The Deep End of the Sea

The Deep End of the Sea 5 Words Greek, gods, love, lust, power.My favourite parts of this book were the beginning and the end Because they are masterfully written.I was apprehensive when I started this you just have to look at how I reacted to the Starcrossed series to know what can happen when someone messes with something I know and love Greek Mythology But this is done so well The way it is written, the reasons given for the changes, this is a wonderful story which I loved from start to finish.Heather Lyons takes Ovid s story of Medusa, and everything that was wrong about it, and brings her some justice.This story is hard to read at times, but push through It s really a story of girl power, of springing back up and being strong I was smiling by the end I think because of the rage I felt mostly at Poseidon and Athena I ended up feeling pretty good by the end, with a smile on my face. 5 stars This book BLEW ME AWAY I know this book only came out a few months ago, but I am bewildered that this book isn t a phenomenon online, because it really is that wonderful A modern day retelling of the Greek myth of Medusa, we discover that after suffering at the hands of someone she had trusted, Medusa is betrayed by the god she worshiped and cursed into being a monster For over 2,000 years Dusa has remained isolated on an island, tortured by the guilt of accidentally killing men who came to slay her when she accidentally met their eyesI am a monster The worst kind of monster The kind that people have told stories about for thousands of years The kind that daredevils will seek out, even though many believe I m nothing than a mythDusa s only solace is the visits from her friend Hermes, who desperately wants to right the wrongs done to Dusa by his familyMy best friend is beautiful I am so, so incredibly fortunate he never allowed me to push him away I do not know what I would do without himMedusa is one of my favorite female characters I ve read in a long time She is so strong to have lived 2,000 years suffering at the hands of Athena and Poseidon, and while she may be physically weak at times, she always gets back up and fights in the only ways she knows how to While she often looks back at her life with some regret and sadness, she never, ever came across as whiny to me Bravo Ms Lyons for managing to create a lady we can all look up to, and one who doesn t whine her way through her hardships but deals with them the best way she can.The love story between Hermes and Medusa is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever read Hermes is one of the best book boyfriends I have read A Hermes fan club was mentioned, and I want to know where I can sign upI adore you he whispers hoarsely There s only ever been you for me I love you Do you understand that I love you That is not going to change, not ever When we finally fall in love, it s forever love Even if you decide one day that you do not love me any, I will still always feel this way for youAthena s unjust actions toward Medusa is a perfect example of rape culture and how people often turn the victims of rape into monsters in this case, literally so I was especially sickened by Poseidon s actions and further creeped out when he truly believed that he and Medusa were lovers To me he represented the ways of the past when people thought actions like his were okay, taking away the choices of women because they thought they knew what was best for them.Overall I was enraptured by this book and couldn t put it down This is one of those special books in this genre that doesn t come around very often, so I implore you, read this You won t regret it.Lastly, one of my all time favorite quotes from this bookChange happens to us whether we like it not Sometimes it s for the good, sometimes for the worse, and sometimes, you have no control over it, despite just how desperate you may be to do so Yet, it is in all our natures to try to bring about the change we wish forReview originally posted at What If All The Legends You Ve Learned Were Wrong Brutally Attacked By One God And Unfairly Cursed By Another She Faithfully Served, Medusa Has Spent The Last Two Thousand Years Living Out Her Punishment On An Enchanted Isle In The Aegean Sea A Far Cry From The Monster Legends Depict, She S Spent Her Time Educating Herself, Gardening, And Desperately Trying To Frighten Away Adventure Seekers Who Occasionally End Up, Much To Her Dismay, As Statues When They Manage To Catch Her Off Guard As Time Marches On Without Her, Medusa Wishes For Nothing Than To Be Given A Second Chance At A Life Stolen Away At Far Too Young An AgeBut Then Comes A Day When Hermes, One Of The Few Friends She Still Has And The Only Deity She Trusts, Petitions The Rest Of The Gods And Goddesses To Reverse The Curse Thus Begins A Journey Toward Healing And Redemption, Of Reclaiming A Life After Tragedy, And Of Just How Powerful Friendship And Love Can Be Because Sometimes, You Have To Sink In The Deep End Of The Sea Before You Can Rise Back Up Again 5 stars Love mythology I recommend this book.Hate mythology I recommend this book.Don t care about mythology I recommend this bookNeed a new book to read I recommend this book.Anyways, this is such a fantastic standalone