The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 3

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 3 Lots of stuff happening in this volume, and all of it was good.Warning Spoilers ish Stuff It s fun to expect the unexpected from this title The bad guys are still playing by Parker s rules, which includes taking hostages and thinking that Spidey will dart to their rescue Thus enabling their escape.Of course, since it s Otto in there Not so much Random Villain You ll never be able to save the civilians catch me Superior Spider Man I m sure the civilians will be fine evil grin Random Villain ButbutbutbutThen there s the part where he blackmails Jameson Talk about poetic justice You know how Daredevil was having all that trouble with Kingpin Shadowland Well, I don t I mean, it s on my To Read list, but cough Anyway, Otto pretty much swooped in leveled that shit There s another side story with the Hobgoblin that s fantastic all by itself Otto outs Phil Urich on television, and starts a civilian manhunt that leads to his capture Brilliant Come on, Peter Why didn t you do this stuff All of this leads up to a cliffhanger of an ending, that shows the Green Goblin planning a massive takeover rubs hands together with glee Of course, as much as I enjoy the action and humor, Anna is the heart of this whole Superior comic book I just love her Oh,Doc Ock You ve come such a long way, baby Collects Superior Spider Man The Spider Slayer Is Scheduled For Execution And Mayor J Jonah Jameson Is Leaving Nothing To Chance To Ensure That Everything Goes According To Plan, Jameson S Called In The One Man He Can Trust To Oversee Everything The Superior Spider Man It s always interesting to see how genres adapt themselves to historical developments In times of extreme global and environmental exploitation and of heightened, increasingly undemocratic mass surveillance, the superhero genre arguably faces a problem By definition, the superhero genre celebrates, rather than critiques, undemocratic, super powered forms of social control How can we cheer for characters that represent excessive social control if what we and the planet really need is fundamental change As it turns out, the two superhero titles I am currently reading, Marvel s Superior Spider Man and DC s Injustice Gods Among Us, both struggle with this very issue and come up with different solutions In DC s Injustice, a group of long established heroes, shaken by outrageous acts of super villainous terrorism, take their superhero game to the next, openly totalitarian level Their behavior is generally portrayed as selfless and well intentioned yet ultimately misguided once things start looking like a movie about the Soviet Union directed by Michael Bay they must be un American, right , and so it is opposed by the remaining heroes who feel that the good old undemocratic ways of super powered surveillance should not be taken to the extreme.In Marvel s Superior Spider Man, by contrast, it s not the superheroes who try to raise the level of social control to superior levels, but super villain Doc Ock motivated by Spidey s heroic sense of responsibility that comes with Peter Parker s body , yes, but also and increasingly by his own villainous egomania In other words, there is a dose of actual villainy in Marvel s interpretation of America s ongoing slide towards totalitarianism, which to me makes it the superior interpretationThis third volume has the Superior Spider Man applying and excessive force, brutalizing villains and reducing the Kingpin s Shadowland to rubble He gets away with it because he by now has Mayor Jameson under his webbed thumb You re going to fill out your forms and make whatever calls you have to And ensure that this surgical strike has the full backing of the mayor s office Is that understood Peter Parker s motto With great power comes great responsibility has been super sized accordingly Might makes right And yet, where there is power, there is resistance Dr Octopus Superior Spider Man is still working out the kinks to this whole super hero thing.1 Don t bust up too badly or maim villains.2 Do suck up to and then use view spoiler and eventually blackmail hide spoiler The third volume in the utterly brilliant Superior Spider man is yet another winner from Dan Slott and his cadre of super talented artist collaborators Comprising two 3 issue arcs, both storylines are amazing in different ways but share an originality and freshness that permeates this series In the first story arc, Spider Slayer is to be the last prisoner in The Raft, the island prison off of Manhattan, to be executed by the state His crime murdering J Jonah Jameson s wife Jameson asks Spider Man to join him on the day of execution to ensure the death penalty is carried out and, of course, things don t go the way he planned As well as Spider Slayer, fellow prisoners Boomerang, the Vulture, and Scorpion also run riot, enhanced by Slayer s mini robots.There are so many details about this story that I loved, but, importantly, I really enjoyed the story itself Spider Man anticipating Slayer s escape and his spider bots going toe to toe against Slayer s spider bots was really fun, and seeing Jameson get in on the action himself was great and he holds his own too I won t say how it plays out but it is handled superbly with Slayer thinking he has the upper hand because he knows what Spider Man would do except this is Otto the Superior Spider Man and he s constantly surprised by new Spidey s choices, as are we as readers.The Raft was meant to close but because of something Jameson says to Spider Man during the escape attempt, Spider Man s able to take The Raft as his own private lair It s brilliant how Otto has adapted to the role of superhero but