The Black Hour

The Black Hour For Chicago Sociology Professor Amelia Emmet, Violence Was A Research Topic Until A Student She D Never Met Shot Her He Also Shot Himself Now He S Dead And She S Back On Campus, Trying To Keep Up With Her Class Schedule, A Growing Problem With Painkillers, And A Question She Can T Let Go Why All She Wants Is For Life To Get Back To Normal, But Normal Is Looking Hard To Come By She S Thirty Eight And Hobbles With A Cane Her First Student Interaction Ends In Tears Hers Her Fellow Faculty Members Seem Uncomfortable With Her, And Her Ex Whom She May Or May Not Still Love Has Moved OnEnter Nathaniel Barber, A Graduate Student Obsessed With Chicago S Violent History Nath Is A Serious Scholar, But Also A Serious Mess About His First Heartbreak, His Mother S Death, And His Father S Disapproval Assigned As Amelia S Teaching Assistant, Nath Also Takes On The Investigative Legwork That Amelia Can T Do And Meanwhile, He S Hoping She Ll Approve His Dissertation Topic, The Reason He Came To Grad School In The First Place The Student Attack On Amelia Emmet Together And At Cross Purposes, Amelia And Nathaniel Stumble Toward A Truth That Will Explain The Attack And Take Them Both Through The Darkest Hours Of Their Lives

LORI RADER DAY is the Edgar Award nominated and Anthony and Mary Higgins Clark Award winning author of The Lucky One, Under a Dark Sky, The Day I Died, Little Pretty Things, and The Black Hour Lori s short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Time Out Chicago, Good Housekeeping, and others She lives in Chicago, where she is the co chair of the mystery reader conference Murder a

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  • The Black Hour
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  • 09 September 2019
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    Well, of course I m giving my own book five stars What would YOU do

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    Pros Interesting Story IdeaCons The interesting story idea is never developed and wanders all over the map It is poorly written and poorly edited, e.g wretched and retched are different words None of the characters were developed well enough for me to understand their actions, let alone their thoughts The book is billed as a whydunnit , but the reason why the villain did it is so implausible as to border on ridiculous The protagonist can t seem to decide what she wants excessive pain medication, excessive alcohol, lusting after nearly any male in sight, or all of the above The sociology graduate program at Rothbert must be very low key Nathaniel s TA duties seem very light, and even though he was taking a graduate Methods of Research class, his methods of research seemed nonexistent Given that I can only find one pro and so many cons , I can only muster two stars for this disjointed novel.

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    Malcolm X born Malcolm Little , also known as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, who was an American Black Muslim minister and a spokesman for the Nation of Islam, has quoted violence as Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down Lori Rader Day, an American author, has spun a spectacular tale about violence in her debut book, The Black Hour The author has extended the horizon to let us see through the very lives behind the campus corridors and classrooms and playground, where every day without our any knowledge, a student teacher relationship blossoms which might sound very significant from their perspective but we never get to know the end of those relationships And the author has not only focused on those forbidden closed door relationships, but has also made us enlighten with the reasons behind the petty violence occurring every single day I can t thank enough to the author, Lori Rader Day, who provided me with a review copy of her debut book A sociology professor named, Amelia Emmet, who gets shot, be one of her fellow student and after shooting her, that boy shot himself to death Now a year has passed, Amelia Emmet is back into her teaching profession, but it seems adjusting with her old curriculum sounds quite challenging It s getting hard for her to handle those weird stares in the hallway, sinister looks in the staffroom, etc Then comes, Nath Barber, who is her new Teaching Assistant and wants to do his dissertation on the attack on Amelia Two human beings, searching for the same answers, and hence they find themselves on the crossroads where they need to learn to trust and believe each other to move on the same path, which is not only excruciating, but also dark, challenging and infernal Will their journey be fruitful and be able to find all the hidden pieces to the puzzle The author is a mastermind, who knows how to make her readers sweat it out with anticipation, which nearly killed me She has brilliantly kept the mystery hidden till the very climax and along with Amelia we too were clueless as to why such an attack occurred on her And from the very first page, there is a smell of suspense that is quite unraveling and utterly sinister And the characters make the plot justifiable, with their flaws and complexity, they make themselves believable and sounds like some everyday characters The characters have that depth to pull you into the very core of the tale mystery I loved how the author has unfolded her twists and turns at the very right moments all throughout the book And what to say about the plot it s completely packed with thrill and makes your heart and soul gripped to the plot till its very end.Verdict It s not every day that you ll come across such a compelling and thoroughly thrilling debut novel Don t miss out this dark novel which will put you on the very edge of the thrill