possibly my favorite book for May Although this story revolves around Greek mythology I would classify this book as both fantasy and contemporary if you took away the mythology aspect, this story would read as any other contemporary romance and for me that was a plus The author styled the book in a way where both mythology lovers and readers not familiar and or don t like mythology would be able to relate to characters and not feel lost The important thing to remember is this is not a book where you get a lesson on the family tree of Greek gods and goddesses at the heart of the story is an epic romance between a wronged woman and a noble, kind hearted deity who has always been there for her.For me, this book was both enlightening and enjoyable Growing up, I was taught and instructed about certain ways of the gods goddesses deities that the old myths and textual content deemed to be good or bad While I read this book, all the prior bias I had towards certain deities vanished The author constructed these characters that broke down that bias Athena isn t the usual high mighty wise goddess, Poseidon, though a powerful god of the seas, isn t so well respected, Hades isn t a dark, gloomy god of death, etc Does the author twist around Greek mythology Yes, but in a way that s completely believable and specific to the purposes of this story It s a fine line for readers you re either going to love it or think the author butchered it, but the one thing we can all agree on no matter how different our interpretations are is that Heather Lyons was able to create and mold these characters that genuinely reflected her vision for the story, not just go by what history and mythology dictated was accurate Medusa is like any other simple girl except for one thing she s extraordinarily beautiful She catches the attention of Poseidon, god of the sea, and thinking she loves him and vice versa, she doesn t count on him raping her On top of which, after losing her virginity the goddess she previously served Athena curses her and turns her into the hideous Gorgon Medusa and anyone who looks her in the eye will be turned to stone What I love so much about Medusa is how well rounded her character is she s understandably hurt and weak from suffering her punishment for 2000 years, yet she s never once let what happened to her change her kind heart and diminish her inner strength Because of her ability to turn the living into stone, she rejects any contact from the outside world, save a old blind man and the deity Hermes Hermes is a wise, outspoken, and noble deity he is the nephew of Poseidon and Athena s brother so I was expecting Medusa to hate him But as time goes by, Hermes shows Medusa little by little that there are good gods in Olympus and that he s on her side, truly believing that what his uncle and sister did to Medusa was unjust and he sets off to right this wrong.The BEST part about this book was having the characters prove me and my previous biases wrong again and again the author portrayed these gods and goddesses in a way you just wouldn t expect in Greek mythology textbooks So Hades, god of the underworld, isn t a shady gloomy god who would ve thought that I can t emphasize this enough at the heart of the book is a romance story, not another adaptation of Greek mythology The romance isn t shallow or unbelievable in fact I could really relate to her, despite this all taking place in Olympus The setting is in modern times so there is wifi, shopping malls, etc and for me that made it all the easier to put the story and romance into perspective.Of course, the book wasn t perfect and I had intended to give this book 6 stars as it hit all the right buttons However, there are a number of grammatical editing errors, nothing too serious but noticeable enough Another thing was Medusa on her own was a weak character BUT I could see why for the first 50% After all this is a woman who s lived in isolation for 2000 years and pretty much lost sense of how the world works But together with Hermes, they are such a strong team in fact they shined and I don t think anyone can resist that kind of love or power, certainly not me So for the author to give me such a unique and different story and for portraying that kind of epic love that made me teary eyed every so often, I can t give this book less than 5 stars my heart won t allow it. 4.5 GREEK STARSI love you Hold onto that I did not wait two thousand years for your love only to lose it so easilyIn the name of almighty Zeus, this book is AMAZING What an absolutely unique concept that breathes life into the Greek mythology This book is like a birthchild of what happens when mythology meets contemporary and being a fan of this subject, I was completely enthralled by this read The Deep End of the Sea is the modern day retelling of the Greek myth, Medusa Remember the legend of the lady with a hair of snakes and a single look into her eyes will turn anyone into stone Yup we re talking about the same lady Once a mortal, Medusa had worshipped Athena but a tragic event had left her being cursed Thus, turning her into a monster and had her exiled to an island for almost 2,000 years The freedom she longed to seek has never seemed so real until the day her best