The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 5

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 5 Venom Is Back In Town Will His First Run In With The Superior Spider Man Be A Friendly One, Or Will He Sense Something Perilous About Peter Parker S Presence And As Otto Octavius Takes Another Big Step In His Life As Peter Parker, Could A Big Part Of Flash Thompson S Life Be Coming To A Close Will He Be Venom No As Cardiac Returns, MJ Faces Her Fears, And A New Goblin Is Born, The One Question Everyone Will Be Asking Is, Who Is The Superior Venom And After Half A Century, Don T Miss One Of The Most Cringe Worthy Moments In All Of Spidey History Guest Starring The Avengers Plus Blackout Wants To Re Establish His Reputation By Killing The Superior Spider Man And To Do So, He Targets Aunt May COLLECTING SUPERIOR SPIDER MAN , ANNUAL

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 5
  • Dan Slott
  • English
  • 25 July 2019
  • 9780785187967

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    Not 100% superior, but still amazing reading This TPB edition collects issues 22 26 Annual 1 from the title of Superior Spider Man.Creative Team Writers Dan Slott Christos GageIllustrators Humberto Ramos, Javier Rodr guez Marcos Martin SUPER HERO 2.0 Everything is going exactly exactly according to plan. Dr Otto Octavious mind is still in control of the body of Peter Parker, therefore he is the Superior Spider Man However he doesn t only got Peter s powers but also in the package came along Peter s sense of responsibility, and due that Otto understood why heroes exist and he keeps the role of super hero, but once villain mastermind, always villain mastermind, so while Otto will honestly play the role of super hero, really doing his best to keep safe his city, he will do it making tactical improvements in the act that only a true mastermind can conceivewith thousands of small spider bots patrolling New York for any crime or emergency, having his own private army of foot soldiers and manned mecha to back him up in battles, and his own island serving as headquarters, certainly the good ol Otto IS the Superior Spider Man Even, thanks to Otto, finally Peter Parker got his college doctorate and starting his own technological company, Parker Industries Yep, Otto is also the Superior Peter Parker AVENGERS, GOBLINS AND VENOM This city has a protector a lethal protector. However, even a villain mastermind and superior hero has limits about how much can handle at onceThe Goblin King s Underground Domain is thriving thanks that he tampered spider bots protocols and now anyone with a Goblin like costume is invisible to their sensors, allowing to happen secret Goblin Wars, between the Goblin King and the original Hobgoblin.The Avengers aren t happy with the now not so Friendly Superior hood and his methods.And whaddayaknowVENOM is back in town But now he is Agent Venom da frak and the lethal symbiote is in control of Flash Thompson yep, him , and even is a covert ops Avenger Bummer that nobody told to good ol Ottoso yes LEEEEET S GET READY TOOOOO RUMBLE FAMILY ISSUES Otto Octavious not only got Peter Parker s life but also his family.Otto is a man with different taste in women than Peter, so he already terminated any chance of a romantic relationship with Mary Jane Watson and now Anna Maria Marconi is the lucky girl in the heart of the Superior Spider Man Anna Maria is a small person she has a medical condition of dwarfism and believe it or not, good ol Aunt May, one of the sweetest characters ever conceived in comic books history, will show having the finesse of a bulldozer approaching the topic in the face of the very Anna Maria.J Jonah Jameson is now part of Peter Parker s family due that Aunt May married Jay Jameson J Jonah s dad and while he initially showed genuine intention of supporting the Superior Spider Man, now due a little itsy bitsy teenie weenie blackmailing thing, J Jonah now is scheming a slaying plan to literally destroy that public menace known as the Superior Spider Man.Family, mmh We can t live with them and without them ART ATTACK I am grateful that, in this saga of Superior Spider Man, there is the artistic talent of Humberto Ramos I am fan of his art style for many years and I ve been lucky to get most of his Indy works Crimson, Out There, Revelations So definitely, it s a plus having him as one of the illustrators in this saga, and thank goodness he did most of the illustrations in the volume.However, one bad thing in this particular trade paperback was that they had also Javier Rodr guez drawing some pages in the issue 26 and the whole Annual 1, since honestly I can t believe that Marvel Comics wouldn t have any other illustrator around to work in the project, since I don t like to be offensive but I found Javier Rodr guez s art style totally lame and unworthy to be published in comic books published by of one of the two biggest comic books houses Easily was the key factor to take away one star of the general rating of the story.

