Spider-Man: One More Day

Spider-Man: One More Day Well, here it is The infamous end to JMS s 6 year stranglehold on Spider Man I read this back when it was being released in single issues, and remember just being confused by it, as I wasn t totally caught up on Spider Man at the time But now I m 100% caught up, and all that s done is make this goofball story seem even sillier.About halfway through the book, I thought about giving up Knowing this was his final Spider Man story must ve put JMS in Existentialism Explosion Mode, because every word uttered by every character is just so full of meaning and importance However, it s so forced, and so far from how any human being short of Confucius has ever spoken, that it just comes across increasingly pretentious throughout the book.OK, now I want to talk about how stupid the plot of this thing is, so I guess SPOILER ALERT blerp blerp blerp.The entire concept of this story is ridiculous with Aunt May shot by bullet meant for him, Peter exhausts every avenue to save her When that doesn t work, he makes a deal with the devil to save her life well, Mephisto, who is essentially the devil Now, Aunt May is like 200 years old at this point, and characters continually ask Peter if he thinks it might just be her time His answer is No, she can t die like this I want her to die of old age Um, dude She s older than the pyramids Any way she dies at this point will be of old age But, obviously, if Peter was just like Oh you re right, I m being stupid, this whole thing would be over in a heartbeat or lack of one But instead, Peter and Mary Jane agree to allow the devil to erase their marriage from history, giving him that sweetest of victories, victory over love I can think of sweeter victories.Now, this story is called One More Day because once Peter and MJ agree to the devil s terms, they are given one final day together to experience each other s love before they re pulled apart for eternity Cool, that s a concept I would actually be ok exploring What do you do with only one final day with the love of your life You sit alone in a room for 2 pages of a comic book and don t say a word to each other.I m serious There are two pages where they are just sitting in a room, holding each other, and when Peter tries to talk, MJ tells him to be quiet So they sit in silence for apparently 24 hours Now, I can t imagine what I would do in a scenario like this, but I would not want to just sit on the floor in silence I would AT LEAST get up on the damn couch But I guess that s not incredibly melodramatic.So then the devil shows back up and is like Ready and they re like Sure and that s it The deed is done and they are not married any Every major event in Peter s life of the past few years is also erased, almost as if JMS never wrote a word of Spider Man Which would ve been the only cool thing about this if it were actually true. The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For Peter Parker At His Darkest Hours And He S Had Plenty Peter Has Always Had One Shoulder To Lean On, One Person Who D Remind Him Who He Is, Who He Was, And Who He Can Be Now He S About To Lose That Person What Would He Dowhat Would You Do, If You Only Had One More Day The Most Talked About And Controversial Comic Event Of The Year Brought To You By J Michael Straczynski And Joe Quesada Collects Amazing Spider Man , Sensational Spider Man , Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man Huh Pretty much have to separate out what I think of this book from what I think of what it does to the Marvel Universe The book itself is great it feels real and the art captures the emotion of the story The alternate paths of Peter Parker are better than I would have expected or hoped for The rationale, the process Peter goes through and Peter and MJ go through As for the Universe the editors and publishers who came up with this just plain suck You write a continuity, it d be nice if a reader could believe in it So you screwed up Spider man in Civil War by revealing his identity the solution is nah it didn t happen You don t like Peter Parker being married, you don t divorce him you just say nah it didn t happen.It makes the world less real and interesting. Sad Sad sad sad I dunno what all the negative hubbub and hooah s about, but I thunk it to be a nice ending without actually ending the character Who wants to read a story that goes on forever I love that there s variation like Ultimate Spider Man was a much needed fresh take I know I ve already lost interest in Slott s run and feel like I need a reboot I m probably in the minority in that regard Then again, I m pretty bummed out Married and older Peter is sort of a parallel to my current moving age, so I feel as though I ve grown up with him Kind of like Toy Story 3 I guess Then again, it s been quite a while since its original publication Still though I m gonna miss the family man Maybe they ll bring it back I would much rather read this version of Peter instead of the company owning dolt version Didn t love Quesada s art in that last part with Mephisto Everyone looks a bit washy with the same kind of middle ground this is tragic but I m just a character look Would have preferred less realism and less constipated facial expressions, but what do I know Shadows were on point though It s funny that part with woman Mephisto explaining about the whole But what happens if we make the tiniest change reminded me of that scene in Benjamin Button where Daisy gets hit by a car and he s narrating over a series of possible flashbacks Very cinematic, very effective All in all, a nice regrouping into the post human world with magic and demons and time changing, albeit a bit formulaic and company induced As a standalone book, I probably wouldn t list it as my favorite Spider Man story, but it works for me given the previous volume s predicament. Train Wreck.There is a major temptation to end my review after those two words However, I ll try to elaborate if only for the sake of supporting my claim.But please be aware that there are SPOILERSLong time readers of Spider Man knew what this story would be about going into it Joe Quesada, current Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, had made it painfully obvious that he felt the marriage of Peter Parker Spider Man to Mary Jane Watson was a mistake that aged Spider Man, making him unrelatable to today s youth His solution Very simple End the marriage.When the advertisements for One More Day hit, showing Spider Man and Mary Jane literally separated by the words One More Day as they tried in vain to reach over the words and grasp each other s hands, Spidey fans knew what was coming What they didn t know was how Joe Quesada had alreay spoken against divorce or Mary Jane s death If marriage aged Spider Man, a