So Tough to Tame (Jackson Hole, #3)

So Tough to Tame (Jackson Hole, #3) Tough To Tame, But Not Too Tough To Love Charlie Allington Is Supposed To Be On The Fast Track To The Top A Small Town Girl Who Was Making It Big In Her Career Instead, She S Reeling From A Scandal That S Pretty Much Burned All Her Bridges Now, Out Of Options, She Needs A Place To Lick Her Wounds And Figure Out Her Future True, Working At A Ski Resort In Rugged Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Isn T Her Dream Job But If There S One Perk To Coming Back, It S A Certain Sexy Hometown Boy Who Knows How To Make A Girl Feel Welcome Cowboy Walker Pearce Never Expected A Grown Up Charlie To Be Temptation In Tight Jeans She S Smart And Successful Way Out Of League For A Man Like Him But He S Not About To Let That, Or His Secrets, Get In The Way Of Their Blazing Hot Attraction Yet When Passion Turns To Something , Will The Truth About Both Of Them Send Her Out Of His Life For Goodor Into His Arms Forever Victoria Dahl is one of my favourite authors of contemporary romance, but I let myself be put off by the very lukewarm reviews of her latest series especially the first book in it Well, I shouldn t have, because her contemps just work for me, even when I see some issues with them.So Tough To Tame is the third in the series which also includes a couple of short stories , but stands alone fine Charlie Allington is used to being respected She was a studious girl in school and, after leaving the small town of Jackson Hole, she started to build a very successful career in security She was flying high until she trusted the wrong person and was left holding the bag if you forgive the mixed metaphor While the police withdrew criminal charges, her reputation in the business was ruined, as people assumed there must have been something to the accusations.As the book starts Charlie is back in Jackson Hole, where a former school friend and her husband have given her a job as head of security in the new resort they re about to open It sounded like a great opportunity, but it s turned out to be a nightmare The former friend has turned into a complete nutter who disrespects Charlie and makes it clear she suspects her of all sorts of misconduct, including wanting to seduce her husband At her wits ends, Charlie decides the only way her sanity will survive is to keep their interactions only to working hours, so she moves out of the provided accomodation in the resort and into an appartment in town.And immediately, things start to look up One of the first people she meets there is Walker Pearce, whom she used to tutor when they were in high school Walker was attractive as a teenager, but he s off the charts now And he s just as attracted to her He used to fantasise about her during their tutoring sessions, but he felt clever, good girl Charlie was out of his league I really liked both characters, especially Walker I thought his character was particularly well done Walker is dyslexic, and this has had a big effect on how he sees himself and what he s capable off This is not one of those books where dyslexia is ridiculously presented as this huge, horrible, shameful secret It s not at all a secret People know and some mild accommodation was made for Walker when he was in high school, although not really as much as he needed, or as would be made today as a matter of course at least from what I hear from my friends who have kids But, combined with the fact that his father saw and treated him as stupid, and that Walker has absorbed those views, this has resulted in a man with a low view of his own intellectual abilities and capabilities Walker is a cowboy, and although he enjoys some of the work, Dahl gives us a realistic and unromantic view of the job than found in most romances It can be back breakingly hard work, especially as a man gets older It s pretty miserable in bad weather and the job security sucks When Walker is earning money he makes enough to live comfortably, and has managed to set aside a small amount, but he doesn t know what he ll be able to do in a few years, or what would happen if he got injured and had to miss even a couple of months of work It s heart breaking, because it becomes quite clear that he s got some outstanding skills, especially with people, and he could get a job that he d like and would be better for him, if only he dared go for it.The relationship between him and Charlie was also affected by this, and in a way that broke my heart as well Over the years, Walker has become someone who s seen as only good for showing a girl a great time in bed He s just not someone women will consider as a prospect for a relationship Walker feels that this is because he s just not good enough for the kind of intelligent woman he feels attracted to And once he starts a relationship with Charlie, it feels like it s going to follow the script of all other relationships in his life Charlie thinks so as well, not because she feels he s not good enough, but because he s developed a reputation for loving them and leaving them, so she feels that trying to have something serious with him is setting herself up for a fall Watching them negotiating all this made for fascinating reading This sort of plot is also a weakness of mine I enjoy the role reversal, because it s so often the hero is all confident and arrogant, and the heroine who s suffering from self esteem issues I love it when it s the opposite And by the way, those love scenes Dahl is one of the very few authors whose scenes work for me although there was one in this one where she lost me Her love scenes are all about the feelings, not so much about what is going on physically Oh, we get the physical as well, it s just that it s not the whole point They are also about developing the relationship You couldn t just cut them out, because the relationship just wouldn t work without what s being shown in them.Something else I really appreciated here was that there was none of the blood is thicker than water crap we get in so many romances, where there s this decree that you MUST forgive and love your relatives, even if they ve