The Winter Knights

The Winter Knights2 stars it was semi OK This short book left me feeling kind of meh 1 It is clearly aimed at children, yet despite knowing it is not necessarily an adult s book I do truly mean this following critique the plot seems shallow, simply A,B,C happen and the day is unimaginatively won I found it less quirky than the first Edge book.2 I feel it was shallow because the characters and their stories told held no real lessons and or interesting concepts for children to learn from or empathise with the variegated figures that appear in the book may be different by their looks or their quaint race, yet they feel like empty vessels carrying a name, saying some select phrases and maintaining their uninspired roles they hold in the story.3 Moreover, some of the plot s resolutions I found utterly disturbing and dangerous while still taking into account the rudimentary level of the story For example, the protagonist literally bought three slaves this act was portrayed as freeing them The freed ones were, of course, automatically grateful and assumed the role of protagonist s servants employees It felt rushed and only served to accelerate the plot and offer a solution quickly Again, the characters carried no real agency over their lives and merely served the oversimplistic plot Don t get me wrong, fairy tales sure are simpler, yet this is book is the wrong simple.Recommended only if you have really enjoyed the first book and you don t mind the fact that the plot and characters, despite the exotic setting, are lacklustre and vapid. The Winter Knights The Edge Chronicles 8 , Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell Quint Verginix Has Enrolled As A Squire In The Knight S Academy After His Training, He Will Be Able To Pilot Stormchaser Sky Ships Into The Heart Of Great Storms, And Retrieve The Solidified Lightning Stormphrax To Weigh Down The Floating Rock On Which Sanctaphrax Is Built But As A Freezing Winter Takes Hold, And The City Strains To Break Free Of Its Tether, Ancient Feuds Threaten To Tear Its People ApartOn His Own, Quint Can Do Nothing To Help Avert The Impending Doom But With The Help Of A Band Of Loyal Friends He Might Just Be Able To Avert DisasterThe Winter Knights Is The Second Book Of The Quint Saga First Trilogy In The Edge Chronicles, The Internationally Best Selling Fantasy Series, Which Has Featured On The UK And The New York Times Best Seller Lists And Sold Than Million Copies There Are Now Titles And Four Trilogies In The Series, But Each Book Is A Stand Alone Adventure, So You Can Read The Edge Chronicles In Any Order You Choose After entering Sanctaphrax, this book continues with Quint s journey of becoming a sky knight Although this book explores a very different side of the edge through its schools and society, by doing so it makes the edge an even complete world.I enjoyed this book, though I think that there is much to be improved Mainly that the book seemed too short and compact to contain the amount of action Detailed Review Below What I liked about this book I love books that take a healthy interest in explaining how the society is run And this book does an exceptional job documenting how the people of high academe, squires, and even the undertown folks feel about each other I also loved the details about the schools I guess it s the dream of many children to attend fantastical schools set on exotic worlds hence the popular Hogwarts And this school provides a brighter side to Sanctaphrax than the previous book, which only tells of boring repetitive lectures I especially enjoyed reading about his first class designing model stormchasers, reminded me of middle school when I built cars out of wooden bricks The story also brings up many characters found later in the Twig trilogy Screedius among them oh if they only knew what fate awaitsWhere the book surprised me The ending of the book was so different from the usual actions supplied by the edge that I was slightly taken back at how violent it was oh, I have nothing against violence, but the change in tone was quite a shock However, a violent ending was indeed where all the bottled resentments and schemes of the book might head This violence not only signaled the resolution, it also underlined a serious problem for all edge citizens, and that being hysteria An unwavering faith towards sky academia that purged earth scholars and the audacity to send knight scholars chasing after death The hysteria is a strong and powerful tool.What I disliked about the book Continuing the line of thought Although hysteria makes for interesting interactions between societies, it doesn t bode well when designing characters I found Vilnix to be wonderfully snide and distasteful, but that was it His character was quite linear and flat, making his schemes easy to understand, but without much depth The same could be told of most other characters, that they seemed to be good bad for the sake of being good bad.The plot was also slow at the beginning, with the description of classes overshadowing the weather anomaly And as plans become to unveil and strains tested, everything blew up at once