The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 2

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 2 An Avenger No In Light Of His Recent Violent Actions, Will The Avengers Kick Spidey Off The Team With A Villain Acting Like A Hero And A Hero Acting Like A Villain, One Man Has Decided That Enough Is Enough The Ghostly Revenant Of Peter Parker Fights To Regain Control Of His Body, His Mind, And His Destiny Is This The Beginning Of The End For Otto Octavius The Time Has Come To See Who Will Live, Who Will Die, And Who Will Emerge As The One, True Superior Spider Man But When The Green Goblin Returns, Why Is Spidey Nowhere To Be Found Plus Jester Screwball Cardiac And A New Development For A Spider Man Who Hasn T Been Seen For Some Time And By Time, We Mean Centuries COLLECTING Superior Spider Man

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 2
  • Dan Slott
  • English
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9780785167051

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    The Superior Age continues This TPB edition collects Superior Spider Man 6 10.Creative Teeam Writer Dan SlottIllustrators Humberto Ramos Ryan Stegman SUPERIOR SWAP In case you re jumping to read here, this second TPB continues with the storyline about Dr Otto Octavious aka Doctor Octopus cheating death, transfering his mind to the body of Peter Parker aka The Amazing Spider Man , and with that, he becameThe Superior Spider Man While Octavious mind is in control of the body, he got a massive shock of the memories of Peter Parker and with that, he got a interesting twist about the lesson of With a great power, comes a great responsibility.So, now, Octavius keeps alive the role of the web shooting super hero BUT thinking as a criminal mastermind, but while you could think that it can be a bad thing, butIT ISN T Who would guess that a criminal mastermind could be such superior hero Now, Spider man is efficient, resourceful and even having full support from the NYPD and the Mayor s office EACH STEP EXPLAINED I can understand that hardcore fans of Spider man aren t happy with this change of minds, but since it s obvious that it s something temporary, so while it last, I am enjoying the ride, since indeed, Otto is doing the super hero business in a really effective way, maybe not in the traditional super hero way, but his methods are paying up in big way Also, each action by Octavius is explained detailing facts of his past life so you can understand why he reacts in some way to certain situation Maybe you won t approve it, maybe you do, but you can t deny that you get the info to understand why he is doing each thing TOO CROWDED MIND Inside the mind of Octavius, there are the memories of Peter Parker and those memories made a conscience of Peter that it s trying to get control again of his body In this TPB, you will see how far this Peter is willing to go to obtain his goal of get back Peter s body Where it will test your assessment of who is the hero and who the villain in that mind.Also, Octavius is not only improving the effectiveness of Spider man, but also he is doing important things that Peter didn t get to finish on his own time college doctorate, anyone , so you can think that Octavius is improving too, Peter s personal and professional life It s hillarious the dumb intervention of the Avengers here Certainly, as Octavius pointed out, the fact that in that moment, the Avengers roster were lacking of Tony Stark and Hank Pym, making them not so bright in the analyzing area But it s quite amusing and hypocritical that they re so shocked that now Spider Man is willing to kill when they have killed too a super soldier, a norse god, a former Russian spy, a Weapon X subject, etc , they all have kill than once but it s like the killing rules apply to other people and not them.Keep the Superior Work

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    I love it Superior Spider Man bubbles over with outrageous, unapologetically silly ideas and plot twists, and every single one of them is designed to serve one purpose and one purpose only to be fun Not to be clever or deep or gritty or shocking or superior just to be fun And boy, do Slott and Ramos deliver big time I mean, this is almost as exciting, dramatic, wacky and energizing as Smilin Stan Lee s original run a wild ride at breakneck speed I thought they didn t make em like that any