been crap to you We could have got that with both Walker and Charlie father and brother, respectively , but we absolutely don t In fact, the resolution of a certain threat against Charlie is exactly as it should be don t want to add detail than that , and I cheered her for it.I had mixed feelings about another element I usually love in Dahl s books, which is how her books often deliver an explicitly feminist message This happens here as well, although with mixed success The successful part was the characterisation of Charlie, who is completely unconflicted about her sexuality She knows and even insists out loud to her slut shaming boss that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her enjoying sex and that no one has the right to judge her for it I loved that.However, what I didn t love is that Dahl seems to think that it s sex positive and feminist to have women engage in the sort of behaviour that would brand men sexually harassing assholes I m talking about Rayleen, who seems to be a recurring character in the series She is the owner of the apartment complex where Walker and Charlie rent, an old woman who constantly makes crude sexual comments to Walker and apparently to any other young man who may live in the complex she insists on only renting to hot studs I get that she s meant to be funny Charlie finds her absolutely hilarious , but I didn t find her so at all Yeah, call me humourless, but I don t think the aim of feminism should be to allow women to objectify men in exactly the same hurtful way they have objectified us over the years Doing so can be a weapon in the fight this is what it feels like, see why I m saying it s harmful and awful for us , but I didn t feel that was what was going on here I had similar mixed feelings about the girls night Charlie has with her new friends I m all for women being frank about sex and about enjoying it, and I ve had plenty of girls nights with my own friends,where we bullshit about sex and it s so much fun This one, I m afraid, felt forced and fake and pretty immature, like a bunch of little girls trying hard to be shocking This is only a very minor element of the book, though On the whole, I enjoyed it very much, and will definitely go back and read all the others in the series.MY GRADE A B. Not my favorite of this series Charlie has come back to Jackson Hole after working for several years in Tahoe Unfortunately, while she was there she got caught in the middle of some illegal dealings, then discovered that the man she thought she loved was married and setting her up to take the fall While cleared of any illegal doing, her reputation is toast and the best she can do is working for an old high school classmate The working conditions aren t great, but at least she has a job.Walker is also dealing with work related issues He was working at a local dude ranch when the boss s wife went too far in her pursuit of him He likes women a lot, and is well known for giving them pleasure, but messing with a married woman didn t feel right However, the boss took a dim view of the rumors and fired him He s having a hard time finding a new job because no boss wants to hire a man he can t trust around his woman It doesn t help that he s got issues that limit the kinds of jobs he can get anyway.When they were in high school, Walker and Charlie were friends, as well as Charlie being Walker s tutor Charlie had a crush on Walker, but he was the school s hottest guy and she was a nerd Strangely enough, Walker had a crush on her, but felt that he was too stupid to look at a girl like her When they meet again as adults there is immediate and overwhelming attraction.This is where it starts to fall apart for me They can t keep their hands off each other and go at it whenever they are together Every time one of them starts asking uncomfortable questions or says something they don t want to talk about, the other immediately tries to distract with sex They appear to be growing closer, with both of them discovering that interest in other people is becoming non existent Unfortunately, neither of them is really sharing what is most important.There were things I liked about Charlie I liked the way she is doing what she needs to do to start over She is working really hard at the new job, even putting up with the crap that her boss is dishing out I also loved her relationship with the irascible Rayleen Instead of being offended by the woman s treatment of men and the hard time she gives Charlie herself, she is completely amused by her However, as Charlie got closer to Walker, I didn t like that she never told him what she had gone through before she came home I also didn t like the way that she was constantly nagging at him to apply for jobs other than ranch hand, even though he told her to stop I wasn t at all surprised that her lack of honesty with him came back to bite her when he did find out.There were also things I liked about Walker He s is a really nice guy at heart He may sleep with a lot of women, but he treats them well while he s doing it He doesn t cheat on them, and is clear that he doesn t do commitment He also has a fantastic relationship with his brother, who is about as different from Walker as a brother can be And I really loved seeing him with kids He never had any trouble relating to kids, even the handicapped ones I didn t like the way that he was always so down on himself Yes, he s dyslexic, which caused him great problems at school and with his father But he refuses to listen to anyone who tries to tell him that he is capable of far than he believes I had a hard time believing in a romance between Walker and Charlie because they frequently didn t seem to actually hear what the other one was saying They also kept their emotions to themselves most of the time There were a few times when they would open up a little bit, but then would retreat again It wasn t until near the end, when Charlie s past came up, that they seemed to share some real emotions, and those were negative ones It did give them each something to think about, and realize that they had decisions to make I liked the conclusion as both