friend, Hermes attempts to free her from the curseI am a monster The worst kind of monster The kind that people have told stories about for thousands of years The kind that daredevils will seek out, even though many believe I m nothing than a mythI loved how Medusa was being portrayed in this one For starters, she wasn t what I expected her to be at all as the myth creature itself is nothing like her She feels remorse for her accidental kills and despite being isolated for 2,000 years, I ve never met a woman as strong willed as her Although she came off as psychically weak, do not be mistaken by the fighter spirit she has in her Her character appealed to me in many ways that I simply couldn t not love her.And sweet loving God that is Hermes My insides completely turns into goo thinking about him Hermes is the exact definition of my book boyfriend caring and loyal and protective and OH SO CHARMING THAT IT MELTS MY HEART All those beautiful words he uttered every single time, I just want to lock them in a jar and keep with me foreverWhen we fall in love, it s forever love Even if you decide one day that you do not love me any, I will still always feel this way for youWhat I really enjoyed a lot about this read is the modern twist that the author brought into an ancient mythology It s done brilliantly in a way that even if you removed the Greek element from the story, it ll still be an amazing contemporary love story taking place in the modern world Having that mythology element there was definitely a plus for me Heather Lyons simply breathes life into these characters and portrays them so differently that constantly leaves me in awe Even Hades, the God of the Underworld is one of the most likeable characters in this read I know, what a shocker But it simply works in this book and I love that I m being surprised by it The dynamic between all the Greek gods was an interesting one to read about and I admit that at times, it felt rather comical to see how the Gods are acting like mortals with fancy cars and going shopping Overall this certainly proved to be an out of the box read and one that you will almost never come across for being so unique I was completely mindblown towards the end of the read and it s SO RARE that a contemporary read could achieve that Despite some spelling editing errors, I was not robbed of the pure enjoyment I got out of this read Heather Lyons spun a beautiful love story that will have you swooning and leaving you to melt in a puddle of sweet feels Her characters were well written and there were moments that left my heart pacing Whether you re a fan of Greek mythology or not, I believe that this story will appeal to everyone alike as long you re a romance junkieI will wish, however, that someday you will experience love for yourself Love makes every misery, every struggle, every moment of life worth it DNF page 1752I kid, it wasn t really that long of a book, it just felt that way I m not rating this, because a I didn t get far enough in to warrant one, and b this might just be a case of wrong book, wrong time When I wasn t annoyed by the lack of consistency in how the Greek pantheon and their accompanying myths were handled, I was either gagging on how cheesy sappy cringeworthy the romance was, or doing this 3.5 starsI m probably going to be kicked out of the cool kids club for saying this, but Ididn treallylikethisbook.I agree that The Deep End of the Sea has a beautiful, beautiful theme and beautiful, beautiful writing It has beautiful, beautiful characters who defy stereotypes and a beautiful, beautiful twist on Greek mythology But that s the thing I don t like how this book handled Greek mythology Or how it reads like an edgy contemporary than a book based on Greek mythology.Now before you bring out your torches and pitchforks, let me clarify by saying that I love the overarching theme It s about healing from a traumatic incident or in Medusa s case, moving on from getting raped by Poseiden all those years ago It s lovely and very well done There s also friendship, and love, and sexy time.However, if you take out the elements of Greek mythology, this book would still read exactly the same Sure, it s a wonderful spin on the Medusa myth, but the elements technically don t need to be there And if you do choose to put them in there, I want it to be the headliner I want epic quests, warring sides a la the Trojan War, sword fightssomething to make them stand out as Greek gods and not just plain, old humans.They re just so boringThey go out, eat dinner, shop Yet somehow they have vast amounts of cash Yes, I know they re gods and I m just nitpicking now, but I can t help but compare them to the sad cardboard vampires of Twilight We know they re vampires, but they never act anything akin to vampires of folklore I m all for being creative, but the groundwork is there for a reason, peeps Use it And speaking of being creative, this book utterly butchered Greek mythology I am a Greek mythology buff Have been ever since I picked a copy of Greek myths in elementary school and still am That s why I abhor books that don t get it right cough The Goddess Test The gods are not the wonderful souls you see in this book Although I applaud Lyons for breaking stereotypes like the