The Razors Edge (Zelda Pryce, #1)

The Razors Edge (Zelda Pryce, #1) Zelda Pryce Is The Youngest And Most Unusual Security Expert In Washington DC Using Her Knowledge Of Arcane Mathematics, She Builds Beautiful Machines That Defy Explanation And Allow Her To Break Into Any Home, Bank, Or Museum With Ease And In StyleAfter Successfully Burgling The Smithsonian, Zelda Is Hired To Test The Security At The British Museum In London Using Her Anti Gravity Wings And Electromagnetic Cloak And That S Where Everything Goes WrongThe Museum Didn T Really Hire Her A Thief Did And When Zelda Escapes From The London Police, The Only Thing On Her Mind Is Tracking Down The Thief Who Set Her Up And Nearly Destroyed Her CareerSo She Teams Up With A Charming English Riskbender And A Daring French Alchemist To Chase The Thief From Paris To Rome, From Castle Frankenstein To The Taj Mahal Together They Must Escape All Manners Of Strange Traps And Creatures, And Only Their Arcane Skills And Tools Will Keep Them AliveBut If They Can T Catch The Thief In Time, Every Arcane Device In The Entire World Could Be Destroyed, And Thousands Of Innocent Lives Could Be LostThis Is A World Where A Chekhov Gun Is A Revolver With A Mind Of Its Own, A Diogenes Lantern Makes People Tell The Truth, And Occam S Razor Is The Most Dangerous Knife In The World At Least It Was, Until A Mad Scientist Made A Sharper One The first book in the Zelda Pryce series.Zelda Pryce is a geomatrix and a security consultant She uses arcane science to create devices which looks like magic to the untrained people As a security consultant it s her job to test the security of places essentially she s hired to break into places and steal things which she then gives back of course She s just graduated from her arcane science school and started her career Her first job is to break in to the Smithsonian and take the Nicomachean whistle She has built anti gravity wings with allows her to fly and Theodore Key which opens any door With them, all goes well and soon Zelda gets another job, to break into the British Museum and take out Chatton s Anti Razor Zelda is thrilled and accepts the offer.However, during the job, everything starts to go wrong For one thing, another person is burglaring the Museum at the same time Clive Caspian isn t a security consultant but a real thief and Zelda finds that out a bit too late They escape together from the local police in Clive s old Skoda but a French secret agent catches them and tells them that they ve been used Someone has conned Zelda and Clive into robbing the Museum for real Zelda is furious and wants to catch the person responsible.In a book geared toward the romance readers, Zelda and Clive would be chasing the con artist around the world with sexual tension rising But in this book yay Zelda teams up with the French agent Yasmin Demir Yasmin is pretty much a lone agent but she adjusts well to working with Zelda and I enjoyed their team up.Zelda is pretty young but she s very smart and determined She also doesn t want to use her abilities for crime, which she could do She has a younger sister Roxanne and she worries about her sister s future They talk on the phone often, even when Zelda is on the job.Yasmin is areserved person She s had a hard time in her job and I think she s often frustrated in it In contrast, Clive is the suave and charming thief But he isn t interested in taking any unnecessary risks He also uses arcane science devices to help him in his crimes and that s one reason why Zelda is attracted to him.The world feels very much like our own with cell phones and the internet but with some strange objects which are really fun Those that were introduced early included Occam s Razor which is an actual and very dangerous razor, Hypatia s Wings which allows the person using them fly, and Faraday Cloak which makes the wearer invisible to electronic devices.The pace is quick and takes Zelda and her friends to various places around the world, which was fun, too However, there s not much character development While the plot isn t unique by any means which book has a unique plot , it s written in a fun way and I enjoyed the book a lot.This was part of the Steampunk bundle but it doesn t actually have any steam powered items I d rather call it alternate world history While the items might feel like fantasy, Zelda is adamant that they are scientific and not magic at all. This was my second LibraryThing Member Giveaway by Joss Llewelyn the first, Daphne and the Silver Ash, was so good I pounced on this the moment I saw it Unfortunately, it took me a lot longer to get around to it than I d have liked Story of my life, lately This was wonderful fun Except for that, it couldn t be muchdifferent from its predecessor It s much lighter and quicker than Daphne whereas that was like an illuminated manuscript of a fairy tale, this is a present day steampunk extravaganza, and a joy Zelda, a young entrepreneur, begins the book by robbing the Smithsonian It becomes obvious pretty quickly that this is not an ordinary heist this is my first experience of steampunk in the present day as opposed to the 