admitted their mistakes, which gave me hope that they could pull off a happy ending after all.The best part of the book was actually what was going on up at the resort Charlie is actually very good at her job, and she isn t there long before her instincts tell her that there is something funny going on She s not sure if she should trust herself at first, because of her previous history, but eventually she does investigate I really loved seeing her figure things out, then have to decide what she s going to do about it I loved the decision she made and how she made it happen.The epilogue was good, with a nice wrap up to the story lines I liked seeing where Charlie and Walker s decisions about their futures took them I also loved the last part with Rayleen It was sweet and salty, just like her. Well that was just delightful. I really enjoyed this series Now looking to see if there are any. Goddddddd, Victoria Dahl can write a barnburning good book How does she do it every time I think I ve already talked about this in my other Victoria Dahl reviews, but I m going to repeat it because it s TRUE.Victoria Dahl for me can do no wrong She writes romance novels that are so unlike anything I ve ever read But it s not outside a comfort zone Here s how she does it She takes tired trope in this book s case The Broken and Traumatized Girl Who Ran Back Home to Lick Her Wounds and Figure Out Her Life, the Super Hot Guy Who Has Dyslexia and Is Majorly Insecure About It and completely writes the HELL out of them In so many of my reviews I say, I ve read this before, but someone else did it better And that someone else is usually Victoria Dahl She takes these tropes and somehow makes them fresh, new, nuanced, complicated, layered, heart wrenching, understandable, wonderful, amazing, shiver cause the book isn t even close to done and you have so much story to read Personally, I have a lot of issues with the stock character of the Broken Girl Who Comes Home She usually is beaten down and has to find her way back to her Sass with a Capital S through a man or through another trauma I don t like that, and Victoria Dahl doesn t either Charlie short for Charlotte is a BADASS, you guys I was about 100 pages in when I thought, My god I want to BE her She s so unapologetic So strong, so independent, so in control of herself, knows herself, is funny, witty, lovable, total best friend material, yet vulnerable and makes mistakes at the same time What a character My god, I just want to hug this book all the time.I love that Dahl shows a character who s been wronged, who did some wrongs herself, and is not at the top of her game, but doesn t show her as a broken, fragile flower Because not everyone would react like that Charlie s got such strength of character that it would be ridiculous for her to just shut herself up in her apartment and cry all day because people were mean to her and used her That s ridiculous That is not her Charlie s going to go out, be herself, and have fun Because that s her That doesn t mean she s not suffering the aftermath of a serious betrayal That doesn t mean she s not scarred from it I looooove her because she doesn t let her past change her She keeps going But at the same time, you see her grow, you see her trust again, you see her try again And that is a character I can get behind.Same with So Tough to Tame s hero, Walker I read a lot of romance novels, and there s at least 20 of them with guys who have a learning disability of some kind most of the time it s dyslexia , and they re incredibly insecure about it ashamed of it This book s no different BUT The character of Walker is just so much nuanced than any of those other characters with the same issue Victoria Dahl really takes the time to show you the connection between Walker s dyslexia, his father s abuse, how Walker sees himself in relation to other people eg his brother and the women in his life The reader has the ability dramatic irony, anyone to see just how Walker sees himself and how Walker actually is And the divide is heartbreaking You re frustrated right along with Charlie when she tries to talk to him about pushing himself out of his comfort zone You feel his pain when you find out why he can t do the things he wants to do.Again, mannnnn, I just want to give this book as a present to everyone I know The other thing I love about Dahl s books as a whole is how she writes sex sexuality Her sex scenes are never gratuitous They always further something, and it s usually character development Something is always going on in those scenes besides intimacy I love and appreciate that her books are huge advocates of knowing and owning your sexuality I think a lot of RNs try to do this, but many get caught up on the whole Virgin thing which can easily slide into the Virgin Madonna vs Whore dichotomy this drives me UP A WALL , or focuses too much on the woman finds her freedom through her male partner In Dahl s books, the woman is usually very unapologetic about what she wants and how she wants it This book is no different It s not shameful to be in touch with your sexuality, Dahl s books say, and I think that s such an important message to have, especially with the audience who reads Romance Novels.This book wasn t 100% perfect I felt like the ending was a bit rushed , but I really enjoyed reading it It was funny, sexy, the whodunit was compelling, and this story had lots of things to say, all of which I agreed with Don t let trauma betrayal your past define or change who you are Don t let fears and insecurities stop you from doing what you want to do and what will make you happy surround yourself with good people and the bad people won t be such a big deal any you can save yourself and every feeling you have, even the bad ones like the ones Walker feels about his father are legitimate and okay.Required Reading.Thus ends my love letter to Victoria Dahl Please keep writing You say everything I need to hear. So Tough to Tame is my TBR Challenge book for June 2016 The topic Favorite Tropes I never get tired of the Friends to Lovers trope and So Tough to Tame is one of the best I ve read I m not