broody Hades, slutty Aphrodite, wonderful, can do no wrong Athena she s a bitch here , they are not like that They are fickle, bitchy and bipolar In short, they are assholes Every single one of them For every wonderful thing they do or stand for i.e Artemis is the pinnacle of girl power , there s an equally as dastardly thing i.e After Artemis found out one of her hunters was raped, thus no longer a virgin, she killed her That s why I don t buy the all round nice guy Hermes here Yes, I know the gods are repenting after all these years, but why does he have to be so fucking perfect And if I have to read one line about how beautiful he isPlus, I m not buying the whole constant factor when in the gods relationships If gods only ever fall in love once, then you might as well rip out two thirds of the Greek mythology tapestry because that shit would be obsolete.And what was all that crap with view spoiler Athena being in love with Poseidon I m sorry, but that s where I draw the line First off, Athena as a maiden goddess would never do that And even if she did because some accounts claim that Athena had a child with Odysseys , she wouldn t fall for Poseidon whom she argued with over Athens.This is how it should be Not this hide spoiler Well we all knew the Greek gods were crazy, vengeful, MF s, right But, who knew that Medusa was a poor victim rather than a hideous monster Not me I read the mythological version of her story and it says that she was Athena s handmaiden who, after taking a vow of celibacy, fell in love with Poseidon and married him leading to her curse by Athena for breaking her vow But, the writer of that myth was a filthy liar Typical misogynistic blaming the victim mentality of history Yeah, and I m sure the cavemen knocking the women over the head were just marrying their willing wives as well How beautifulNot jerks No, Poseidon was a crazy mofo who raped Medusa and she took the blame and a horrible punishment.Two thousand years later, we meet up with Medusa She is on a hidden island, living her life, with a blind old Greek sailor friend and her best friend, Hermes, as her only occasional companions She has a hard time dealing with the fact that she has killed people and is very girlish Very angsty That was the only thing that threw me off, if anything You would think that she would toughen up after two thousand years, but she is a sweet and sensitive soul This is why Hermes is determined to go to Zeus to get her curse reversed Hermes, in this story, is awesome He is like Colin Firth in Bridget Jones s Diary when he says, I love you just the way you are Swoon worthy Let s get some sort of visual, shall weBut, that is Thor, Jilly, he s not Greek, he s NorseShush, dear girl just enjoy the view but, if you are a stickler for the Greek thing, I will have to pull out my old favorite it s under my pillow Oh, darn I hate to have to do Really hate to But, I want to be as authentic as possible Better Oh, yeah Now, what were we talking about again They book yes It is mainly a love story, and a very sweet one But, I do want to give a couple of warnings I don t think it is for young teens because there is sex in it And, there is the rape of Medusa, though not described in detail, she suffers a lot of PTSD But, the story is so unique and beautiful and awesome that I would recommend it for anyone else Really a great book An original retelling of Medusa s story.She is a maiden, serving Athena, when, one day, Poseidon, with whom she had the pleasure to converse and could even call friend , raped her Athena was furious, for Medusa lost her virginity in her temple, and sent her to an isle she can t escape from and cursed her into the monster we know and truly call Medusa The one who can turn any living being to stone, if they ever have the pleasure to hold her gaze I often wonder what my own death will be like, if I am ever blessed to embrace it I m not picky in my imagining I ll take any sort by this point Logically, I d prefer a less painful exit, but, knowing my luck, it ll be as ruthless as once reported and still widely believed Our Medusa has a sense of humour What is different about this mythological being is that she doesn t want to kill people and feels awful when, by any unfortunate reason, she does Medusa doesn t think she has the right to keep on living after killing sixty three humans and her motivation to waking up every morning lowers as time goes by.That is, until Hermes, her best friend, becomes resolute to free her from this prison and this body who isn t hers the curse As a protagonist, Medusa was one who incited many contradictions inside me I considered her as a pure, kind and simply unlucky creature, when she did kill others, even though it may not have always been her intention Overall, I couldn t help but empathize with her story and situation though and found her to be a courageous girl.Hermes, Hermes, HermesYou are one faithful and loyal lover His love for Medusa is true and impossible to break There is something you need to understand about the gods, he says softly in my ear When we fall in love, it s forever love Even if you decide one day that you do not love me any, I will still always feel this way for you It s been a long time since I ve read about such