Truce This Is The Story Before Everything Elizabeth Knows What S Expected Of Her, Perfection She S The Daughter Of An Earl And Expected To Marry Well, Say And Do The Right Things With A Smile On Her Face When Inside She S Dying For A Chance To Escape Thanks To An Inheritance Her Godmother Left Her Years Ago, Her Chance Will Come With Her Next Birthday Her Hopes Of Escape Abruptly End When Robert, Her Childhood Nemesis That She Hasn T Seen In Over Fourteen Years, Comes Back Into Her Life And Does Everything He Can To Drive Her Out Of Her Mind Even As He Steals Her HeartHe Hated Her At Least, He Tried To Hate Her, But It Was So Damn Difficult To Hate Someone That He Couldn T Live Without He Tried To Ignore Her, Tried To Focus On Anything But Her, But Nothing Worked Somehow She Made Her Way Into His Heart And Started To Make Him Want Things That He Never Thought Possible, Made Him Smile And Laugh Even While She Drove Him Out Of His Mind And Started A Legacy By Turning Him IntoA Bradford

New York Times Bestselling author, R.L Mathewson was born in Massachusetts Shes known for her humor, quick wit and ability to write relatable characters She currently has several paranormal and contemporary romance series published including the Neighbor from Hell series Growing up, R.L Mathewson was a painfully shy bookworm After high school she attended college, worked as a bellhop, fast

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    Well, color me happy because that s one of very few highly anticipated sequels this year that didn t let me down To say I enjoyed this story immensely would be an understatement If you are a fan of the series, you ll love this book It s a little different from the previous three but absolutely fantastic in it s own way In the end, it left me feeling like thisand that s a GREAT feeling I think the following lyrics from PINK s True Love sum up this series to a tee Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face There s no one quite like you You push all my buttons down I know life would suck without you At the same time, I wanna hug you I wanna wrap my hands around your neck You re an asshole but I love you And you make me so mad I ask myself Why I m still here, or where could I go You re the only love I ve ever known But I hate you, I really hate you, So much, I think it must be True love Thank you for another awesome BR, Crystal, Shannon Mo Always a pleasure, ladies Can t wait to do it again Cheers

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    OMG OMG OMG I nearly fell down the stairs when i saw this I ve said it one too many times, and i ll say it again. I LOVE THE BRADFORD BOYS Can Not Wait.

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    This book was wonderful Saw it was a Historical and was wondering if the author could cross over and do a Historical It has been done and done well Actually some of the Contemporary authors should stick solely with Historicals won t mention any names I am usually a sucker for books where the Hero and Heroine do not like each other in the beginning And these two absolutely did not LIKE each other Of course all that changed and we had a great little adventure with Robert and Elizabeth on their road to HEA T R U C E

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    3.5 starsFunny as shit, hot as sin and romantic as hell.

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    LOVEDDDDDD this book

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    5 HISTORIC BRADFORD STARS Truce was an amazing story about one of the original Bradford men and the woman who caused him to become the type of Bradford that we ve read about in the previous installments A Neighbor From Hell series has always been one of my favorites, and I couldn t wait to immerse myself in the historical setting of the Bradfords I was a little concerned that I wouldn t enjoy them as much, but R.L Mathewson didn t disappointment, and I think everyone will enjoy this novel, whether you re a historical romance fan or not Once upon a time Are you fucking kidding me Jason asked, shaking his head in disgust What Jarred demanded, taking a bite from his sandwich roll You re really going to start it like that Jason demanded, sharing a look of disgust with Trevor, who was inching his hand toward the platter of sandwich rolls Ow Those are my sandwich rolls Dad, Jason said, not bothering to look up as he prompted his father to get on with it Oh, right, his father said, pointedly clearing his throat Once upon a time. The book started off in the present with Jason, our hero from a previous installment, making a homemade necklace for his wife on their fifth anniversary per the tradition of Robert Bradford his great great great great grandfather Jason is being told the love story of Elizabeth Stanton Robert Bradford, and how the tradition of the homemade necklace beganMeet Elizabeth Stanton Elizabeth is being dragged from ball to ball and introduced to London s eligible bachelors so that she may find a suitable husband Elizabeth does not want to marry though, she just wants to be left in peace so that she may one day inherit her fortune and be her own woman At least she thinks this is what she wants until she meets the mysterious man in the orangery Sometimes he would disappear all day and night only to come back to her like a sailor to a siren and curl up with her He needed her than his next breath, and he hated her for it He hated this power she had over him Both desperate for a reprieve at a ball, they both escape to the orangery outside Not knowing who the other is, they engage in a heartfelt conversation which turns into unbidden passion Neither wanting to be married, they agree to keep the tryst an unforgettable experience and part wayslittle do they know their pasts are coming back to haunt them, for these two strangers are actually childhood enemies who absolutely hate each otherThrust under the same roof after a tragic occurrence Elizabeth and Robert s childhood battles resume Both of them refuse to admit that they have feelings for each other, for doing so would be loosing the battle. He cursed himself for quickening his step to catch up with the overly cheerful woman that he hated, but couldn t stand to be away from This novel was absolutely hilarious I loved watching the back and forth pranks and banter between Elizabeth and Robert The feelings that they try to hide from the other was truly endearing to read and I fell in love with them Their feelings that started in the orangery are growing stronger and seem to be making Robert and possessive of Elizabeth They had amazing chemistry and their love hate relationship was the highlight of the book Despite their attraction, they also absolutely hate each other and can t reconcile their feelings Maybe it s time they called a truce The one woman in the world that he shouldn t want was the one woman he was discovering that he couldn t live without Robert Robert and Elizabeth s relationship took quite a few surprising turns as they battle their feelings, desire, hate and love for each other They were both incredibly stubborn, yet lovable at the same time The passion of the novel was scorching I mean scorching I loved one scene in particular office scene Whew Elizabeth was an amazing heroine, strong and lovable, and Robert was the swoon worthy alpha male that we all love in our Bradford men I loved every minute of this story and I hope that everyone will give this fantastic novel a chance Just a note This is a historical romance novel, but the historical aspects are so light that it feels almost that you are reading a contemporary novel Again, if you aren t a fan of historical, I have a feeling you ll be a fan of this Then perhaps it s time that we called a truce