I enjoyed the plot very much, but the ending seemed too hasty to me.So here it is I liked what this book offers to the edge, but it reads like a supplement of the world rather than an adventure on school grounds However, knowing where the story must go, I still look forward to the next book. I enjoyed it, but not as much as book 1 The academy was an interesting setting, and definitely something I m drawing a lot of inspiration from for one of my DD worlds Following paragraph has minor spoilers only, but hidden just to be safe view spoiler One thing that bothered me was that Maris was relegated to a minor character for much of the story I realise it is the Quint Trilogy, but I enjoyed it while they were essentially co protagonists than when it was all about him With Maris set aside for much of the story, the lack of female characters was extra noticeable The society of Sanctaphrax presented is cut throat, elitist, and all these deep flaws and tensions are part of what make it interesting, but I feel that if sexism isn t highlighted amongst those flaws then there is no purpose to writing the academy as men only The petty or violent rivalries serve a purpose as it enables the plot to involve dramatic personal tensions between characters The elitism serves purpose because it sets up the narrative of sky scholars and earth scholars hating each other The selfish backstabbing nature of the culture serves purpose because it enables the plot to cover the lack of trust and sudden betrayals The fact that only males can be knights and scholars serves no purpose as the only thing it contibutes to the plot is that there are no women around At no point is it condemned or used as a source of tension or character development aside from a line or two in book one where Maris thinks her father spends attention on Quint than on her because she s a girl Unsurprisingly, she is back in the story by the end of the book, and I m looking forward to whatever the third might contain hide spoiler 4.5A great sequel of the series, half a point less for not having enough Maris in it The focus shifted on Quint entirely and the inner workings of the Academy and other levels I liked the new characters and the story development was really interesting and quite unpredictable at times Can t wait to read the next one. Quint und die Eisritter ist der achte Band in der Klippenlandreihe und das zweite Buch um Quint Insofern kann man kaum etwas zum Buch sagen au er dass es wieder aufregend und spannend war Quint wird hintergangen und Maris auch und es gibt eine PutschDie Welt ist unglaublich komplex Es gibt zwischen den B nden unglaublich viele Verkn pfungen So lernen wir hier eine Figur kennen und am Ende stellen wir fest, dass wir sie schon kannten aber es ist schrecklich, wer er war oder besser gesagt, zu wem er sp ter wird Denn die Handlung von Quint spiel vor Twig.Es sind brigens keine Kinderb cher egal wie naiv die Zeichnungen erscheinen.Die komplette Reihe ist eine Buchempfehlung Kein Band hat mich bisher entt uscht. Winter Knights Quint 2 by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell are what upperclassman Raffix designates sky pirate captain Wind Jackal s son Quint, his best friend student knight Phin, and forge hand pal Stope, when confronted by evil peer everyone dislikes Vilnix, on their way to fulfill starved old Philius Embertine s ancient barkscroll remedy for the endless bitter cold, replace stormphrax solidified lightning storm energy in the Outer Sky But the story starts when the Linius Pallitax Most High Academe dies and appoints a cooperative pair Professor of the Light mentors good likable Squire Quint Professor of Darkness takes on nasty hated Vilnix Though both boys are from Undertown, jealousy and pity divide Every detail of appearance and action are intricately lined, pointed, curved, and emphasized phenomenal expertise, imagination Arboretum Sicklebough, aged mottle skinned tree goblin p70, Hall Master of Storm Cloud, teaches construction of model ships Fenviel Vendis, tall thin mouthed Grey Cloud Master, oversees training of fresh hatched prowlgrims amid damp and dusty straw smell, sweet earthy smell of mounts p135 Vilnix crashes his model in the storm test wind, and starves, sickens his charge, despite Quint s help Hax Vostillix, tall unsmiling High Cloud Master, purges earth magic, and every good teacher His private guard leader, Daxiel Xaxis handpicks the lowliest worst bullies of Undertown to be gatekeepers view spoiler Vilnix coats wasp eggs as sweets to poison Hax, and Daxiel uses the murder to rebel against the knight academics, causing a mighty battle bloodbath hide spoiler Okay, so I love the Edge and the world I really liked this book, but there is something about the main characters of all of these books that is not my absolute favorite A lot of the problems would have been solved if Quint wasn t a terrible friend to Maris And he s also a little similar to Rook where he s conveniently missing from the most intense things that happen in the plot. There are some things I like a lot about this book, so two stars seems a bit harsh, but its negative qualities are just so