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Adler und Engel ,

Juli Zeh is a German novelist.Her first book was Adler und Engel in English Eagles and Angels , which won the 2002 Deutscher B cherpreis for best debut novel Juli Zeh has lived in Leipzig since 1995 Zeh studied human rights law in Passau and Leipzig, passing the Zweites Juristisches Staatsexamen comparable equivalent to the U.S bar exam in 2003 She also has a degree from the Deutsches Li

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  • Paperback
  • 366 pages
  • Adler und Engel
  • Juli Zeh
  • Bulgarian
  • 18 June 2018

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    Max the Maximal, although a highly paid and influential barrister for a major international law firm that has its fingers in many European Union and United Nations pies, is a loser He knows this, and it s a canker of self realization that has gnawed persistently at his interior throughout his remarkably yielding life, hollowing him out and putting the blinders over his eyes at select and crucial periods along the way a state of affairs that has led him into the existential crisis he is facing when the novel opens You see, Max loves Jessie, and is fairly certain that, in her own damaged and incommunicable fashion, the elfin Jessie loves him too Yet despite this or, perhaps, because of it one night she recently phoned him at work and, in the midst of pleading with him to return home, suddenly blew her brains out with Max in mid protest Besides messily terminating Jessie s existence, the cannonade sent surging electrically through the wires has shredded Max s left eardrum Having already been demoted from the firm s first tier of operations at its Viennese head office to its distinctly secondary one in backwater Leipzig, Max decides to end it all in a typical nineties style with a quarter pound of blow to ice the pain and fuel his self loathing and send him along a wantonly self destructive journey.However, by a series of odd coincidences, the young female host of a late night radio talk show devoted to bleak nihilism the somewhat Jessie like Clara comes into Max s life, enduring considerable verbal, mental, and physical abuse from the maniacally forlorn and suicidal lawyer in despair in order to coax the story of Max and Jessie from the the unwilling depths of Max s memory What emerges is a disturbing and blurry commingling of legal maneuverings, drug smuggling, youthful flames and friendships and jealousies, and EU expansion eastward, all darkly limned with the sulphuric shades of Serbian atrocities in Bosnia Jessie s father and brother are involved in some nasty business and the waifish Jessie, a spiritually rich girl whose social skills are, shall we say, underdeveloped whose mind seems to operate near the borderlands of autism, in a world of wolves and lions, yellows and faeries, angels as slugs and bottomless wells was apparently being manipulated by her kin into serving the family firm and inexorably dragged a younger Max and his Adonis like roommate Shershah into the maelstrom along the way.This is an impressive book, the so considering it was Zeh s first published when she was a mere twenty six and the winner of the Deutscher B cherpreis, of which I am admittedly ignorant but which sounds on the face of it like a big deal for a young writer Nicely translated, Zeh s prose is spare and sleek, capable of a markedly expressive beauty and stark, haunting anomie Her late nineties Europe is a paradigm of modernized sterility, with form functional and space opening Ikea furnishings abounding, leaving plenty of room for the coked up nihilistic meanderings of a deranged and skeletal ex lawyer in and around a populace that serves as little than a background murmur The threnodic odyssey of Max, a perfervid obsession to a Jessie that quite likely never existed as described outside the confines of his memories, acts as a magnet, drawing other morbid and enigmatic obsessions to it with an enduring force From his sidekick Clara, an amateur playing at psychological spelunker, to his estranged best friend Shershah, Jessie s true love and a repudiated soul desperate to cast his own imprint on a hostile world from Tom, the bestudded tech from Clara s show who harbors a seemingly infinite supply of fat, tri color pens and secret intimations, to an obese artist crafting Goldfinger creations, this is a sickly and flaccid society that, whilst smoothly operating and clicking on all cylinders, is but hasty commotion in the service of bemused banality Within this inanity exists, as a prime motivational force, the seeking of power and control over other fellow sufferers This urge, to dominate or be dominated, exposes its existence in various instances, ranging from overt violence to subtle contrivance This ceaseless pantomime is driven by a staggering amount of drug consumption better living through chemicals really is the creed by which this endemic maze gets threaded Identities and memories are elusively shifting entities, pinned to the page by Zeh s pen but squirming and struggling and blurring all defining edges an unreality permeates the air, especially the scenes in a Vienna being baked into stillness by a merciless summer sun Considering the torpid pace and enervating, enfeebling sickness with which Max and Clara cocoon each other, that they draw the reader along with them is a considerable achievement, showing just enough glimpses of the demons that drive them to render their lethargic purposes compelling And if Max s paralyzing grief seems overblown to the magnitude of his loss, it s yet perfectly understandable situated within the polished surfaces of the dysfunctional European society in which the young Zeh was drawing her source material It s a curious thing that Max s American boss, Rufus, and the bad element are the only actors within Eagles and Angels with a modicum of sane purpose and competence and the entire tale plays as a grimly satiric commentary upon the muddled and anemic response of the European community to the outbreak of ethnic violence and savagery in the former Yugoslavian territories As in real life the Americans were forced to step in and provide a semblance of moral firmness to the Old World posturing, so the transplanted Yank Rufus, perched in his lofty high rise office in the former imperial capital Vienna and with a long ranging purview of the hive below, dictates with a smooth certainty the legal fictions that will cover actions necessary for self selected greater good There are few likable characters in EA, with Max especially endeavoring at all times to repel yet failing, as his failures mount in all his activities and intentions, along with our awareness of his being manipulated by many hands His romantic connection with Jessie is touching in its absurd improbability and awkwardness, as is his bizarre, vampiric connection with Clara and her endangered dissertation Zeh has the gift of pulling off situations and characters that probably shouldn t work as well as they do Intelligent, compelling, philosophical, a sharp mystery on the edge of a breakdown with garish robes, etiolated dreams, and several fresh surprises en route to a chilling finish I d only half anticipated I ll gladly read whatever books of hers make the transition to the English language from here on in.