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    For Amelia Emmet, a professor of sociology, the study of human behavior has taken a spot up close and very personal in her life Ten months after surviving a seemingly random attack by a student who shot her and then took his own life, she returns to her teaching position at a renowned Chicago university Trying to fit back into her life as she knew it proves difficult than she anticipated As a result of her gunshot wounds, she now walks with a cane There are gaps in her memory of the incident, pushed all the way to the back of a dark shelf in the closet of her mind She knows the recollections are there, but cannot quite reach them In the meantime, students backpacks seem huge, sinister and lurking Facial expressions take on whole new meanings, nuanced and threatening Although I had some notions of how this might turn out, all of them were wrong What a treat it is to be surprised this late in the game I enjoyed every minute of it.This was a first reads giveaway, thank you I loved the author s final line in her acknowledgments, too.

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    I really was not a fan of this book, but it gets two stars from me because I actually finished it.But, while I was reading it, I kept asking myself, Why am I finishing this And I don t really have an answer, except maybe I just kept hoping it would get better The problem with it, I think, is that it teased me into maybe becoming invested, but then it would go back to dragging So I kept reading hoping that the pace would pick up and snare me in, but it never did.I found the book confusing it was a little hard to keep track of who was who, though that may have been because I was guilty of skimming I didn t really connect with any of the characters, and the big reveal was kind of a downer.

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    Lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of this Clear your day once you start reading, because you won t want to put this down Here are some of my favorite things about this book 1 Characters full of flaws Who wants to read something with perfect, unrealistic characters Better to be able to identify with their fears and snarkiness Especially the snarkiness Right 2 At one point in the book, I suspected EVERYBODY WTF I love it when I can t predict where a book is going 3 The fast paced, thrilling climax This is when you don t want to put the book down people Let me tell you, I was reading this at lunch And someone came in and interrupted me right at the end of Chapter 43 Once you read this, you will realize why I was considering lunging across the lunch table I ended up having to finish it on my commute home My train arrived when I was so close to the end that I sat in my car and finished it before I left the station Definitely reminded me of some of my favorite authors Gillian Flynn, Kate Atkinson, Sophie Hannah When this comes out in July, get yourself to a bookstore, pronto.

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    The Black HourThis debut thriller by Lori Rader Day gives us Dr Amelia Emmet, a Sociology professor at Rothbert University, a fictional university on the shores of Lake Michigan near Chicago Her field of study is violence and society, and she herself is only recently coming back to work after having been shot by a student.The police believe that this was a random act of violence, since the shooter Leonard Leo Lehane was not a student of hers and there seems to be no connection Or is there The rest of the novel follows Amelia as she tries to come back and resume teaching at Rothbert and uncovering the details of her attack While this novel has been compared to Gillian Flynn s Gone Girl, it fails to deliver both the mood and tension of a classic thriller.On the first day back Amelia hires PhD candidate Nathanial Barber as her teaching assistant, who has his own ghoulish fetish about crime, specifically Al Capone Nath, as he is now called, is battling his own demons, but now thinks he needs to find out what happened to his professor Amelia is also battling feelings of ex lover and department head Nicholas Doyle, who is now married, and a local reporter Ryan McDaniel who is following both she and Nath, because he is sure they are running their own investigation into the attack.Add to the plot, a twisted head of the college suicide hotline, and rich student scion of the Rothbert family who sports loafers with real pennies in them, and you have a Hungarian stew of stock characters and plot lines.We never connect with Amelia, even has she tries to navigate her daily routine with a broken body She spends little time with her students and she has a bad drinking habit and is inappropriate with Nath She constantly refers to him as a kid It is hard to imagine that one refers to a PhD candidate as a kid Amelia is also attracted to everything that walks She detests McDaniel, but then he starts to look good to her There is nothing in the plot that suddenly makes him endearing or interesting Needless to say the Sociology Department needs group therapy, as Amelia finds out that her office mate and supposed best friend Corrine is sleeping with a student All the multiple plots converge during a Rothbert University end of the season, school wide sail on Lake Michigan A storm is coming the sail boats are being tossed around Shots are fired from a near by boat, there is a splash as someone falls in But Amelia s ex lover Doyle, now captaining the sociology department boat, can only announce to everyone on board that he doesn t know what to do How about a cell phone call and life preservers This debut thriller novel failed to live up to its hype with characters who fail to draw us in, and a plot which was implausible from start to finish,