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    I JUST THOSE BRADFORD MENWHAT A FUN READ I have never read a historical romance before so I don t really know how this story stacks up against others but for a Neighbor from Hell book this was TERRIFIC This book had it all Banter and humor, a great romance filled with hot sex and one swoon worthy yet hungry Bradford I truly enjoyed Elizabeth and Robert s story I loved how our present day Bradford s were incorporated in sharing the first Bradford s tale Elizabeth and Robert hated each other as children They played pranks and made each other s lives miserable When it is time for Elizabeth to be married and receive her inheritance, her family traipses her from ball to ball meanwhile Robert Bradford spare has been coerced to attend the same functions with his brother James first born and heir Elizabeth and Robert have not seen each other since their last encounter years ago that left both of them pretty scarred and pissed off.Elizabeth and Robert were wonderful together and I strongly feel that if you enjoyed the previous books in this series you will definitely love this one I nearly died Because you were forced to miss breakfast a few times I love you , minx, he said against her lips Probably, she easily agreed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved to deepen their kiss. Overall, a great read that leaves a huge smile on your face

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    This series is all kinds of fun and the heroes are all kinds of yummy Great dialogue and witty banter make these stories laugh out loud awesome They are romantic, sexy and, start to finish Nothing but good times It s hard for me to choose a favorite of the series, but of the first 4 which is all I ve read so far this one might just be it Historical romance is one of my favorite genres so to get a historical where it all began glimpse of the contemporary Bradford family was right up my alley If you re like me a fan of light, steamy, romantic stories, be sure to check out this series and be prepared for lots of tongue in cheek, silly humor

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    4 BRADFORD STARS.This adorable, long awaited story most certainly did not disappoint I was excited to add this to my kindle collection and happily add this book to my addicted to this author shelf RL Matthewsons neighbour from hell series is a complete favourite for me, the Bradford boys have become something of an addiction and I was most excited to grab this historical point of view of the family that I love What s it all about Elizabeth and Robert Bradford have been childhood enemies since childhood Nothing was out of bounds for the child hood tricks and pranks between them but when the rivalry goes a step too far the duo separate ways and don t see each other until one fateful night when there lives cross paths Nothing could prepare these adults for how they would feel about each other when they are reconnected And so a turbulent, amusing and misunderstood relationship starts but will they allow themselves to be torn apart by their heated and hateful past Find out the history of the Bradford male legacy in this amusing but touching tale of love from time gone by.What did I love The author did a great job of convincing me of the historical take on this series It has a great mix of amusing, heartfelt and romantic that really pulled on my heart strings and once again the author made me fall in love with her fabulous characters The heroine, Elizabeth was completely loveable, she is independent, strong, stubborn and beautiful I could not get enough of her devious ways and her character was completely consistent throughout the book This author always writes complete sweetheart characters for her male Bradford men and Elizabeth fits that bill to perfection Robert Bradford was charming, debonair and ever so flighty frisky He had the perfect personality combination of gentleman and daring but what made his character endearing for me was when his lust made him loose control Yes this connection was completely believable and enchanting and I could not have asked for between these once sworn enemies The book had just the right amount of drama, it was giving with the sexy and generous with its romance Did I like this book Yes Do I think every girl deserves a Bradford Yes Would I recommend this series Do you even have to ask.Why not five This Bradford boy is unfortunately not my favourite, but don t be misunderstood there s not much this author can do wrong in my eyes, but if I was simply to compare it to the others stories in this series it didn t give me that full out wow I love this book with all my heart feeling I think in essence I prefer a present day tale and I can t wait for another one in this series Final thoughts For those of you that have not started this series, I urge you to stop what you are doing and get one clicking If you like your romance to feature an enemies to lovers theme and you like sexy, romantic and funny then you must not miss out As for this book RL Matthewson has delivered a historical twist to this already gorgeous series Go grab it readers, enjoy Kisses.

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    5 big YUMMY stars I devoured this like a Bradford at an all you can eat buffet, and now I am starving for I love this series and can t get enough of these Bradford men, but this was an especially fun look at the history of the Bradfords The tension and heat between Elizabeth and Robert was thick, and the games afoot between them were non stop laughs.On top of a hot and fun romance set in the early 1800 s London, I loved how we learn why the Bradfords have such huge appetites And we discover a tradition that has been passed down through the Bradford men every generation since We also get a sneak peak at Jason and Trevor, and see what the men and their beautiful families are up to these days I hope this series never ends And I would love another historical or two, maybe set in another generation in time Can you imagine Caveman Bradfords or Viking Bradfords or Pirate Bradfords or Bootlegger Brandfords Oh, Mathewson could have a lot of fun with this series Sigh I loved it.

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