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    Say hello to your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man Venom So, as many of you already know, Venom is actually Flash Thompson, one of the real Peter Parker s best friends, and war vet who lost his legs in combat He s been working with S.H.I.E.L.D as an agent and is in control of the Venom symbiote, which allows him to have his legs back during his time as Agent Venom Of course, since Otto purged Parker s memories, he has no idea who Flash is, or that he s a friend He only knows the old Venom.And the old Venom was a threatThis is the volume where you really start to see the flaws in Doc Ock s way of doing things His hubris starts to cause major problems when dealing with Flash, and his ego gets in the way of a peaceful resolution to their problems Instead of hugging it out, and having an Amazing team up The Superior Spider man ends up getting taken over by the symbiote.And what happens when Doctor Octopus is under the influence of a parasiticsorry, symbiotic evil alien Ok, no, he doesn t dance But there s quite a bit of douchebaggery, nonetheless I love this title Superior or not, Dan Slott has made Doc Ock one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe I m going to be sad to see him go

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    Dr Octopus is still inhabiting the body of Peter Parker and still making superior tweaks to the Spider Man business, but that doesn t detract from the fact that he s also an unbalanced superior read smug, insufferable jerk Hey, Ock, eating five plates of Aunt May s wheatcakes won t erase the fact that you ve been an ass to practically everyone I hope the wheatcakes give you the squirts while you re swinging around New York This volume Venom, now a crime stopper and super secret Avenger is in town and because Ock has laid waste to Parker s memories, he sees him as not only a threat but also something to be exploited It doesn t quite work out that way see gif below.The Superior Annual, at the end of this collection, has Spider Man Ock running up against half demon Blackout, who s threatened Parker s family view spoiler Ock s use of pliers and a blowtorch will guarantee this won t happen again Ever Ugh hide spoiler

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    22 Agent Venom takes on the Crimemaster and Spidey wants them both Parker Industries is up and running Not a lot actually happened in this other than my one line summary Spider Otto reminds me of Darth Vader at times While I m enjoying the Superior Spider Man quite a bit, I ll be glad when Petey eventually takes back control.23 Venom escapes and Spidey is furious Meanwhile, J Jonah Jameson goes to Alchemax for help to get a certain Spider monkey off his back and Aunt May finally meets Anna Maria.Things really kicked up a notch in this volume Otto s single mindedness when it comes to fighting crime is getting even out of hand I m curious about where the whole Flash Thompson angle is going.24 The Superior Venom is on the rampage Can Otto get the symbiote under control or will he be a bigger monster than ever Yeah, the shit has really hit the fan Flash Thompson is dying and Otto is way out of control To top it off, the Avengers are on their way This run must have been hell waiting for month to month.25 The shitstorm is now an F5 as The Avengers show up to take down The Superior Venom Also, the Hobgoblin doesn t like what the Green Goblin is doing And what s going to happen with Carlie Cooper Now that was some carnage To top it off, Menace and Monster are set to go on a rampage and the Hobgoblin and Green Goblin are about to war on each other How much longer will Otto be able to maintain the charade 26 The Avengers have come for Spidey and the Goblins are gunning for him What s a super villain in a webslinger s body to do Spidey quits the Avengers in dramatic fashion and the Goblin King reigns over his Goblin Nation The war for Spider Island is coming fast And Peter Parker survives in Spidey s head after all Annual 1 The vampire Blackout comes for Aunt May as a way to strike at Peter Parker, the man the mob thinks makes Spider Man s gadgets Nice cameo by Danny Ketch in this one Spider Man and Blackout have a surprisingly good fight It does not end well for Blackout And it finally looks like the big Spider Man vs Green Goblin gang war has arrived Closing Thoughts Dan Slott s examination of what it means to be a hero is coming to an end soon as Otto continues to unravel While it s been a very interesting and enjoyable road, I m glad the destination is finally in sight Four out of five stars.