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    The Black Hour is the best debut novel I have read in a while I was blown away by it.The Black Hour is about a professor, Amelia Emmet, at a university who was shot in the gut the year before by a student who shot her and then himself It s about a graduate student, Nath Barber, who becomes her TA and wants to do his dissertation on what happened to her It is about those two people, but it is about so much The Black Hour is about going through some of the most difficult things in your life and hoping to make it through to the other side Amelia didn t know the student who shot her nor why he did it, but no one believes that It is only through her connection to Nath and a little bit obsessive reporter that she begins the journey to the truth I ve got to say that I thought I knew where this book was going to go, and I was pleasantly surprised shocked It keeps you in suspense the whole time and all of the twists and turns in the story kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages okay, pushing the next page button on my Kindle The plot was so well thought out and nothing is out of place Rader Day s prose is wonderful gripping, tight, and completely compelling One of my favorite things about this book is how flawed these characters are and how wholly believable they feel They are complex They are human Rader Day has created characters that you could meet on the street I was blown away by how REAL they felt to me It s hard to categorize The Black Hour It s a perfect combination of mystery, thriller, crime, and literary fiction The best part is that you don t have to be a fan of all of those things to enjoy it You don t have to be a crime fiction fan to enjoy this book It was practically unputdownable for me Not only was I in suspense the entire time, but I also found myself laughing out loud several times as well I honestly can t believe that this is Rader Day s debut novel It s easy to tell that she s been writing for a long time Her prose felt comfortable, polished I read an e ARC of The Black Hour, but I m pretty sure I ll be buying myself a physical copy after the novel comes out I cannot wait to see what comes next from this author.If you want to learn a little about The Black Hour, I discussed two of my favorite quotes from the book on my blog, Caught Read Handed.

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    DNF My sister randomly picked this book up at the library so I decided to check it out too so we could read it together I got through 18% of it chapter 9 and I just was completely bored and uninterested The college professor, Amelia, was already shot before the story begins so there s no real thrilling parts introduced early on to grab your attention not even via a flashback Her new student assistant, Nathaniel who is not the shooter, because that kid is dead , apparently chose the college for his graduate degree just so he could study her case for his potential dissertation although he doesn t know exactly what about her shooting he was going to focus on, which makes approximately zero sense Amelia was only slightly a sympathetic character but mainly she was just kind of whiny and drug addled from pain pills and Nathaniel was just completely unrealistic as a college student I didn t care about either of them The writing itself was awkward and choppy where I had to re read sentences in order to understand them at times, so I just couldn t get into it Pass.For the record, my sister only made it to chapter 2 before she called it quits, so I wasn t alone in my feelings about this book.

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    I ve been gathering my thoughts on this book for about a day now, and I don t think I m any closer to pinpointing where it went wrong, or even, what it got right The good and bad all sort of melt together and amble along.For a while throughout the beginning of the story, I had to push myself to keep reading The introduction on paper is intriguing, but in practice failed to fully hook me Pacing got better and it was almost like this book kept wooing me back, only to disappoint me again with poor pacing, padded plot lines and repetition But then, like, I wanted to know I wanted to know why Amelia was shot Perhaps the above could ve been forgiven if the characters were better developed Again, it s hard to say how much was lack of development and how much was simply that I couldn t invest anything in the characters presented None of them felt real enough to relate to or sensational enough to be entertained by.I found the prose a bit hard to follow at times, especially when the author was describing action In the end, the big explanation was incredibly hard to buy into It painted on character into a big time villain, and one whose motivation I just cannot comprehend The confrontation in the penultimate scene is forced I just kept about the 1001 ways that it could ve been avoided or that the damage could ve been lessened Still, the overall effect is confusing The book was okay In fact, I almost gave it three stars, but it wasn t until I started listing off everything I felt went wrong that it really hit me So yes, it s two stars, but I wouldn t discourage someone from say, checking this out from the library the way I did I wouldn t purchase it because I can t imagine reading this story again.

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