Silverbow (Howling Heart Series)

Silverbow (Howling Heart Series) Awesome story Lots of steamy scenes and great twists in this book I must say I was surprised by the ending and can t wait to find out what happens in the next book in this series She S The Only Mechanic In A Small Town With Big Secrets Living On The Border Of AreaTends To Keep Things Interesting Owning Her Own Auto Shop And Having A Good Man At Her Side You D Think She D Be Happy However, Dakota S Life Has Been Strained With The Loss Of Her Father And When A Stranger Roars Into Town She Finds Out That She Has Much To Lose Than She ThoughtGhosts From The Tragic Day Of Her Father S Death Come Back To Town To Remind Her That Not All Is What It Seems Murders Along The ET Highway Have The Town On Edge The Stranger Coaxes Out Her Wild Side And Pulls Her To A Dangerous Ledge Will She Jump Or Will She Be Able To Hang Onto Her Remaining Sanity With The Town S Secret Chomping At Her Heels From Below And A Soul Breaking Bond The Ground She Stands On Is Slipping Away Like The Unforgiving Sands Of Silverbow, NevadaWerewolves The Way They Were Meant To Bedangerous A Suspenseful Romance Packed With Gritty Action Mature Audience Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Violence This book is very unique I am used to Vampire books However, I never read wolf books just not my thing However, I loved this book I couldn t put it down I will be purchasing the remaining books in the series I have to know how this book turns out. I also wrapped up another book called Silverbow by Shannon Simmons 1st of the Howling Heart series I have delayed my opinion of this book to let if marinate in my brain for a while and determine the flavor of this book I have to say, it was a good book but had a really weird vibe to it and hard to point a finger to Its about a auto shop owner who meets a stranger to her small town in the bar her boyfriend works in They have this unexplained spark between them the gets stronger over time He ends up working at her shop and things get a little over heated This story has a gritty feel to it, the characters were a little rough around the edges and there was this ominous cloud hanging over everyone but overall a good story I think I am still undecided at this point. a great book by a great new author, very talented writing style, the book, the characters, everything seems to come to life while you re reading I honestly have a hard time putting this book down, I want to find out what will happen next I highly recommend this book who wants something new and original to read, and hopefully this isn t the last book this author comes out with.

Shannon Simmons is a young writer born in northern Florida in 1995 She currently resides with her parents in her Missouri home Shannon writes the series The Community Club , which she hopes will inspire young girls to make a difference in their world She also writes the series Chicago Times, about twelve teenagers living in Chicago This series is to be geared towards teenage girls, whereas

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  • Silverbow (Howling Heart Series)
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  • 03 January 2019

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