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    Juli Zeh erz hlt in Adler und Engel die Geschichte von Max Vielmehr soll Max seine Geschichte erz hlen, seine eigene und die von Jessie Jessie ist tot Max soll die Geschichte Clara erz hlen, einer Radiomoderatorin, bei der er eines Nachts angerufen hat, und die ihn und seine Geschichte zum Thema ihrer Diplomarbeit Psychologie machen will Max ist Jurist, Experte f r den Balkan und die EU Osterweiterung, aber wegen der toten Jessie kann er nicht mehr arbeiten Max ist st ndig zugekokst, seine Wirklichkeiten schieben sich st ndig bereinander, Realit t und erz hlte Vergangenheit berlagern sich Dabei geht es zwar auch um die Beziehung von Max und Jessie, aber auch um Drogenhandel und die erschreckenden Strukturen der Drogenmafia im Balkan und im europ ischen Osten Max und der Leser entdecken w hrend des Erz hlens der Ereignisse um Jessie die Zusammenh nge von Politik und Mafia, wobei darin sowohl Jessies Familie als auch sein alter Arbeitgeber die F den ziehen.Juli Zeh schafft es berzeugend, die verschiedenen Wirklichkeiten auch sprachlich in ihrem Roman ineinander zu verweben, so dass man sich stellenweise unklar ist, in welcher Realit t, die ohnehin noch durch die verkokste Wahrnehmung von Max verzerrt ist, man sich gerade befindet Sie verwendet fast brutale sprachliche Bilder und davon reichlich Dabei tritt allerdings manchmal die Handlung in den Hintergrund, einige Passagen des Romans sind daher schleppend und waren daher f r mich anstrengend zu lesen.Mir hat die Perspektive von Max berhaupt nicht gefallen, er und auch alle anderen Charaktere des Romans sind nicht nur unsympathisch, sondern absto end, krankhaft Der exessive Drogenkonsum, das Zugrunderichten von Psyche und K rper, das alles fand ich schwer zu ertragen, so dass ich mich durch den Roman bis zum Ende k mpfen musste Dass das Buch au erdem unbefriedigend, in der Luft h ngend, endet, war dabei nicht berraschend.Sicher muss man ihr als Juristin und Literatin zugestehen, dass sie den Roman mit gro er Kenntnis geschrieben hat, die Drogenrouten und die Verstrickungen von Politik und Mafia wirken leider sehr glaubhaft und sind vermutlich realit tsnah Es ist insgesamt ein sehr literarisches, konstruiertes Werk, ihr Erz hlstil interessant, die Geschichte und vor allem ihre Charaktere haben bei mir jedoch leider nur Widerwillen ausgel st.