still has the mentality of a supervillain, getting a lair, building his robots, even acquiring henchmen called Spiderlings It s both really funny and says a lot about the character, distinguishing Otto once from Peter s Spider Man.The second story arc deals with Kingpin s Shadowland headquarters, a crime nexus in the heart of New York Shadowland was a series Marvel did a few years ago which I admit I didn t read but, having read some reviews of the series, don t feel I missed much This much I know it looks like an Eastern fortress and it s making the residents living around it miserable Why the Avengers don t stomp it to pieces, I don t know, but Spider Man decides to do just that and, armed with his giant robot spider and army of Spiderlings, smashes Shadowland, putting Kingpin on the run incredibly all in one issue This is why I like Superior Spider Man than just regular Peter Parker Spider Man Peter would never do anything like this, despite knowing Shadowland exists He just doesn t have the wherewithal to do something of this scale, the planning, the imagination, the firepower, the balls but Otto does and pulls it off admirably Otto is proactive compared to Peter who was only ever reactive Otto s also got no boundaries, is unafraid of taking huge risks, and his boundless ambition and confidence creates enormously exciting stories within a short amount of space, all to the good He s redefining Spider Man as a superhero and crime fighter.The other issues in the story arc feature Phil Urich, aka Hobgoblin, whose tenure as Kingpin s henchman is up once Spider Man appears to tear down Shadowland, so has to find other financial sources Luckily for him the Goblin King has hacked Spider Man s spider bots so that anyone resembling a goblin is undetected, allowing Phil to get away with his crimes much to Spider Man s frustration Without going too deeply into the plot, there is one moment that stands out as remarkable and that s Spider Man s outing of Phil Urich as Hobgoblin on every screen in New York He does this primarily to get the people of the city to help him prevent further crime sprees but it s doubly surprising in that he chose to reveal Phil as Hobgoblin so publicly again, Otto is one unpredictable superhero and one determined to use all of the resources he has at his disposal.It feels like all of this is enough for one book, right Well, I haven t even mentioned the other storylines Slott is juggling like Otto getting his PhD from former classmate Professor Lamaze, whom he despises, or his burgeoning relationship with Anna Maria, or how Carlie Cooper is closing in on discovering Peter s secret identity And I still haven t mentioned the other big moments in this book like a character death and the emergence of a powerful new enemy It s insane how much Slott is putting into this story, it is absolutely bursting with creativity in one of the most engaging stories I ve ever read from Marvel, let alone starring Spider Man Slott is a genius and Superior Spider Man, I have to say once , is a masterfully written book by one of the greatest talents Marvel has Slott s bringing his A game to every issue and it really shows.I think I could write a dissertation on Superior Spider Man if I wanted, it s so richly textured and layered but I ll leave it with this review and simply say I loved this third book like I loved the last two and can t wait to read the next one I don t know who can read this and think otherwise, but there is only one verdict for Superior Spider Man it rules Treat yourself to this incredible story and read it today 11 Spidey goes out to the raft to watch the execution of the Spider Slayer Things don t go as planned.I m still really digging watching Otto walking around in Peter s body, both with the Spidey costume and without I m also quite pleased that Dan Slott keeps surprising me with the writing He s damn good.12 The raft is in chaos as Spidey takes on the Spider Slayer, Boomerang, The Vulture, and The Scorpion The best part of this issue was when the Spider Slayer tells Spidey to quit orating like a Bond villain Things go from bad to worse when the Slayer upgrades Boomerang, The Vulture, and The Scorpion and opens the Lizard s cell I m pretty excited to see where this goes.13 The final showdown between Spidey and the Spider Slayer and his minions.Yeah, Brutality and taking the long view of things are becoming the hallmarks of the Superior Spider Man I knew he d settle the Spider Slayer s hash but that was pretty harsh I loved the ending of this one with Spidey taking The Raft as his new headquarters.14 Spider Man and the Spiderlings take out Shadowland Meanwhile, things are brewing with the Goblin underground and the Green Goblin has proclaimed himself the new Kingpin of Crime I thought it was pretty cool that the Superior one has gathered an army of minions and I love how things are escalating toward a showdown between the Spider and the Goblin Why don t super heroes have underlings 15 16 The Hobgoblin escaped the destruction of Shadowland and Spidey wants him bad Spidey uses his Big Brother ish ways to find Phil Urich and exposes him as the Hobgoblin Too bad the police are just as inept as ever and a new chapter of Phil Urich s life begins.Closing Thoughts Dan Slott hit this one out of the park but I sense even bigger things to come I don t know if he intended it when starting the Superior Spider man but Slott seems to be exploring what makes a hero a hero and exactly where the line between super hero and super gestapo is He also uses Otto to point out some of the inherent absurdity in the whole super hero concept.Anyway, I m giving this one 4 out of 5 stars I m in it for the long haul. The Spider Slayer is locked up in an island prison off the coast of