Alicia... The Unleashed Series

Alicia... The Unleashed Series Warning This Is A Vivien Sparx Story Like You Have Never Read Before It Contains Explicit Sex Scenes And Graphic Language It Is For Adult Only Readers Who Like Their Action Sweaty, Steamy And Super Hot Alicia Is The First Story In The Unleashed SeriesAlso Available In The Unleashed Series Are Becky , Claire , Debbie And EveA Story Of Approx Words

I have written romance stories since I was a teenager and recently I have focused my writing on erotic romance I have had a lot of feedback from my readers and the tone or my stories seems to strike a chord with fans of books like Bared to You by Sylvia Day and Reflected in You by Sylvia Day I think everyone who reads my kind of stories has already read 50 Shades of Grey and the Bared to Yo

[Epub] ➛ Alicia... The Unleashed Series  ➜ Vivien Sparx –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 59 pages
  • Alicia... The Unleashed Series
  • Vivien Sparx
  • English
  • 10 May 2019

10 thoughts on “Alicia... The Unleashed Series

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    Well, this was one giant porno Not that I mind porn, I frequently like it But this, this was something else I get a little nauseous when someone swallows large quantities of cum Call me old and prudish but it literally turns my stomach One guys wad, ok, but after the fifth or sixth one, ewww, just ewww Didn t finish this one.

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    Umm wow WTH What am I reading This book took me a little over an hour to read its a short story about Alicia who goes to live with Julia In order to live with Julia, Alicia has test she has to pass Everyday there is a test for 5 days Dammmn I would have failed on day 1 Lol The author says in the beginning this is NOT an erotic romance She s right there ain t nothing romantic about it they get straight down and dirty Lol if your looking for a real smutty read this is your book I know it wasn t meant to have much substance but I found myself asking , why a lot while reading this Lots of things I would have loved to learn about regarding the characters histories Laters, this book was free on kindle to read I did not receive an ARC from the author I read it at my own will.

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    DISCLAIMER These are not your typical mommy porn ladies This is full throttle, smoking hot and explicit Not for the faint of heart That being said, here is my review of Alicia.I am so easy to please Write a good story and I am a fan for life Julia is a strong and independent woman She has forged her own path through life and if you don t like it, oh well She runs a home that women come to when they need a place to stay or something a little satisfying.Alicia is a dancer that can t make her rent so she shows up at Julia s The rules are simple Julia gives you five sexy challenges to complete in five days You cannot refuse or you are out of the house If you succeed, you can stay as long as you like These challenges are not for the faint of heart, kittens They involve toys, multiple partners, BDSM and anything else Julia s kinky little mind can come up with They are sizzling hot and erotic scenarios that Julia likes to watch or take part in I am not going to ruin this story for you because it is soooo worth the time to read Just know this, I am awed by the characters Vivien has created and will have the whole set on my kindle by Tuesday

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    The Unleashed Collection is like nothing she has written before These stories are no holds barred sex fests, featuring one common denominator Julia, the narrator of the stories.Julia inherited a house from her father while still very young, and she allows other young women to stay for various reasons, and for as long as they require In order to stay, however, they need to pass 5 tests These are all sex based, ranging from orgies and lesbian sex to BDSM and public sex.Alicia is an out of work dancer who needs somewhere to stay Julia accepts her into the house and sets out to create the tests Alicia needs to undertake in order to stay permanently.The final test Alicia has to undertake is an unusual one for her, one she feels she can t do Does she do it Can she go through with it Either way the consequences will change her life forever.Ms Sparx has managed to create a story which is non stop sex throughout Don t read if you are expecting romance anywhere in it But if you like action, and different scenarios, and are not of a prudish nature, then this is the series for you

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    There are no words I did not want to even give this a star I am all for a dirty book and a good taboo plot, but I cannot get on board with incest, especially a father and daughter.Might be your thing, but not for me Hard Limit.

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    Adult read only Julia ends up getting the house from her father thru blackmail She s turned it into a sort of halfway house Alicia has come there to be put thru 5 days of sexy challenges to have a place to stay.

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    Not really a storyline to this Only steam

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    The Unleashed collection by author Vivien Sparx is deliciously naughty and positively sublime in its eroticism I mean blush inducing, toe curling, panty dropping HOT Obviously this style of writing engages the senses on a very different level to her previously published work, but even without romance taking centre stage Vivien Sparx has still managed to create a full and intriguing storyline based on multi dimensional characters that make the reader desperate to unearth all their dirty little secrets Not for the faint of heart but if you can stand the heat you will definitely enjoy the ride This short story not only introduces the reader to the lady and I use that term very loosely of the house Julia and her dependable man servant Alistair but to the wide eyed and very adventurous Alicia During her stay at Julia s mansion in the Hollywood Hills Alicia explores an array of extremely kinky scenes within her 5 sexy challenges, pushing the limits and allowing a peek into a world that let s face it, most of us have yet to experience and probably never will Nevertheless it was certainly exciting to read about.

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    Oh My What do I say This book was outstanding.Ms Sparx really knows how to stir your pulse and heat your blood The series starts with Julia who has setup a house and is allowing girls to stay with her for as long as they choose but only after passing five of tests WOW.what tests The first girl to apply is Alicia and she does an awesome job of handling all of her tests with confidence She at no time even considers the tests to be to difficult or out of her league, which makes for a very hot, hot, hot story and lots of fun If you really enjoy a good erotic read then this is the book for youbut be warned Ms Sparx knows how to write down and dirty with a classy air and lots of heat thrown in I really enjoyed this story and can t wait to read anything else she might dream of for her fans

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    Wow, how can one review a book that just caught me so off guard Alicia is a week in the life of Julia who runs a halfway house for women in need What we quickly learn is that she has needs that run deeper than the basic needs of food and shelter What would you do if faced with no place to call home and the only place available is going to challenge every aspect of you as a sexual being Could you endure 5 days of sex challenges that must be performed and evaluated to merit your stay A BDSM fantasy that will surely leave you questioning your own limits Alicia is a to the point, no sugar coated erotic read that will keep you wondering if the next challenge will be just too much Be advised that this book is very explicit, leave behind any notion that you will not be affected by this story It is by far not a BDSM erotic love story.

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