19th century , and the integration is beautifully done The gadgets are clever, both in concept and name It s a pity no one made or used Callahan s Razor, based on Callahan s Law Shared pain is lessened shared joy, increased thus do we refute entropy. Zelda Pryce The Razor s Edge is a creative delight, full of strange devices and a perky main character that is hard not to love.Zelda is a teen genius She s a geometrix, which means she creates arcane objects to help her in her security business She hires herself to museums to try to steal objects to test and improve security.The book starts out with a bang, as Zelda is in the Smithsonian trying to steal a couple of very important arcane artifacts She s successful, and feels that her business is off to a great start, especially when she receives a letter from the British Museum wanting to hire her She takes the British job, but things don t turn out as she expects She ends up racing all over Europe trying to save her reputation while also saving the world from a mad librarian who has a dastardly plan that I won t go into because it would be a spoiler And yes, I did say librarian Gotta love it when the villain is a librarian Zelda Pryce has a breakneck pace that took my breath away I really liked Zelda as a character, and felt sorry for her every time she was duped or in danger which seemed to happen quite a bit She did get some help from others, and those secondary characters were well done too And, in case it s important to you, one of those secondary characters offers a hint of romance While there are some tense moments, for the most part the book is lighthearted and not to be taken too seriously.Llewelyn is crazily creative The arcane devices he comes up with are entertaining and clever I just wish there wereexplanation of them There s a glossary at the end of the book, which explains where each of the device names comes from You see, they are named after famous people, mostly scientists but not all of them Jimi Hendrix , and the devices function relates to the person they were named after I would have liked to be able to flip to this during my reading, but that s one of the disadvantages of an ebook.I got most of the references, but I think many people, especially the YA audience, will not understand most of them I was familiar with Occam s Razor as a concept The fact that it and a bunch of other razors is a real tangible object really confused me at first I needed some explanation at the beginning I felt plopped into a world that seemed familiar, but there was much I didn t understand.I also wish there wereexplanation of the political climate After we are about 2 3 through, we get a little taste of some political ideology For centuries, governments have controlled and abused the knowledge and power of the arcana to control people, to abuse people When I marched at university and fought the police in the riots, they fought back with Crabtree Bludgeons, torturing the students Geometers and alchemists, graphologers and actuaries, all coordinated by State astrologers to oppress the working classes, the poor, the young, and the foreigners This was the first I felt the dissatisfaction of some people about the government and the arcana I would have liked to know , and sooner, so that I could get a feel for world.Zelda Pryce is entertaining, even at face value, without know anything about arcane objects and the state of the world I mean, Zelda can fly Who cares why they are called Hypatian Wings She can make herself invisible to cameras Who cares how her Faraday Cloak works, and why it s called that But, it s also fun to figure those things out.Zelda Pryce is a quick, entertaining read, and for most young people will offer superficial entertainment For those interested in science and scientists, Zelda Price can offer a much richer experience The second book, Zelda Pryce The Clockwork Girl is available now. Opening Sentence Teaser Hey Zel, has anyone else ever robbed the Smithsonian s Museum of Arcane Science Before ReviewI received this book in a giveaway from Librarything from the author in return for a honest review The book is about Zelda Pryce a 19 year old security expert who doesn t use the typical tools of the trade Zelda breaks into her favorite museum the Smithsonian to take a obtain a few things as a test She is then hired to break into a British museum but learns that she wasn t hired by the museum but by a thief Not wanting to ruin her reputation in the security business she sets out to find the real thief.She teams up with two people on her adventure Clive and Yasmin who each bring something different to the group The trio travel around Europe chasing after the real thief to clear her name and stop her from changing the future forever They travel to different countries even visiting the dungeons of Castle Frankenstein in their quest The book is full of adventure, with a twist of magic along the lines of Arcane Science.I really enjoyed the story it s fast paced and pull me right in It sounds like your typical cat and mouse almost but there is the unique added alchemy and Arcane Science which take to a whole