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    Blast you Gage, you insufferable buffoon Which incompetent fool thought you could even hold the incomparable Slott s pen for him, let alone co script any of this run alongside that incomparable genius, that master of the divine scripted word I see that if I want anything done right, I ll have to send one of my minions to have you dispatched to a place where your disastrous intellect can do no further harm to this world Perhaps your kind can be tolerated among the Muppet Babies No one should be allowed to put second rate exposition in the mouth of the superlative Otto Octavius Why, it s an insult to science And a terrific inconvenience, when I have a whole city to patrol and a freshly peeled alien symbiote to command If only I didn t have to suffer utter imbeciles, I would have already discovered the secret to fulfilling every one of that inferior Parker s failed ambitions All I need is one or two additional opportunities to prove my superiority over the police, the Avengers, and those scientific degenerates, and my precarious and crumbling plans will finally bear the fruit that is deserving of my vast intellect and impossible willpower.At a minimum, it is acceptable that Humberto Ramos knows how to execute portraiture of my exquisite form in battle, and allows the plebeians to enjoy with fun their passive and respectful admiration of my exploits Mike here, while Otto has his head turned Not even gonna pretend to read Gage s Annual Annuals are usually disposable, sometimes a chance for up and comers to try some wild ideas and tryout for the majors Other times they re just filler by reliable creators who are there at a moment s notice to do whatever shit job editorial needs done fast and on time Hilarious, at least to me I discovered another bilous review of this book it pissed me off so much, I slammed it twice Read on Christos Gage They should publish his writings under a pseudonym, so guys like me with a full on hatred of his writing style don t despise it immediately Then again, there must be fans or maybe just one fan among Marvel s editorial staff This is just the usual sins Monologuing Over announcing the stuff we know, could infer, or can actually see drawn in the panels Stiff writing like having Otto talk about re evaluating his brutal ways on one page, and then threaten by any means necessary a few pages later Leave nothing to the imagination eh Mr Gage Seems your only writing teacher was 60 s Stan Lee Where we see Slott s influence is less on the dialogue which I assume he left far too much of to Gage, while he was off launching Silver Surfer and all on the fun romp through the tottering shambles that is the life of both Parker and Spidey In previous volumes, I ve been pretty pissed at Slott for creating the house of cards of future pain and misery that Otto is building for Parker who will eventually regain his body, we know Somehow in this volume, I ve been secretly enjoying just how much Otto is wrecking things not deliberately, but as a slow, inevitable consequence of his own attempts to be better than Parker ever was Whether it s launching a new tech company, helping his Aunt May, building a relationship with Anna, or keeping crime at bay and running a gang of henchmen in the process , I m believing the pride cometh before the fall underpinnings of this patchwork of good that goes awry.It s all the a crime that Ramos and Slott have to suffer at the hands of the master of mediocre In purer hands, this book would have been another masterwork in the Superior run.

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    If you haven t been keeping up with the Spidey news, Peter Parker s coming back after being dead for a year and a half which ISN T a spoiler because a superhero comics and b duh and if you re reading this in the future, this isn t news at all in fact, they ve probably killed him off again and put Pastepot Pete in Spidey s body The Pasty Spider Man What the news underlines is something I ve noticed about this series which is the episodic nature of Superior Spider Man where each book deals with a certain stage in Otto s time as Spidey before moving on to the next It might seem overly efficient but I quite like it This time around it s Venom s turn as Flash Thompson Venom shows up in NYC and Spidey takes him down, separating the symbiote from him, and absorbing it himself, believing he can control it which of course he can t I want to say that this is an amazing book like the first three but it s not It s what you d expect from a Superior Venom book and doesn t really surprise the reader with any flourishes Dan Slott s usual brilliance is somewhat dimmed in this book by Christos Gage, the hack he s co written the series with, and Gage brings his slapdash style to the story where you find yourself caring less about the characters and find your attention drifting at times with the story Which isn t to say it s all bad as there are still some great moments like when Peter invites Anna Maria to meet May and Jay and May kinda patronises Anna Maria for being a small person it s awkward in a slightly funny she s from an older generation way Parker Industries is up and running which I m sure will be cool to see grow and develop in future stories and it s nice to see MJ make an appearance in the story The Superior Venom fights are ok too, and Flash has some interesting character moments, separated from the super powered side of his personality But the ending That s the big payoff Peter comes back in a big way, characters die, old characters change, NYC changes, and the Goblin King takes centre stage for the final part of Superior Spider Man It s a great ending that really props the book up Humberto Ramos continues to kill it with the art His action scenes are dynamic and crazy looking, his layouts are amazing, and I love the emotion he gives all of the characters with their facial expressions and body language His design for the Superior Venom is awesome too Like the last book, I wasn t as in love with it as much as I was the first three volumes of the series, but it s still a really enjoyable, inventive and fun book in a great series Sad to see it winding down, but all good things etc., eh Superior Spider Man continues to be a must read comic for all Marvel zombies and Spidey aficionados out there.