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    One thing that s really kind of deflated me about getting older is the inability to read a book that does not, in some way but often, in many ways remind me of other books Especially when the blurbs advertise wild, new prose and heterofore unseen examinations of our modern depravity My friend gave me this book thinking it was just up my alley and I couldn t get through five pages without Chuck Palahniuk and Brett Easton Ellis bells going off in my head I thought, man, do I want to read another book with quirkily fucked up characters who have a gaping hole where any sense of morality should be and spend the entire time languishing drugged up in various post modern locations Turns out I do Aha This book grew on me, and I found myself invested in the characters even if they did spend a lot of time alternatively running manic or slumping in post coke comas.Jessie is a tiny tiny drug runner like those girls they always have in animes who are so strange they are beyond beautiful or not, and are catatonic but sense things ordinary people do not sense Max, aka Cooper, is the pimply fat boy who longs for her safety I really really wanted Cooper to NOT grow up to be a slim, cut, handsome cuttthroat Patrick Bateman type to be able to win Jessie s trust and attention as he was, but alas, it was not to be.Lots of running around in Western Europe, lots of running around metaphors to match Flashbacks, flashforwards, flashes Flash Flash.Maybe I was critical of it than I d naturally be because some parts hit too close to home Both literally and personally.

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    Das beste Buch seit langem obwohl ich es nach den ersten Seiten fast wieder weggelegt h tteJuli Zeh hat eine unglaublich reiche Sprache Viele plastische Bilder, die aber keineswegs blumig sind sondern im Gegenteil, eher derb.Die Geschichte etwickelt sich w hrend des Buches stark Anfangs steht das bizarre Verhalten eines Mannes im Vordergrund, der nach dem Selbstmord seiner Freundin lebens m de ist Von einer jungen Radio Moderatorin und Psychologie Studentin entdeckt, erz hlt sich St ck f r St ck aber die Vorgeschichte, die das Drama der Freundin beschreibt.Wortgewaltig und unkonventionell Sicher nicht das letzte Buch von Juli Zeh das ich lesen werde

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    Gut geschrieben, verwirrend, ein wenig krank und dabei sehr r hrend.

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    Es ist definitiv thematisch au erhalb meiner comfort zone, aber sehr stimmungsvoll geschrieben und irgendwie extrem fesselnd Habe ber ein Jahr Lesepause gemacht und trotzdem noch ganz genau gewusst, was passiert ist Nichts f r schwache M gen.

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    Ma ei tea, kas suudan edasi lugeda Alguses on nii punnitatud pinge kruttimine, et ra t tab Ja siis need detailikirjeldused, mitu pragu seal esikus ikkagi on ja mis v rviga ja mis aastal v rviti Nagu Jumalaema kirikut loeks j lle h.

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    In the beginning I had troubles to get a grip on the story It seemed chaotic and the characters were extravagant During the book though, I began to love the main characters and began to understand how it all worked I got in their grip and want to know how it ended although I didn t want it finished I also read Nullzeit by Juli Zeh It had the same attraction I think I begin to love her books I will certainly try others.

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    Afschuwelijk, walgelijk en fascinerend.

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    Nach Corpus Delicti, Schilf, Spieltrieb, Nullzeit und zuletzt Unterleuten in dieser Reihenfolge gelesen und alle begeistert verschlungen aus unterschiedlichsten Gr nden , wurde es aus meiner Sicht Zeit f r das Erstlingswerk von Juli Zeh Jetzt stellt sich mir die Frage, ob ich der heutige Zeh Fan geworden w re, h tte ich tats chlich mit dem Debut angefangen und antworte prompt Vermutlich nicht Die Sprache ist wie immer gro bei Juli Zeh Doch hier ist sie zum Teil noch wesentlich ungelenker als in den sp teren Werken Das literarische Niveau einer Eleganz in Unterleuten inklusive der unterschiedlichen Sprachstile der Protagonisten ist hier noch l ngst nicht entwickelt Zudem sind hier die Charaktere deutlich flacher als in den anderen Romanen Und wesentlich unsympathischer Hinzu kommt, dass die Thematik mir deutlich widerstrebte Die Nuancen der hinterliegenden politischen und gesellschaftlichen Geschichte konnte ich diesmal kaum erfassen, da mir das gesamte Buch eine belkeit beschert hat Hilflose psychisch kranke und abh ngige Menschen Drogenkonsum en masse Mord, Blut, Ekel Fehlende Liebe, menschliche K lte, Interesse am anderen nicht um dessen selbst Willen sondern um eine Diplomarbeit zu schreiben oder weiter schmuggeln zu k nnen Alles in allem war es kein Lese vergn gen , sondern eine schwere Geburt, da ich das Buch nicht lange am St ck in der Hand halten konnte, da es in mir eine innere K lte aul ste Allerdings muss man nat rlich hier der Autorin zu Gute halten, dass sie derartige Emotionen lediglich mit fiktiven Pers nlichkeiten und einer unwahrscheinlichen Geschichte erreicht hat.

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