much prominent and horrible.So first of all, the sexism in these books is becoming so much blatant There are almost no major female characters in the entire series, and I thought finally that problem might be somewhat alleviated with the Quint Trilogy giving us Maris, but no, the authors apparently just shove her offscreen and forget about her for most of the book They explain this by essentially having the main character do the same thing, which honestly comes off as really unforgivable Maybe this feels natural if you re reading them in publication order, but coming into this having just reread Curse Of The Gloamglozer makes it seem like they set up this trilogy with two protagonists and then immediately axed one of them I ended up kind of hating Quint before I finished the book because of how little he cares about Maris By the end of it it s clear that she s kind of in love with him no surprise, since it s a forgone conclusion if you ve read the Twig Trilogy first but throughout most of the book his solo adventures are apparently too exciting for him to even bother to go see her She writes to him early on to tell him that basically her life is an awful, abusive nightmare, which is something he then does nothing about Not only that, but it isn t even mentioned again for another 150 pages or so.Really, the whole plotline with the letters was incredibly upsetting, and not necessarily just in an intentional way I actually had to skip some of them because they made me want to cry Maybe this book was not written for abused girls to read More likely, I think such people s existence was never even thought of Given the emphasis on the constant death, danger, and treachery of the Edgeworld, I can understand why the authors might have wanted to include some personal, emotional trauma, but I don t know why they thought it was an appropriate way to keep the only major female character out of the action for most of the book, or why they apparently didn t feel it was important enough to even merit Quint s attention.I honestly expected to enjoy the romance subplot in this trilogy because, as I said, the Edge Chronicles is all constant sadness and death Although I loved them as a child and remember them well now, I find myself wondering if I would actually let my children read these books They re a thrilling adventure, but the constant and horrific violence which really comes to a crescendo near the end of this book doesn t seem to be balanced enough It ends up coming off less as a darker adventure story and like Game Of Thrones For Kids It can at times feel like the characters live in a world of abject misery and terror There is some desperate need for a lasting joy and levity for the main characters, which I thought a love story would be the perfect way to provide While this subplot wasn t necessarily very prominent or well written in Curse Of The Gloamglozer, it was definitely at least cute And knowing that in the end the two characters get together and have a child together leaves a lot of potential to show us how they got there that never ended up being explored in this book at all From the Twig Trilogy to here, the question of Maris s existence never seems to be one the authors assume the readers will be interested in.That was, however, at least one of the things I liked about this book in general getting to see the backstory of the characters from the Twig Trilogy The enmity between Quint and Vilnix provides a nice connection to the other books whatever order you choose to read them in and the origin of Screedius Tollinix, especially, was a nice touch.In general, all the greatest qualities of the Edge Chronicles are with worldbuilding Everything from the maps to the illustrations to the names of characters and the intricate details of the various cultures is both clearly well thought through and so uniquely weird The Winter Knights really goes into a lot of detail about the society of Sanctaphrax that the other books haven t, and that s definitely where it shines the most The Knights Academy can feel a little bit knock off Hogwarts y, but there s enough peculiar touches to turn it into something fascinating on its own.Some of my favourite parts of these books are always the bits where the fundamental workings of the Edgeworld mythology are revealed, moments like the details of Stormphrax in Stormchaser or the origins of life on the Edge in Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, of which there were a lot in the previous book, so that was something that felt missing through most of this one But then, in the last twenty pages, out of nowhere we get something completely outside the scope of this story, so that was a pleasant surprise that made the ending really feel satisfying.All in all, this might be my least favourite of the Edge Chronicles books so far, but it does still have at least some of the qualities that make the others so great If a reader isn t too bothered or upset by the Maris plotline or lack thereof and the gory brutality, I think there is something here to enjoy They just kind of ruined it for me.

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