sure why it was on my TBR for so long sometimes a book or an author will come so well recommended that I decide to read it after the fuss has died down and then I forget Whatever the reason, I m glad I took it off Mt TBR because Dahl is unparalleled in her ability to give her readers fully formed human beings who are not perfect, who have desires and yearnings, even when life isn t 100% great They forgive themselves for mistakes they might have made in the past and they look towards the future.What s better than a tired, gentlemanly cowboy encountering his former high school tutor She s still whip smart but it seems like she might have obtained a master s degree in sunny, suggestive flirtation Walker and Charlie live in the same apartment complex, they go to the same laid back bar at the end of their long days, and they definitely see each other in a new light I have to mention a cougar for the ages, Rayleen the lady who owns the apartment and flat out owns up to the pleasure of eyeing a fine piece of tush Walker convinces her, in his inimitable charming style, to let Charlie rent an apartment and she lets him have it Rayleen raised a silver eyebrow and settled into her normal seat at a table at the corner of the bar You finally decided to up your cougar game Ten year age difference no longer a challenge Walker and Charlie are alike in that they both have concerns about their past decisions and how that impacts their everyday but that doesn t stand in the way of them getting to know each other in an unabashedly carnal way Charlie is just fine with that, thinking, she could trust what Walker wanted from her I think I might have to search out the earlier Jackson books, cause So Tough to Tame is a lot of fun. Dahl has been one of my favorite contemporary writers for quite some time and I ve even bought a few of her books new in the past few years much preferring library and used books But this latest series has been nothing but infuriating I had high hopes for this book but it didn t start off well.Walker Pearce is a real cowboy Even down to the part where he s sleeping with his boss s wife Well, he s sort of trying not to, but he s actually just been fired so now he can start sexxxing her up But the thrill is gone so maybe he won t now What the what This is the hero we re supposed to be impressed with Maybe the heroine will be somebody better.Charlotte, Charlie, Allington has had something go wrong her in her life Something that caused her to come home to Jackson Hole where she was once part of a promising clique of girls A clique that now delights in looking down on her And doesn t she feel sorry for herself Yes, yes she does Because we get to hear about it through her POV Nope, not really loving her either.And unfortunately, the description of Jackson is off as well I m sure if you didn t live close by, you would enjoy the description But actually knowing the town Meh.So Charlie is rebuilding a life, Walker is helping her while she helps him Just not a book that I connected with.But I love Dahl and I can t wait for her next series Hoping it s better than this one. I had a hard time warming up to the couple in this one Each one seemed to put on a front I know a lot of characters are written that way, but I was turned off by these 2 It seemed that each person was trying to hide things, things that they thought if hidden would let them be someone else I wish that they would have just accepted those aspects of their lives and acknowledged the effect it had on them I also didn t care for the way that each of them seemed to keep harping on things between them.I did really like the relationship that Charlie had with Rayleen I didn t think that Rayleen would like her and she was a girl, but Charlie just played into the outrageous aspects of Rayleen s personality.Charlie s job seemed off, the constant picking from Dawn, the sneakiness of Kevin, all lead me to think there was going on there Turns out I was right on what was happening, even with the people that were behind it I felt bad for Charlie and the place she was put in I thought she made the right choice in the end and did it in a way to protect herself.I felt bad for Walker with what was going on with his father, but was glad that Micah was there for him For two brothers being so different, they totally got each other Walker s professional life wasn t much better I was glad he learned why things were bad and glad that he realized that he had it in his own hands to make things better and did something about it Where he ended up working was the perfect place for him.I think the best part of this book was the girls night I loved how 2 men dropped in , one forcing the hand of one of the woman, the other got an insider s look.The ending was so great I loved that the big event was filled with lots of grumpiness, just what we have come to expect. Victoria Dahl plante sa nouvelle s rie dans une petite ville am ricaine Jackson Hole, dans le Wyoming qui est aussi le pays des santiags, des Stetson et des cowboys Et l je vous vois hausser le sourcil en guise d acquiescement Hmm Ce livre, en fait le 3 me tome apr s Pas si sage et Un destin rebelle , peut tre lu de fa on totalement ind pendante.Bref.J ai franchement beaucoup aim les d buts de l histoire, l humour, les personnages, le cadre et l ambiance C tait g nial On bascule vite dans la gaudriole avis aux amateurs, c est tr s, tr s sexy m me si j aurais voulu davantage de s duction ou de sensibilit pour dire que ce n est pas juste du sexe pour du sexe L histoire op re un virement plus solennel dans la derni re partie, pas tr s folichon, mais l pilogue est craquant souhait Il me tarde de retourner au pays des cowboys

I have my mother to thank for my passion for writing My mom is an avid reader of popular fiction, and I began reading highly inappropriate books around the age of eleven, I think Thanks, Mom, for always leaving those delicious books strewn about To Tempt a Scotsman, a Golden Heart winning historical, was my first published book Here I am signing the cover A Rake s Guide to Pleasure which w

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