new level I found Zelda very likable because even when things got tough she thought about her sister I really like her character as a whole, she reminds me of a female bond because of her toys I like that the book has a little bit of fantasy along with the story It s a great first book and I can t wait to read the next one.Teaser The cellar As in, the dungeon I m about to go down into the dungeon of Castle Frankenstein This is either going to be the coolest or the worst night of my life.My money s on worst. I m not sure if I can classify this book as steampunk.but I really want to There are strange devices all over the place, but they are in no way what I would call clockwork I would like to call them magic, but it is clearly stated that it isn t They make me want to live in Zelda s world so that I can play with them, they sounded so cool.This book is loaded with weird terms, and even stranger things It was a little hard to get used to it all, but once I let go of the fact that everything seemed super crazy which I should have before I even started the read, I mean it is fantasy it was a lot of fun to read Thing are explained to you so it makes it easier to grasp.The entire beginning of this book was so fun I don t want to get into it because I hate putting spoilers in my reviews, but heck man I wasn t expecting any of what happened to happen.I can honestly say I have never read anything that had to do with what this one did This is full on brand new The author put a lot of thought into everything, and made sure to explain everything so nothing is confusing It had to be so much fun to think these things up.This book is very fast paced There is no slowing down once the action get started, and you pretty much follow Zelda all over Europe in a few days I would have liked to take my time with this book but the way everything moved I couldn t help but read it fast Everything stayed pretty realistic in the moving around area as well, airport visits, rented cars, etc.but you don t get bored with the details of this, you know whats going on, but not to the point were you feel like you have waited 5 hours in the airport terminal before hoping on a 9 hour flight.Zelda is great, and I really love her personality She is super smart but she doesn t let her think she is better than anyone I love her relationship with her sister.I liked this book so much that I looked to see if there was a second one right after I finished it, thankfully there is I have already read it and I m getting ready to dive into the third one.Would I recommend this book Yes, I really enjoyed it. A fun adventurous read I am not sure I would classify this as a steampunk tale, it certainly isn t within a steampunk world, this is set within our modern day era If your definition of steampunk requires dirigibles airships or a time period near the Victorian age this will not fulfill expectations If your definition of steampunk requires zombies, once again they are absent This tale actually givesof a Warehouse 13 kind of vibe Museums hold among regular old artifacts, arcane artifacts with powerful abilities And for the most part, they remain safe within the folds of these museums However, many thieves, both looking for resale upon the black market or for other nefarious uses try and often succeed in burglarizing these museums Zelda, is a consultant, she breaks into museums, steals a artifact and then discusses with museum security where their weaknesses are and how to resolve the problem Here in Razor s Edge after her first major job with the Smithsonian she is called upon for service to the London Museum And this is where her world crumbles, and her real adventure begins.The people who are able to manipulate these arcane devices have their own set of gifts and titles Zelda is a geomatrix, while others such as Clive are actuaries or graphologers and arcozoologists, etc At the end of the book there is an Appendix of Real Arcana listing several items and abilities, from factual science to thepseudo sciences.There s a bit of Warehouse 13, a touch of James Bond, crazy devices, scary creatures and a world of dangerous adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book The idea that ideas like Occam s Razor could be tied into an actual object, a real razor, tickles my imagination into crazy dances Zelda Pryce The Razor s Edge is the first in what could be a very enjoyable series of young adult reader books A young American Geometrix an inventor who uses arcane theories in her work is set on a course to save the world with the help of a french spy, and a dapper English Riskbender someone who can tell the chances of something happening and bend those chances to work in their favor There are plenty of fascinating devices to delight the imagination, and a good storyline to tie everything together.If I have one negative comment, it s that the book is too quick it s a bit of a whirlwind adventure I will definitely be considering picking up the rest of the series even though I got the first one for free It s definitely worth a few bucks. Review originally at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS After being introduced to Joseph R Lewis s writing in the form of the Other Earth books, I was very curious to see what else he has written On checking his website I saw a brand new book being released called Zelda Pryce The Razor s Edge, two things nudged my curiosity, the reference to the classic Princess Zelda video games and the fact that this was going to steampunk ish YA caper of sorts novel I was partly right in my assumptions about those two nudges and here s why The story opens up in current day wherein Zelda Pryce, our protagonist is currently testing the security of Smithsonian Museum of Arcane Science She does manage to evade the security and procure the items as required but not without some high kinks on the way Plus with regular phone calls from her sister Roxanne about her interests in arcane science, studies and life over all, she leads a life that can be deemed reasonable as befitting her persona Soon after gig with the Smithsonian, she gets contacted for a new gig overseas in London During the actual gig she realizes something is horribly off, combined with the presence of other people in the same place, she discovers that she has been mentally conned into following someone s nefarious plan Soon she learns from Yasmin Demir, a French DCRI agent that all is not well in the world of Arcane museums the world over Soon Zelda will have to make a choice whether to go back to her normal life or to find out who is behind all of this If this book can be encapsulated in a single word, it would be FUN Beginning from the first chapter, there s a jovial undertone to this book that asserts itself in the dialogue as well as the inventions that abound the pages from cover to cover The characterization ranging from Zelda, Clive Yasmin are done competently as befitting a YA novel however we only get the story from Zelda s point of view The author though does his best to provide a decent background to the supporting cast however this move is hampered through the use of a singular third person POV Going on to the second favorite part of the book, which was the presence of all these cool phenomena, gadgets and alternate arcane history, the author has created a world wherein magic is present but it isakin to a science and is distilled by various famous historical personae, into its current highly evolved state Ranging from Chekov guns to Diogenes lamps to Occam razors to Nicomachean whistles to other cool but equally dangerous artifacts The author has planned this world akin to the Harry Potter one but with a crucial difference, this is the age of science Thereby having a cool machine punk edge to history, the story gains a different edgeakin to the Scott Westerfeld Leviathan series but with a comical tone akin to that of the John Connolly Samuel Johnson series Lastly there s no Link in this story and this Zelda does everything herself to save the world The story does have a complete plot with room left for a sequel and readers who enjoyed this book will be glad to hear that Zelda will be back in the sequel tentatively titled Zelda Pryce The Clockwork Girl What can readers look forward to in book, hilarious banter involving Zelda and her younger sibling Roxanne, action packed sequences in various international locales and overall a strong fun filled story to boot With such plus features, it really becomes hard to point out any insufficiencies in this book but I think there might be some points to note Primarily this book is equivalent to literary candy as the author meant it to be readers looking for a grimmer world setting akin to the current YA dystopian mold will not find it here Also the author intentionally has made the series the way it is thereby choosing to disregard certain facts and history to make the story plotaccessible and if you can t let go of your sensibilities completely then this isn t the book for you CONCLUSION Joseph Robert Lewis is a maverick writer and it shows in this YA outing, filled with colorful characters, fascinating gadgets and an action packed storyline I strongly recommend this book simply because of its theme to be a funny book If you haven t read Joss Llewelyn yet then grab a copy at the earliest instant and you can thank me later Anyone who has ever watched a few episodes of the show Warehouse 13 will find the plot of this book very familiar Pretty good show by the way The beginning was a little hard to follow but once I made that connection it was a lot easier to get into the flow of the book That being said this was a great book Great action and mental drama with little romance to distract from that.The focus wason Zelda s field of work and how arcane objects operate The character development was well done despite that and there is a glossary of sorts in the back of the book to help you understand some of the terms used in the book Overall I definitely recommend this book and well read the next one.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Razors Edge (Zelda Pryce, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Joss Llewelyn author readers around the world.

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