a swoon worthy love interest He stole my heart as he did with Medusa s and I couldn t help but wish for him to say of those beautiful words The only thing that I found banal about their couple is that they don t actually do many things together, except for having sex I mean, they do talk like a normal couple would obviously but we don t see them much together, since the plot isn t mainly focused on that I would have liked scenes with them as a couple.What made me cringe my teeth is the fact that this story takes place in our century, when this is not usually something I like when reading mythological books except for Percy Jackon Plus, even the gods talked in a modern way, saying word like fuck and some of our expressions.And, there s also this Hades doesn t look up from his iPad, on which he s been reading the morning s news and reports from the Underworld Really Is that truly possible I m not sure it is So, this story did feel a little bit unrealistic, to me.Other than that, I loved seeing the relationship between, not only Medusa and Hermes, but also Medusa and Hades, Persephone and Death whom I grew fond of The gods personalities weren t all the ones we may associate with them, especially regarding Athena s, whom looked like a choleric and ruthless woman, but they were still intriguing characters.The writing, well, like I said, this is urban mythology, which I did not know, so the writing didn t please me very much It gave too many unrealistic features to our well known gods, sadly.I do think this is something that is worth reading, if mythology is a genre you love However, it is important to know that every Greek god acts in a modern way and has adapted to our century, for it has an impact on heir way of speaking If you think this will not bother you, then I would highly recommend this read If you think it will, well, there are still some other elements in this that can be enjoyable Those are the ones I hung on to If Medusa were a boy,I wouldn t complain.Sources First art Second art 5 StarsThis book was released in 2014, so I am a little late to the party That being the case, I am sure there are already some super awesome reviews out there for this so I will attempt to keep this short This book is a spin on classic Greek Mythology And super fucking fun Being that I was was an English major back in the dayI read my fair share of English Literature, American Literature, Shakespearean Literatureand EVERY word of Paradise Death By Iambic Pentameter Lost which I actually enjoyed immensely due to an AMAZEBALLS professor So much so that it remains a favorite and I have a line from it desecrating the Val temple.But anyTMI I also read A LOT of Greek Mythology.And as confusing as it sometimes could be with all the names and the crossovers I really enjoyed it.So when I randomly saw this book last week and saw that it was a take on Medusa in an alternate book universe where THIS didn t happen Sorry Brit Brit I thought this book might prove to be mildly amusing Boy, was I surprised with how much I enjoyed this I love how the author took mythology and put her own twists on it twists I really liked This book was obviously based on Ovid s version of the Medusa story, but Lyons was able to take the character of Medusa usually seen as being a murderous monster and make her human, likeable In fact, in this book, Medusa is a really GOOD person with a really honorable heart You are rooting for her throughout the entire book which I thought was fun Rooting for Medusa Who would have thought Anyway, after finishing this, I immediately ran to GR to see if there were any other books in this series Sadly, it looks like this is the only one I wish she had a book about Hades and Persephone too I LOVED them in this Oh well, though In the end, I really enjoyed this book and it completely rekindled my dormant interest in mythology So if anyone has any rec s for me, shoot me a message Especially YOU, Ana Other than that, as promised THE CUP COUNTOne medium, iced, no sugar added mocha latte from the Coffee Bean have one, it will change your life With one bottle of Tropic Thunder pressed juiceAKA some fancy, overpriced fad juice made from Kale, Spinach, Romaine, and some other shit I would never ingest in one sitting unless some smarty pants hipster had decided to make his or her organic juice dreams become reality I didn t even want to vomit, so I consider this a win PSIt s a good thing we aren t doing a Sir Handyman Cup Count because that would be THREE Jack Daniels s and lemonade of the Crystal Light variety try it and save yourself some calories Before 9am On a MondayLOLZ And NO, he s not an alcoholic either, people Homeslice works graveyards and just finished five 12 hour shift days IN A ROW So he be celebrating And is now passed out sleepingFor the story behind the Cup Count, see HERE.

Heather Lyons is known for writing epic, heartfelt love stories often with a fantastical twist From Young Adult to New Adult to Adult novels one commonality in all her books is the touching, and sometimes heart wrenching, romance In addition to writing, she s also been an archaeologist and a teacher She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working the

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