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    The best thing about Superior Spider Man It s hard to say, really It would be tempting to tell you that I think the humor is the highlight of this title, but there s so much to the story than just some cheap laughs But don t worry, there are plenty of cheap laughs.Since Otto has taken over Peter s body life, he s made some changes in the way Spider Man does things And I gotta say, I like the way he operatesmostly.Gone is the quippy web slinger who leaves the bad guys tied up in webbing for the police And in his place is an unintentionally funny vigilante who has a no nonsense approach to crime fighting And a bit of a temper.It s the last part that brings his antics to the attention of his fellow Avengers, who bring him in for a gentle talking to.You know, to make sure he s not a Skrull or somethingThen there s Ana Maria.Wow This is a really well done romance There s no cheesy he learns to love her despite thing going on She just is and Otto just can t help but fall for her It s a great way to introduce a character who maybe isn t the norm, and show that they really are just like everyone else.Nicely done, Slott.As the title suggests, this one has a mental showdown between Peter Otto.Again, this could have been cheesy, but Slott kept it from going sideways.No spoilers for those of you who haven t read this one, so I m afraid I can t comment on the Big Battle too much Read itThe story with the vigilante Cardiac was pretty awesome, as well Slooooooowly, The Grinch Otto is growing a heart.Ok, I m on to volume 3 Where, hopefully, there will be plenty of Superior Spider Man s creepy villain laugh.

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    This review is in the written style of my virtual wife , Anne This morning, you forgot to pack my lunch again, sweetheart It s a legal union in Utah, the Northwest Territories, Chad, and because she s older that twelve, several counties in Alabama Bite Me, radioactive spider No, literally bite me I want spider powers too.Is this as good as Volume One Insert fan boy squeals of assent It seems that Doc Ock did the old switcheroo with Spiderman back when view spoiler I have no idea, I didn t read it hide spoiler

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    Dan slott still delivers on, what will probably, be my favorite run of Spider man in awhile Dr Ock is still in control Still doing the hero thing even with his brutal ways After killing Massacure the avengers try to take him in to make sure he really is Spider man Once he passes he notices something is off Then it s time for him to go inside his OWN mind and take out Peter Parker who has been inside him trying to fight This brings us to a major turning point, one you might not expect Good The art is still great The pacing and storyline are interesting The intent to push Peter forward and give him objectives and be successful in life is a nice change of pace I also loved the fights for they are vicious and really feel like a different spider man Bad It s still a little filled with bad dialog here and there Overall this is easily Dan s best Spider man story I hope it continues to be as good as it is because I ll keep on reading A 4 out of 5.

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    SO GOOD Superior Spider man is SO GOOD that s how it should only be described, only in superlative capitals I picked this up yesterday thinking I d read an issue or two before I start my day and I couldn t put it down until I d read it straight through Then I went online and bought issues 11 17 on eBay this book made me switch from trades to monthlies because it s too long to wait for the collected editions If you re reading a review of Vol 2, you probably already know the setup, but if you don t, the short version is Doc Ock s mind is in Peter Parker s body Doc Ock s body is dead, Peter Parker s mind is dead but his soul is still haunting a part of his mind and nobody knows Peter Parker is now Otto Octavius Moreover Ock is determined to carry on being Spider man, but he will use his higher intellect to become an even better Spider man a Superior Spider man In this book, people start to question what s going on with Peter especially after the conclusion of the first volume where Spider man executed a villain He starts off this book by severely beating a pair of pranksters in a live streamed video that the Avengers see and decide to bring him in for testing Meanwhile Cardiac is running an underground clinic for people in dire need of medical help but can t afford it and he needs a piece of equipment to save a little girl s life only problem is, it s Octavius tech that the new Spider man is strangely deeply possessive of And finally, Doc Ock and Peter Parker have a showdown inside Peter s head SO GOOD I can t stop saying it, I loved this book I love that Dan Slott is giving Doc Ock numerous challenging situations, both physically and morally Spidey fighting the Avengers Great Then having to save the life of a girl whose condition he caused Amazing I love Anna Maria s character and that Slott is taking Peter back to school to earn his doctorate Spider man s always been written as a super brain and Slott is underlining this aspect of the character, ensuring he s raised up amongst the likes of Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark Peter also plays a big part in this book He s slowly regaining control of his body and trying to make people aware that it s Otto and not him who s in charge of his body and that s why he s so changed, while Officer Carlie Cooper is trying to prove that that s the case And the fight between Peter and Otto at the end is brilliant Surreal, imaginative, full of insights into both characters, especially Otto s who s undergone some remarkable changes since the series began Couple Dan Slott s dynamite script with Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman s art and you ve got gold Slott is firing on all cylinders with this series It s no understatement to call Superior Spider man a masterpiece because it really is one of the best Spider man storylines the character s ever had and Slott is working every angle, weaving all the story threads masterfully into one coherent, utterly compelling whole It s an absolute joy to read Superior Spider man is both the title and an appropriate description for this book Superhero comics at its finest