New York City awaiting execution for a brutal murder Despite overwhelming danger, Mayor J Jonah Jameson insists on being present I d like to say everything goes smoothly, but there wouldn t be much of a story then would there Just before he s set to meet his maker, The Slayer unleashes his plan for escape as several of Spidey s foes are being given free reign over the prison Can the Superior Spider Man keep the civilians safe, take down his foes and re capture the Spider Slayer I grabbed this one from the local library thinking that I had already read volume two It wasn t until I was about a quarter of the way in that I realized I couldn t remember anything from the prior instalment Turns out I didn t read it after all However, as Stan Lee famously said, every comic book is someone s first , I wasn t lost for long as series writer Dan Slott in sticking with Lee s credo did a great job bringing me up to speed.This series continues to impress me You would think the idea of doing a body switching storyline would come off as desperate, but Slott has managed to breathe new life into the wall crawler Spider Man has always been known as a trash talking comedian, but with Otto Octavius straight man routine applied to the web slinger, it works just as well, if not better.Now, to go back and get volume two. There some serious shit afoot here in the land of the Superior Otto cum Spidey hey, wouldn t you use that phrasing too gets invited out to witness cum stand guard OK, I ll allow it while the state offs Spider Slayer Why this dude gets the death sentence and not the hundreds of other mass murderers I all of comicdom, I don t understand but he s an asshat with a really unnecessarily pointy face mask so let s get him Then of course something goes awry, as it always does in Spidey land, and everyone has to survive the chaos Otto gets amazing with his planning, Jameson goes off the reservation and goes Schwarzenegger on some villains, and the villains do some fun stuff while they re on a rampage Otto is a littledriven, yes He gets an idea in his head murder, for a hypothetical and he kinda doesn t stop for any sightseeing or side missions It s a little disconcerting, because if he keeps playing asshole with Spidey s life, how much if a shambles will it be in by the time Parker regains control I means, I know that the deal with Spidey is his life has to be shit for him to properly wallow in his own shame, guilt and challenges And giving him a great life with lots of perks can only last so long before we don t get to see him punched in the face a few times a year.So the deal with Otto is he s going to wreck havoc with all the good stuff Spidey s been able to pull off lately, and leave his life worse than he found it But c mon please don t completely shamble up Parker s gig leave him something to cling to while his job, love life and reputation go to the stinky, sticky bottom of the outhouse cum shithole.Meanwhile, the fun of unrestrained Otto rampage just keeps on growing Facing down Fisk, tangling with Hobgoblin, linking up with Jameson in an icky way, and even going pretty over the top with the resources he s using to clean up the city Where does it go next How can Slott top this as we go further I ll never tire of hearing Otto berate his lessers I ll also never tire of Ramos drawing Spidey adventures, and Camuncoli s no slouch either Fun, big exaggerated shapes and really clean, evocative framing.I gotta agree with Sam Quixote s review there s so much meaty distance and originality in these stories that it s hard to focus on any one aspect of them without short shrifting everything else It s like Halloween night when there s too much damned candy to choose from. Given that I haven t exactly been keeping up to date on Spider Man before the Superior storyline started, it isn t surprising that this collection didn t feel quite as vibrant to me A lot of it has the feel of cleaning up after loose ends left over from years past Returning to Spider Slayer, for example, or Kingpin s Shadowland That s not to say that I didn t like this collection, because I absolutely did But somebody who just started actively keeping track of Spider Man because of the new direction like me won t be as invested in some of these developments as a long time reader.But while the specific characters brought into the story here weren t as absorbing to me, I did like the direction that it seems to be taking Otto s Spider Man He s always been proactive, ruthless, but this is taking things to a whole new level Like building a giant mech to help him preemptively take out Shadowland Or planning for virtually every possibility when trying to prevent Spider Slayer from escaping the Raft It s also interesting to see him start to lapse into his super villain roll He has a lair, costumed henchmen, and a tendency to monologue Lair aside, kind of unusual traits to see in a hero And yet, he still seems like he s trying, in his own way, to fight what he perceives as the good fight That s one of the things that makes the book interesting. With Peter Parker s presence gone, Doctor Octopus is truly protecting the city as only a supervillain wouldwith blackmail, brutality, murder, and an army of henchmen.I don t want to say The Superior Spider Man series is bad because it s not, but Doc Ock as Spider Man is insufferable I find him incredibly pompous and obnoxious Reading about his exploits isn t fun for me He s doing good, but the way he s doing it is so bad that even Wolverine was concerned in the last volume.Bottom line, I just don t like The Superior Spider Man I think I ll be skipping ahead to the next Spider Man series.

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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