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    This series was once so promising but it s really gone off the rails Super disappointing 2.5 stars.

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    Great fun with the goblin battle.

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    For me, this was the least successful of the Superior Spider Man books Don t get me wrong, I still think that Slott is doing a great job on this book This just kind of felt like filler If I cared about Venom , I probably would have been much invested But I don t, not really In fact, I ve cared so little about Venom that I didn t even know that Flash Thompson is now hosting the symbiote I actually think that s an interesting idea, and maybe I ll look up when and where it happened But this isn t a skippable volume, despite being mostly filler A few important things happen, including Peter finally introducing his aunt to his girlfriend, which doesn t go terribly well Aunt May s cringe inducing, condescending reaction to finding out her nephew is dating a little person is horribly realistic, and it allows Otto to display his single redeeming feature, his love for Anna Maria There s also some lead in to the storyline that we ve all been waiting for, Superior Spider Man vs Green Goblin This is going to be interesting.

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    The Superior Spider Man, Vol 5 The Superior Venomby Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Humberto Ramos Illustrator , Javier Rodriguez Illustrator My Review 4 out of 5 starsRamos s art in this volume was so DAMN good I ve gotta start there Humberto OWN S Spider man His illustrations are the only reason I liked this collection a little than the last one The Superior Spider Man, Vol.4 Necessary Evil He just keeps getting better on this title I ve picked up Spidey stuff in the past based solely on his artwork, but this is him at his best No mistaking his cartoony style for anyone else s because it s so distinctly recognizable, his layouts are so crazy good, and his characters are so uniquely drawn it just doesn t get any better for me Ramos conveys emotion so well with his facial expressions You can tell by just looking at his work that he is so ridiculously enthusiastic about the characters and story He is just, quite simply, THE SHIT Now that I ve got that out.Slott picks up where he left off with the last volume and pretty much maintains the status quo Not as great as the earliest volumes, but I can only hope he is building towards what will be the mother of all showdowns with the Goblin King in the next collection But, don t get me wrong, it s still pretty kick ass Agent Venom comes to NYC and crosses paths with Spidey in an encounter that s reminiscent of his run in with the Black Cat in the last collection I really like this version of Venom than most of the previous reditions of the character Flash Thompson s history with Peter and Octo Pete s inability to recall any of them really makes their interactions interesting than the drooling must kill Spider Man Venom from years past The Avengers show up again to make good on their promise to keep Spidey in line This, of course, leads to another all out brawl A ton of action in this one kids All the while the Goblin King lurks about, putting his pieces in place for what is sure to be a toe curling climax in the next collection Aunt May, MJ, Anna Marie, Jay and the rest of the crew are all back for this one Enjoyed the dinner with Anna Maria and Aunt May The maniacal Peter is still friggin funny Hearing Otto s voice coming out of Parker s mouth just doesn t get old for me The Superior Spider Man Annual that was included at the end was sorta alright Not sure it really did anything significant for the story that wasn t done already and the art was ehh And the villain, Blackout, lame Otherwise, still a much better collection than most of the stuff out there and definitely worth a read Bring on Goblin Nation You should check out my pal s Superior reviews at Sam s review , Gavin s review and Get this review and at

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