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    How is this so good I don t like the basic premise any than I did when I first heard it It s doomed to fail eventually, right Marvel can t possibly be fully committed to having Otto be in Peter s body forever Right But I have to put aside my misgivings about the premise when I read the book, because Slott isn t just making the best of a bad premise, he s absolutely knocking it out of the park The differences between Peter s Spidey and Otto s Spider Man are definite, obvious, and make perfect sense Otto is ruthless, methodical And in some ways, he s doing a better job He s certainly efficient, but he s also far violent He s accepted on an official level, but he isn t as well liked Killing Massacre in the previous volume was a defining moment, and I like the way this volume follows up on it The mixed reactions seem dead on to me I especially liked the way Slott handled the Avengers concern They aren t particularly worried that a criminal was killed by a superhero, they re concerned that Peter Parker was the one doing it It isn t like him But the best thing here is the internal battle between the remains of Peter Parker and Otto for dominance of Peter s body It s a fantastic read, with great imagery and an outcome that I didn t exactly see coming Where does the book go from here What s the final destination I don t know, not exactly, and that s exciting.

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    Peter Parker is still hanging around in the background of his mind Watching Otto take over and do things very differently than he would Peter isn t giving up yet.Meanwhile Doctor Octopus is delivering his own brand of justice which is leaving a lot of people uncomfortable.The Superior Spider Man is a self righteous prick I honestly don t like Doc Ock as Spider Man I realize that s largely the point, but it s making The Superior Spider Man hard to read Doc Ock is just being himself which just shows how fortunate the world was that a good guy like Peter Parker was bit by that spider rather than a villain.I m going to try one volume of this and if I m still feeling indifferent then I ll skip ahead to the next Spider Man series.

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    Loving this series Someones back

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    Lightning strikes twice for Superior Spider Man with A Troubled Mind, as Dan Slott delivers a second compelling volume Like the first, it varies between laugh out loud humour Oh yeah That s right, Thor Testify , personal confrontations You don t deserve to be Spider Man You understand that now. and key plot developments as Otto Octavius continues to make big changes to Peter Parker s life Now aligned with Mayor J Jonah Jameson, Spidey tackles the comedic crime duo Screwball and Jester His actions are called into question once again, and the divided opinions on his new attitude prompt some to take action.Spidey is questioned by the Avengers and comes to blows with Cardiac, all while the villains of the city begin to adapt to his newfound ruthlessness Slott continues to have Otto walk the line between efficient hero and selfish villain There s a poignant scene that shows Otto is capable of good, in a situation that Peter wouldn t have had the knowledge to handle It s followed by a darker, but fully engaging confrontation that culminates in a brilliant back and forth argument on the rights and wrongs that come with power and responsibility This series really has a wonderful mix of comedy and action, with an underlying serious tone that leaves me wanting after each issue.Humberto Ramos and inkers Victor Olazaba and Cam Smith join Ryan Stegman and Giuseppe Camuncoli on the rotating art team for the series, although the work of the latter is absent from this collection Not as clean as Camuncoli s lines, but not as sketchy as Stegman s, their art finds a nice middle ground between the two and blends in almost seamlessly as a result Colourists Edgar Delgado and Antonio Fabela ensure each issue has an appropriate tone for the story In short, the whole art team are fully supporting Slott s excellent narrative.Given the quality of the series after just ten issues, I can see myself reading Superior Spider Man until the end I d recommend anyone with even a passing interest in the world of the web slinger to check this one out.

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