was just ok I m not sure whether or not it was Christos Gage s influence, the lack of some of my favorite artists from earlier collections, or just the fact that one of the best comic stories of recent years was coming to an end But what a great ride getting here.What I liked Goblins everywhere The Goblin King finally unveils his plot to destroy the Superior Spider Man view spoiler after revealing that he knows it s Otto in there and that he s pissed off that he didn t get to be the one to kill Parker hide spoiler We all knew this would happen There was no way that Otto would be allowed to maintain control of Peter s body indefinitely Status quo would eventually revert the title back to normal Peter would regain control of his own body, and that would be that I didn t expect to be sorry that it was ending.Sure, I m going to miss Otto, at least a little Reading his internal monologues could be a lot of fun But I m really just worried about Anna Maria She had a great life, living with the man she loves, with an apparently very fulfilling career Now what She doesn t know it, she may never know it, but the man she loved is gone Maybe it s because I m not a big fan of Spider Man, but I ended up caring about this brand new character so much than any of the already established characters I guess I just don t want to see her go Full credit to Slott for creating her But aside from my emotional attachment to Anna Maria, I was surprised with how predictable this volume in particular was Which hadn t been much of an an issue for Superior Spider Man before I get the impression that Slot was very rushed to get this wrapped up by a specific date and issue It shows I wish he d been given the time to do this right But it is what it is, and that s not terrible Predictable, a little cliche in spots, but a decent enough read It could have been better, sure, but it definitely wasn t bad.This whole Superior Spider Man thing worked out so much better than I d ever thought it could I almost didn t read any of this storyline, and that would have been a shame I m sorry it s over, even though I always knew it would end, and I hope that Slott can continue to do fine things with Spider Man, now that he s Peter Parker again. Goblin Nation is an epic conclusion to the Superior Spider man legend.When I first heard the swap consciousnesses thing with Peter Parker and Dr Octopus I thought it was a prank Although I hadn t read so many spider books back then I found the idea ridiculous I didn t think that this plus the death of Peter Parker would be a fitting end to the over fifty year run of The Amazing Spider Man Now I know that I couldn t be wrong Superior Spider man is by far one of the best Spider man stories ever.Superior Spider man made me a big fan of Dan Slott Although he is not the extraordinary comic book writer like Brian K Vaughan or Grant Morison he is perhaps the most ambitious writer I know at least of Spiderman series He has the ability to transform a ludicrous idea to a truly fascinating and entertaining story Which man in his right mind would not only dare to kill Peter Parker but also make Dr Otto Octavius the new Spider man It takes huge balls to do that Slott even received death threats for this move Even Stan Lee shocked a bit by the concept of the storyline But guess what this bold move turned out amazingly well Goblin Nation is a story that has it all Spider man against a whole Goblin army, heartbreaking moments and jaw dropped, action packed scenes, humorous jokes and of course Otto s catharsis He finally understands what With great power comes great responsibility really means I really like when comic book writers use the catharsis theme to a graphic novel It s like reading an ancient Greek tragedy but with superhero protagonists.Oh and guess who s finally backSuperior Spider man showed us that no one is only good or only villainous Even the worst criminal can be a hero if he wants it Ps I am happy because of the Amazing Spider man s return while at the same time I am sad and depressed because the Superior Spider man era it finally came to an end Oh man it s like 11th and 12th Doctor all over again Ps2 For some weird reason I keep imagine Superior to say with David Tennant voice I don t wanna go.Ps3 First read this December 2014 and reread it November 2015 My triumphant return from the Indy world, I picked the right thing to read.Dan Slott, you are Mr Spider Man.I d been waiting for this final chapter for a while, my library was late to order it, and it somehow hid from me until nowWell it was worth the while.Otto realizes that the Green Goblin has defeated him, NYC is burning, everyone is turning against him, there s no one left to trustBut we see Otto keep fighting, not giving up, and asking himself What would Parker do in a split second decisionbut Otto doesn t have to wonder, because the Soul of Peter Parker has survived inside the Mindscape of Spider Man, and screams out to Otto to act The result saves a life, but lets the Goblin escape In the process, Peter reveals to Otto that his soul is still alive in Spider Man s body.We see Peter s soul hiding from Otto, so much so, that he dives into Otto s own memories, and experiences his whole life, which nearly robs him of his remaining memories as Peter Parker Spider Man The struggle is played out very well, convincingly, with Peter losing himself at times, only able to recall who he is by the very strength of self and powerful memories that cannot be taken from him.This 2 page spread covers the entire history of Spider