Crochet Crochet Features A Mix Of Classic And Modern Crochet Projects, Including Things To Wear, Items For The Home, Decorative Pieces, And Cute GiftsPacked WithInspirational Projects For Crocheters Of All Levels Of Ability, This Invaluable Reference Also Walks Readers Through The Basic Techniques, With Useful Practice Projects To Build Confidence, Before Embarking On Adventurous Crochet Patterns


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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Crochet
  • DK Publishing
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9781465415912

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    Crochet by DK Publishing 101 projects on 320 pages Thought this was going to be another typical crochet manual but I was wrong.A book for beginner and expert crocheter It starts out with choosing the right yarn and hook for the project.Basics are taught with words and pictures and sometimes charts and graphs As you progress other techniques aretaught but what I really loved about this book is the stitch glossary where it shows a little sample of a stitch pattern along with instructions.Embellishments are also shown in the same manner with written instruction in how to make them.Finishing techniques are taught as the project calls for them From babies to adults and house and home items to make, this book has a bit of everything and then some.Basics of granny squares and all the other shapes are included and charted Love all the stuffed toys as I knit for a local nursing home that has a holiday bazaar each year with little items as this and slippers.Glossary and index and so many things to make on my list.I received this book from Edelweiss by Penguin Group USA exchange for my honest review.

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    Billed as a resource book for crocheters at all levels, Crochet The Complete Step By Step Guide features the basics and over 80 patterns at all skill levels Visually stunning thanks to the well done photographs, the book showcases quite a number of possibilities for gifts, home use, and After a section on the basics of tools, various types of yarn, stitches, and the book goes on to projects Some are simple such as Beaded Necklace pages 28 29 or Cell Phone Covers pages 36 37 to the far complex Baby Blanket pages 148 149 and Flower Pin Cushion pages 184 185 and others Each of the than eighty projects has detailed instructions, a recommended skill level, pictures of the finished project, and often a tip to make the item useful or easier to make A two page glossary, an eight page index, and a one page acknowledgment author bio bring this over 300 page book to a close.While a comprehensive and interesting book Crochet The Complete Step By Step Guidet suffers from organization issues Many of the projects seem to have little rhyme or reason as to why they are placed here or there and the table of contents is a bit scattered The result is a good book that is made difficult to use than it should be Crochet The Complete Step By Step GuideDK EditorsDK Publishinghttp crafts February 2014ISBN 978 1 4654 1591 2Hardback320 Pages 40.00 Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano Texas Public Library System Kevin R Tipple 2014

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    This is an excellent reference book and is packed with wonderful, timeless projects.

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    Crochet The Complete Step by Step Guide features than 80 crocheting projects for both beginners and advanced crocheters It starts off with some basic techniques and mini projects to get beginners off to a good start before launching into some complicated patterns I love this book I think I learned some crochet stitches many years ago, but I didn t learn enough to make anything Because this book has both techniques and patterns, it s perfect for me Many years ago 30 , I really wasn t that interested in pursuing crocheting further because at the time it seemed like a granny craft to me That image was further enhanced by all of the granny square projects, which I m not fond of This book changed all of that These patterns are modern as well as fashionable Even the granny square ones looks like they ve been updated, to a point The book is divided into two sections tools and techniques and project patterns The first section features information on yarn types, choosing colours, caring for your work, hooks and other equipment, and basic stitches, as well as complex stitches and techniques It also shows the reader how to read patterns as well as charts I m particularly interested in learning how to read the charts because they are very new to me It looks hard, but I m willing to go it a go I like how the book shows the reader a few basics then launches into a mini project so that they can use what they just learned I also like that the stitches are shown in a logical orderin this case, by height So, the single crochet comes before the half double crochet, which is followed by the double crochet It s a little thing, but to me it makes sense and builds upon previous lessons The project patterns section is broken down into categories blankets and pillows home and gifts hats and scarves gloves, socks and slippers what to wear toys and bags I really like the variety of patterns, even though I most likely won t use a number of them, especially the garlands, toys and kids baby wear There s enough of the others one, though, to keep me interested and crocheting for quite a while Each of the projects in the book specifies which yarn by brand name was used for the project It also specifies which type of yarn to use in general However, even though I knit quite a bit, I still don t know enough about yarns to pick them out for a specific project I ll probably just end up taking the book with me to the yarn store and getting help there Notes at the beginning of some of the projects point to similar projects or projects using the same stitch I really like this idea as it encourages me to look at patterns other than the first ones that caught my eye There s also additional advice, labelled Top Tip , scattered throughout the book I love the patterns in this book Several of them immediately caught my eye I ve already made the striped washcloths page 34 35 The pattern was very easy to follow and I appreciated the photographs of the edging technique as well as the large one featuring the finished project I had a problem changing colours I somehow lost a stitch , but I ll figure it out eventually I hope to make a few other patterns once I learn some stitches and get better at the craft These include filigree bookmark page 178 , shell mesh scarf page 116 , men s beanie hat page 194 , men s chunky scarf page 206 , cropped sweater page 250 , straw beach bag page 290 , everyday bag page 295 , and the change purse page 306 Highly recommended I ll definitely be using this book a lot For information about this book or to browse inside, please visit DK s website.I d like to thank Chris at DK Canada for this review copy Crochet The Complete Step by Step Guide by DK Publishing, Dorling Kindersley DK , 2014 ISBN 9781465415912 Hardcover , 320p.This review is also available on my blog, Daisy s Book Journal.