divorce would only make the problem worse The same issue existed when it came to making him a widower.No, instead it seemed like a much better idea to force Spider Man to make a deal with the devil to save his Aunt May from death at the cost of his marriage, thereby supernaturally erasing said marriage from all of existance.Spider Man Making a deal with the devilLet that sink in.What had started as a bad idea had evolved into a horribly executed idea By the time One More Day had closed, Spidey fans everywhere felt betrayed, and rightfully so One bad idea led to another and by the end of the story many loyal fans dropped the book.I ve read comics since I was a kid I ve probably read thousands Spider Man has always been my favorite hero That said, I have to say I d have a hard time finding a worse storyline in comic history. It s not as bad as I thought it would be.World The art is fine, the quality of this series has been consistent and the emotions for this arc called for wonderful characters and it delivered here, at least the last 2 issues The world building here is a reboot and a reset so I don t know how much of it I liked I think Marvel painted themselves into a corner with Peter with Civil War and this was the only way that they were able to undo the unmasking That being said, I found the world presented well and the end result as good as I could expect it to be.Story This is one of the debated there are a lot for Spideysheesh storylines for Peter and yeah I can t see them going any other way with what they did in Civil War After the unmasking pretty much everything went to hell and when that box was opened this was going to be the logical conclusion It s like a Doctor Who regeneration, there is always that feeling you are happy for a new Doctor but at the same time your mourn the loss of the old one With Stracynzki leaving the series great run overall and trying to fix the Civil War stuff this was what we got Did I like it, meh Was it the best possible way to handle it, meh Were the emotions real, yeah This changes things back to basics and back to the past but I found the weight of everything had already crushed the series so I welcome this reboot.Characters Peter is great as is MJ they have wonderful quiet moments that inform their characters written by Straczynski and their love is the payoff I think overall it was handled well and these characters were honored Where they go from here, well let s see what Slott and Co does with it.Expected, not the best but Marvel did paint Peter into a corner with Civil War.Onward to the next book I don t know whether to cry or to shriek One More Day takes place straight after the Civil War, May accidentally took the bullet for Peter after Kingpin made an assasination attempt Now Peter found a way to save May, but for a price.A very dear price indeed The drawings were nice but it was too enraging to make me thoroughly enjoy this story arc, considering what the consequence of the deal created I know it s polarized but I can t seem to figure out what to make of this volume. J Michael Straczynski JMS final story of his acclaimed and often times polarizing but overall commercially successfully run on Amazing Spider Man ended with his most controversial storyline the dissolution of Peter and Mary Jane s marriage This was an editorial mandate from Joe Quesada , so JMS s final story was not entirely his own Quesada wanted to make Spider Man accessible to new and younger readers with an unmarried hero and a streamlined continuity Quesada s fingerprints were all over this story, he even handled the art for this four part tale Much has been said about this decision and One More Day, and almost of all of it lambasted the heavy handed way one of comics most enduring couples were torn apart If there was one good thing that came out of this debacle, was that it eventually led to Dan Slott penning the tales of the web slinger with a brain trust of writers in a relaunch called Brand New Day.I bought this hardcover collection at a bargain price from the online store of Barnes and Noble I was looking for a another cheap book to pair my The Book of Genesis Illustrated by Robert Crumb to split the shipping cost and make the long wait worth it.I ve never followed JMS s work in Amazing Spider Man, but I sure did enjoy his work on the Thor relaunch In his final scripted Amazing Spider Man tale, there wasn t much action, it had a lot of drama and exposition though I thought that turning this into a four part crossover was too much, the story could have fit into an oversized annual.The art by Quesada is usually good, but I have mixed feelings about his work here I ve always been a fan of his character work Their faces may look constipated than usual, everything else iss great His art is usually kinetic and action packed, so the pacing of this story seemed a wrong fit for his art.Despite the critical baggage this story came with, this is a nice book to have on a shelf Quesada rarely has a chance to do interior art work these days, so any collected edition that features his work throughout is a treat Suffice to say, I bought this book for the art. Easily the worst Spider Man story evertold First of all this makes all of JMS entire run on spider man useless in addition to many years of continunity Second this undermines Spider Man s message of With great power comes with great responsibility with Spider Man making a deal with the devil in this case it s Mephisto to save Aunt May s life Here s the thing, Aunt May in the book wanted to die, and Mary Jane explain to Peter that she lived a good long life Instead Peter goes off and gives no regard to Mary Jane and Aunt May want to make a deal with the devil to fulfill his own wish Does that sound responsible to you Not to mention that the story is really contrived and tends to ignore continuity This reason why this was written sounds total BS Apparently the writers of spider man claim that a good story with Peter and Mary Jane can t be told I m sure that 30 years of spider man comics gonna disagree with that And if your gonna make Peter and Mary Jane not married, a simple divorce paper would work not to mention that a interesting story can be told with that situation and can make it a little realistic and maybe relatible with readers than making a deal with the devil which feels like a cheap cop out We don t need Peter Parker back in basics we already have that with ultimate spider man This alienates a huge part of your fan base Overall stay away from this story The only thing I can give to this book is the artwork is okay.

Joseph Michael Straczynski born July 17, 1954 , known professionally as J Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting He was the creator and showrunne

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