Man, with art way back from Ditko all the way forward It is in web form all around Peter, who s just established dominance in the Soul of Spider Man He focuses on how important his memories were, the ups, downs, triumphs, tragedies, and the fun, surprisingly, or not, actually he focuses on how much FUN he had.It s so effective.Once Peter re emerges, he and Otto back and forth, except, it s not nearly what you d expect Otto owns up to his arrogance, and tells Peter that he s always underachieved, and he Peter could be so much.Otto swings back to Parker Industries which Peter is totally confused to see and view spoiler hooks himself up to a machine, Peter tells him if it s a trap, that it doesn t matter, because he s ready for anything, to which Otto replies I knowthat s why I m doing this Otto has finally realized after all the years of fighting Peter and months of being Peter, just how strong Peter really is His machine then starts to erase all of Otto s memories from Spider Man, to which he explains that Spider Man must have no distractions at all, nothing at war in his mind, in order to defeat Gobby and save everything.We see the 2 longtime adversaries together in the Mindscape, as Otto s memories die, from his villainous stuff to his recent heroic deeds, until we re left at lastwith his love for Anna Maria, the most important thing of all to Otto in the end AWWW Peter realizes just how true the love Otto has is, and Otto s final words to Peter only YOU can save her Because you ARE the Superior Spider Man and then Otto fades to nothingnessOK, I cried when I read it for the first time, and I m not afraid to admit I m misty right now Curse you Dan Slott For hitting it right on the nerve hide spoiler The So Called Superior Spider Man Has Failed Under His Watch, The Green Goblin Took Control Of New York S Underworld This Is All Otto Octavius Faultand Now It S His Responsibility To Take The Goblin Down Win Or Lose, This Will Be Otto S Greatest Battle But When Spiderlings, Goblins, Super Villains And Giant Robots Clash In A Violent Assault On Spidey S Home Base, Spider Island, Will Otto Be Able To Regain His Footing And Prevail The End Starts Here, As Spider Man Takes Onthe Goblin Nation Plus, The Long Awaited Return Of Peter Parker Collecting Superior Spider Man , Annual OK Otto, this is your last shot at greatness for a while I figure the only way for Peter Parker to get back in control of his body is to forcibly eject your personality from his head, and that means leaving your psyche strewn all about the 616 cosmos, tattered and broken for years to come Perhaps they ll even import a better, younger, even morally ambiguous Otto Octavius from one of the other universes that will come smashing together in 2015 s Secret War warm reboot , and then we can quietly sob at the permanent loss of the original ugly duckling Spidey villainunless you count Rhino as a top tier original villain I don t This book gets pretty dark pretty fast the culmination of the Goblin s plots against Parker through Carlie, his family and subverting Superior s spider bots, all turns into an overwhelming takeover of NYC and giving us the Goblin Armageddon we ve been dying to see since Norman took over the Thunderbolts under Warren Ellis warm, wet tutelage , and which really escalated after the Osborn mini series I adored from Kelly Sue DeConnick The disturbing thread of this story is how Parker is submerging himself in Otto s memories to hide Really icky, sympathy inducing stuff like the origin of the sad sack Kingpin in the Daredevil TV series this year.The encouraging thing is seeing MJ get in the game Kicking ass and not hiding in fear, that s our tiger I really admire her, and teenage me still carries a torch for her Is it legal to put a comic book character up as one of your five freebies Seems like a waste, but it s not like Emma Stone is any likely to give me the time of day than an imaginary redhead This book goes into full culmination and resolution mode near the end, and I d say it earned the re introduction of the real Peter Parker The only trouble is how much of a hand the Master of the Obvious, Commodore Christos Gage, had in scripting it To say it s over the top is assuming Christos ever finds himself wondering where the Obvious Line is and deciding not to cross it.Spidey apologizes to everyone and earns their respect and grudging forgiveness in two pages or less each Dolt that Gage is, he doesn t have a clue how to handle nuanced adult emotions.The other part of this that isn t entirely satisfactory is how blunderingly, obligatorily painful is the switcheroo from one set of plot threads to the next It s like that final two minutes that most of the TV shows I watched have Supernatural, SHIELD, Flash , which take a fully wrapped episode and just dump in a new character, dramatic escalation or plot device out of nowhere, just to tease you into taking the next leap It s painful to watch how badly staged this stuff is, compared to how artfully it can be done in the movies, where they offhandedly mention or glimpse something early on that pays off much later, but it s just woven into life at a random moment you d never see coming.I m looking forward to the big Spider Verse storyline, and I m glad to have Parker back, but between the slightly ham fisted plotting, and the over use of Gage s, um, talents cough I could use a palate cleanser Maybe some crazy quilt Remender is on deck.

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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