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    Two second recap This is THE definitive crochet book With detailed pictures, descriptions, how tos and designs, this is the one book that will keep crochet enthusiasts entertained and educated for yearse to come Quick review I ve always known that DK books are fantastic they publish the Eyewitness Travel books, which are my go to guide whenever I travel Yes, they weigh a lot, but it s worth it when you re standing in front of Notre Dame, and you can actually see the DK drawings on what the church looks like inside the walls So when I saw the Crochet book pop up on Edelweiss, I decided to check it out I figured that if anything, it would be interesting to see how they tackle hobbies I wasn t disappointed This is a spectacular book This book features everything that a crochet enthusiast could want From detailed explanations as to why certain yarns are called certain things, to how to make your own crochet projects from things like plastic strips , this is a book that works with anyone, regardless of what their skill level is The book also contains spectcular designs, which I think will keep crochet enthusiasts occupied for years to come Bottom line Get this book It s absolutely worth it This is the type of book that I can easily see being passed down from generations of family members, and with very good reason.

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    GREAT GREAT book for learning to crochet I used to know how and decided I wanted to relearn I ve had these thoughts off and on throughout the years but whenever I picked up a learning to crochet book from the library I was always still confused and screwing up a lot This one has clear pictures with descriptive instructions that really are clear and easy to understand I was starting small projects just a few minutes into the book At the beginning it will teach you a few things, then give some projects to practice Teach a bit , projects Then at the end is a larger collection of projects It s easy enough that my 13 yo is reading it and learning now too 8 22 14I am updating this review that I am still using the book to learn and am still happy with it It is a HUGE and HEAVY book So if you want something similar but compact, condensed and light weight you might check out Get Started Crochet It uses the same pictures and gives you a lot of the same info to learn, but condensed It also has different projects, but not as many.

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    A fine book on the basics and intermediate skills of crochet, beautifully illustrated in classic DK style The color combinations are excellent every project is well photographed The Tools and Techniques section not only introduces a number of crochet, needle, yarn, and yarn care concepts, but it also serves as a handy reference for the remainder of one s crocheting career Instructions are written well and are complete it is a pleasure to see charts explained so well The first projects as beaded items is inspired And complex projects go far beyond the obligatory granny square afghan cell phone cover, embroidered pieces, shopping totes, interesting scarves, and toys the polar bear is great Including advanced techniques such as intarsia, filet crochet, edgings, and even wire, rag strip, and felting crochet, plus a fine glossary make this a comprehensive how to Every library should refresh their crochet section with this book.

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    I originally went to the library for a book with borders and edging ideas but when I found this book, I switched gears There are some great how to sections, stitching patterns and also borders along with project ideas This is one of my all around favorite crochet books.

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    I purchased this book as a gift It is marvelous The first half of the book teaches, explains, and instructs the reader on how to crochet or how to enhance your talent and expand your ability with new stitches and techniques The second half of the book is a wonderful collection of patterns for garments and gifts, baby toys, practical items and household items The photos are beautiful and helpful Everything is explained step by step and illustrated clearly with these photos A large variety of stitches and embellishments are included too Anyone who crochets or who would like to learn this art would really enjoy this book.

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    I have been crocheting since I was a kid and have many books in my library an this is by far one of my favorite ones and most used The directions are easy to understand and follow, the patterns alone make the book worth the price and the photos are a big help, there is a lot of good information beginners will appreciate and it is a good go to if you forget some thing basic as well I would recommend it to any one.

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